Friday, August 31, 2012

August 2012

31st august 2012
At last to movie with GTa;on the way back purchased rx book and drink; i had the feel that i can get rid of drinks;enjoyed the movie;comedy; annoyed with gtas much artificial talks over the phone; but managed my temper levels; MORNING PURCHASED greatandhra and also read it;managed to read how to quit alchohol but much of help there;managed to bring water and soaps this time new guy tipped him thanks to Scooter;2 mistakes by gta but she is doing her duty;expenses calculated again; checked links;

( gta checked my sugar levels; prepared my tiffen reminded my sugar tablet;gave lunch; helped in arraging my cloth;2 teas and 1 coffee; Mosambi juice) 2 sros have fetched for the day;read nakul stud;heavy confusion at morning as what to do;read targets again and edited them;Dancing girl and tambadi narender s interaction wished Shravani on the way to movie;

Lost temper again as gta was seen opened curtain in my absense i must inform this matter;
rx same jockey statistics written; On the way to field work 2 more stickers and 2 more pics took;

Morning NRN called; 1 more id for the day;few groceries;


30th august

Reached home from vijayawada;posted pending blogs and pics;swollen legs for the first time may be due to long travel;had hair cut; managed to pay net and land bills;new note book;insulin needles purchased; day gone; heavy expences; due to confusion and gts absence huge dosage;

28th 29 th aug

28th read eenadu editorial; one dta entry  guy closed;thnaks to NRN;

29t To Raj mundy; succress there; vomittings at night; missed lunch;Rajmundry exposure had for the first time;target achieved anyway;

Lot of people seen selling flowers soecially mandaram flowers;

This PIC took from moving BUs look at the red water of river godawari water going waste;

One network company;CMD

Rajmundry railway station out side picture looked very nice

Picture took from moving train;
night back home legs swelling? 2 success stories;
27th by Delta passenger train with team to vja good rest had;After long followup success anyway;few more stickers added;Suresh helped to  carry my bag; sro ok;
Few more pics took; new letter prepared thanks to Madhu Pen drive; one DW entry closed;

26th august 2012

Known the power of GTA;On return to home no power noted ?; rina tried to enter home later seen playing with Sneha ;Best day in Rx many pics won but poor strategy from my end payouts;sridhar reddy called at morning ok anyway; morning took 26 units inside;later tablet too;3 ppl auto travel;small mixure pakoda parcel to home near by guys help;
Attended   hrc ;pune and hyd races ran; many catches 4 the day; but poor betting strategy from my side; sudden call to go to vijayawada from team had to rush; quickly prepared every thing;
days catches anyway;

pune; warrior prince; s.zerwan
warthawan Zerwan first run win
capriole;sandesh(only poor amouts;
pune rx 7 th race;shes sweet new knowledge;(zadmal singh)a agarwal0
i a sai failed here;
hurricane bird ;sandeep jadhav;
sunder ji good looking best chance missed;
failed to back elena;shroff zervan at 62 paisa;

Morning called madhu;NRN;

25th august saturday post

Got up  early after a nice overnight sleep; Quickly sugar levles checked;satisfactory levels had still on high side;loaded pending pics from camera; later paid rent to Narsing rao;Quickly scanned 3 dailies plus some  pages of greatandhra ;Seen rx odds; no call from Chalapathi yet? Sridhar reddy called and said later it has prooved a big flop; That Lady Cobbler daughter  asked 4 help again; read leaflet of Roche;what are tri glicerides?

Small adjustments did in blog template; Can hear what neibours are takling;
Called Big B in the evening in front of team he re assured lets see what happens;
2 pockets of milk this time; Later journalists team came home had Tea and coffee;
This time 22 units poked inside again aruguments had here i must remember the dosage ;Had nice dosa but poor chutney to take care failed here ;
Yet another shock at RX not to miss same jrider of the past win in anyway;
Had Tripride after lunch;cash crunch after RX ; poor planning;
lancham;Still pain in that regeon;
not to sit near legs;? New knowledge; in the rain to HRC by AUTO NEW bargain Rate known;
Rain at HRC;Evening gave address of kukatpally office to team; ITS operateed  on Kiran now;
network;following;Lost temper at NRN after giving him the statement 4 cash on hand;



Told madhu when he came home;

GTA at sleep 9 am 


this day 24th august

Felt confident after getting up had nice sleep much better less disturbance;
Morning heavy hunger pangs noted had 4 Dosa(egg dosa) got hunger levels subsided but 4 only few minutes;
owners request placed for monday 4 rent  so subordinated gta for cash withdrawal from bank from current account;
1.Called madhu;poor response;its surprise to him;later he met at hotel taj mahal quiries;rush at Lunch seen;
2.sridhar reddy;Ok;again reported to him;on poor odds;(bad odds) hes poor selection; for place money lost;
3.NRN;Ok; Called again and again; and again; news about kalyanjewellers;(i have blog id)to track this;
5.again bad sugar levels; took increased insulin to 16 units this time lets see;later at lunch 10 units;hunger subsided;
6.had tablets;
7.Day planned ; * "sudigadu" review posted to blog;seen great andhra; web site;
8.alexa ;greatandhra;190;global 2091
9.called chalapthi;Unusual response had;no response later from him;
10.idlebrain; 330; 3917;
11.satish;good response had;
long wait at Taj mahal hotel during the lunch for nrn suresh;during the wait read hindu twitter article;
12. called Gandhi had his feedback;
13.called Kiran stv;feedback had;
14.Gnt Prasad; chintaluru pharmacy info noted;
15.seen top 300 rankings at alexa;
16. had much better feeling so far;
17.sudden call from suresh; for bank cash; at night
18.managed took print out of  SBI current account;
19.called ramachandra;hes at bangalore;suggestion noted;
20.nice feedback  had from cheng after calling him;
21.this time rinas dad came and confessed unexpected event; lwter took 100/-
22.Call from Sapthagiri; unexpected;
23.GTA managed bank cash;insulin needles;(subordination)
24.namaste telangana add only for rs 200/-
25.stickers again  put in auto and bus;
26.while going to malakpet by bus altercation had; due to change problem with conductor;

1.Golimaster;trackeagle; times also;
3.future plangg
4.NRN madhu etc;
5.* *sridhar reddy will call; Chalapathi may call;
My planned activations 4 the day;

CELL .Calls.............. suneetha;syam;dhana;sankyo;krishna;
quickly to build up contacts faster again; great andhra;Zamynryot to get;
8.Try Sapthagiri; ref;
to check blood sugar levels twice;
9.sakshi biz ads;
10.tweet consolidations;
way2sms ;to seacrh in google; how to avoid alchohol;
seenaih,chengaiah....for zmmynryot;






bangalore it company

Bangalore temple by chengaiah


23rd aug post

Morning sudden heavy bleeding triggered heavy tension 4 the day later its stopped;I can sit now but hyper sugar levels cant be controlled(high sugar levels shown through accu-check thx 2 gta later read instuments data)attended rx but poor odds later known through indiarace that 3 races are cancelled due to heavy rain; auto rates are staggering needs planning from now;NRN totally absent no call from him later called him; major devlepment for home is all bulbs are done well by a electrician lot of other news by him about neibors  and he told about neibours poor calculation suffered here;

Sridhar reddy called and asked to back poor comment by trackeagle but book odds were succesful ; able to load few more pics;  morning panik triggered from from boy who begged food 4 taking his pic
Iam ranking no 1, 4 chunchulur on google  more info and pics  can be kept?

morning got up early panik erupted again from GTA later known fact to take care of her for low levels;
ring odds can be posted to blogs for spidering benefit; this time 12 bokkies seen operating at HRC;
read  "Toilet"at wikipedia;(c c 3000 cameras in hyd 4 some function thanks TO site seen looks like fraud;hicc;

nighanetralu;voice of cc camera control )oct 1 st to  193 countries 2000 people;hitech city;
dwaraka tirumala rao;lovotel hotel;bhadrata;
Felt very after google listing stands 2 for nellore and kajalagarwal;shown to gta;

The picture taken from hotel Taj Mahal at Narayanaguda hyderabad

Boy who begged for foor i we gave food but fritened after taking his pic

Electrician sriram all smiles after electrical repair work in my home
ebhoomi put on hold;


22nd august

5.Put on FM;power fluctuations at home got cleared;(6)GTA was abesnt anyway arranged keys;(7)success at RX; (*)More interaction with auto-walla on return journey; (9)2 more stickers 4 the day;one in auto and another near HRC cell phones counter;(10)Chiurs birth day tweets was big highlight of the day and FM music: seen (11)Rx dates at BOLs  book ;(12)next days RX book on hand now; (13)arranged Rice after altercation (arguments)with GTA( for poor rice,curries etc) (14)Pus continued 4 the day..gtas underwear TIP helped;

Heavy hunger pangs at HRC interaction  managed with 2 idlis sambar interaction with  2 of  punters; (15)again confidence gained from rx now to multiply on this;keep fund next also to call Gandhi and team up; (16)at HRC coffee guy(power star) cup dynamics whats this?
Few more  pics took today some new vegitable seen; at morning ;subbordinated  gta to call on few of 18 sakshi biz ads pay current bill etc;
for some pics description kept at my blog;
19.Morning GTA child like cry; manged to reduce intake; GTA paid electric bill;
20.Morning neibours shout on cleaner;21.Girl met with accident helped her;

21;sudden outburts need to be taken care;(lost at HRC) could have lost at neibour:
few more pics;night NDTV debate new knowledge;22;chirus birthday tweets;23.enjoyed FM music;

(Days new words;mouse trap;rumour hatres hate speach;mediaVS social media;spoof;law and order;fish to water;ethnically;creed;system exists)

the toilet i wanted to see how my camera works thats it;

living room many times i took my bed sheet pics

MY FM Radio on my computer table;

Small bathroom my home

new muggu camera work pls
Gas cylynder
next room in my home
(23) ice cream to rina(25) her daddy(24)narsing raos intrution;


21st august

This pic  best price i took from running Bus on the way to gannavaram

Panik from cheque sign failure and related stress plus infection head ache plus NRN s head ache; followup did finally kesava entered in play;finally wound got opened stress relief finally;3 met; took pics of sneha;

18th 19th 20th august

18th august;While madhu and suresh went for guntur collection i stayed back at lodge; quickly managed to book vennela bus ticket to hyd did it help me Only god knows; later accounts got settled by night settled lodge; i had to travel by bus(berth)not worth;carried luggage was bit heavy; tough time in waiting to board;later bottle and heat problem in waiting ; missed koti took auto reached home;

19th august; sunday aug;
reached hyd safe;Sridhar reddy nd chalapthi called; raju met at morning; read dailies;gave him a peg at compound; poor intake of took toll at night; yet medication continued; some repair at home at morning disturbed;sridhar reddy choice failed; my choices also failed;after stint with chalapathi missed tongue with auto guy at HRC;
slept at HRC and for the first time with lungie to field Chalapathi found me anyway;
seen S N murhty met; one good dress old man at entrance met;
worst night sleep;night spoon feeding by GTA;very late food problem;poor night sleep;sridhar called at night too;

20th aug;
lost temper at GTa after asking insulin;
panik of cheque missing got it cleared; cleaned desk kept it in purse; 2 dailies scanned;heavy weakness noted;NRN called at morning;
( GTA ph chat(Ratna who
 is it)joundice;heavy weakness at morning;mosambi girl;prasad(vja) call recd; NRN called;many pending pics loaded;

somwehere in vijayawada

somewhere in viujayawada


swarna palace vijayawada


best price guntur

17th august

tried at gannavaram old payment recd; one cheque also got; NRN left at evening; again night missed food; and insulin; some kind of uneasy throught the day; yet managed;new slippers purchased;
Nallapdu DW


Baba blessings to my house owners son

Panipuri guy at guntur Bua stand

Swarna palace hotel vijayawada

Green Auto in Vijayawada

health started to deteriorate;evening with madhu closed one more network;koritipadu success;watched poor behavior patterns from nrn;night had bad time with kamalakar;Madhu from nellore joined team late;


13 th aug

Night uanble to travel so decided to sleep; Morning quickly got up started to vijayawada by bus; reached after 6 hours journey started to nallapadu work finished there returned to lodge and met NRN and suresh and retired after discussions;Long promise by srh; but travel tool took on me hence problem;

Pic at Guntur Bus Stand

Chika Jyosyam Guy

Bus Stand Guntur

14th sudden success at a network point (nlr guy); later lost interest to work after discussion quickly retired slept; Lunch was not good at thilothama slept after it; evening some problem faced and night sleep disturbeance had;

15 th aug ;
morning tried to work but one office was closed so left work; to watch the places listings on yahoo from now;


11th aug

Neibour trying to chat with opp lady; Sudden development for the day is Gudur sridhar reddy called and transfered amount;Onamalu review posted;
Days lessions at RX;
1. Agniban stromboli lession;(sparingly cared)
2.Aspapi confident win at low weight;
3.Scarlet vs Winston ;
4.incentio last time won with same jockey;
5.wings of glory failed this one saved; but to be very careful;(lucky saving)
6. P S chouhans misirable flop at Kolkata; empires win at kolkata(Wardhawans horse)
8.Raznandans win;
9.Silken dancer win to read rx card;

To be very careful to communicate any incident almost lost temper at GTA and knife on hand ;
thius pic took at Tankbund

Cobbler at work

Lodge durga bhawan vijayawada

Regipallu very tasty and very cheap on the roads usually available  from august month

Phalli on bandi 

Many make living in india just by selling palli ground nut on a small cart

Missed lunch;One swamy baba came bottu; owners son s rs 100/- 


10th return journey from vijayawada

 Some one was selling key chains in different models pic took from my train travel to hyderabad from vijayawada;

On the way to hyderabad

Got up straight to railway station with madhu and NRN; not much of rush first time by train after without reservation thanks to madhu for guidance for escelators;after initial hickup got seat;  travel was ok till reachout but had to wait for long time on final thus boredom faced; took some pic during the travel;problem with blindman;sporting beard was some what problematic with strangers;seen neibours samsung net enabled cell;read dailies and swathi weekly;jrtjewels FB ad seen; calls received from Chalapathi and sridhar reddy; called NRN and GTA; one sticker on travel;
catching auto was bit difficult at secbad station finally took one auto drivers reaction on cell on his son s death ;Took rest at home till night;night purchased Insulin,paste new brush and RX books and loaded some pics of recent trip and retired;

9th aug guntur work

Guntur bus stand

Guntur mirchi yard

vijayawada bridge varadi pic

vijayawada Bus Stand

Bus journey to guntur

Gnahdi nagar vijayawada

gandhi nagar vja

Benz circle vijayawada

benz circle 

benz circle 

Work with madhu and NRN continued 4 second day day at vijayawada and guntur; lot of new arial  exposure 4 the day got 4 choices at rx that was temting; later chalapthi called at night art of enchatment was real success; ex plazzio failed but debutant won with good track work Tiberius failed ;P S Chouhan proved again; tevor made it in first run for connections;long walk at mirchi yard;;mirchi yard; met one executive there madhu helped to over come problem; 2 head snakes story;zaminryot;
got 2 entries at nallpadu;
retired with heavy tiredness and slept;
Guntur municipal corporation
kept 3 stickers;


7th and 8 th aug post

During the long wait 4 nrn read weekly;
Long chat with GTA during the chat;after nrn came at around 2 pm decided to go 4 field work;took few pics of vegitables near indiara park;one success story at begumpet;plus 2 stickers there;

On night call from nrn dicided to go to vijayawada and boarded bus at late night poor sitting suffered sleep;
took lodge at new modern cafe;had lunch at mess near benz circle;
madhu and new guy joined only one success story for the day;
Chalapathi called and asked for tips;
Morning heavy tiredness noted;some pics from via also took;that association letter worked again;
earliar knowledge worked;read only eenadu for the day;

late evening ideas were to take video shot and to load all reviews of each place and load to net; lot of sweat throught the day and evening;

6 th aug post

S.noTitleRegistration DateRegn No.New Registration No.State CodeLang CodePeriodicityPublication CityPublisher

Brought Tomato;banana;milk had 2 coffees;Morning tiffen had Tomato rice had at home;day began to change after calling NRN;Nrn joined  finished new letter work at Sadgun(NRN paid) then to  work;some pics took on the way(this is to my benifit);first at Boinpally; later to Medchal  nice travel atmosphere but speeding vehicles have annoyed the travel- short cut travel to Suraram-from there to  again short cut to moosapet but failed there 2 attempts; 3 sros covered but entries for Document writers this is the point to worry; Met some D W at Medchal discussion about redbus;commition; 7 attempts during the work have failed; good pics for the day are water melon;secunderabad;

 very huge arial exposure anyway but got tired finally; leg and back pains increased during and after  travel;  during the travel calls from Satish and astrologer;
Returned home seen gta was non interactive at all;posted jism-2 review; seen sites of biologicale,iridiuminteractive; seen meet up for photographers club and joined ; seen etv news;loaded days pics and retired;

Night neibours request rejected; night suffered sleep disturbance; indulgence reduced for the day;


6th august post

vijays pride success;(ex;designers chik) dukudu movie on Tv seen;again gta head ache; friendship days band by chocolate guys at the hindu;depression due to missing of choices;seen most of results of mumbai bangalore hyd;
Tom choices;Options;
what abt vja trip no confirmation;yet;
tiffen ?
begumpet few more field calls;new pics to blog;
hyd rx?

volini gel
Missed rx but missed 7 straight chances;camera cells were not there missed one chance so purchased them in the after noon; heavy after noon lunch;
friendship day; called satish; sankyo;Munawwer;long talk by syam;gandhi; nice assurance had from syam;gandhi as usual sluggish; net greeting recd from chengaiah dint reply him;
creativity in the hindu friendship band seen gta tied it but for its there for few minutes only later bouncer had with the same from Rina later;

new confirmations for the day are;
B.Prakash engagement; ps chouhan;after 2 runs straight win for i chisty;
Boinpally area near traffic signal

secunderabad after railway bridge
amera cells purchased also recharge of RIM did; seen some recharge of things at Way2sms;t ids sold so far and chances missed so far listed out;

5th august

realtek audio to download;
prepare hyd and pune
volili gel;
cash on hand;
read great andhra;
days info from dailies
future paln(advanced palnning

Got up bit early;updated yester days blog;Had coffee;added few more links to blog;indya9 is avaialble;seen allindia9;


4th August post

Morning took few pics from chikkadpally area;Gudur guy called;theres lot of info from 3 news dailies;1 more id rdblegend; sartorealist started his own web site;fashion blogging to check;2 more new ids;vertexprime;rdblegend;
Once our shop at chikkadpally on the way to venkateswara temple;


chikkadapally sudha hotel now;Morning brought greatandhra but failed to read it;
That guy at Nampally failed; NRN was talked over phone with someone else for very long time;Night Durga daughter called up;allindia9 guy called;Purchased more lot of insulin needles this time; Rastha open at Bar again;Night friendly bet with GTA won at home on srilanka;night encounter with opp house guy at Bar;

At Pune rx new lesson for the day is Blueace failed shocking defeat (surprisingly 60/100 place was given by krishna reddy book maker)



Eggs shop near by Narayanaguda;


New curtain at my home;

guy from Kashmir selling flower tree;

Blue aceday;mamamia NTV;

3rd aug post, papaya,pine apple,sapota sales on road;

Slept in early hours luckily;GTA is ok at morning night confessions noted;Had Vada(first time) at home; work with NRN fetched 3 results one DD; Moustake got trimmed; took few more pics from the field;consolidated blog again further;
One article on got-abroads read in indiarace;tweeted;seen hockey india vs zermany;seen 3000mts steeple chase finals at Olympics;
Nrn will not be available till tuesday; Seen Pune rx card;no call from Chalapthi; paid photon bill;reduced intake marginally thanks; found very tough to load pics;

Some more files at blog got updated; few more ids too blocked; crockery news by andhra jyothi at morning;

Papaya on sale near shanti theatre mostly sold at per kg

Pine apple at horse cart guys must be taking Tea in near by chai cafe

This guy said he makes around rs 400/- per day
Repeated calls from Gudur guy;


2nd aug

This old man is beggar but very skilful in word modulation

many people live in hyderabad by selling vegitables on roads with small tool like this cart

days beggars smart one;at last GTA wished;2 success stories at field;adalwin failed;
One DD hope; 2 more stickers kept at lift;pics loaded; gta left;cell no forgotten; Leg pains further triggered;
Night Gta returned at mid night had some trouble but later she recovered; few steps to be taken care now;

2nd aug

raju met at morning gave offer to him to meet later; his mamas sons story;
BJP office hyd

BJP office hyd

Haleem at king kothi

1st july

this fruit seems to be available  throught the year; asif;

Another day work with NRN;small success story few more commitments also got;few more pics
from work had;Lost temper at some tea shop guy;one rejection and and poor response had;
double indulgence day;Paid to dust bin guy;