Monday, June 01, 2009

may 2009

31 st may sunday.
new strategy for rx developed for the day.another succesful day.slept at shoba lodge with rama chandra unable to sleep at all.dress problem noted.missed days lunch of annapoorna by janardhan prabhakars strategy noted.
1 st may
reached back to tirupati many things organised at room.called jana and venkatesh.

May 2009

afater long time reached banglore.had to wait to open room help of mahesh and ravi noted.some hoe opened room one the way met janardhan.most of the things cleared at bangalore room.met rama chandra reddy and few others.succes at rx.
FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2009

26th may post

saptagiri pipes tpt closed,ramojis head ache new point noted,logo of vdk improved,sticker work at janas home,new cards of furniture callocted,thulasis message received,managed wash,spent time at janas home ice creams to bhavana.abtus kept at vdk.

27th may post:
white wash day at room total morning disturbed. unable to expect huge starin of the day of carring things.many useless things clered at room.evening nice furniture and body buildings payments got.
cleared many cards from pocket.
unexpected meeting with jana but that led to un nessisary unsatisfaction.
28 th may
a/c is must:survey at renigunta road card Yalamuri:at net few things posted.
surprisingly world of Tiatan booked for the day.

29th may posts:
quickly managed morning reading of news papers and sit ups and all news papers and cutting work of all schools(tatalling to 22 schools.) did at room that took lot of time.Gate address seen,sahil cars,another intretiors shops at korla gunta,geethanjali school,one sai lodge,one bosy building at anna raos circle,Sri chaitanys colege,ratnam iit address,7 hills school,again bad wethers effect.
managed to book Buy and save,follow up of live in style did.

new photo work compleated.Surendra the option is to concentrate only web listings.

25th post

astonishing support from obaiah,tables turned at night,followup of lovey fashions did,afternoon flash of anantapur pre launch plans.few more visiting cards collected.opticals and medical transcription payment got.some more content of anadha saved.met munawwer at more box.about us content developed and banners rates also analysed.

24 may sunday post

sit ups continued at park rain followed.night heavy treatment to obaish.jana met at night paid him.afternoon most of the ap content,and prarapa mp votes read.few more tpt helpline postings did.adsense vedo units bigger better keep nearby and good dress.

23 rd may

yet another succesful day with 3 payments,leaflet and vdk logo development.some more andhra content developed.more exposure to yellowpages catogories.kistaiah calls?oop we have spidered tirupati.few more scans posted.

next quick targets to achive a sketch: bangalore room surveys at different places.develop vdk.funding?web designer tie up.appoint team.few need ded things for room.color leaflets.front page.develop,seat cover.subra,bulk

22 nd post

morning session only for calls.
paper cutting s for days daily ads neatly cutting work after that to morning field work.khazana,siva jyothi furniture,mobile clinic,glodenplaza person card took,vaibhav,apoorva deciding person card took,himalayas,one more card of ladies shop.

morning called colors impact,vegitabls,gandhis call gave more satisfaction,mk called.
and finally sai coaching payment for the day by then head was over burdened and as jana called so i met him and also gave long pending computer dues.on the way seen other optical night wiki reading and managed to buy few things for the room.failed to post entries at net.

21 st

rain disturbed at morning but quickly managed things.spent lot of time at room analysing as how many are listed with kaliyuga keywords are schools,provision,chemists,travels,cell phone,sarees,electronics,tailor,furniture,jewels,photo studios,etc.most of the calls a distubed way at morning work.

18 th mor

got quickly to park with 3 news papers.there disturbed by some one for news papers.chiranjeevis thanks add in all news papers was good move.theres big pressure hunting me for the calls.quickly managed to net cafe by 9.50 am after leaving cloths at dhobi.days progress needs to be watched.again sit ups target surpassed.

At sai college shown vdk and booked his maxima Edmond aproval got.Tried Krity and got payment then things started moving in right direction.she said to edit site with latest updates.tried with one mens beauty.More card took.suddenly one computer guy gave claasified entry.
Evening got payment of balaji and dj also booked.few more cards collected.balaji recommended one guy also.

again head ache from ramoji at night.

19 th may post
quickly to park bit early weather is very bad for the day.segregated all visiting cards on disturbed in evening.loaded few scans for the day.idea re launching news paper and quickexpansions.
at morning surprisingly booked yaswant systems.i need not look back from now day around 14 calls did.naidu cell,obul reddy,valluri,yashwant,rk jewellery,sigma,om ,regency,shankar digitals,royal digitals,ismail watch,civil eniginner krishna complex,eve olympic cards.
total cards on hand amounted to 300.
skf ads were 118,kaliyuga narada were 84.
20 th may posting.
mor for payment at sai beri street failed.long discussion with impact multimedia new ideas noted.payment from Edmond got surprisingly.met focuson the way met chandara new idea developed.met veejay,laxmi,himalays bags,ffot lockers,
at room large spider plans capture entire andhra initially weak areas to concentrate.latest irritations analysed.evening work disturbed.helpline further consolidated.feed first new idea.kept helpline in google urls and spidered it again. current strengh of helpline is 400 entries.just dial started with only 40 launching of my add.

17 th may

New hope after meeting that soft skills institute.most of the news papers scanned.days ads also scanned.most of the big shops were closed.surpassed sit ups target at morning at park.girls and foot ballers head ache noted.some pain?.reduced weight at bag by removing unnessary things.managed few wash.DJ was closed.Multimedia was closed. lunch at new hotel.days press ads segregated.mailed thulasi.unable to do suveys.
evening met venkatesh and problem at placement noted.tried lovely but in wain.called jana.planned monday on papers.some what pressure noted.few more scans did at global park.vilekhari style of conent watched.

14 th may unable to recollect?
15 th may :horrible effect of ramoji noted venkatesh delivery noted.3 payments received.1 full.

16 th may saturday.totally disturbed from elections room cutting and pasting work of ads managed.managed to be at room elections diclarations day.eve jana,ramoji met.managed tv at sign inn.prarapa failure chirus failure at palakollu noted.only seniors won in politics. many new constituencies names noted.made a areil survey at market.managed night jana met and told him every thing about vdk plan.i need to work very hard from now.

Anusha ice creams,bouncer at srinivasa harware,sarayu,sv interiors,bhimas got,actic,got,featherlite got,car grooming payment got.web cam details at ravi e techs.evening. days flashes were plnat a infiltrator,seen web designers works.emails 50 plus collected.
14 may photos work aging seen.met prasad given him 2 gifts.shock at krity.i must appoint team find out how much electrical charges for an hour.if u have quality eatables ppl can come definately.sree catering payment got.delayed to go to field.given photos to chandu.handwriting samples of prasad and pics of ramojis children.evening work has gone.

jatara day.jana pending amount settled.optical from akka,arctic order got. bhimas order also got,feather lite also got. discussion and new hope at ravi e tecs.
new flashes for the day were which institutions are running good with collect emails and post about develop veduku into a claasy site.what is really distubing my performance? new telugu word thru news papers "VIGNAPTI".total dta after surveys is around 25. how my moves were succesful. Perseverance with direct attacks. survey.,pressa ds attacks,already feeding of deciding persons.yellowpages and kaliyuga narada data.googles help thru listing my key words.founder with photos idea.jana trafic .to relaunch delivery of gifts.donoras data.

8th may post

8th 65 sit ups,uneasiness?thought of first popularise web site ...

days ads>>Executive lunch with a/c at Tirupati for just rs 35/-
An expectation of true glitters ingold sparkles in diamonds.pajian jewellers.
9th may..vignesh payment got,smart kitchen ttk met,survey did of archies,wedding cards,(2 ref got)new emails ( books no 1 is yoga prabha,venkateswara,laxmi narayana,for stationaray,excell.survey for vedeo pavan,kokila,hope from city banaian centre,oticals survey...usha,savera,shankar,rs junction,clarity,surya.
pasuparthy,reliance,best buy,sarayu,lasam,
10 may 2009,sunday!
7o situps did,4 dailies read,morning very costly tiffen,rs 35/-.

10 th may again...2 missiles to thulasi,with ramojis help blog colors changed,survey to syam sho,print of webindia123 on hand with catogery,lovely fasions failure,web cafes and digital studios survey in hand,chat with jana at mor,tea shops ladys comment,discussion abt reddy lady with murali??seen 2009 year calender...yes i can handle the toughest things of the day.

11th may post!
perservance pays!
got 2k ordr from krity collections,got payment of kaoundinya,afternoon,movie to k,istam k kastam,handled rim messages menace,palem leathers lady,byke laoss sean,travels survey,suresh catering,electricals and electronic dealers data on hand.

may 6 th and 7th posts

sribalaji script posted,e gujarat enq at net,long discussion at night with watchman,and chandra.days important thing is read articles on net about how small businesses fail(6 months capital,advertisements,team).call from mom,homoeo call did lady.
Still anandanilayams can be sold to corporates,to forget about working alone,who will listen to whom?flash.
around 20 postings with discription from archived data.
days closed web page work of lovely fashions.from now to record every record of minute details.reference from sridhar for web site.

worked with home computer morning and evening,can see many new persons daily.managed to wash anget the dress from dhobi,heat,heat and heat????
but far...
messaged to gandi,thulasi,deepak,

may 7th post;
2 NEWS DAILIES DIDNT GIVE ANY hope at all,but sudden surprise of closing 2 surgical agencies,couldnot surrender to lovely fashions money,many market calls did 4 the day,discussion with murali gave new hope,venkatesh also joined at evening.closed koundinya a new hope.why frequent hunger pangs?heat raised for the day.
sankyos call noted.commitment from vignesh hotel got for the day for saturday at him new url noted at url and new keywords at surgical shops have seen.spent some time at koneti katta.
on the whole 2 customers were booked for the day.

may 5th post

Some what cool day noticed.starting gave lamination from siva to chiranjeevi.tried ravi etchs,front line labs and khazana,lovelymens beauty and car decorator and koundinya all of them were hope at yashwant systems.lavanya decorators email got.lasam said yes but head ache noted.
evening gits payment got head ache at big at arts college and to alipiri area.much of sleep disturbance at night.beggars data at evening surfing noted that key word base has improved for tirupatihelpline blog.

Balaji Enterprises

Address : Plot No. 56, Mahalaxmi Industries-2
Bamroli Road, Surat- 395007
Gujarat, India
Phone : +91- 261- 2350741
Mobile : +91-9825 11280
Email :

1 st may 2009

from bangalore reached back.quickly set the things at room.evening few calls did one call hotel poojitha unexpectedly successful.rx further read top connections analysed.
2nd may:
evening work succesful with 2 bookings of furniture and vdm,seen huge data of skf.followup of live in style boutiq card collected.letter with new pic is ready again.told to edgemont.few cards collected at karnala street.wished bhavana on her birth day.

4 th may

many failures for the day.tried venkatesh mobiles.called janardhan,ravi rx.that schools,akshara commitment form jana to develop content.eve live in style cheque posted.tried banaians,dress.andhara spice.

5th may

night started to banaglore.paid jana renewal fee.kept byke at down.very hot eve work.mor with drawn money.unable to work at field.met chiranjeevi at srinivasam.confusion is mounting up.mor managed sit ups at park.

3 rd may
sit ups continued at idea of tapping schools tried for the day.english payment recd.met innovative school.gave letter andhra spice.met blue petals.met balaji interiors.nellore guy sekhar met at paid.

future hopes now:

to start news paper quickly and dankalu.quickly expand to other places. decide rx hope faster.try with telugu leaflet.try for funders thru ads.newly developed leaflet and bangalore cards on hand.vacate bangalore room and reduce expenses appoint team.quickly develop vdk.more and more direct attacks.fix a nice target for all adverticers.