Tuesday, July 02, 2019

July 2019

July 1 st monday;2019;

Retrived old research papers of keywords;
Morning hick up again of byke but managed and known things: Bill book work took and quickly managed with old friend Shakeel  guidance and known few new  things:
Worked with Ajay and closed one and met 7 calls:
Keyword R and D work continued;

2nd July Tuesday 2019

Worked again with Ajay and his friend joined Vasavi gave 1payout and that's end of work;
Bill books  of Essay delivedred dropped cheq;
1 review had from Deepika;
Met TAS;
G s ent; qubia;

3rd July 2019 wedday:

Retrieved PEN Media directory and letter:
Chinna Manila prabhakar called;
Met Alu ent ent;
Another 4 calls did and left;
Slight headache at Bar;
For the first time I got 10 Google reviews;
Loaded lot of photos;

4th July thursday 2019;

Managed park visit and excersises;
Thank god chq got cleared tention releived a bit;
Cell ph charging problem on field work;
worked with ajay for 10th day managed 12 calls;
Positives are proddatur silks; photo views power known;
New launch visited  and covered event got Silver Medal as gift;
Gampa 10 days;
ph number of Manepally; Sweets guy;
Called jana;
Called uma;
Called Noman;
called ashok;
called Surender;
Gta; shravan; owner bhaskar; D W Ravi  reviews got for the day;
Super enterprises keywords typed while Ajay improved video editing;

5th July Friday 2019;

Attended park;
Some collected data saved to mobile; Dropped Gta; Sent few more msgs for reviews;
Worked with Ajay for 11th day;
Met jagdamba pearls new point known;
Data from field 2 and a alyed;
To avoid wine shops due to risk;

One closing had;

Recd few more reviews;
Insta followers reached 1k;
Fb video surprise; emotive Dog video;
What's that new turn from Jana;

6th July 2019 Saturday;

Skipped work and tried rx stint ex hanting memories was there as cinch but missed again a chance ok and also to note fav as SHP and Third Horse poll;
Morning seen Aluminium enterprises Instaposts and jagdamba updates; Seen Social media presence of Manepally;
Sudden unexpectd problm from neibour Boy;

Deposited cheq and arranged rice; had 2 more reviews from Chemist and Nikhil owners son;

7th July Sunday 2019;

Tongue inflamation problem:

No park visit; Kept keywords Tags  for Super enterprises and Chennai steel; Asked Deepu another review;
checked flower merchat and known that  jd is not posting description for un verified clients also known about Insta profiles getting spidered in Google and not pictures;
Seen Ali engineering entry and posted a review from Indiamart profile now its more consolidated for review;
Rishab and shree ent entry posted but not pictures;
One more Pic of Rukmini Designer posted;
Attended Rx had win: quinella; fp; THP; Tanalapolls; Cavollo velli same jockey past win repeated is another story and days knowledge;

8th July Monday  2019

Due to night disturbance felt disturbed met Narisng Rao at parl hunted for cash at several ATMs; After sitout took rest : After rest worked and got results and 5 commitments ok for the day;
Had 2 reviews for the day;
Arranged things for the home at night;

9th July Tuesday 2019;

Morning tall guys yoga flexibility seen:
Paid Electric Bill but had to go around for cash in ATMs; Water arranged:
R and d continued for few more keywords;
Called Goldenoearl and sent msg;

12th day work with Ajay done more exposure;

Spent lot of time watching cricket match world cup semi final worth watching it expisure of commentators; Billion emotions Dhonis power;
Beautiful commentrator;
Single indulgence and had Panipuri; Satish friendship msg and related things:
Morning quickly posted Rishab pictures;

10th july 2019 wedday;

Narsing Rao was upset;?

13th day work with Ajay and managed 8 field calls; From home called  Refered document writer he later sent details;
Goldenpearl still not transfered amount;
Seen top JD categories list again;
Seen YouTube editor video:
Second day single indulgence;

Depression from cricket match loss managed;
Raghuram old friend from Nlr called;

11th July Thursday 2019;

No park visit ; Severe foot pain?
Read tips on how to create a loyal customer base; power of continuous blogging known;
Some SEO work did for rishab;

15th day joint work with Ajay met few if his earliar calls:

Had Dasa as Breakfast;
Interesting chat with youngster on keyword capture of JD and indiamart and public relation protocols asked his support;
Same complex met 2 more calls;
Night watched cricket and read about last world cups;

12th July 2019 friday;

Thank God DW payout  got cleared a big relief for the day;
Followup did with Goldenpearl assurance hot;
Worked with Ajay  16th day and 13 calls for the first time as Jodie  had 3 positives in them;
What to with that function is a big question mark;
Back home GTA created a logo;
2 Rx books got to hand but just 1 hope got:;

13th July saturday 2019;

Met kishore got new cards designed  printed and 6 reviews also got; Morning Jdvf list work began; and continued even at night;
Dint attend Gra bro death annivarsary function; 
Good progress for the day;

14th July Sunday 2019;

Jdvf keyword research continued:
First run gelding won a new point;
Star superior won; GTA created logo this time  nice one kept it on social Media  profiles:

15th July Monday 2019

Morning jdvf kw r&d continued and crossed 100 mark;
Poor tiffen hunger pangs throught the day;
Late work with Ajay but managed to do 4 calls and 2 closings and a big chat with Tasneem;
Good replies recd for lekhari new logo;
Night "Ali to Saradaga" show gave new inspiration to do big works;

16th July Tuesday 2019
Dropped 2  cheques; After continuous follow up goldenpearlinn payout recd;
Managed to get 3 new reviews for Google and descriotion power ranking known;
Managed 8 field calls despite Ajays late arrival for 18th days joint work;
Few more descriptive reviews posted;
One negative feedback from Bohris man near last lane;
Rain during work; Night forgot cell ph charging;

17th July wedday 2019;
Lot of developments seen for the day;
Byke puncture got done; Again petrol flow problem during work:
Morning continued jdvf  entry work added 2 more category's; Lost temper with Janardhan; Had 4 more new reviews for the day;  Exited from all useless WhatsApp groups by night:
Work continued with Ajay for 18th day good exposure of new clients and introduced them printing later  recent work analysys did; Had 8 closings with Ajay and 145 calls did;
Night met 2 TV journalists; Night removed nonsense phone numbers from google maps contacts; star pet world gone out of hands:
GTA created new logo for nutty delite;
Lot of things read about power of reviews;
My  current rank in Digital narketing agencies known;  Jow to block someone on facebook known;
Most important knowledge of the day is descriptive review power known after checking gtas mobile it stays on top and posted few more descritive reviews;
Throughout the day suffered from mobile charging problem;

18th July Thursday 2019;
Morning had to run for pickle for "Tomatobath" but energy problems remained during fieldwork;
New lesson from vichu Bang;
Morning gave new task to GTA to design fb back cover taskwish of  her batchmate; Good feedback recd for nutty delite logo after keeping it to updates:
After dropping GTA
Jdvf work continued  at home for few more catogories; Kept top brands of Social media to blog;

Another good day for consolidation;
Without helmet it was a tough day;

Morning call from Raheem later net him new hope had his review posted;
Later met Sri  Mahalakshmi jewellers; Sri Krishna silks; manapally manager cell no took;
Night very hot had to use a/c;
Double indulgence for the day with a fresh jolt;
Brought vegitables to home at night;
Days heartburn is 2 cheques are still not cleared  yet gave rs 500/_ to Ajay.
Sent msg to jana for lekhari renewal payment details;
Saved few more  Ranigunj clients numbers to mobile;
Dadus have 1828 reviews;
Paradise hotel 26 960;
Geetha computers 275:
Variety  dry fruits 160;
Darpan 497;

19th July Friday 2019:
Morning before shower written brands followers on note book;
Crv and Raheem have utterly flopped;
Work continued and met  Qubia nice detailing did; Met Dominion; Surprise earliar Seco good review effect;

Main relief came from JDVF work  almost  another 50 verified data added to existing collection later took prints: Netcafe owner Reddy was kind enough to post 2 reviews so how many are in my list now; Days review count is 4 new;
Replys recd from Bawarchi and others for reviews;
New hope emerged from tpt Manasa beauty parlour; Few more reviews posted for the day; 1 cheque got cleared so paid Ajay;
Brought things to home at night;

Night ultimatum given to Bhawar and another relative and subsequently blocked them;

New hope for the day is Manasa beauty Tirupati;
Met Qubia and Dominion and another 1 cheque passed:

Market is back good reviews thank god:
Nutty delite justdial banner campaign seen but was unable to load new logo:

Purchased Rx books known abt new thing Hyderabad and Pune season;

20th July Saturday 2019;
Entire day wasted without any progress:
Recd tpt Manasa money;
Disturbance at home in morning must listen?  Narsing Rao came back @ park park grass was wetty;
Had discussions with Ajay at Chikkadpally park;
2 losses again in RX forgot book but mobile saved; Classic ran gùys are dangerous; One among  1st and second fav will finish as second therefore SHP poll is also important; last run lack of performance mystic his leg dressings gave new point; Inform guys  with same rider are better Sandesh Regal Grace Zerwan;
Called Kishore told abt boards;
With Ajay to Bank and enquired chq status;
By night chq cleared so paid Ajay;

21st July Sunday 2019;
SUIT for me needed:
Covering letter dream  and letters can be posted to jdvf list?
Seen jdvf printed  list on hand finally;
Managed to gather some more jdvf data;
Upma @home at morning;
Arranged Chicken; #kaju: # Everest chicken masala; Children manace managed;
Managed to save  jdvf computer dealers list:
At Rx owners psyche  Ameeta Mehra as owner 3rd run win and trying jockey
Zerwan but missed to back :
Missed THP poll a mistake;

Check on breeders as owners spl poonawallas;

22nd July Monday 2019;
What's that covering letter dream ? Can I post it to jdvf list and mobiles WhatsApp or emails?
Uma store guys came back so brought water Milk and Curd;
Till late evening at home; collected 80 plus data; Read back 2019 best  is July so far;
266 listings on hand now;

Had lalasa Suresh review and another 2 more;  Beds guy surprisingly remembered me; posted 2 more descriptive reviews to clients;
Why you need a web site and all other social media presence read and confidence gained:
My confidence in detailing Pragati
Industries clearly known met ias coaching centre;
Days knowledge domain email additional revenue customer loyalty;
Beauty products instagram:
LinkedIn for jobs and recruiters;
Google is constantly improving refining technology physical location;
Mobile search volume is increasing;
Website can generate business;
Promote goodwill;
Keep buttons;
Twitter 280 charecters can post Tips; news; follow 50 to 100 same niche;
YouTube is second largest search engine;
With YouTube you can build community;

23rd Tuesday July 2019
Morning attended park Narsing request known;
200 business cards counted
Biggest development for the day is new content created for broture; Broture is real need in business; Sent  new content to group and few people:
Days count of jdvf is 40 with that now list on hand rose to 300;
2019 closings and their current standings checked; Ajay and Chinna Pullaiah called;
LinkedIn is for job hunters and recruiters;
Known about justdial and Indiamart;
Despite so much of consolidation still unknown insecurity;
One sweets guy from kakinada called;
Kattameeta food ecommerce site seen

24th july wedday 2019;
Long drive to cover distance from Nampally to Begumpet SRO:
Can get content from jdvf reviews also;
New knowledge had from insta posts can send direct msgs;
Broture design work progressed further;
Vistaprint details to hand had;
Among  200 cards onhand 140 have emails;
No park visit: managed to collect 10  jdvf data after submitting suspended Google entries;
12 calls did at field:
Thanks to Jdvf listing of  Dhruva paid Had 1 new social media project to hand ;Matchless;
15  new  data collected from field:
Broture got printed but had poor readable fonts;
Collected 15 data from field work and later checked their Google rankings;
Morning read many reviews of some one;

25th July Thursday 2019;

"Sparsha body touch video" power is new knowledge for the day;
No park visit; Deposited cheque:
Each post charges known of celibrities charge is  1 cr;
Eve work managed; did 10 plus calls;
How to post to insta  from WhatsApp  and 2200 characters limit  known 30 instatags;
New leaflet work got further gone ahead so the prints of jdvf list;

My instaposts further trimmed;
Kept cell ph numbers to few of instaposts;
Long ph chat with Uma at morning;
call from Ajay;

Fb voice chat helped;
2 side broture work got done edited further:

Tried to meet famous florist and did few more calls near by checked all over famous florist   instaposts;

26th July 2019 friday
Heavy alcohol intake and heart attack co tent read from leaflet of care Hospitals;
Managed another 10 jdvf list of flower decorators;
Leaflet distribution dynamics known;
Told to Lenin about Xpress Digitals negative review;
10 WhatsApp messages sent and 5 of them seen it;

Jana came into contact but I need to pay him lekhari.com renewal fee;
Evening Bonalu  2 day wineshop bundh holiday news known;
Missed lunch;
Met shoaib had his ok nod for monday thanks to color leaflet;
Met famous florist Kareem seen their TV display had his review;
3 more reviews had gor the day;
Cooking gas is over at home;
Rain spoiled work;
Finally leaflets got printed this time 40 rates also known had chat with Lenin abt negative review;
Met Famous florist got payout met Saleem bhai;
Morning loaded matchless traders entry  loaded pics and video;
Bangalore RX books purchased but no hoper;
Days most important knowledge is
Create To do list and decide Urgent and Important  tasks and create a niche and post content on that topic;
Create a nuche and develoo it on Instagram;
Only 30% of ppl follow back at Instagram;

27th July Saturday 2019

3 of suspended Google listings got
re instated that's good sign for the day;

Manemma shoutings in morning;
Had 1 more  free review  got at sri sai there are good people too:
No field work;
"Bonalu festival" bundh arrangements taken care;
Managed to edit matchless video;
GTA gave Rs 1000/_ for gas;
Further trimmed insta posts;
Jdvf savings work contd got  20 new listings on Saree shops;
Some kind of uneasy still;
Some more collected data mobile numbers saved to my mobile;
What's my niche area to decide;
Prashant Kishor political strategist biodata read and his strategy for y s r  jagan party known;
Those who have websites are my targets from now;
Election By lines and  action committee effects known;
New photographers group and messaged them ;
New data of jdvf filed and added to existing prints on hand :

28th July Sunnday 2019;

Biggest success story of the day is Blogger back cover design  by GTA and posted  to Facebook also;
Desert God and Sandesh won Bangalire  st leger  2800 metres race with more wins  and  
Roberta and P.trevor finished second forecast poll  is  a new hoope in Rx front for the day to me;

"Vetakaram" article in EEnadu;
"Bonalu jatara" history read on google;
Humaid ent Ranigunj  R and D   work did got 17 new jdvf data to  list;
collected  mobile numbers from google and posted to jdvf blog;
10 of Home aplainces jdvf data  collected;
Monday plan sorted out;
Anjali wish;
English institute tpt added and removed me I sent them spam quickly;
Another photo graphers group added me; 
Jaipal Reddy death news;

29th July Monday 2019;
Etv 9 PM news missed and neibour say if it rains no TV ohh;
More exposure of indiamart got their vendors etc;
Few more reviews posted ;
SEO proposal content SEO tips read and snippets saved also good blog writing tips;

My blog listing of Super Enterprises is ranking 4th truely surprising;

Late to field but  holiday atmosphere in market noted:
Sro panjagutta; . Tried metrorooms got their visiting card;
Met Asian carpets other guy;
Morning collected Google cell numbers of jdvf continued in night at home ;

Saved WhatsApp content to insta abt new leaflet content Sent same  link to 200 insta via  direct: images posted to Santosh DW;
Had shave and arranged water from lady this time;
For carpets there are 76 jdvf;
Cheque cleared;
Morning though busy schedule managed to Send email to Hutaib call recd quickly a d related development progressed for the day; 

30th July tuesday;

Long stretch of jdvf cell ph collection work in 3 sessions; Edited proposal further and mailed ;
Insta  new posts seen; 

Targeted market calls just 2 have fetched and that's the success story of the day:

31st July wed day 2019;
Byke fallen at night gears trouble a new priblem in front now importance of byke condition noted;
Flipkart 138;
Justdial 588; 1995;
Indiamart 591; 1995;
For  nuttydelite good placement got on Google for twitter;  Known about Social media monthly  rates;
Late to field worl managed 7 calls and 13 WhatsApp messages got 1 new review; 10 more new jdvf data with cell numbers got for led boards;
Lot many cell numbers retrieved for jdvf from google:

New keyword is mosquito net dealers; indiamart captured led boards keyword;
Autoads etc x roads;
Retrieved 27 positives and sent them few messages;
Known about Social media rates;
Rx books purchased 1 hooe got;
Enjoyed mayadari maisamma song in morning;
Keyword standing audit did for trolley wheels I got 3 rd;
Knowledge about LinkedIn for B2B groups known;

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