Monday, January 02, 2023

January 2023

 1st jauary 2023; sunday; 

Attended gangamma temple; Escorted Penchalaiah;  night suffered with severe caugh;

Monday 2nd Jan 2023; ;

Gta left for Hyd; 

Tuesday; 3rd jan 2023; 

Managed the day; 1k transfered to Narsimha; Seen Cricket at night with Chinna Appaiah and Narsimha at home; Night Chapati arranged by  Prasanna;  Idli sponsored  by Narsimha; Had lunch at Narsimha home with Fish; 

Wed day:4th jan  2023;

totally at Gollapalli:  Good. Dosa tiffen by jyothy and lunch had at Narsimha house; Dinner chapati by jyothy; Nagasubbaiah left for piler;

5th jan thursday 2023:

Visited Ontimitta had Biryani at Star hotel took Tablets and 2 leters petrol; Came back home and slept : Good amount of calls recd; Eve ninspected Hirse gram growth at Mitta; night chapati by Prasanna morning tiffen by Prasanna idli;  No sales of Roti machi e till sofar in 2023;

6th jan 2023 friday ; 

Gta returned Gollapalli visited Darjipalli for tiffen Met Sai;ok; Seen  clip about kidney faklure;

7th jaƱ 2022; Calls contd but no sales; 

8th jan 2022,; srikanth called;

9th jan 2022;

Naddala jome wall repair work completed; Seen lot of huge stones;

10th jan; 2022; suffered due to Severe cough; 

11th jan 

Made a visit to doctor at Madhavaram;

12th  jan thursday day 2023

13th jan 2023; friday; 

14th jan 2023; Satday; Bhoji day; 

15th jan 2023;sunday: Sankranthi day; 

16th jan monday 2022; 

Kanuma festival day a shocker; lost 2 bets;

17th jan 2023; 

tuesday; Shankaraiah and his  wife visited; unexpected rs 5000; One USA Rt machine sold and that's a big splace; 

18th jan 2023;wedday;

Golla Muneiah took rs 500/_;  Sathapally Prasad and shankaraiah called;

19th jan 2023 ; Tttraju called: checked vulavalu again;

20th jan 2023 ; Ration card sanctioned print got from office;

21st jan 2023;

Nagraj came and removed stands;

22nd Jan 2023;  Ration card approved and got printout;

23rd jan 2023; 

24th jan tuesday 2023; Night discussed about Vulava;

25th jan we'd day 2023;

enjoyed evening chalimanta;

Eeen Gandikota and few other first youtube clips; 

26th thursday 2023; jan

Republic day parade commentary seen very impressive; Visited Ontimitta ;  Narsimha family left to Annavaram without telling;  No Chalimanta in the evening;

Puppy fallen and cried;

27th jan friday 2023; Very rough handling of  Nageaj by Gta;  Even not wishing can also cause nonsense;

How many risk taking things I faced in life anslysed;

28th jan 2023 ;  Saturday; Tried to visit Devuni Kadapa by auto massive expenses incurred total flop but comfortable rude enjoyed;

Stomack pain and back pain suffered unable to walk.

1.Insulin testing strips purchased; 

2.Sugar cane; 


4.water melon cream. fare.


8.B.P tablets.

9.Bogugula mixture.

10.Sugar cane ;

Night mynam Kistaiah came home:

Caugh continued;

March 2022 

Sold Vulavalu; Severe health problem have emerged;

16th 1st day of dialysis;

17th march called prabhavati and her son;

18th march krishna znna; Narsimha and Koti came to hospital; Calldd ameen;

29th jan Sunday 2023; 

Enquired mynam mama health; Gave sugar cane;

Rzmbzbu dtp called;

Feb 2023; 

Horse gram seeds work;

26th march  2022;

Koti and other family members came;

27march ; monday; 2023; rs 400 travel to kadapa by auto; Had hair cut  return;

Prasad vja called and gave positive feedback,

28march; 2 tuesday 023

Seen zamynryot  new listing of convention hall seen;

Kittaiah sheep seen.

 I home inverter followupdid;

30th march 2022; 

Srirama Navami day; Sha karaiah family visit and 5k help;

Large gathering at Ramulavari temple;

31st March 2022

Gtas bro. Retired 

Inverter work at home;