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CELL; 8686665762,
CELL; 9000639339

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Grocery Store
Address: 18-1-32 KT ROAD OPP INDIAN GAS,
 Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 517501

Phone: 079810 26558

Sunday, December 03, 2017

july 2020

1st july wedday 2020;
Insulin syringes; Handwash soaps purchased; had petrol;
Enquired sofa repair; Arranged Milk ideas known to increase height of sofa;
Worked in field got 2 payouts;  Had review from prahlad; Activated Erragadda google letter entry;  Morning SEO work did for 3 SRos;; again insecurity sourmounted Due to poor response;

2nd july 2020;thursday

Called Prahlad had his support; Called Suresh vja poor response  he called back in night; Called pickles guy had good response  he agreed for exchange; Called Mama good response got; Goadakurchi response from gtas bro;

Interacted with few other status;  Seen rolex watches video;

Poor response from Erikilaiah for support;

Finally as per plan called Srinu Modinsahebpalli got good response Nagraja BSNL KDP connected this with him new thing rayalaseema express boarding info known; My marriage appearance at Nellore and gandla caste Khader basha people known ; Anjali complained about me to Gta;

3rd july Friday 2020;

Quickly arranged things to home Kothmir; Milk; Curd; Frreedom Oil; Slept for long time  during the day;

Morning water drama; night arguments on high tone;
Night seen good videos of Gucci; ganesh english; chetchat; interview skills;movies to watch tips; Read june blog posts again got hints;

4th july satday 2020;

Night Prahlad called few more things about near by families known;
Trtraju called later talked to his wife;
Noon few more videos seen;
Sadguru video of not to get angry seen;
Neibourhood children over action;

5th july sunday 2020;

Mostly rest  chat and new info with Prahlad; Kishore called;

during lunch seen amit short youtube video gained confidence; Seen Civilization video; Tried to download elements new app but failed;

6yh july Monday  2020; 

Worked in field 3 stattions covered Begumpet; Moosapet; Kukatpally but missed targets alarming situation  not much of traffic on roads; Called NRn; Cheng; troubling eye sight vision; 
Surprised to see my SEO ranking improved further this is the only hope finder; Scanned  Zaminryot;  Tried amazon prime videos from laptop;
Night English Nouns video seen; Titanic  actors now and then and few more related videos seen; How to start Antique business video and artifacts videos seen; Free movies on youtube listed;

7th July Tuesday 2020;

Simply learn video on Digital Marketing seen; 

Total rest at home; Morning arranged things  Tomato ; Oil;  to home; Cat menace even at night for milk;
Lost temper on neibouhood for  big sound of TV; night seen Rx videos Exilation; Northernstar 1987;
House owners lady prasadam is another top story for the day; Anjali overaction and immeturity understood;

8Th July wedsday 2020

learning with clips videos seen of Titanic:
Negative whatsapp content sent;
3 shouts on neibours;
Lot of Rx data collected of yearwise winners by videos; 

9th july Thursday 2020;

Again a shout on neibours; Total day worked on past Rx consoludation retriving yearwise winners data;  some videos on stud farms seen;  log in created seen old stud book on hand; Flash idea of becoming a tipster for some race magazine; Sent 2 messages for renewal but no response; A stunning 39 visits to my whatsapp status;
Visited chemist Medmall line  and purchased insulin and needles Gta sponcered;  Picture of helmet ride took and posted  had 2 responces this time from Dr srujana but no response from 2 groups; Godakurchi clip from Gta brother got; all twitter studfarms ids have gone;

Evening cinamon drink had amid hunger pangs and lot of eating of snaks; 

10th july friday 2020;

Purchased magnifying lense;  Smart phone light helped to do scanning work; site known; Called seenaiah; again lot of time spent with rx found that there are lot of winners there  almost 1000 of them ; Stink near grocery shop quite annoying;

11th july Satday 2020; 

each way bet

Theres lot of Money outthere in Rx go and grab it;  New consolidation is when Odds are in your favour play eachway bet: Samiksha came bit closer; New hope from call of Puja Samagri enq;

Continued rx  winners data analysys and updated it on blog now theres enough data on hand; Retrieved International big horse;Seen  William Bender Hong kong rx videos strategy is  plan a long term betting strategy;  Horse racing countries listed; 20 Top jockeys winning data retrieved new web site known;

Quickly scanned Zaminryot; Known about Milk expiry details; Fly s menace outside; Nellore friend Ravvalu called;  Those 55 horses starvation and death news of delhi; More irksome behaviour of Gta;

Edited ibrahim D W  ; Corona still prevallent in India; turf clubs are accepting online bets is new news;
Fogging did in night too much of smoke and sleep got disturbed and eye trouble; Arranged milk and curd at night; sammo came even more closer;

12th Sunday July 2020;
Arranged things to home; Chicken gasagasalu; vellulli etc;
Continue rx knowledge big payouts;
Kishore was upset in night connected with SRN; prasad satapalli called;
Some good stallions at stud listed;

13th Monday july 2020;
Hyper hungry levels suffered a lot to manage; kvrsblog further developed it with images; In a sudden change  Durga called at night thats a new turn of things; Due to data slow top up did and worked  with laptop and  Mobile; Badam purchased; Cleaned few spoons; 

free movies on youtube; very good girls; europa report; black thorn; great world of sound; learn dreamweawer; wordpress;
Posted R & d of rx ; 

14th july Tuesday 2020;
Buy Confidence Booster Workout Book Online at Low Prices in India ...
Kiran replied surprisingly; Consolidated winners data further;156 Top Horses counted; 650 win cinches so confidence further boosted again in Rx;
Called balaji; Durga called; Called NRN; called mama; Had shaving and nail cut; Called Chengaiah but no use;

15th july Wed day 2020
Stud Book Authority of India - Home | Facebook
Rx consolidation continued throught the day; Call from Chengaiah and Prahlad recd; Triple crown information of different countries known; Rainy night power cut for some time;  Kolkata rx records of last 2 years books checked;

Background of jockey statistics Royalty Free Vector Image
16th july Thursday  2020

On a followup call  Suraram Dw Srikanth Transfered amount 1 k by google pay looked a big success story after long gap;

Called SathapalliPrasad known about Kistanna Gandla leader; Called   Prahlad discussed matrimony business known new world well lived person; Called Eswaraiah mama no use;

Veera prathap committed for Monday another positive thing for the day; Called Munawwer Khan; Again analysed past and edited many things but images placement problem;
Called Subbarayudu in night  and known about value of kistaiah house; corona effect on economy known;
Neibourhood boy Typhoid issue;

Added few more jockey statistics and known about Mike Kinane;
Edited life history file surprisigly known that positive pointers are more with my life now ; Corona rise continued: Most sucessful people data analysed with
Known about how to disable google assustant;
had sound sleep in night; 

Friday 17th july 2020;
Confidence gained;
Missed attempt for sugar level checking guy was absent;
made some calls to dry fruits shops and known rates;
Recd profile of padma s son and shared it on telikula watcs app group no use; indianstudbook has 513 pages spidered;
ushastud 194;
poonawala; 212;
Read good article of mark mansion about why people fail in life;
Analysed past again and edited content with images again felt much confident this time i can do it feeler got;

Flash Post scriprt of; missed a chance of vinayaka jewellers  wishing them on his birthday ; human crave for ; another one is not attending rama chandra marriage;

Images count total crossed 150 mark;
days flash is be in control;
lifes count of 47 negative emotions and 57 Positive ones;

Another development is Giwri added to list; New info from Balaji about Hollapalli house; Power of respinsibility known;

7 Reasons Why People Fail In Life!! - YouTubeNagaraja BSNL support had;
Had feeler of i can achieve things from now;

18th July 2020:
Epitome Brazilian Curly Human Hair, for Parlour, Rs 700 /bundle ...
Sugar was @280;
Again lost temper due to Drohi  but Tpt  Humanhair  guy assured me; Further gained confidence after edting past life;
Talked with Parvathi  for very long time new ideas also got; Nagasubbaiah got connected and assured their support; Ongole Balaiah got connected gave him jafrulla and Ravi numbers:
Called Chengaiah; Nrn: Suresh Vja;
Whatsapp response got from Reddeppa;
Played with neibourhood children with ball in evening;

19th July Sunday 2020;
Telangana Bonalu festival cancelled due to rising Covid-19 cases ...
Srinu history channel few things known; srinu gave ph number of post guy;  As per plan got ph number of Rajyam Babu wife nellore  subbaiah post guy gollapalli  had chat ;  Poor response from Bulli; missed alchohol kishore flopped;  Edited past again;
Good response to whatsapp Broadcast many have seen it;

sandhya theatre wine issue to add up;
padmakar ill mannerism;
My respect to mom ciagarette issue; -------------------

watch best payouts;

To do a R7 d of top keywords and their seo and SEm placements slowly;

20th july Monday 2020
Fine Whatever - BP
Trouble at home lost temper  Called Bujji; 
Called Mama no use;  upset whole day ;Sros were closed due to govt holiday waste journey;  Called Human hair guy had his support;

Called Savitri had her feedback for vollage stay; Called Raju; Called Rami Reddy;  Called Gowri known about e com venture; Called Seenaih and NRN;

21st july 2020;
The Power of Perseverance: Developing Perseverance | Unbridling ...

Good response had from Humanhair guy i need to work for him more; Called Sanjeeva reddy for GST; How i got consolidated analysed again; 

“I had failed on an epic scale. An exceptionally short-lived marriage had imploded, and I was jobless, a lone parent, and as poor as it is possible to be in India, without being homeless. The fears that my parents had had for me, and that I had had for myself, had both come to pass, and by every usual standard, I was the biggest failure I knew.”

Coming out of this failure stronger and more determined was the key to her success.

“Success is failure in progress.”

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. — Henry Ford;

Abraham Lincoln was no stranger to rejection and failure. 
one of the most invincible types of motivation that drives people to succeed.

Perseverance and acceptance of failure is the key to success, after all.

“Even though I get older, what I do never gets old, and that’s what I think keeps me hungry.

Regarded as one of the most influential filmmakers of all time,
Show them what you can;
Night lost temper on a beggar and thats a issue;

22nd  july Wedday 2020;
Six Common Mistakes when Buying a Sofa and Ways to Avoid Them
Totally at home; Had feedback from Balaji and Chinna Appaiah; Read life story again; Sofa height increased with neibours help; Seen some Videos; cooking Gas headache;  Sent lot of messages ; Removed Sonivision link: Deleted some Videos;

23rd July Thyrsday 2020;
Deleted few videos again of past ; Seen old 6 years back videos; War Hammer stats seen; Lot of interaction to whatsapp; called Dharmaiah got 2 more references;
^^^New idea of for videos we can have grip of changing ph numbers;
Ethipothalu  of life analysed ;
Lot of indian racing people were added ;
Night nice Chapati had;

24th july  Friday 2020;
Days flash yes i must riskout;
Forgot heater due to calling thats a big mistake of the day;

Bouncer from neibouhood samiksha later by her brother remedy dont show any importance from now ; Gas got delivered and  by evening gas  leakage problem fixe out;
Top 3 Best Free Video Editing Software (2019) - YouTube

Called video editing guys 1 month and course fee is Rs 8500/- Skype can be used for Teaching new knowledge  known my laptop configuration known  2 gb intel Ram;  Asked support of Gra later tried my own sources; Recharged mibile airtel; Confidence got after watching Dreamweawer and Adobe premier videos confidence gained further;

Called Seenaiah; Called Veeraprathap he said ok for Monday offered him top spot; Called Goldenpearl she said Ok after lockdown;  Called Ram Kumar his problem known Intolerable is new word;
called prahlad Modinsahebpalli; DW Venkateswara Rao also said Ok after 1 week ; Sekhar bhai called; Reply sent to voiceoftelugu;
CNNVENTURES guy called and detailed;
akclinics twitter promotions can be done;
Osmania General hospital was built in 1910 ;  ktr birthday and his speech seen vaccine capital Hyderabad and pharma industry potenciality known;

Exposed to Human Hair industry edited Sridevi Bharathi entry;
Seen Dreamweawer and positive thinking
Videos days word is Parasite power of Sankrit slokas  in a speech known ;  Some references data   human hair dealers got on hand ;

Kadapa Akula krishna mohan death news; learnt about Marathi language; Bouncing ball purchased; Inspired gandla community and all others with  my message initiative  and matter response seen;

Interacted more with  whatsapp  got response  on whatsapp new  and gif jpegs for apreciation got;
Zaminryot scanned; Night deleted lot of earliar videos of past;
Dangerous effects of negative emotions known to reduce them;
Dhanraj new initiative is evident; Eaju dint call at all;

25th July Saturday 2020;
Negative emotions can reduce our capacity to trust - Tech ExploristMaximize Customer Complaints | CFI Group
Tried to reduce negative emotions: Non stop nonsense by neibourhood girl till night; Met  a unique person tax consultant with gta known few things ; long script of gandla community known in telugu; Corona rampage continued worldwide; Surprisingly chinna called this time;

26th july Sunday 2020;
No nonsense metrics for B2C services Apps and websites | by Vijay ...
 Complained to parents of neibour; Asked about neibours with Bottu Guy smoking stink abt Nirmala family; 
Prahalad called ; Suresh called; Called Mama no use; Another  big gandla group added me i posted about free Digital marketing course; Interacted more with community and others 1 guy called;  called Narsimha Madiga and Narsimha Gollapalli and known things; Power of  Background music effect known;
Prahlad called and guided;
How to succed on refereral business selling referals idea;

Consolidate  speech ; Interact;

 27th july Monday 2020;
Leg Pain - Okanagan Acupuncture Centre
Uneasy to stand  due to leg pains; Vision problem added; Escorted Gta to post office; Followup of Veeraprathap  did; Night  actor Sai kumar "Ali tho Saradaga" enjoyed new hope got; neibour hood girl dist wish me at all;

28th july Tuesday 2020
Shravan (Maas) Month 2020 Starting Dates, Time, Fasting, How To Do ...
Vegitables arranged had Vada  and  idli Sambar; Negative emotions have flodded throught the day;  Suffered from stomach upset;
Further improved my interaction with group;
New flash top catogeries to target and close from now ; In tpt i have roughly 50 clients only;

Dry fruits
sports goods
ladies tailors
Kalyana mandapams;
Document writers;
Gifts and corprorate gift suppliers;
Driving Schools;
Coaching centres and Digital marketing;
hardware shops;
Startups for social media promotions;
Packers N movers;
water and RO;

Surprise Gowri shankar called; One youngster from chittor also called; 18 Top catogories listed out; Balaji called;  Followup with yashovardhan flopped;

29th july Wedday 2020;
Top Google searches (as of 2020)
Top categories R&D did india is mot a 0lce for big keywords ; Boredom and acceleration problems on hand; Called Veeraprathap  flopped again; Removed useless videos again;
Famous Tailors listing claimed;

30th July Thursday 2020;
Blogger Interface Upgraded! - Switch Back To Old Interface Say Goodbye to Google Translate for Websites - Argo Translation Inc.

Blogger changed its interface  i managed it finally;
My involvement with gandla community has wastly improved  engaged with lot of member and added in mobile;  BJP guy called recd one profile of a gandla Boy;
Daring  act reqd in life  not miss good odds mount next time out in RX; Friendship day wishes continued throught the day; 
Dharmaiahs interaction with lot of clips  recd on new friends group; Got back Bhawarlal who  gave google  translation idea and few options of whatsapp voice to text and samsung input methods known ; Nrn rejected  friends group; Ramireddy called and discussed a lot of plans;
Balaiah called talked for long time;  Gouri shankar sent matrimony registration  profiles form  idea so sent it with my contact details one profile recd  google translator helped here ; Added few twitter leaders profiles;
 had chat with jana finally;

31st July friday  2020
Happy Shravan 2020 Wishes and Mangala Gaur HD Images: Netizens ...
Sravan friday ; talked to neibourhood lady; had chat with Aay;
Arranged  things to home; sent telugu messages this time thanks to Bhawar and translator;

Had festival food and sweet dish;
 Evening Balaji called told about tananeelalu  tonsure of kotis son;
Gowri called at night few more things known;