Saturday, June 30, 2018

june 2018

Video is more powerful
Video is more powerful no doubt; New hope emerged after loading few videos to existing list; Seen one Video about  metro travel and impressed with it;Morning class about Mobile marketing; Blog repair work continued; Known about fine images at pinterest through App;

At new point is latest track engagement and costly purchase by trackeagle But due to poor uniformity failed to succeed  but its another expecriance;
morning class was about  Google analytics and online reputation management and reporting  was very interesting; Known link details as how to report;   This is another weapon on hand for future big projects hunt; After class i went to Balanagar and purchased card and then things started to change;
At balanagar Rx cards guys cell number took; while going to balanagar tooik some videos and return journey was very tiresome;
Quite surprisingly net at home was pretty slow so unable to do much of repair work;

FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 2018
My First Hyderabad Metro Rail ride  Miyapur  To Uppal
Metro rail Logo

My First Hyderabad Metro Rail travel Miyapur  To Uppal
Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) is the world’s largest elevated Metro Rail 
PPP project covering 71.16 Km
Metro tran  Starting station Miyapur

                                                             Hyderabad Metro
  serving the city of Hyderabad
Metro traninside station Miyapur
In side  Metro train
In side  Metro train
My First Hyderabad Metro Rail travel Miyapur  To Uppal
Metro train Logo at Ameerpet
Metro train Stations travel  route Miyapur to Nagole
having 24
                                              My first ridel by Hyderabad Metro Train

Hi Folks!

As there was no Digital marketing class I did some Internet  research from home guided my friend as how to use right words for whatsapp chats;  Read Interesting article in Eenadu On Digital marketing Job opputunites by Bhaskar Karampudi  later seen his Telugu Video on youtube  which is very inofrmative I kept link  here if u are interested can watch it below;

Later I decided to Go to  field work to Upall usually I travel by my byke but  as the distance is too far I decided to travel by Metro Train this time this is long pending wish ever since launch of Metro Rail  in Hyderabad on 28 November 2017 ;

Parked my byke near Miyapur  paid parking  then boarded train using lift;  Luckily I met a young  Techie traveller  he guided me very well and  we discussed about metro travel in various big cities of India; Travel was very smooth without any noice with nice  Aircondition there was  security people  all the way; Amazing   announcements  as and when rail aproaches  stations  well this is Digital age thats good for passengers; Rush is yet to pickup;

They give  Blue token  and enjoying free lifts and using excalators looked as if iam in Forerin trip  waching city over windows  was a real fun;
We need to shift from Red lane  to Blue lane from Ameerpet to board another train to go to Uppal;
After reaching there I finished my work  with 2 success stories   and returned to Miyapur by  metro train return jouney was even more fun with lot of people boarding Train;

When i reached  home "Eureka Forbes R O system" is installed Seen ETv news and felt happy on K.C.R offering "Mukkupudaka" to  goddess Kanadurga at  Vijayawada   welldone KCR Saab you have won the hearts of people again you are blessed by goddess to win again.

Unable to  wait  to see my Favrite team Brazil winning match as iam tired for the day so retired;
Thats it for the day for you stay tuned for more about me soon.
Pls do comment  and Share it  if you can.
Thanks again
Ramana Blog Writer from Hyderabad

TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 2018

Lets see Video power

L.Prasad Eye Hospital Hyderabad
In side of L.Prasad Eye Hospital Hyderabad

In side of L.Prasad Eye Hospital Hyderabad

In side of L.Prasad Eye Hospital Hyderabad

3rd sitting of  My Eye laser treatment at L V Prasad Eye Institute had ; Read their blog alater  from home nice one; Took Videos from there; Not attended class; After coming home continued Blog repair work;
Transfered jana amount for NT; pavan continued his work and  called;  Managed days tweets; Loaded fresh Videos to youtube later shared them on Whatsapp and Twitter had encouraging visits this landmark development in my life lets see where i will march ahead;
Removed mgr mall google listing and sent them msg;

Be trendy High Quality and total watch time counts; Get more likes and shares;
Start with key word  right away;

Eamailing to existing clients;
Seo and sem
facebook and Twitter fan page;
youtube monetising;
use of Italics;
Content 300 words in a page;
Adwords set up;
Google search Console;
get us projets;
face book groups;
shutter stock;
Flipkart single product;

link ads are better;
Speed up faster with network of people;
Use t shirts;
Replay to comments;
Create a community;
be emotional in Blog;Video is shared more;
Solve problems;
Affiliate Income hope;
Ali express;Be transperant
Team and  networking tie ups local Meetups;

Adsense monetization discussion

32nd day!

Adsense monetization

At Ditigal marketing class today had very healthy discussion  as other student was absent with trainer on Adsense monetization and changed twitter banner; video channel created with the help of trainer; There was a nice telugu whatsapp message so shared it to many people positive had  from  Gd naidu;

Kept 2018 in Blog post

I usually take my breakfast from this Tiffen centre in Kukatpally;
Some recent Photos loaded to blog;

Found that  i missed Video of gta Chinnanna daughters marriage;
Surprise finding of the day is during laliths marriage home coming Phone vedeo had 1 lakh views on Youtube what a wonder thanks anyway;

one video is worth 20 lakh words why iam waiting?
To Update with clients with their rankings and traffic on google from now;

visit to nims hospital

NIMS OUT patient Department

31st day at Hyderabad
Srinivas digital Deep guy called and said no class so i went to NIMS for legs pain treatment first time exposure had there lot of rush there finally consultation had from a young Doctor; Has lunch in the mess with chicken Fry and came home and slepy for some time;After coming back continued Blog repair work

Continued to send whatsapp msgs; This time Chinna from Vijayawada called;
Pavan called;

No sunday Digital marketing class but its OK;

Life span of Aquarium Fish is around 20 years;

Kept Byke outside as per watchman Durga Raos  request  but it was safe over night;
Shailoo came home with Anjali  as suprise  visit; Enjoyed meeting both of them;
Sent tweet from mobile ph  let me see stats;

Skipped  nice treble  chance in Rx due to recent continueed misses &  losses but  i must try to arrange someone  to back my fancies ; later both of chances Sir cecil; Snow don have worn;

Uma called as i have apreciated his photo content so Sonalika guy that was awesome hope  got with others content thanks to dale carniegies Human Relation tips;;
Arranged few veggies( Adrak; Allam; Vellulli;  kothmir, Tamatta to home and also attended Euroka forbes sales guys for R.O system;
Night Chengaiah met had nice time with him; Unable to concentrate on blog editing work for the day

Mere Pyare Dosto: My Dear Friends; Yes  I had many developments for the day:

They go like this first being attended Digital Marketing  Class and had very interactive session with trainer;
From there went  to Balanagar  for Rx cards  as no one avaialable then  went to RTC X roads and purchased  Rx books  @ Chikkadpally  wished Srinivas book stall guy;

 Called   Kishore and read Rx card from Historic park  then met Kishore;
As Kishore team is busy....I went  To HRC Malakpet   took ph numbners of S. N Murthy CA;
Sanjeeva Reddy Old Rx punter and wished Marvadi  guy had wish from Shankar bhai  but he disappered i was also busy Ok
Balaji  Gollapalli village guy called me to attend his  Brother In laws  marriage Invitation on whatsapp PDF format to date in memory lane;

Byke Bumper and back light work got done this was much pending issue ; But to place them mechanic charged heavy  ;
After Rx  again came back to Kishore With his  help new Visiting cards got designed  this time with 3 ph numbers and as Digital marketing consultant Subbaraos wish was immense also wished lenin;
 new point at Rx is  is currrent run and performance  in same track counts;
Had nice Chat with Komala Kishore   because of Whatsapp Video content thanks to   Video contributors from now we can make worders on this topic;→
Sunday RX colts Book on hand OK;
Cheng called thats nice;
No Doubt tiresome journey back home;
Skipped Lunch and BP tablet ??

After another session retired for the day:
Hey i managed tweets about Scoocer;

Knowledge further consolidated

Who is this actress; Will hold future; Cooment about her;

swollen foot 

Ateended the class and this time learnt about facebook ads not much impressive ;  Along with Gta H.P gas activation work  new address at Deepthi sri nagar did; pavan called; After the class tweeted; Net at home is even more slower;
Balaji called; Golden pearl inn lady called;
Swollen foot again

Eye sight has further gone down after 2nd sitting of laser treatment;
Golden Pearl ranking and description by was awesome;
I must give ads for Digital media aspirants at districts quickly and go for Fresh Tie UPs;
Quora answers; Work more;  Niel says Learn from mistakes; Removed few  from bLog after watching his Video ; Social media pressence importance known so kept buttons in Blog;
Suprprised to see that Justdial has stuffed 36 key word for Mallisetty handicrafts one listing; also nown in 8 palces keyword can be kept in a web page;

In morning class known that in flipkart just 1 product is enough to start with e com business;
Balaji called for marriage reception at Chevella;
Gone depp for twitter read form their  official site;
Much of spam content removed for the day again and also re submitted very important product content;
Sai prasanna replied to whatsapp msg;


kajals birth day follow you back post

Tweeted with this picture for followers; Read june Telugu velugu nice articles;

Petrol was over by the time i reached to Class so after the class with collegues help took it and came back home; tweeted this time offer; Pavan called and updated info; back at home removed some duplicate content again;

i kept this picture in Blog;
Evening satish called so joined him at SBI hafeezpet from there he took to BHEL had exposure of suburbs from there thats all day is over without much progress; But at waiting in BHEL readback old posts; Night called  Janardhan and had word of assurance from him;

With Gtas initiation gotup early and reached L.V Prasad  Eye Hospiatal to have second sitting of laser Therapy this time it was less painful; managed to reach home and continued my blog editing work;
Recent positive things Blog post created; Edited discomfortable post

Recent Positive things

Trainer Pradeep in Class room


2018 synopsys;
At RX; Rx debutant won with wide margin;
SEa Quest...
9th July 2018;
learnt as how to send image to whatsapp; Gta and me
Rx stats are spidered for ruffina;
Edited Rx posts;
How to see indexed pages;
Elite club idea progressed
elitepeople broadcast group with 250 ppl;
Paid ads are must;
300 words content in a page;

Heat maps knowledge;
7 000 pages reduced and resubmitted pages with new keywords;
 MY Blog and my life is much organised now a feeling  of relief;
Image traffic in google; Knowledge to test;
Total client pages and their  hits seen from 2006;
NRN called back;
facebook time line; twitter banner quickly changed; renewed lekhari;
20 lakh  words power of video known;
# hashtag value;
google analytics known; and reporting and proposal letter details;
Knowledge from youtube videos watching  continued;

Applied for youtube licence;
Facebook groups; Joined;

....>>>>Slowly reduced indulgence; 

new visiting cards;  As Digital marketing Consultant;
Re submitted old pages and slowly gaining ranking;  ad words set up knowledge known Facebook marketing knowledge;

Slowly getting back twitter followers;
Byke bumper and back cover;
joined Digital Marketing course  at Hyderabad and daily technical  Knowledge implementation;
After shifting to Hyderabd had much better living conditions; 

Right Eye laser  treatment had;
After Property  got settled had funding   and 3 new costly rings and good dreass  things began to change very swiftly;
Shift to Hyderabad home with much better facilities like Flat Tv heater lift etc;;
First being my byke service;
>>>>jatara visit to Gollapalli on first ever ride on car;
>>>>Upgraded to Samsung smart phone;Qwickly vacated my office at Tirupati ;
laptop battery purchased;
affiliate marketing income hope; Rx hope on winners ;
Gold arnaments; and some cash balance;
new smart phone; Removed Tirupati Office;
attended jatara in car this time;
 laptop battery; Byke service; reduced Indulgence at hyd;
Stopped Voveran SR;
Paid for nt and lekhari;
Video watch time counts;
Backlinking knowledge;
grab foreign projects;
use eenadu for candidates for digital marketing;
Flipkart single product idea;

2018 Setbacks

Leg pains; Eye Vision reduced???
poor g plus closings;
Few Family contacts lost;


First visit to L V.Prasad Eye Hospital Hyderabad

19th day@Hyd;

Got up very early by  travelled by Bus to Panjagutta from there took share auto to L v Prasad eye hospital; Afetr a brief wait took appointment and eye checking got done; By evening done with first sitting of laser therapy; came back home and retired;

Night had talk with chengamma; called prasad; Balaji; ramanaiah gollapalli wife;

MONDAY, JUNE 11, 2018

Visit to Dr Agarwals Eue Hospital wastage and utter Flop

18th day@Hyd;

Attended  Agarwal Hospital and thats is over total confution and disturbance;


22nd day at Hyderabad;
Attended class learnt about Adwords and asked about Tirupati hotels adwords quote;; Shailoo came home; At afternoon  went to Balanagar By share auto and while travelling listened to Some Videos and known about  metro rail travel by fellow travellors; Another bet lost at Rx ; Removed some spam pages again;
Gta and her chinnanna went to narsapuram by bus; Tweeted and chengaiah kept in contact; Seen some analytics;

TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2018

Dont drink coffe on Empty Stomach

Facebok likes of Kajal Agarwal

Dear friends...Some thing went wrong terribly after  having morning coffee( Later seen a video known that not to have Coffee Empty stomach; stomach upset from there suffered througfht the day; Anyway attended Digital Media class class continued for Google adwords settings etc; Surprise to know coordinator suffered from kidney and he had kidney transplantation from Chennai Fortis Hospital;

Came back home and  and continued spam content  deleting work for some time; Night kalyan came and gave his photo;
 Night seen Videos on affiliate income;

wait for keys for long time punishment

orning hick up from home for keys  attended the class new google searches known and google adwords further known; One graphic designer met there; Gta and her chinnanna have arrived safe; 

Removed some more dulicate content from Blog posts; Worked in field  at Bowenpally rangaiah gowd paid; At Moosapaet Muthala rao paid tried to meet district Registrar but he was not on seat; commitment had from  Kumar;


Decided to quit Rx today so i managed to removed lot of dulicate content from my blog and received My child hood friend Prasad; Had Biryani from Green Bawarchi Madinaguda; seen Niel patel videos and decided to write a much better blog with his tips;

Mostly spent at home throught the day;

Seen zermany vs Mexico soccer match  and swiss vs brazil matches suprised to see  funny Hiar cutting styles;

FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2018

21st day@Hyd;

Attended class  and paid dues learnt about Instagram and google plus;
Purchased hdml cable and did work from Big TV monitor well that was really fun; removed some duplicate content pages; Night seen some videos from entertainment place; Known about nice blog opening lanes from some video;
Ariel and Tohama are best fonts for blog posts;
20th day@Hyd;

Attended the class learnt about twitter;
Sent messages to clients about renewal; and told Pavan;Resubmitted few  blog pages with key words;
Read about laser treatment;
Posted 2 reviews; Removed many dulpicate content this excersise took very long time;
blogging tips by Niel patel; seen;
How get better placement with nice pics in maps listings known; plus reviews;

MONDAY, JUNE 11, 2018

17th day@Hyd;

Uggani Mirchi
Uggani Mirchi

Thank god Sugar level is Ok; 110;
Arguments continued  and unrest; Found to know how many pages are indexed in google;
vilekhari 10 800; 44 pages; 2 pages;
Managed to attend night class facebook  by deepdigitalmedia;
Throught the day at home organising blog and keeping new keywords to Document Writers blog posts;
listedout renewals at tpt and sent to pavan he responded thats good sign;
Met Agarwal hospitals and enquired the fee;
Known about HP gas dealer  and forms to submit;
Few more Key words submitted and deleted most of duplicate content  posts;

See that vedeo of prasda diabetic food suppliment veera machaneni rama krishna ;help and disgraceful acts file;post review abt sri shankar netrhalaya;

FRIDAY, JUNE 01, 2018

Digital Marketing Institute at Kukatpally suited me well

June  1st Friday 2018;
7th day;
Unable to get up and coxings at home;
Found one Digital Marketing institute  at Kukatpally recd their location map; I wanted to decide to join this institute for two reasons; Retrived client list at home;
Durga Rao found me near Wine shop at night;

June 2nd Saturday 2018;
8th day;

Morning attended new Digital Marketing institute Demo class   at Kukatpally (edigitalminds )
Visited Kalyans Mom at Archana Hospital near Miapur as call recd abt her illness;
Completed retrieving date wise closings of old clients.

Quickly managed to transfer Jana Rs 1000/- for
Surprised to see  even mgrmall also expired;
Neil patel Videos seen on Blogging;

Heard back few of call recorder calls at night found them very helpul;
Pavan kept in contact sent few messages;
Seen about mylan company details on web;
 3rd June Sunday 2018;

9th day at Hyderabad;
Live fish seen with Oxygen cylenders on tubs  huge crowds of fish eaters near Chanda Nagar purchased fish later enjoyed Gta prepared chepala  pulsu tasty one;

Lot of videos seen at night about old Telugu cinema actors  Raja Babu etc
Morning Chengaiah called but dint turn up may be due to heat?
Visited kalyan home and met his MOm and dad  enjoyed many dynamics of Anjali  there;
back at apartment watchman Durga rao Hadavudi  and Halchal about owners meeting;
4th june Monday ;

10th day;
Attended morning first day calss at edigitalminds institute; Known about Email marketing;
Arguments continued at home due to shout on pressing Box;
Visited Suraram and found very tough vision  and mobility problems are clearly evident had the arial exposure anyway;

Seen video about benefits of barefoot walking in Telugu

5th june Tuesday 2018;
11th day;

Attended 2nd days class in morning and known about SEO and related knowledge Ok;

Met Eye doctor near by with gta; Sent msg to some important friends about new course joining many replies received;
Miss behaviour by Bairagipatteda Ramana cafe guy;

Satish called had word with prasad also big welcome sign ;
kalakata Durga called and sent pics of her  daughers marriage;

Continued to watch Videos about many things; wanted to who are making these  Videos no field work; Quickly managed to pay Airtel bill;

Durga rao took my byke for some time later accompanied to shop;
collected gtas Adhaar card and photo for elite people;
Seen Videos on Comedian  rajababu; kanchana; surya kantham;  vanisri;  padmanabham;

6th Wed day 2018;
12th day at Hyderabad;

3rd day class; on page  SEO known Metatags etc learnt; Paid part payout for  Digital Media  cource; Chengaiah msgs received;

Called satish; seen  some videos again; also seen Retina problem for Diabetics; searched few of eye Hospitals mobile is really helpful now
seen videos about; Nasser;

Bahubali Prabhakar;  jaggaiah; Ramana reddy nellore comedian; vemireddy prabhakar reddy; Some of pending blog posts posted; tremendous heat continued;
7th th june Thursday 2018;

4th day class;13th day in Hyderabad;
On page seo learnt;
Eye checkup did situation known but huge expences and argumemnts continued;
Youtube video watching work dint progress due to blurred vision;
Didital media guy karunakar called; had chat with satish; prasadvja; called Prbhavathi son at night; at apartment byke climbing to up in second gear is not possible; few calls did and videos seen on retina care;

8th june friday 2018;
14th day at hyd;
5th days class;
not that impressive; Known abt back linking; Had Uggani Bhajji at Qwality fast foods;
Came home after some time again to that hospital took bills and went to field work; Prahlad; munawer khan; Gachibowli guy paid; Purchased Rx book from Khairatabad; is up again;

Visited L.V Prasad eye hospital but heavy rush seen but on theway back agarwal eye hospital seen;
MGR Prasad called;Pavan called;
sampradaya add seen;
ghumaghumalu hotel seen;

Scanned Rx book in night but no avail;

9th June Saturday;
15th day at Hyderabad;
No Class;
Got up very late heavy leg pains this time cause is not known;
Prasad  called; Bhawar called; satish sent whatsapp msg;
10th June monday 2018
16th day@Hyd;

Read times with Gta Chicken took from Chanda nagar to be very careful in crossing road;  Kalyan came home and arranged Tv; Prasad called and said abt some diabetic food;  After some time started to Balanagar Rx had 2 failed bets;  Came back home and seen Bahubali for some time and retired;