Friday, June 01, 2018

Digital Marketing Institute at Kukatpally suited me well

June  1st Friday 2018;
7th day;
Unable to get up and coxings at home;
Found one Digital Marketing institute  at Kukatpally recd their location map; I wanted to decide to join this institute for two reasons; Retrived client list at home; 
Durga Rao found me near Wine shop at night;

June 2nd Saturday 2018;
8th day;

Morning attended new Digital Marketing institute Demo class   at Kukatpally (edigitalminds )
Visited Kalyans Mom at Archana Hospital near Miapur as call recd abt her illness;
Completed retrieving date wise closings of old clients.

Quickly managed to transfer Jana rs 1000/- for
Surprised to see  even mgrmall also expired;
Neil patel Videos seen on Blogging;

Heard back few of call recorder calls at night found them very helpul;
Pavan kept in contact sent few messages;
Seen about mylan company details on web;
 3rd June Sunday 2018;

9th day at Hyderabad;
Live fish seen with Oxygen cylenders on tubs  huge crowds of fish eaters near Chanda Nagar purchased fish later enjoyed Gta prepared chepala  pulsu tasty one;

Lot of videos seen at night about old Telugu cinema actors  Raja Babu etc
Morning Chengaiah called but dint turn up may be due to heat?
Visited kalyan home and met his MOm and dad  enjoyed many dynamics of anjali  there;
back at apartment watchman Durga rao Hadavudi  and Halchal about owners meeting;
4th june Monday ;

10th day;
Attended morning first day calss at edigitalminds institute; Known about Email marketing;
Arguments continued at home due to shout on pressing Box;
Visited Suraram and found very tough vision  and mobility problems are clearly evident had the arial exposure anyway;
Seen video about benefits of barefoot walking in Telugu

5th jume Tuesday 2018;
11th day;

Attended 2nd days class in morning and known about SEO and related knowledge Ok;

Met Eye doctor near by with gta; Sent msg to some important friends about new course joining many replies received; 
Miss behaviour by Bairagipatteda Ramana cafe guy;

Satish called had word with prasad also big welcome sign ; 
kalakata Durga called and sent pics of her  daughers marriage;

Continued to watch Videos about many things; wanted to who are making these  Videos no field work; Quickly managed to pay Airtel bill;

Durga rao took my byke for some time later accompanied to shop;
collected gtas adhaar card and photo for elite people;
Seen Videos on Comedian  rajababu; kanchana; surya kantham; vanisri; padmanabham; 

6th Wed day 2018;
12th day at Hyderabad;

3rd day class; on page  SEO known Metatags etc learnt; Paid part payout for  Digital Media  cource; Chengaiah msgs received;
 called satish; seen  some videos again; also seen Retina problem for Diabetics; searched few of eye Hospitals mobile is really helpful now
seen videos about; Nasser; 

Bahubali Prabhakar; jaggaiah; Ramana reddy nellore comedian; vemireddy prabhakar reddy; Some of pending blog posts posted; trmendous heat continued;
7th th june Thursday 2018;
4th day class;13th day in hyderabad;
On page seo learnt;
Eye checkup did situation known but huge expences and argumemnts continued;
Youtube video watching work dint progress due to blurred vision;
didital media guy karunakar called; had chat with satish; prasadvja; called Prbhavathi son at night; at apartment byke climbing to up in second gear is not possible;few calls did and videos seen on retina care;

8th june friday 2018; 
14th day at hyd;
5th days class;
not that impressive; Known abt back linking;Had Uggani Bhajji at Qwality fast foods;
Came home after some time again to that hospital took bills and went to field work; Prahlad; munawer khan; gachi bowli guy paid; Purchased Rx book from khairatabad; is up again; 

Visited L.V Prasad eye hospital but heavy rush seen but on theway back agarwal eye hospital seen;
MGR Prasad called;Pavan called;
sampradaya add seen;
ghumaghumalu hotel seen;

Scanned Rx book in night but no avail;

9th June Saturday;
15th day at hyderabad;
No Class;
Got up very late heavy leg pains this time cause is not known;
Prasad  called; bhawar called;satish sent whatsapp msg;
10th June monday 2018
16th day@Hyd;

Read times with Gta Chicken took from Chanda nagar to be very careful in crossing road;  Kalyan came home and arranged Tv; Prasad called and said abt some diabetic food;After some time started to balanagar Rx had 2 failed bets;  Came back home and seen bahubali for some time and retired;
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