Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nova Grain and Rice Merchant Chikkadpally Hyderabad

Nova Grain Merchant Chikkadpally Hyderabad
Nova Grain Merchant Chikkadpally Hyderabad
PH; 65571592
cell; 9866362289
We are in 2 decades of customer service.

We are 
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Rice Wholesalers
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Corn Flour Retailers
Kasuri Methi Retailers
Coriander Seed Retailers
Clove Retailers
Cinnamon Retailers
Chilli Flakes Retailers
Cardamom Retailers
Brown Sugar Dealers
Betel Nut Retailers
Bay Leaves Retailers
Jeera Retailers
Mixed Pickle Retailers
Kidney Bean Retailers
Turmeric Retailers
Linseed Oil Dealers
Palm Olein Oil Retailers
Chana Retailers
Mustard Retailers
Puffed Rice Retailers
Tomato Ketchup Retailers
Whole Spice Retailers
Vinegar Retailers
Sesame Seed Retailers
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Refined Oil Distributors-Nature Fresh
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

pics satish-dhanraj- 10th august-2011

Jawari roti selling plaCe near ashok Nagar Cross roads in hyderabad

                                Om sai marketing   hyderabad

                                Dhan raj rtc x roads

Morning arial survey work continued; Charminar and near by areas;took pic of charminar;High court area;bundh day call;

Morning calls made were Oil guy(lingeshwar rao) and his machines work;a quick wish to cellworld guys;ashok traders;Jowarroti pic took;arrow stationary pic took;checked clearance of cheque;purchased insulin for gta;collected some data of cell phones on the roads;
many of the pics have been aproved by google;
Lot of R&D work on google did at home at after noon;panwallas address collection work completed; facebook likes;
why growth is slow analysis did at home;
Poor planning for bath water got cold;Call from mumbai guyz;pistahouse site seen;martjack effect;
One success for hostel listing enquiry;

morning calls; Jyothi opticals;ashoktraders;key maker;zenith sales;sri mallikarjuna med stores.narender; om sai pic;jowar roti;

a long walk with GTa to kubera towers for courier and then to ramkote for Fishaquarium; Evening unable to do any more market calls;
night Satish called so went to him met dhanraj and took their pics;Satish financial problems was a surprise;

Monday, August 01, 2011

july 2011

31 st july 2011
very tensed at morning but success came;after quickly finishing days things at home straight to field work even on sunday;
market calls;
1.siva sai success;(karantherockinguy)frame baba; took pic;
2.shakthi medical hall
3.tirupati medical hall
4.Passionate gifts shop
5.Gkopticals boss number got;
6.hotel sai krupa they were busy;

Long call by jana and new hope;
On the way back seen one complex with 55 shops (just amazing)
Gta called 2 times,kiran called for photon;
Evening walk to nallkunta seen many shops;
afternoon byke parking problem;
no net day; felt loneliness


29th july post

got up quickly ant got ready very quickly; At 9.30 met vasu medical stores; vasu; 93924 94942 promising call; later met bhandari medicals took card; also met rajesh; bramari tried and another veg shop; later met sailajamineralsguy;
came back home quickly had tea; met anand electricals;mahamadia electricals; KP jewellery;krishna mohan;janata digitals;camera world;lakshmi digitals booked;

Evening work; aditya opticians;imperial classic;sigma old client;seen RK; met camera gys road cutting etc noted;Taruni shop seen;met famous key;
afternoon 2 hours net stint; checked google listings of covered calls; fullhyd listing of balaji cosmetiue; deccan opticals site seen and blocked deccanopticals id; reliance cafes info known;paras video; yahoo locals etc;medisysindia id;msg sent to videocond2h;


28th july post

My friends Kiran and his brother Kishore  all smiles below his byke

Days total activations;
market calls;
1.sai med stores;(Sunday) 11.15 am care centre
3,homoeo care; time not recorded;
4.venus home world; world;(singapore centre;
6. ap sarathy electricals;
7,city color labs;
8.Deen dayal
9.mahaveer photo emporium
11.paras digital world(lord balaji frame seen)
13.balaji cosmetic qworld;(lord balaji phto seen)
14.ram medical hall;
3.satya msg
10.dhobi paid;
13.water arranged;
14.mail replied to amrin;
15.vasuki page created;
16.rx book pic took; of kiran kishore;
19.sent sms to naaptol,magicbricks;

new ids;

                                                              original vel race books

                                                                       Iam eating Veg biryani

Morning Veg biryani had;night curries from different place;

Overall analysys; Lot of waiting for kiran; missed computer guy; missed the name of MOR guy; just 2 companies are enough for the month to try for them quickly; 2 ref for lord balaji frames got; new iformation got after meeting shakeel; ref of kiran dint work; Combiflam information of tube; adrshmobies guys info; after evening call from mumbai totally confused at home;Amrin hope further enhanced; Satyas chat;Heavy working day with 19 activations 4 ids and 14 market calls;Night seperate sheet created for days work cards pinning work did; Some more postal addresses organised at seperate sheet;

27th july post

Computer work initiated with Prak;Tried for bank account with Gta to vidyanagar;Called Gopal for bank account;blog posted;call from ongoleguys and chennai guyz;Tailor initiated near by home;karimnagar plan; Continued requests from owner for rent;

Arguments at home 4 income; change needle and comfort of insulin intake noted; read blog from july again;Amrin absent??;night helped gta for dinner; Local address prooff problem;unble to fix net problem at home; old data retrived at evening took some prints;Rohit new name at bar;purchased gel,Consivas,Onion(response had)razor; activated RIM;rx books (2)purchased;

26th july post

Morning sudden call from Gopal met him at hotel tajmahal took laddu,watch,shaving gel,eye glass but also nagging had abt gta;spent lot of time in net today almost 4 hours; smartness of a known and data copies took; google maps seen; munical encrochments demolition seen at narayanaguda;

20 satages of google maps seen;Chat with satya uneasiness noted;mailed to 14 clients but in vain;reply had from amrin;mail to netelixir got bounced; 2 more ids again into foldtweeted and posted pending blogs;cross limits today due to tention;pics posted on blog;some ladmarks are already there on google to check up with owners;stats checked;

25th july post

                                trt raju my child hood friend

very tough day; scooter gave much trouble;2 areas covered;old dues from ranga srinivas collected;surprise news from raju and his problem of alchohol; took his pic; some more data collected; evening with Gta to byke hero honda formalities known;3 more new ids for the day;heavy crowds seen at LB nagr office;

Energy leves problem noted at afternoon had to rush to home; lucky no rain during field work but it rained in the evening;st leger videos seen;new idea is all document writers must know me(namste);

MONDAY, JULY 25, 2011

24th july post

sunday barely managed things for home; missed net;bonalu day;hindus review of singham; bonalu hungama by neibours;teachers gadapa cleaning;

23 rd july

satya quickly joined me;along with him to field work after 10 minutes net surfing; covered 2 offices(vanasthali puram,hayat nagar) collected cards;One hope also got for future;read singham review in 2 dailies read;called ajay;heavy weight of bg and leg pains;long distance new area coverage;need of changing sim;

BIg rush seen at madhusala shop;

22nd july post

Expectations of gta known at home;Telangana bundh day;had poor idli vada;scanned all dilies;evening to singham movie activated very confidently;amrins msg to cell;posted blogs;2 more ids;

FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2011

21st july

many msgs byway2sms and got good resposnse; pl who responded were munawwer,naidu,chengaiah,narsimha,gandhi,response from amrin also had;talks failed with amrin;eve work at saroor nagar area;collected some cards; long net excersice;rs 50/- paid to net;hangover at home;Lot of free infomation can be gained from field work;scooter trouble at tarvel;

Mor adhaar card work initiated;swati mag read; durga jewellery desingner info;managed tweets;dis satisfaction at home;mor satish called back and long chat;powersoapmbambinifood;agro,rgaviation new ids;dc article to be confident;
fingersa got damaged to be very careful on travel;

TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2011

19th july post

18th july post;First days duty after giving cheque to orbit totally a different move i had to wait for 1 hour to join and this is not worthy at all;anyway waited 8 hours for nothing in this company;met youngsters and the madam and few collegues;totally unsatisfied by the things went there;exposure had from youngster about kits;gta went to meet her in laws(or chinnanna) etc;

night water tightening problem?

came back enervated paid Tata net bill with GTa and had cutlet and samosa purchased insulin for gta;

i may nned to work for long hours from now may be 11 hours?

slept and had nice sleep;
20th july post; tuesday:
Horror came in morning in the form of feaces at the door step?and related things followed by quickly! totally unexpected one??
who is the culprit?
help of owner and owners wife noted;naukars tall girl over response;
net at home continued to miss behave;
managed to go to filed and success had for rs 500 ;call came from orbit ppl but i lost temper;
reply received from TMS ansari at evening email checking;
had surprise at Rajendra nagar sro,met RTO new guy: had exposure of gandipet area and surprise from Narsingi office one entry closed but bill book needed rain; called Prakash and ajay in the evening;
info abt chevella office known
some boys helped to locate narsingi office; rain on the way;
satya not lifted call;so narendra;?? not known the reasons;
managed tweets for k;crossed 35 329k; new id is coolofferzz;
names at janata Bar; Roi(parking guy)
laxmikanth;met adroit for coverage;byas,mor clips meed moted;prints of fresh mailer took;bill book need;new shirt effect on the field;new knowledge of twitter merger;
new ids rstwebsolutions;;inucforu; veeraiah,srinu(langda)adroit girl;reddy seo;mahinder erragadda;called jana;56 ids identified on hand;help of cell phone light at bar;missed lunch but had upma at eve;mailed softpal;swamy mixture guy;pemding delete knowledge known;

bykes numbers; (aib 2280; ap28;af 2144;ap09;az 3987; ap16;r8718 suzuki; boys; ap28; aj 4769)

MONDAY, JULY 18, 2011

sundays post 17th july

new catbury news;sakshi,eenadu,times,(sunkavalli vasuki)(nail cut)no net at home,fish at home;sankyo guy came;
Most of the day at home; seen;Unabale to go to field;satya commitment failed;net at home failed;Rx videos seen at home;recd cheque form dtdc from koti;created nitraa blog;mail recd from berger guy;HMtv new paper news;maryada ramanna movie seen at night;14 email retrived;tip junkie;

15th july post

Good day with unknown thing to me was gurupoornima day; Field work started again;Morning read most of the udayan tweets and known interesting facts;Some shoutings at home disturbance at morning;During the calls Srns call and his suspection known;(bedisindaa?)night Sankyoa called and gave word for sunday; Chandras messages continued;Morning morchemist site seen but no keywords;mitraamedicals twitter account created;3 more ids for the day are apollopharmacy,incubatesoft,mithraamedicals;

Got two more commitments from field many new faces are getting introduced;By evening paid electric bill but after lot of waiting known other eseva centres info on net;PiC of nisha took;managed to recharge RIM and buy becosolus;lot of byke trials by GTA at home;

replies from glatta ,tms recd;traffic ranks work further consolidated at home;2 more biodatas prints took;NT is seen functioning again;

night injection on arm for the first time but hickup had to be faced;
days keywords;
advertising Bangalore, advertising Chennai, logo design chennai, website design Chennai
Health pharmacy store, pharmacy health store, Indian pharmacy store, Indian health store, pharmacy chain service, pharmaceutical chemists, health store in India, pharmacy service, medicine pharmacy service, health store in Delhi, pharmaceutical chemists shop, Indian pharmaceutical chemists, chemist pharmacy service, health pharmacy service, medicine pharmaceutical chemists, drug pharmaceutical chemists, drug pharmacy service, pharmacy shop service, apollopharmacy, India

FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2011

14th july post

heavy hunger and back pains at morning hunger releived by Nimbupani with sugar; back pain is releived by afternoon;rain continued till afternoon;weakness continued till afternoon;unruly behaviour for lack of water by Gta;morning mailed to galatta and tms;

Withdrawn 2 k cash from bank and got 1 k funding by gta is a welcome move;Unable to continue consolidation work at home due to weaknness.

Important things of the day were call from prakash and long a discussion and news about padmaja;call from ebrandz ( offer to as their technical partner is welcome move) again call received from orbit and this time call for bank check?; called koti to send he acted very swiftly;
Relief got after shopping at chaupal fresh some green curry leaves and few more;night seen satya home;


12th July post

Most of the day emailing excersise did at home; almost 25 mails sent but only 1 response got for the day; Call received from Net elixir by evening attended meeting;by scooter;

calls from Srn,Ajay,Gopal,recd; ids count 1036;new knowledge gained from alexa regarding site info contact details and similar sites;situation on hand further analysed;galatta fb page edited;mailed to ajay gupta;tms contests seen;

11th july days findings

Morning heavy uneasy and gas bloating noted;Tight pant problem;Attended Orbit but certificates issue stopped to join;received certificates soon after coming home;called Saveer,kesava,Arjun;
No responce yet from themobilestore reply to kajal tweet seen;most of the day discussion at home for byke etc;water shortage at home;connected to neibours for byke enq;call recd from ebrandz guy;scooter gear repair done;to sadgun met johhny power problem noted; rediffdealhojaye;gave proposal to mitraa medicals;poor afternoon lunch;
Insecurity due to aging and a feeling of can i achive something is fast emerging;

12.punarnava;Ayurveda hospitals in kerala, Ayurveda hospital in Kerala, Ayurveda in kerala, Ayurveda treatments in kerala, Kerala monsoon, Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital Cochin, Kerala, India, resort, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, low back ache, cervical spondylsis, psoriasis, allergic respiratory disorders, multiple sclerosis, age related mental stress, rheumatic diseases, health care, professional doctors, Pizhichil, Najavarakzhi, Sirodhara, Vasthi, Sirovasthi, Udvarthanam, Abhayangam, Rejuvenation Therapy, Body purification Therapy, Body Immunization Program, Slimming Program, beauty care program, Stress Management Program"
Most of the day at home reasearching keywords of different web sites almost collected 500 keywords from 12 web sites;; Called Gupta and he was very friendly;Ramoji called; Bouncer from satya had; Other countries alexa rankings of many sites known; scooter air work;afternoon at stay near by bar;Enjoyed most of the songs;Most important people data once again analysed there are hardly 50 people;Maxindia group sites seen;seen facebook people of Gta etc; Evening from youtube orange song enjoyed again; days banagalore races were cancelled; had egg burji at night; something wrong with marutisuzuki web site;
days alexa work;
1.hairhospi; 39926
2.anoos.1 17 000
3.vlccwellness; 21525
5.vogue; 7746(2 lakh fb fans;
6.drashoks;70 lakh;
7.madeinchaina; 899;
9.ebrandz 29000/7839

few more key words collected;
9.yebhi:Online Shop India, Gifts to India, Shoes, Sandals, Slippers, Shirts, Tshirts, Jackets, Tees, T-Shirts, tops, bags, clutches, backpacks, coat, kurtis, night suit, sweat shirts, sweater, pullovers, belts, bags, fashion accessories, Woodland, adidas, reebok, nike, puma, arrow, aiva, US polo, Beverly hills polo club, bata, liberty, action, blanca, catwalk, converse, disney, duke, fila, numero uno, Florsheim, Giordano, Lee Cooper, ID, LEVIS, lotto, Lilliput, Oxemberg, pepe, Provogue, RedTape, Red Tape, Wrangler, Sale, Discount, Deals, Combo Offers, Free shipping"

10.snapdeal;Deals in Delhi, best buy, promo codes ,coupon codes ,vouchers ,best deals , Delhi Deals, promotional codes ,hot ,deals, online shopping, cheap deals, cheap shopping, deals for all

11.quickr; Free Classifieds, free Classified ads, Free Ads, Classifieds India, Free Advertisement, online advertisement, free advertising, Car Classifieds, Auto Classifieds, Used Stuff, Local Ads, Ads For Sale, Local Classifieds India

12.aliens;hyderabad property, hyderabad property for sale, houses in Hyderabad, plots in Hyderabad, Flats for sale, real estate Hyderabad, real estate in Hyderabad, 2 bhk flats, luxury apartments hyderabad, Apartments for Sale.

SUNDAY, JULY 10, 2011

9th July post

                                             Normally we take more of green leaves curries;

                                                                               Net elixir office

During morning surfing at home shown ids of ramoji group to Gta thank god they are still with me also seen different strokes of Rangoli at mykolam blog they were very interesting;
quickly decided to attend Net alexir interview( for more exposure) after Satya called up quickly got ready and boarded bus and reached office after some difficulty;With initiation met some posh guys and girls there from google it real surprise to see exemployees of google;new things known;My age efeect is strogly posing threat now for jobs i gave one proposal to them and quickly left from there;dress power and communication skills need also noted;Company strong expertice of seo field known and also read few articles about company;long waiting killed spirit and we are totally tired after leaving office thanks to good morning tiffen at home by GTa;

                                                                         Srivari laddu

                                                     Lot of Cosmetics gifted by my brother

On return Satya was tired and enervated; calls from suneetha was good thing; after sit out with satya economical rates news and lunch call came from Gopal so i had to rush to lakdika pool to meet him;he was seen busy afetr meeting him he gave some cosmetics and lord balaji Laddu prasad that one looks to be blessing one for future; Used my Old scooter after some gap and it needs immediate care;
At home lot of surfing did on linked in profiles(mainly guy met at days morning interview ajay gupta) its interesting to note that groups at linkedin were very useful;

I was more confused at night about my new job so discussed things from Gta had some nice suggestions; news coverage of arrest of those whom we met was a big surprise;astralpvc adverticement at buses was giving new ideas;Night lof green leaves curry at home;
I know iam improving the quality of my blog but it badly needs some comments


8th July post friday;

Reply got from Essar a detailed one;cells replaced to camera; milking pic took;old pics posted to blog;Surprise Call received from orbit about my joining;With Satya joined softpal and discussed about many things;Which company is leading with which Social media site to be identified;Siddhani family on facebook was another surprise of the day;Calls from sankyo;Shown gta as how to block id; one more id into fold;Insulin and other tablets arranged by Gta;

tweeted for kajal more tweets this time;afternoon surprise was email offer from net eleixir and new exposure to SEO and other vedeos;sneha .sharma retrived from sent mails and this new info for the day; parakash call and his tention is new thing again;

No call from Suneetha or narendra??

Night Rx books and swathi mag purchased and extra sitting with Narsing rao;

FRIDAY, JULY 08, 2011

7th July post

Morning had to face lot of interview related tention added to this was owners suggestion;Opp old man said he has sold his house;Attended interview but lot of new things had to be faced selected at 22k salary a good move;three major issues were working hours,agreement,and submission of certificates;
Soon after coming home called Suneetha,satya missed Lunch;called Gandhi,sankyo;No call from NRN throught the day;By evening mobilestore twitter matter has evolved replied them by night;lovenmarry new id for the day;With Gta s help did lot of R&D on alexa india rankings found stunning results; policybazaar and ezeego were missing;

current ids strength;

2.99acres; 216
4.tradusads 372
5.manabadi; 377
6.pbazaar; 275 ??
7. univercell; 559
8.chakpak; 695
11.yepmeshopping; 1876
12.fullhyd; 2699;
Sakshi was at 201;

night youngsters out side the home;wish of oil guys to owner arguable;Days dress effect lokked like paying;


6th july post

Call recd from orbit at afternoon to attend interview; Suffered aftermath of the heavy load of yesterday;Got up very late due to dullness; missed eenadu;night surprise call from prakash;Seen orbit web site;Morning raju met;night problem erupted at home due to thulasi;

TUESDAY, JULY 05, 2011

5th july post

Dosage began right from morning;Satya called up 2 times; NRN called up and his move is consolidated and welcomed; since morning checked the bundh no effect was normal;Ajay met and new confidence gained guarding known;almost buses have stopped;afternoon rice problem at home;
night shopping with gta and enjoyed it vegitables rice etc;

Morning old man dhobi came and paid back amount good move from but surprising to me;Sudden unexpected problem in Bus lady(conductor) protest on pic by electrifyng support from fellow passengers satya silence;met nrn,ramesh at that network company but failure;with Satya to Ameerpet and his interview etc;Morning net read abt injection insulin strategies new information known;telangana bundh news at night but sudden but geared up quickr; financial problems are aproaching faster than expected unable to prapare a strategy;night one dozen fine yellow Banana purchased PIC missed;

To koranti area with satya;paid him for ups;afternoon insecurity noted;

SUNDAY, JULY 03, 2011

3rd july post:

Milk boy pic successfully taken;heavy morning tiffen;

My planner on wall;with this most of the things posted;

job discription of social media manager known;
to read lot of blogs today;

At after noon call from nrn recd and objection raised for pics and content posted on blog so i had to quickly remove few pics and posts; 3 more new ids into fold; Read rx book of sunday but dint feel confident;afternoon situp with owner; Galli leader Pancys effect is shown even on richa;neibours wish known;Satya called up;


2nd july saturday blog

my scooter

morning headache starts as Gta wont wakeup till 8am; i checked my mail box seen thulasi email with new address;soon after going out quickly took flick of days muggu(kolam,rangoli)and added another one to collection of my blog;

later purchased rx book on return tried to take milk vendor boys pic but failed;but later garbage collector pic took successfully; asked him whats his income,He says with this job he makes rs 5000/- a month but he need to take all the dirty with him and stink ohh god looks bit difficult thing;

                                                            Garbage collecting guy

some one with traditional dress and Bottu was asking for help at doorstep i helped him and i took his pic too i know my blog is becoming more colorful now with more pics;

                                                             This guy asking for help

after paper reading daily one lady comes with green leaves selling with butta on her head only green leaves;its really surprising as how they make living by selling small things but to live in this world we need to do something or the other to make living;

green leaves selling lady

my scooter number pic; there were lot of ads in eenadu and the hindu;

attended orbit interview and passed through 3 stages and known abt their company;thulasi reply got;lot of support had at home;satya met;narendra call and further details;thehelkatimes 2 tweets were spidered;Fb uses read;followup of that network company did;thehelkatimes web site also seen;

1st july post afternoon

Lot of discussions and arguments at home boring listening; Social Media content to send as flyer made it more crisp; replied to thulasi email; some call for job by a lady;email also for job; most of indian breeding and stud farms info read at indian stud book portal; few more ids also got into fold;

Afternoon owner came took rs 100/- but his commitment failed;emailed 2 four companies for twitter ids;Morning rat smell;keywords of softpal read for one page;some of Fb ids seen;

days new flash is first get name then people can come for ads like google,eenadu,Tv9. days drinks marginally reduced; but frustation have mounted further; 2 of the muggu blogs added to my blog;stats checked;

ban on polythin bags began;used home net to advantage today;morning alexa top sites seen;golimasters blog seen again;

FRIDAY, JULY 01, 2011