Friday, July 02, 2021

July 2021

1st July 2021;

Death news of Subjba Narsaiah son Murali;

Came out of house and stayed in lodge; worked in field on byke Manohar Reddy met;

Met Saabjaan son;

Venkateswara Catering;

Sent messages to family members;

Told Koti no use;

Found Narayana Catering;

2nd july friday 2021;

Heavy hunger?

Sucess began with Saabjaan , Narayana Catering,  Sivaiah; but unable to walk for long time;

Called Shankaraiah mama and known things ; Ajay called; Called Cheng;

Known about wineshop rates; 

Met Rrefac enterprises;

New lungie purchased;

Called Ponnala; message sent to jana;

Night had ph call and discussion with Prabhavathi sister;

Roti Machine guy srikanth said stocks available;

3rd july Satday 2021;

Work continued;

Had leg bandage; night insulin dose mussed; New Banian, Kerchief,  purchased; 2 ltr water; Telma H purchased; Missed lunch;

Found loka ph number later called him;  peddodu 

(Venkatesh) ; Called NRN;

In field met Refac, ponnala, Kumar Rubber stamps ( Had big argument),  Rajaram catering, One new Caterer met; Sri Balaji 

K M; Raghu photo Art; Naresh Ambulence guy from Kadapa called;   Ajay called had long Chat;

Jana delivered  news site;

4th July  sunday 2021;

Last 5 days analysed; Wuickly gave Eenadu ad;

Worked even on Sundau had latest expisure of Tirupati with new construction of hiways etc;

Gave Bill to Ponnala: New Knife and Spoon purchsed; Met Madhu furniture  Buruva guy; Again felt unrest due Dhrohis continued headache; Bouncer had from RajaRam Catering;

Night met Munaweer had nice time later spent time with Chengaiah;

5th July 2021 Monday;  

Morning  had  tiffen with cheng;

Kamalakar met;

Sms catering was lone success;

Long chat with hotel owner;

Tried camera centre; Driving school: long time spent at SRScientifics;

News of Sekhar Bhais death;

6th july Tuesday 2021;

Rahamathulla Munawwer manager;

Id card issued to Munawwer;

Days lesson;

Lakmi Narayana Kalyana Mandapam sucess not to forget name of firm of client  before entering;

Enquired near by Lodges;

Met Moksha lights;

Rejected  Narsimhas appeal;

Payment recd from SV Catering;

Had discussion with Gta;

7th july wed 2021:

Shifted to Manjunatha lodge;

Sudden chills; Quickly  recovered; called Refac; Called prasad prabhavathi son; Kamalakar; Chittor guy called; Seen web site;

8th july thursday 2021

By Car reached Gollapally; weakness continued:

Quickly tired to activate things;

9th july friday  2021;

Bricks and Cement  reached; By night Mothers death news;

No night sleep;

10th july saturday 2021;

Travelled by Scorpio to Tirupati

Totally participated in Rituals and returned to Gollapalli;

Heavily tired and slept;

One payout recd for 


11th july Sunday 2021

Pain , inflamation : flum continued;

12th july Monday 2021

Twin success; Had second dose of Vaccination;  Incoming calls continued;  Balaji family Pachayiti;

Exposure of Modinsaheb palli Sidhout;

13th july Tuesday 2021;

Again had to pay  Rs 200 to Auto guy; Mostly slept in day time;

Mobile signal problem identified;

Lekhari further improved;

14th july wed 2021;

Tube light arranged;

15th july thursday 2021:

Gta bisited Kadapa for treatment ; Boring day without any activity;

Gta brought Clindamicin and Insulin  sugar checking strips;

It rained heavily in might,

16th friday july 2021

My initiative fetched caught one Beldari; quickly arranged few needed things from Ontimitta;

2 Trips to Ontimitta by Byke;

Gta and me travelled to Ontimitta even in rain;

17th Saturday july 2021;

Wastage of Rented tools from Ontimitta;

Surprisingly 2 positive stories and a breakdown story; Anger on Gtas  quick interaction;

Pressure from Narasimha to attend mothers cerimony;

Peddodu came cleaned Fan and cleared Tree 2 good things for day;

Another trip of Bricks arrived; 

Beldari dint tirn up but later came after that rain totally stopped wastage tools rent for 1 day: ;

Slept near NagaSubbaiah house surprisingly no one talked;

Jafrulla called; Muneyya gave Mangoes: Night purchased 3 type of Pickles;

Prahlad called; Dressing managed by gta; Incoming calls contd but Mobile signal problem is emerging fast; mothers cerimony  card recd:

Narsimha continued interaction;

18th July Sunday 2021;

Heavy rain began Snake and Frog washed away; Wound healing continued; 129 people have watched my wharsapp status thats amzing;

19th Monday july 2021;

Beldari called but i refused to begin;

 Ajay called for voice over;Work dint begin; Nagpur repair work not known? Hyd delivery  managed;  Eve Had discussion with Narsimha Abt tpt travel: Kamalakar called;

Bulli mother came; Boredom throught the day; Some calls recd: Etv news listened:

20th july Tuesday 2021;

Darjipalli tiffen Puri had:

21st july wed 2021;

Mothers cerimony attended and met many people there;

Chengaiah called;

22nd july thursday 2021;

Beldari dint start work but he sent boys;

23rd july friday 2021;

No response from Beldari again;

Not even any communication;

Climbed up of hiuse and had seen site: Talked with parvathi for some time; Eye vision further went down;

Mobile signal problem;

24th July saturday 2021;

Beldari Subbaiah came with his team and started house work;

Arranged them Tiffen; Had full support of Villagers;  With Narsimha support brought windows and other things by auto; Trouble of Byke tyre quickly managed; Prabhabhavathi son called;

 25th July  Sunday 2021;

Nagraj sr freight called; House work further improved: Paid Wages:  jio recharge did: paid jana 2k; Had discussions about house;

Body fitness is becoming head ache;

26th Monday july 2021

Brought Roof  sheets ; Sink; Commode; Kistauah came; Called Jafrulla: Money being arranged by 


27th july Tuesday 2021;

Beldari failed; Cutting work did;

Paid back Raji; Eye sight trouble continued;

28th july wed 2021;

Welder and Beldari dint turnup;

Koti came; Someones Death news in Malawada; Suffered from some leg cramps throught the day;

Vision further worsened; Old friend Aiwaraiah of Darjipalli wished;

Evening played with Palani;

Hydraces began again; RedOxide painting work hot done;

29th july  Thursday 2021;

Brought one Cot from Madhavaram

 ; Gave Puri and Mysore pak to Phalani: Red oxide work got done;

30th july friday 2021;

Welders came and began their work; Chinnimmi came; severe back pain missed Dinner;

31st july satday 2021;

Welders finished Roof work;

I went to Ontimitta brought tablets;

1st Aug; Sunday 2021;