Monday, August 02, 2021

August 2021

1st August Sunday 2021;

Hyd Rx Akshay came to form again with a treble;

Brought New Cot from zkotha Madhavaram and handed over to Hari Wife; Darjipalli Vada purchased but wasted;  situp with peddodu; called Sameeksha; 

Night doasagr crossed later suffered; gra fallen due to low Sugar;

2nd Aug Monday 2021;

Beldari Subbaiah came with his team and continued work;

Night SRn called;

3rd Aug Tuesday 2021

Full activity day; House construction continued with full seing; Arranged things from Ontimitta;  Cement poolathotti for Thuladimokka  arranged;

Had situp under "Marrichettu" got taxedup by Peddodu; One order payment received; Goddess Gangamma visit had;

Night isuka arranged;

4th Aug wed day 2021

Next Rx day sat day 7th August:

Beldaris team failed and wholeday suffered; Another load of Isuka arrived; water taste trouble;

Peddodu dint give any respect to money; Hot dispatched and old pending trouble managed;

5th Aug Thursday 2021;

Heavily got tensedup due to leg bleeding ; No help from Nagasubbaiah but help recd from Peddodu and Narasimhulu;

Beldaris began Poothalu work ; Muneiah Childhood friend gave a positive comment; Ajay called;

Kistaiah landed unexpectedly and headache; Given a fitting reply to others days Vadalu activity;

Had chat with Padma family;

Night got taxed up  with expenses but new wine point known;

6th Aug friday 2021

Biggest ever Workers team but  work rogressed slow; Not to get irritated and get taxed: Heavily disturbed by Peddodu; Seen Muneiah house with Granite work;

Ajay and his client called; police stopped for Mask;  Gangaiah and  son of Madiga Narsimha met: Seen Chengamma house; Again got taxed up; 

7th August; Saturday 2021; 

Again Big team continued work;

Brought Dalamandram and Window from Kadapa; Known Scrap dealers; paid old dues of Chemist brought leg pads; Dressing got done; wall pasting work completed:

Had long Chat with Chinna Appaiah:

8th August Sunday 2021;

Lost temper on kallu kittigadu:

Dalamandram and Nadidalaillu Window work completed; Evening flareup by gta due to drinks;

Night Kistaiah saga; Night Mandragabba;  Arugu chempa work got done;

Nagamuni Reddy asked a favor:

9th Aug Monday  2021;

Workers Dumma but some work managed with Peddodu; One success story had for the day:

Krishna left; Gopal forwarded Mothers asthikalu Ricer pics: Seen video about Sheep farming;

Seen Ontimitta temple pics read story: Had more Rice for night:

Initiated matter with Welder; Electrician; Narsimha:

10th Aug Tuesday 2021;

Unexpected rain havoc work dint progress; Dharma called known about his suspention: Evening visited Gangamma Temple and  visited Penna River; Gave back Jalleda to Chinnapu Reddy; Carpenter came and took measurements of doors;

Narsimha followed up Electricity issue;

11th Aug Wedday 2021;

Lot of improvements had for the day: Met Sachivalayam lady: 

Arranged Tiffen:  peddodu took measurements later brought pipes etc; Brought Bandalu; Workers continued their work; Recd very less calls for the day; Night had Jonna Rotti ;

Bitter arguments had at home;

12th Thursday Aug 2021;

Narsimha Children Birthday dynamics seen; Beldaris completed kitchen Gas banda and rack work;

One more booked but un known weather  its delivered or not;

Paid  Beldaris dues;

13th Aug friday 2021;

Beldari; peddodu: 2 ladies came to work few more things completed by evening; signal was nice at Kadapa; 

Took NagaSubbaiah and Subba Reddy to Kadapa to buy woden wi dows came back tired;

Indore guy called; Dental damage in hurry;

14th Aug Sat 2021;

Sugar level 110; Heavy acidity; Tention due to Beldaris non arrival finally they came and continued their work;

Over involvement by one lady;

2 ladies and 2 males and 1 Beldari have worked with Narsimha and Nasubbaiahs guidance; 

Lot of praise by Kokkanti Ramana; 

Ghadbad by Gta poor night food;

15th Aug Sunday 2021;

Gave Escort to Ramana for Ganga darshan; Carpenter came and completed doors work. 

Alluring silver won  by short head;

Brought money from Ontimitta

16th Aug Monday 2021;

Opp guys sold Mekalu lot;

I went and completed Electricity work;

17th Tuesday Aug 2021;

Large fleet of Beldaris: Isuka adjusted from neibours; Electricity meter arrived: Night disturbance at home; Toilet and Bathroom work continued:

18th Wedday August 2021; 

Isuka trouble contd; i brought pipes so water pipes work completed;

Bathroom work completed;

Mob incoming calls reduced  i rejected one late night call;

19th Aug Thursday 2021;

Vision troubles continued;

Isuka not artived so work stopped;

20th Aug friday 2021;

Isuka arrived finally; Largest fleet of workers arrived and completed most of work; 

Bathroom and Toilet  roofing work also completed: 

Big argements due to 

gtas bad  mannerism i must not feel much annoyed from now; Dogs died and filthy smell; Attended Ganga temple for Vara Laxmi vratham celebrations; Some incoming calls missed; peddodus involvement seen;

I brought cash and vegetables from Ontimitta ;  Appaiahs wifes ill health health;

21st Aug Saturday 2021;

Stink continued;

2 of inform horses won and returned to form and instilled confidence;

22nd Aug Sunday 2021

Took help of Subbareddy and Electrical tools purchased; Seen Bakarapet ATM and Wineshop;

Double indulgence;

23rd Aug  Monday 2021:

Electrical work began; Suddenly Kistaiah left; Indore order despatched; Ajays Corona news;

24th Aug Tuesday 2021;

Electrical work continued;

Gta dint give money to buy things;

25th Aug Wedday 2021;

With Surindra and Gta tra elled to kadapa and purchased doors; water tank; pumpset; White wash sunnam; Nagamuni Reddy son met;

Flash; There must be some people who will do tge things fir me; I must develop them from now;

Electrical worl continued,

26th Aug Thursday 2021;

Electrical work finally completed;

Visited Fangamma Temole: Tried to visit our labd but due to poor vision stopped; Evening worked some time; Night disturbance due to Gta;

27th Friday 2021;

Power of Bahubali song Jata bhujanga pingalam noted;

Painter came; Night Digital marketing clips seen git confidence;

28th Saturday August  2021:

Painters completed Whitewash; Carpenter came and Fixed Doors;

Peddodu also brought required things; power cut in night;

29th Aug Sunday 2021;

Gruhapravesham did; Had immence help from neibours;

Coffee distributed;

30th Aug  Monday 2021;

Krishnasthami day;

Tree cutting affair and related unexpected  troubles faced;  Another new point learnt:

Coffee cups purchased from Ontimitta: Bujji called:

31st  Aug tuesday 2021;

By night arranged wash Basin ;

Positive signal from Koti:

Few more things shifted to home: