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Dispaly advertising tips, winning presentation skills Introduction

Dispaly advertising tips, winning presentation skills Introduction

Crash course  Digital Marketing in  Sr nagar, panjagutta,Hyderabad

Crash course  Digital Marketing in  Sr nagar, panjagutta,Hyderabad

Crash course  Digital Marketing in  Sr nagar,  KPHB,panjagutta,Hyderabad 
Crash course  Digital Marketing in  Sr nagar, panjagutta,Hyderabad

Crash course  Digital Marketing in  Sr nagar, panjagutta,Hyderabad 

 Top 10 Digital marketing trainers  and institutes in Anatpur,mahaboobnagar,guntur,vijayawada,vizag

  Tainers Bio   I   Introduction  I 
  I   Google short url benefits I    

 I Adwords setup  I   Seo    I  facebook page creation  

Blog  Writing I    Email Marketing tips  I Perfect domain naming tips 

  Alexa ranking Tips I  certifications   I  
   Twitter celibrities I   Instagram Brands   I  

 twitter Tips for followers I linkedin tips   I  Review writing and web analytics 

Importance of hashtags  I Winning Presentation Tips  I 

Internet growth stats  I  instagarm I    Social media Audit  

Twitter tips for Hotels   I   Backlink Building  Tips  

Best Blog topic topis  I  Alexa top Ranks  I   Best Occations to post a story or tweet I 

 I Active companies on Digital Marketing  I   Questions asked in interview for aspirant 

Famous web site launching dates. I  Successful youtubers list   I      Aspirants

If you're looking to learn  course on Digital marketing , you've come to the right place. Most Advanced Digital Marketing Course.

Public speaking will improve you communication skills, your leadership skills, your confidence and your ability to read and understand people, sometimes people need to go through a Corporate Communication Training in order to achieve this level of confidence

9 simple and effective public speaking tips for scientists
Be prepared. The most important part of a successful presentation 
happens before you even start talking. 
Command the space. Be aware of your body language. 
Channel your inner Patrick Stewart. 
Know your audience. 
Conquer your fear. 
Throw away your notes. 
Add some style.

Try to enjoy yourself (or at least look like it!)

Ice breaking tips;Icebreakers are powerful kick-offs to any event or conference. They will help you engage your audience right at the start and make them feel more comfortable within a group of strangers.

Try something different. Put participants in pairs and let them interview each other. Give them five minutes to learn about one another’s background, professional experience or passions.
This is Peter; he lives and breathes technology. He built his first robot at the age of five. He’s now working as an innovation lead. He also loves skydiving.

Feed back;
What do you expect to get out of this event/training/workshop?
Using one word, what themes do you want to hear about?
What’s your level of understanding of the topic?

Welcome all; Days wishes ;

Introduce yourself  Introduce other speakers ; Intro;
Iam graduated from SV arts college iAM A JOURNALIST AND Digital Marketing Proffessional; SEO,Married; >>>Slide;

Hobbies; Blogger, 

Well whats this course  is all about;
We are in Digital age and we we need digital marketing skills 
We intend to improve Human relationships through this meetups; Personality development;
Teach winning presentation skills;

We try to impart skills to improve our communication skills interpersonal skills and impart leadership skills;

Thank you;