Saturday, November 14, 2015

t ids on hand

December, 2015

30th december, 2015

With Vijay bhaskar and NRN to sai aqua new aria known; Met Gta took 2 k; Ajay in my room; had group lunch tasted riyaz biryani; Closed bandar mithai; got commitment from s W guy; gudur furniture g plus code received;

Nellore trip 1 week  and hyderabad 10 days;
get big sm projects;


31st dec 2015; thursday; party day;

Last day of year:Sri sai aqua  support had; recd municipality ad; Sudden change gta had to go to kaninada; Morning activated gudur furniture code; and bandar mithai nellore;
spent some time with NRN  at his lodge:old  anumala and one new guy and other new collegues met;
c6electronics t id in to fold;  BC welfare guy failed?
last due date for a/c


What i dint had in year 2000

 Team and fund raising plans.
Srinivasa Kalyanam for K M to begin fast;
covering letters; pls;

Planning  for future  5 years on hand now.
Consolidated Rx knowledge hope daring investment beat fav here.Adsense  can  help to small extent; 
Smart phone, laptop with 4 g net connection, Byke on hand can continued to consolidate further;
D W, Sro known faces small income sources.
Eenadu Tpt local data on hand will continue to swell;
Press vetuku on hand; 
So many net user base in next 5 years;
Telugu Velugu knowledge;
Gta support  and other comforts will continue;
Rice and other support from family end;
Pen Media to use?
No big investments on hand; No press ads? no team ;Health problems?
Health condition; Indulgence;  continued arguments?

Rx investments;