Friday, November 30, 2012

November 2012

30th November 2012
Both got up with unbeleivable late gta took away tv CALLED nrn;Morning quite unexpectedly fired one ayyaappa who was bit over bit  active;Gta couldnt bring generic insulin me myself managed anyway; work with NRN contd 2 attempts failed;final call  RECD FROM  junior;Purchased bangalore rx card but no hoper;Camera suffucation again;missed lunch;;infection cleared mostly;Managed hunger pangs; 2 new faces got AT RING ROAD sro identified;miss firing from suguna washing girl;

Night RD did at Document Writers data on hand in ap;need to cover up leaft over areas quickly;Krn called and said about :to headlines;

27th november

Heavy body pains;managed to have cipro tablet dose for the day 8 hours dosage;Kirans call; and NRN junior calls recd;
Thanks Gta came back;
surprised to see that by blog rank is better than indiaracing pulce;Raju met morning;days id is hairbudds.
t ids written again sepearately

28th november;
Singh and junior nrn came home had discussions; later to suraram and came back retitred;heavy weakness;
29 th Mostly at home;prepared letter again for diary this time;wound got opened this time by evening; rubber stamp given for order;

26th November

Terrific ill health and related depression;Some calls did on eenadu claffifieds at Kiran;Long and disturbing wait for NRN;1 hour net surfing at sadgun;Gta said wont be able to come home;marginally reduced intake for the day;
days ids were;maharajacarpet;
Around 400 plus life incidents memorised;whats;

top crop of 2012 listed and posted to blog;
Acreditation of press rules saved in blog;


25th november post

Morning owners menace for rs 1k;Some of  most important  profiles dale;nepolian hill; etc loaded to blog;Gtas help 4 the day rs 200/-; followup call from yesterdays meetup electronics;neibours dress skills seen;
shravanis mom name kavitha;
Auto wala for return journey from Koti was good and cooperative even on going to rx also;Suddenly decided to buy pedda bala siksha acheved goal anyway;few more new points;

Days Rx new knowledge; bookies in hyderabad race for mumbai were only 4;
From now i need daring act head on pls;(missed hachico at 2 and half;
Winner is a winner  EX Elena;
terrible shoutings at shrvanis home;
Songlark new story has emerged; was failed Hot fav last time;won this time;(immediate run after failure as fav:check statistics;
montezuma;B.Prakash;confidence seen;

Sudden request by gta for darshan;
peddabalasiksha; reserved;


24th november;

Set backs continued at rx; yet managed the game;whats their expectation (owners?)unable to know;
after attending tv show rooms meeting had to wait 4 long time very nice exposure had  hickup by Kiran;seen coverage drama;dynamics;plus bouncers;
Camera miss behaved;return journey was too trouble some;with heavy depression retired;
Seen that rx file gained confidence;


23rd friday:post;

Again setback in Rx first run suraj failed as fav in rx it has rained there fallen prey but blessing in disguise is PS Chauhans mount;One opening cerimony attaended with kiran,enroute knwn new area met new guys there;called kiran;singh and nandamuri in contact;
 Manged to post new entries to blog;One bangalore guys site and adsence copy wright rules known;Seen one blog of lokabhiram and saved it;Alexa rankings improved;
One bouncer from land call recd by GTA;Complaint by neibour on scooter;Kirans suggestion on working style;Morning seen RBI site;Hidden RX label at blog;SRN called back;lady beggars menace at morning;During the wait at Kiran made some calls to adverticers;
That old man came back to galli muggulu  ladys father whats his name??

23rd november

alexa in;135,096 
global;17,53,586; got up very late dullness;
quickly scanned 2 dailies;

22nd today eeroju

Another set-back had from rx;but new point is low weighs  level weights;c s jodha;(spent sros money anyway)had success at redhills;
nrn&nrn  met had very long cha  AT JANATHA still no consolidation;by night things have got compromised at home;purchased lemon pickle;brought coffee powder;rajanna met on road;
also seen 1st days results of mumbai rx thanks to net;

**new point of rx new  rx tickets counter  known @khairatabad;
u need to have money here 4 rx;
Finally new banner is ready at blogSome more sites seen at alexa; paid net bill; till 2 pm at home then joined Kiran;one operation successful;long discussion;manged to retrived 4 days local papers;Nrn replied back;Loaded some samethalu images to blog;80 k followers base achieved;finally trouble at home due to cell ph calls and TV news;

youtube channel info by srn;some videos of social report seen;

21st November

Got up bit earliar than usual;Seen fullhyderabad traffic rank and social media followers;

telugu velugu authors 2;(24);1st issue (29) authors;
cell; 9866605777
2-2-647/77/g16 sbi colony bagh amberpet;hyd;
karnrnataka telugu cell; 802 b hrbr kalyana nagara banglore cell; 09741407099
rajmundry cell; 93979 07344
teacher yerrupalem cell; 94400 83119
teacher gvrs tech guntur cell; 92474 99715
jukanti jagannadham cell; 944107 8095
knl; 08518 223322
boggarapu radha krishna murthy cell nellore; 98854 81939
Pingali venkara Ramana rao Wgl;cell; 99496 94396
homeo hyd cell; 98494 43810
chatura 800081 43507
kavi tanuku west godavari cell; 90320 75415
janapada gayani 040- 65096899
khammam;cell 94905 20986;
nakka sanjiva rao vizianagaram cell; 99668 55727
hasyam cell; 98491 42361
hasyam rajmundry cell; 80085 51841
pratapa venkata subbarayudu cell; 93939 81918
hakimpet poet;mahbubnagar cell; 98667 48953
hyd 94410 39146
ongole cell 99499 71261
kurnool cell; 98668 23450
ramoji film city hyd; 501 512
ph 8415246999

teluguvelugu 3;writers;(27)

apparusu rama kantha rao 9550544592
sannihith;cell; 9490956012;
shailesh nimmagadda;cell; 96523 33226
vulli venu prasad 91772 72768
sadlapalle chidambara reddy cell; 94400 73636
c.dharma rao; 040- 24041999
dr c.mrunalini cell; 98490 65147
d.kamaraju 95506 07675
shaik bade saheb cell; 98499 21322
vugina tarakeswara rao cell; 65 90171914
kopparthi venkata ramana murthy cell; west godavari; 98495 25765
jolepalyem mangamma
sharat babu 80081 23603
zaved cell; 9290078696
Rasa raju cell; west Go 94403 88659
vijaya rani 93947 11200
acarya ravva srihari cell; 77026 73444
s.R.Bhallam cell; 98854 42642
dr pulicherla samba sivarao cell; guntur; 94409 37699
vennavelli rajamouli siddipetcell; 98485 92331;
belgham bhimeshwar rao cell; 99895 37835
sannidanam narasimha sarma cell; 92920 55531
kavi varapu uma cell; 94917  28615
p.shankar rao cell; 94416 95492
k.suresh manchipustakam
vinjamuri achuta ramaiah cell; 90009 25560

20th november;tuesday

Night etc news missed;No doubt net knowledge is increased 4 the day;Morning surprisingly Satish met at tea time known some details about real estates investigation;later checked photo journalism of 2 dailies; sakshi  local;130; main; 120 pics;
eenadu;94 main local; 105;

NRN finally took call and told details abt his stay and ram reddy;
Teluguvelugu reading completed and synopsys work started with help of GTA;seen again 3 issues;
paid part rent 4 next month;paragonfootwear deal closed finally;
Some more entries posted to internet blog;
realtors entries work started  in blog;
most of indian net enterpreneours have id in;
internet country stats of 20 countries seen;
Morning Gta brought small boy;his sleeping breething  enjoyed;totally unexpected experience;
Finally surprise had from sankyo;
Enthusiasm of gta abt her janaharsha;
lot of thalaneelalu except one guy why?

>>DrBatras_care id
world wide rankings of alexa;
indian top web sites of alexa;


19th nov post

Got up very late at morning;followwed by Gtas work tention;managed 2 sacn 2 dailies;Baazigar inran khan missed at good odds;thnaks to paragon enq guys; many more internet profiles loaded;
kavadiguda pic got scanned and posted; again head ache had from hdfc lady;
great failure had from jana for banner work;again entire past analysys did ;

Managed a quick income @ begumpet;; reply call recd from NRN also from Kiran;
Night purchased pickle noted that they are nlr guys;

142 pics in tel vel-3
133 pics in tel vel 2
133 pics in tv 1
50+ in
adarshavani had 200 plus pics;

19th november;mondays post;

checked lot of photos of eenaadu coverage;GTa seen very busy;posted 2 days pending blog;Again major life story analysed;
1965-70 Unknown child hood
70-80 kadapa studies and hostel life;traumatic;
1980 hyderabad;
1981-82; Athletics;
again kadapa inter mediate;st josephs college;( Prasad)  satish)
1983-85;Av college;passports;etc;Fathers death;(rx began)akheel Quasim etc;military saga;
1986_87;bad luck with naduri-behaviour;(Praveen)
1988-95;prism;kinetic;max;(rx continued;)
91 kadapa(PHARMA BEGAN)
92 nellore;
93 Max;nellore;
94 max;nellore;
95 max;nellore
96-real estates;(bangalore;chennai;etc;hyderabad;happy estates;)yogi;soaps;As a manager;
97-98;hyderabad(malamall)Internet began;
2000-2012; Internet;journalism;nelloretimes;
2003; journalism;None;
2004 ;Adsense;
2005 vetuku eng ;licence;
2010;2011;Syam;Srn Ajay; NRN;;twitter;
2011; Gta joining;D w and cameras help;twitter;
2012;journalism;dw expansion etc;twitter;net consolidation of R&D of RX:news 9;
Free concept of internet companies known;

17th nov

Nrn calle recd followup did with Rajmundry realtor;Follow up with jana wasted;manged some quick income later 2 more failures at RX;

18 th Sunday post;
Decided to skip rx that saved from anacostia and ps chuhan 2 mounts;so most of the day at home lot of R&D work on net;GTa left for Job after preparing food;I concentrated much in posting internet profiles till after noon;had blockade of blogger for more number of posts;lof of knowlwdge on internet enterpreneours known;seen video on photo journalism;
Free concept of internet;Rly tickets video;Web search strategies known;Art of interviewing people known;Mange to post one photo for each day;


16th november post;

Got up early ;36 days dailies(eenadu;sakshi;DC) data on hand;
Tweeted abt #cricket;Managed to post many pending pics thanks nets speed;
Long cell ph chat by mana saradhi guy;follow up by 2 pm appointment lady;
manged to see trains to Vizag ;Scanned 5 dailies;
Read on blog about collected ads;Reduced news papers at home;seen sv milk;also seen IAS academy site;
Called jana 2 times;
Rujuvu days telugu word;
Railway travel id proof;

>>>We reiterate free,fair,ethical journalism;

Explained the comcept to gta about Social media presentation;Morning chat with veg ladies unexpected;no work day but hectic day at home even took help og GTA;seen few videos of common craft after computer guys arrival to home;
Telugu velugu synopsys work continued with GTA;
Tried to call few more ads;found Uppal guy s ad;

RX book of bangalore purchased also seen latest odds;
palaka mandali;

Failed to do any field calls;(even Begumpet)

16th november fridays post

Got up bit early had coffee brifly made a plan of the day;Found that camera cells are weak mus replace them again;read telugu velugu during the photo uploads;Net was bit speedy this time better to make use of it;loaded all pending pics of the trip;


15th novemebr post(thursday)

5 news paper scan plus  swathi weekly mag purchased on the way unbearable stink;Fallen prey to 2 of beggars italian of east;at very late after noon started to work with Kiran this time took video recording too;vehicle trouble noted;new note book and refil purchased;again tention started;during the wait byke repair and dhai vada read telugu velugu all this is totally unexpected happening;
some more entries posted to blog;
called jana;NRN; had their feedback;3 more calls during wait for Kiran;
***Managed to organise local dailies date wise by subbordination GTA;rx fictations seen;Paid electric bill seen wall ads and during the wait organised day further;
Again vizianagaram guys mail recd;Sudden hunger pangs?? me and gtas call for some stuff;chapathi at night;
Days TV telugu words;

mailu rai;

life attempts so far;18th novemebr;post;

 18th Novemebr;sundays post;Lot of Internet enterpreneours knowledge and their theme knowledge had;
many internet profiles loaded;arranged Ckicken 2 home;days cricket match;Gtas rush for her Job;Rx ;blogger blockade had for the day;2 dailies scan;Suguna did her duties;

17th nov post; mostly at home; 2 failures at rx;no capital break down;followup did with rajmuindry realtors;some more profiles loaded to list;GTa tried her job was late to home had chapathi for dinner;R vaibhav story emerged;
 ***enormous R&D on scams on net and RX;subject knowlwdge gained;
.sprk poor clo;breather;***
.kumara swamy
data entry guy
***eenadu;ad for team;
***.Kiran Cam plus now on hand;
.emu birds;HYD:
.RK;Exposure gained;
.hyd Uppal; fail;
.VJA data entry
14.guntur reddy
15.rajmundry realtor
16.rajmundry realtors;
17.vja network
18.vja network
19.j meetings vja sros;
21.sro jubilee;
28.kadapa visit
29.DW renewals;
31.vja MLM
33.veduku banners;TGuide;
34.vetuku eng mag again;
36.small ananda niayam
38.kamalakar .raju;39.chantings;
41.happy estates;Nprabhakar;
42;bangalore bookie counter;
44.nellore office
45;eenadu team;ads;
46.nellore venkateswara kalyanam;sale for ananda nilayam;
49.RX activations pedigree books;etc;
50;max india;harwdwar;mumbai;akheel;vedant;Prasad;passports;
52.icici bank
53.usha;lic reddy;
59.twitter ids;
bala pulaiah;
govt power;family power;;Job power;friends power;marriage power;eating power;
vizag akkayya palem road temple;


temple at vizag
Toast masters pls;;speaking skills;tools;

14th november

***No dailies for the day so hick started but as a result seen good show in TV: chaganti koteswara rao bramha sri laitha vaibhavam;pravachanam;slokas effect;
***At morning with help of gta retrieved entire 8 sessions rx favrites win percentage data heavy work confidence gained with 40% of fav wins bangalore summer 50%;

Wished tailors babu brothers;
Afternoon lot of R & D did on scams frauds blog title changed;realtors frauds;bpo;begging ;autos;
FBI site seen;child pronography issues known;
rinas come back childrens day rose lady complaint to owner;opp ladys show up;
Hunger pangs at afternoon despite Apples intake;??

Tried to improve contacts called crime reporter and sudhakar reddy;
Called collegues one guy sent BIO data again;Called NRN,Singh known Singhs contacts;Edited how things have changed from my child birth;
One page created for common frauds and posted; site seen;
One FB id geetha.kalakata@FB;Final delight is GTA non cooperartion for dinner;
old data; vizag kumara swamy cell; 9246228887;night Rug comfort had;tried to meet KIran;

Do no harm to fellow Indians;Bad taste of poor drink;?? Retrieved mailer;


13 th November;Diwali day

vizag akkayapalem road sub registrars office
Call from SRN was surprising; muggu help to GTA by aunty;Found very difficult to get up after sleep;replied to one t id enquiry;Blog title edited again;Days highlight is read one blog on scams and frauds;
Finally managed to have clean shave;
GTAs analysis on domain;

Days ads posted;

268.Raghava Builders cell; 93910 11098
269.Taj mahal hotel narayanaguda;hyderabad;27634166
273.hotel akarsha st no 7;himayat nagar hyderabad;29;
274.Neha jewellers Nalla kunta 98489-82127
275.J V marketing  Haritha puri colony;Injapur;92465 76660
276.ap state coop bank
277.AVM caterers;hitech city cell;20041818;cell; 9666121212
278.nandi pipes

12th Nov return to hyderabad

success at rx but need to wait till last minute 4 good odds ;arranged lot of things for home;2 record books purchased;visited chikkadpally balaji  temple one book purchased gold show by GTA sweets dynamics;walking is becoming problematic;Blog Title changed;

Singhs call at night;night shout at Oil shop guy;ajays msg recd;


7th november on wards; secret trip;

 RNI work of manasaradhi completed;Then new proposal from NRN;On the way met 2 new press guys;Sudhakar rReddy cell; 8106869779
AM news Prasad; cell; 8686060141;
DTP Lady cell; 9848950145; Bad roads at night then morning journey;

8th; nov; Kumar swamy; 9246228887; success; arial exposure;trouble at Lodge;had to shift; gave ad 4 vijnagaram for people; eenadu ad guy; 9550239501; Subra amnyam;cell; 9533332555;

9th November;Friday;More arial exposure;new decicion on title change in blog;spark workdata entry guy;Jogga rao;cell; 8886517555;;hyd; 040-39144444;some realtors calls;seen akanksha;ravi yochana it solutions;

10 th Cleared checque work autowallas accident;then trouble started by some collegues at Raaga chiru; 8978663644 later called him again pics took had good response for eenadu ad;retired; night return travel surprise is sleeper coach;

11;reached the spot;cheque deposit failure news follow up; later dispersed;night reached home;Toe damege;

trip highlights;
Poor Planning Blanket
***Ticketing ETC
***Poor closing cojoling did;
Team needed;
anyway had arail exposure;


5th november return to calmness

Day started with heavy confusion and depression and heavy pressure at home;decided to go and try luck again at rx that proved success later missed 2 more chances due to time Kuppaih met there morale booster and confidence gained again; After followup with Singh gave good clue about NRN so follow up did with him that also proved succesful later night with new hope and consolidation some more earliar dynamics between NRN and Singh got exposed;
Kiarns followup fetched this is real break though for the day; some more new arial exposure and jeans shops also seen near secunderabad;so subharambh;

rought home few needed things; Dosage temptation and Bommali word with Sneha;Sony camera of NRN seen;Oil shop guys wish;Mahesh babu bag craze on purchase of groceries;Calculations at home about monthly expenses and strong concentration camp;Suneetha and mamas calls for Gas; Owners auntys visit and her grand daughter;
at night during the wait for NRN pending pics of neibourhood children  posted to blog;Slept bit late at night;

4th november sunday

Morning scanned 2 dailies found that there are more ads with Sunday s issue;Another stunning jolt from p s chouhan plenypotent;this is  3rd time;insecurity again; Long R&D did on rx;
called NRN;Suneetha;

Call from Kiran recd;

3rd november saturday

Morning got up bit early quickly scanned through entire last year debutant wins data; later Gas stove got repaired;Morning Gold work with GTA also completed; Sunnetha called and told about Mothers ill health;Later entire day got disturbed;posted train timings from hyderabad to tirupati;

Called NRN and Chalapathi; Later met Kiran seen video cam equipment;3 rd day no work and income;Last year Diwali postings read;night called Krishna;Latest 3 rd issue of Telugu Velugu purchased;Night wished neibour old lady;also had word with Snehas mom; Some more editing work did in the blog for the day;

2nd november;

Yerran Naidu death news rain continued for the second day so no work Boredom for being at home; Night photos of neibour hood children took; Surprisingly  Chalapathi callled  later met him at Country club night; some more celebs entries posted on blog most of yesterdays work of celebs thus had the google blockade;Forgot  water  heater  wastage of energy many times of this month?

2nd nov post

heavy rains

1st day of november;

major developments of the day are;
**released Gold of GTA ; Byke offer of GTA
***managed to post t velugu issue 1 telugu words finally;
***team work with gta for twitter number of followers at evening;lot of R&D followed;later best tweets posted again;
***twittercounter and top tweets r&D did mostly;

eenadu one article about twitter read lot of insight;
*managed few more celebs postings;
mindblowing facts;tweets;sneeze;Koconut trees;googling for spell checking;
best retweets; valentine days;
Amitabh is leading indian with number of followers count;rank 173
nemmani ram murthy panthulu

K.P.Vivekanand TDP leader

priyanka 242
sharukh 244
ameer 265 salman 271
sachin 291
deepika 347
hritik 348akshay 503
shaheed 581
arrehman 668
yuvi 671
sashi tharoor 686 mallya 739;shreya goshal;794;
karan johar 742;
some more top celebs twitter leading profiles identified;

Most of the day at home; Due to rain;;Had 2 eggs 4 the day at afternoon;
*called NRN he said back home but failed;
Gave cash to narsing rao;
Morning eenadu sakshi scanned but of no avail;?
No income day;??
dont stop sneezing;