Thursday, January 09, 2020

B.prahaladh document writer erragadda hyderabad

B.Prahaladh Ex Serpanch  Shadnagar from year 2000 to 2005  working as a  Document Writer at SRO Erragadda Hyderabad since 1977;

Lions club member  and honoured and falicitated him; He awrded doctorate with "Swarna Kankanam" by C V Raman Academy.

He is  Social worker  community developer, and human rights activist.  He helped many  leprocy patients HiV Patients. Hissocial work  is committed to social justice. He faught for  for oppressed communities and marginalized individuals,  which is often forgotten about by society.

He is good orator and inspires masses with his speeches;  He has written many poems which are very popular among masses.
Contact him;

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