Thursday, September 18, 2014

2014 analasys


New clients


Allandaire president of india

Blog head lines knoledge;
free videos; satisfied customers to develop;
Electricity problem to over come;twitter has grown rapidly;

Flipkart market cap; snapdeal growth; Tv ads of snapdeal; carwale; paper ads of OLX; credit from kiran; sankranti letter;


 *** 20;MANAME MAXIMUM;1 hour;
urgent and Important;
20 t redirection;
***1 hour field must;1  video and 5 pics
RX ??
vision 20220 10 minutes;
data dump;
try Big;
SEO to existing:








1.beamnet( More speed; quick video uploads; ) Can load content to Blogs and blog ids; Phone;( Can show clients) Voice Search benefit whats app;)
3.kart ids;(can fetch;Traffic)
4.adsense turned in my name;
5.Voice search;
6.Videos and their ranking( 70 times better ranking on google)
7.Attended functions;akka,bawaa vist,family relationships; added;(G plus views;)
9. more work On sept 2014; ids; Almost 500 plus;
11.t ids;
12.seo work for old clients;
13.K Fans; 18 000;
14. value of true friendship; Known;
15.New visiting card with google aproved  publisher;(add twitter)
16. new leaflet with new content;
17.Rx consolidations;
18.trouble at ganga Jatara;
19.Data dump Free;
20. Idea of expanding to new top cities;
21.Google map submittions;
22.Honda Byke; of naresh;
24. Improved galli  relationships;
25.Url redirection; Of t ids;
26. many msags sent to others blogs;
27,laptop Upgradation;;
28. Meeting Eswaraiah;prabhavati;atta; etc;
29.gained alexa ranks;
30.twitter advanced;
google plus 25 lakh reviews; SEO;
33.Et continues to give e com knowledge;
34.One Book;

36.planning 5 years;
38. Youtube veriified;