Thursday, January 02, 2020

jan 2020

1st jan wed day  2020
1 st day of new year;
Mama called had word with Chinna; Vja suresh called;
jan 1 st  2020;

2 nd good thing : Night Xerox of 2019  developments prints took and scanned them and edited them again;
New Years first shocker Florist Expectation flopped; must be careful to take their sign and call them before going for payout; Second shocker of year :  Byke head ache  called Ajay came finally  resque  out of trouble;
3d shocker of the year:  from uma from Uma money and commitment  failure issue;
Another Shocker; Not many people called me;
First Good thing of year : 
Geethas search Engine Optimisation word;
Unable to do field calls;
Managed park visit;

2nd Jan Thursday 2020;

3rd good thing: Took a flying start in 2nd day of new year with good off line activity of sending almost good no of whatsapp messages in Telugu English  messages and  few renewal reminders;

4 th shocker Eye glass missing searched in vain;
Dropped Gta to sl diagnostics ; again took ger there and brought back;
whatsapp msgs mailer in English and Telugu sent to BUJJI group;
5th good thing Worked for jasmine for some time;
6th good thing ;Entire 2019 new and old renewals payouts  analysed;
7 th good thing ; Renewal reminders sent to National Jewellery; jaggu Ambulense ; Pariwar; Arihant;
8th good thing; Reply received from Soni to meet him on Saturday;

9th good thing  collected and sent msgs;Collected Eenadu jan 1 st ads data sent whatsapp msgs sent to 20 clients;
Raju gandla mothers death news msg sent;
13th good thing Took sl diagnostics id luckily;
Checked Mumbai  Rx fixations;
5th shocker ;Ugly seen before going to vegitable money contribution  brought report to gta sugar report;
10th  good thing ;Evening worked did 6 calls got 2 new  reviews;
11th good thing; Gandla list but saved upto 100 ph numbers; sleep disturbance;
12 th good t 2 new reviews got;

3rd Jan friday 2020;

14th good thing reassurance to Ajay:
15th good thing Hema Swagruha guy logo;Ravi;created name board  for gta created logo
16 gt; positive had  from sridevi fertility ;
Had sai baba temple prasadam very hot;
17.Called National jewellery he said yes;
18; Followup did  pariwar;Hotel;
19.Called Anurag hotel;
20.Called H M water; hope got
24, Allways to carry eye glass; took gta to diagnostics;
Gave some likes during wait:
21.seen entire Bawarchi instaposts and there were 45 occations to post;
6shocker: leg swollen; and i fection;
22.did seo for Arihant Agencies;
23. Insta content prepared;
25; Saved 100 gandla ph data;
Shocker7; gandla removed me from admin;
26. Collected Nava Telangana calender added numbers and sent whatsapp msg;27. 27.Some more data from field collected;

4th Jan Satday 2020;

Late park visit;
Quick puri out side;
28. Sent insta content to whatsapp list got Prahlads reply for Tuesday thank god:
29.Did 14. calls  Met soni and got big calender got yes from him  and wishes happy new Year and came home; positive from Shree Alu;
30. Read Telugu velugu;
31.Eye glass arranged by Gta;
32.Mobile cover 33. Reading glass;
34.Chat 35.some more gandla numvers saved and also interacted. 
37.Further edited 2019.

5th jan  Sunday 2020;

No park visit;
entire day at home;
38. Gandla group admin again; called balaji;
Chicken to home;
Shocker 8 leg infection;
had sleep;
Seen NTR Movie Aravinda sametha and enjoyed; Night ajay met;

6th Jan 2020; Monday;
no park visit for  second day;
39;  D W prahlada called and new hope;
40. Gjr chaawal called so met him;
41. Second skin insta chat;
9th  negative; no  good income from field;
42; instra msgs sent to almost 200 plus and 100 of them have seen it; all g plus clients;
43; did SEO for GJR Chaawal;
44. followup with anurag and hotel pariwar did;
Unable to work at sec bad; related tention;
7th jan Tuesday 

45.Finally had a real breakthrough;

Met gjr chaawal had Tea;
Met Dreamz; my shirt effect;
46.My influence further developed at Gandla community with "sanmanam " offer  to writer and further saved ph numbers; 
47.New thing at Begumpet SRO  srinu gave it new year i am ; 
48.Dog feeding story by lady on the way but my initiative failed with lady apreciated boy;
Night Ajay met; contributed to home but still pressure but irksomeness continued;

49.Anurag guy said yes to trasfer renewal amount by Bank so sent msg this is a surprise but thanks to my continued followup but misery is bank strike;

50.Some data also collected from field;

Lot of interaction with Prahlad from there called bujji ; Failed to note near by hotel name;
Missed lunch and hunger pangs throught the day;

8th jan Wed day 2020;

51.2020 priorities set;

52.Edited 2019 developments from pointers again;
Gta pressure  to pay Tv dish money;


Cool day;
54.Theres lot of free  data available for 20 cities thats the only hope for the day;
Night some headache of group came out finally by night ;
Shocker 8;To meet Gadtroenterologist;

9th jan thursday 2020;

Shocer 9;Throught the day  suffred from caugh trouble; 
55.Prepared successful tips for life and posted them to insta and gained tremendous confidence:
56.seen 100 posts of instagram original id;
posted prahlad bio to blog;

57.realtors data 20  collected entries posted;

58. Initiated NRN to collect National jewellery payout he collected and transfered thats first team effect in 2020;

59.With confidence attended prime9news channel and given my ideas;

Worked near Panjagutta SRO;

60. Data collected continued  to send whatsapp msgs;

had 1 review from field;
Night called Balaji;

10th Jan Friday 2020;

61.Had good exposure day but no income;
Managed late park visit new exposure had of DD colony outskirts;
62.Further edited successful pointers to life this time  manly mannerisms and behaviors;  At home called NRn and gave Nlr 2 references;
Poor morning  Coffee taste;
63. In a sudden move decided to visit Sweet and Namkeen exibition and that fetched for the day;
64. On theway collected almost 50 plus data from field; Exposed to exibition displays collected nice Brotures and  visiting Cards and one magazine unable to walk long and skipped another exibition;
Missed lunch but  had free  sweets:

Shocker 10: NRN called but failed to collect payouts but Anurag guy promised to transfer amount by Monday:

Shocker 11; Morning arguments  for not allowing gta sister night dint talk to Anjali;

Shocker 12;Night arguments at home for food continued;

Muslims rally agaianst NRC 
65; watched  winning Cricket match;

11th Jan Saturday 2020;

66;Called NRN;
sent ravi alahari whatsapp msg for renewal;
67;Edited national jewellery maps marker;;
68; Called Krishna Gollapalli;
69: Prasad Eswaraiah mama son;
70; Called gunnaiah;
71.Called chengaiah;
72.Saved yesterdays exibition collected data. 73.hunch got like lekhari a national company now ;
74.Sent Watsapp to all IAS intitutes;
75.Collected 20 ladies tailors data;
76. How i have grown  from year  2000 analysed;
77. 36 tv channels are  listed in google  Hyderabad;
78. Vinnie and her mom visit and my  apologies;

79. "Javuru"  with. Big team in many areas:

How to control  a trust which has gone outof hands with a responsible apologies learnt;
Called NRN again at night;

80; Called Satish ; prasad;

Pointers kept

12th Jan Sunday 2020;

Quick park visit;
81;   fish and Shrimp, shopping did but tired;
82. 50 jdvf data added already for 2020;
83; whatsapp msg sent to Pariwar hotel guy;
84. Called Prasad
85. Called NRN;
86. Akka  Called ;
Took Big rest in after noon;
87;Checked all jan likely payouts;

13th jan Monday 2020;

88.Sent reminders 30
2.Balaji kam MuniKrishna;
3.Secret styles;
4.Nrn, Anurag ; 14; pariwar zoib
5.Rexine seo audit murali Sanitary
8.msg Ram thulasi
10.murali cars
13.Devi Bharathi
15.Camera Centre;
16.kvp inn;
17.Tip top;
18.chalaoati caterer tpt
19.Bujji .DW.
20.ganesha electricals.
23. Km Radha Krishna.
24.Rajaram cooking
25.Raghuram photo;
26.kumar rubber stamps.
28.sravanthi florist;
29.jaggu Abulence;
29.Soni int

89.Days major improvement is social media proposal content created;

many of them have seen but none  responded;
again arguments at home in mornming;
Shocker 11.Irresponsible NRN;
Edited national jewellery address amd maps location;
90; 20 realtors data saved; video of Manohar Reddy sent  of chicago vivekananda seen for 3 times;
called Anurag hotel;  called narendra;
92.retrieved some data of collected on exibition day;
Shocker 12; Confusion on night insulin dosage;
Swamy viveka speech in Telugu by a school girl;

14th jan Tuesday 2020;

93.Called Prahlada modinsahebpalli his assurance had

94.called Suresh vja:
95.Ramanaiah gollapalli;
96.Called Baawa;
97.Telugu content developed  and wished;
Mostly spent at home on this Bhogi day;
98.Worked for jasmine;

15th jan wed Sankranthi day 2020

Shocker 13; Some thing is clearly missing;
99.Gtas top up; rs 200/_
Total day spent at  home;
Shocker 14; stomach trouble:
Shocker 15;Gta left to her vadina home only returned with their big talk;
100. I have seen nellore youtube video very informative;
101.Body language  tips video seen;
102.Night Syera  Nara Simha Reddy movie seen;
Shocker 16.Dinner flopped;

16th Jan Thursday 2020; Kanuma day;

Shocker 17. Managed park visit new  boys sounds disturbance;

Shocker 18. Kishore not responded?
Shocker 19.Had Tiffen outside poor Masala Dosa;
Shocker 20; Hunger pangs;
S 21. Not many of whatsapp messages recd;
S 22.owner lady menace for Muggu;

103.Gtas top up of Rs 500/_  pressure of movie;

104. 2 nellore payouts got due to Gtas followup and telling about reviews;

 S23. night arguments again;

105. Nrn called. Rami Reddy;
106. Called  Krishna Mama,
107. Called Shakaraiah; Eswaraiah;
 called Sudhakar Reddy; 

17th Jan Friday 2020;

Unable to go to field work due to festival feeling; 

managed park visit had upma at Raghavendra tiffens;
108; Surprisingly Parahlada called and gave idea;
109; 19  of top realtors data  collected;  later collected Banquet halls data:
110; 12 whatsapp msgs sent and one responded but wheres my office  is big hope;
111; Called kishore;
112; worked for jasmine;
113; Surprise prasad called this time;
114. Single indulgence;

18th jan  Satday 2020;
Got up very early visited park; Quickly scanned Zaminryot: Rx fixations; later when checked results new point is rider colm donlonghe oaks win;
Met Narsing at Baghlingampally;
Hunger pangs continued so had Ragi maltstoll not enough;
Planned day; Brought bread had bread omlet;
Telma h generic drug is 10 times lover than beanded one mind boggling information ;
Had chat with Ajay at night;
With 2 payouts gta helped to 10 days r &d;
Added 23 coaching centres data; Retrieved tpt g listings renewals;
Consolidated  insta front  prahladas screen shot loaded;

19th jan Sunday 2020; 

Attended Malakpet Rx after long gap; Went inside with smart phone enjoyed it: Had one start to finish debut  winner by   David Egan must have good money on hand; Manglorkar S John jodie  fetched Derby win; Chicken Onion  arranged to home; Balaji called and told about Diary and Calender: Heavy expenses incurred for the day;

20th Jan monday 2020;

Managed park visit hunger pangs continued;
managed to send 50 whatsapp renewal reminders  and Instagram  msgs to new and old  this is biggest count ever so far in the past
got 3 replies Manasa; Physiotherapist: Bhojanalay;
Posted tpt opticals and Madhufurniture  data to vilekhari;
some were not having whatsapp;
 narayana catering; biruva guy; Syam computer tpt;
Called Koti;  
Retrieved entire google reviews count for all my clients and some important ones;

21st  Jan Tuesday 2020;

 Again sent reminders to 40 people;
1 payout recd;
Took gtas design help to embed my logo on gifs;
Worked in after noon and 1 positive got;
By gave trouble again but managed;
Posted tirupati Beauty parlours data;
By evening Drohi sabotage known quickly took remidial steps and called most of them;  muni krishna gave Dr number sent him msg;
Called Sekhar mama; Balaji;
Retrieved few more google review standings;

22nd jan; wed day 2020:

Sleepless over night???  Disturbance of gta when i tried to sleep in afternoon;
Quickly prepared new renewal content for Digital  marketing and sent to
1.Soni; sent  good content of be more balanced and not get disturbed:
2. Nutty delite
5.pragathi industries
6. SRscientifics;
8. called Bramha reddy;
9. Reserved shadabfoodcourt thanks to NRN; 
Also scanned fedoraseafoods and posted entry;

10. recd TTD diary by courier Koti sent it;

11.called prince tailors and asked to call fraudster and he  supported;
12. collected tirupati caterers data 20  and ladies Tailors  data and posted;
Posted Tpt DW data and linked internally;
13. gta called 14;KVP: 15; PSR kalyana mandapam; 16.kalmandapam; 17. vasavi;
18. ameen kept in touch;
19. called sekhar bhai analytics known;
20. venkatesh cell number got;
21. msg sent to refac;
22. apy by online whatsapp msgs sent;
23. added arpita aquarist number;
24. called bujji dw; but not promising and asked his group to post review no use;
25. Could catch dr by night on phone and he confessed so risk is reduced;
Met Ajay on chat;
26.long chat with Satyam had and pointers noted;
Night Animalplanet and others tv shows seen ;

23rd Jan thursday 2020;

Star superior missed at good money due to poor decicion and chance of being a Desert god as a fav; new champ Blackperal is emerging;
Got another payout this time KVP; 
Throught the day continued messaging  clients;
Adeed 20 tpt data  of Kalyana mandapams;
Citation benefits of Amit video seen known about best sites; NAP details known;
Read about content writing tips and charges importance of original content known;
Commitment got from Sri Balaji k m for tommorow; Sent scanned email to kvp and Muni Krishna;  Called kondaa  k m ;
Again sent dont pay by cash msgs;
This 2020 new advantages are Gta calling for payouts and review count powers are added;

Managed park visit; Trouble at giving money to get vegitables due to poor cash levels on hand;

Curd trouble; Relatives;
Copyscape for duplicate content known;
Total  collected jdvf data checked roughly;
Edited Tags;  posted tpt kalyana mandapams;
Throught the day suffered from  hyper acidity levels: known that sexy pics are viewd more at twitter;

24th Jan friday 2020;

yet another shocker for  the day
Blog posted; Sent messages;
Lot of whatsapp content   received so added  to insta;
some Blog editing work did with tags;
Days shocker is fresh 5 k collection by fraudster murali proof receipts got from clients; letter  prepapared for police complaint and circulated to all  clients;
Later Ajay met and discussed matter with him enquired Jowar roti machine;Total upset throught the day lost control : Told Balaji he gave some hope; Received ttd diary and calender from Dayakar;

Called Muni krishna he promised ; Jafrulla called and shares childhood memories had chat for long time asked his support for gollapalli issue;

25th jan sat day;

Upset and Dullness continued; Managed park visit suffered from body pains;
Satyam and Ajay met on chat; Syam sent loka ph number but it dint work;
Gta went to her sisters home; No whatsapp msgs sent for the day; 
some whatsapp content loaded to insta; gave ph  of drohi number to Balaji but no breakthrough till night;
tweeted for

1.srscientifics; 2. mayurpanhouse; 3. nutty; 4 jasmine 5. luckytraders ;
Posted a comment to Kiran;
As a suprise 2 payouts got for the day;Alankrita; Eves as i have sent deadline reminder;
Night had session with Ajay;
Called NRN;
Organised Blog further added jewellers data;

26th jan sunday 2020;

no park visit;
Slept in afternoon;
Night sleep trouble and disturbing dreams;
No preparation for Rx missed 2 good shots; Debut win and  war hammer 7 straight win;
Morning Mahesh Babu movie Bharath ane nenu watched again;
Tiffen and Chicken flopped; Enjoyed Rasam;
Ajay met on chat;
Republic day flogs celubration on roads and rush seen; night TV9 TV show known;
Saved few numbers from eenadu;

27th jan Monday 2020;

2nd day no park visit:
Sunday Night sleep disturbed many times due to dreams;
Had hair cut in Rex;   Byke repair enq did @honda 25 k required thats too costly;
Some kind of weakness;
Assisted Ajay to buy jowari roti machine posted related addresses to blog;
Sent 20 whatsapp msgs but no one responded
Took print of Police complaint  from Narayanaguda cafe and edited later further;
Related linkings of my blog checked;
Seen one SEO video from wine shop but too much disturbance had;

28th Jan Tuesday 2020;

Finally police complaint posted by regd post;
Some seo editing did; Another shicher from tot Vinayaka jewellers payout gone to drohis hand;
Called many people ; Night Ajay met; Heavy indulgence;

29th jan wedday 2020;

Total rest at home due to uneasy and weaknewss due overnight indulgence;
2 sessions of Seo at home thats it;

30th jan thursday 2020;

Most of the at home edting blog and loading content to it and keeping tags to posts;
Called Swaant and Ramthulasi Reddy;
Days positive thing is  references gave Ameen followup did at tpt and got Andhra Surgicals as positive; One more positive got from jaggu ambulence for monday;

I forwarded scanned bill copies of ganesha electricals and Vasavi and sent authorising him;

Many whatsapp msgs sent for the day also but when called over phone i got positive response;
2 called recd for jowar roti; edited jowar roti cintent and puctures;

31st jan friday 2020;

Distubing over night sleep ;
Throught the day heavy thrust given to thought proces;
Seen kairam ramana saamethalu video;
Severe Caugh in morning evening Zatura pack purchased;
No park visit;  yesterday Blog posted;
Someone poked in to kajal asking to become co admin blocked him finally ;
Vzg: Vijayawada builders data posted; Seen one video on seo tips; h1 h2 taags importance known
Thanks Jasmine moved up ;
4th winning T 20 match between New Zealand and India watched;
Suraj on Ashwa virat won at Delhi missed the bet on Suraj for third time in this year;
Lot of  internal  linking work did for blog;
No new payouts despite many reminders;
Ameen and ajay met on chats;