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November 2018

November 1st Thursday 2018

Morning added few more numbers to contact list;
Finally Kishore gave 5oo cards with printing  keywords;
Met New Bandar Mithai Bhandar Card took;
Nova Grain Merchant Video took;
Took Lalasa card;
At noon  many keywords collected from Justdial;
Met Ev Rajaiah;
On the way back collected few more Keywords;
Seen Bangalore rx card;

2nd November Friday 2018;

Took photo on the way of a Astrologer
Added Few more numbers;
Apes menace?

Days  field calls;

Near by ladies Hostel;
Kavya video bala Krishna;
Lotus Coffee; Hosiery guy Dileep;
Paper boards;
Gems guy;
Kishore; His new designer; name forgotten;
Nova Grain shop video took  and gave new card;
Lalasa Suresh;
Apex proalbums
R K Color lab My  other cards need noted;
Kiran and his detailing knowledge about printing industry;
Frames guy met new hope for wew site  emerged;
Homeo patheic outlet;
Kiran Digitals; 
Happimobiles;  Imran; His reference; 9652096764
Faber outlet met ;
Met Ramsha shop;
Met Nair  Pan shop and his son name forgotten again;
Rx New Point; Rest;
Night with GTa Eye Glass shopping did with Optometrist testing sight now i can see news paper better

3rd November Saturday 2018;
Got up early; New Twitter od trophykart took;
New keywords kept for Prince Tailors Tirupati;
Posted hyderabadi printers entry with keywords to vilekhari; Tweeted for 3  Hyd printers; Soni; and Metal house; Sofa shopping did  with Gta at Abids and arranged it to home; Rx Bangalore one bet worn  sandeesh first run; Work got disturbed;

wainganga express

4th November Sunday  2018;

Spent long time in  reading back past blog history and kept keywords to some of clients; Kishore dint respond;
Called NRN; Balu; Cheng; Seenaiah; trouble again at home for  not attending guests in late night; At rx Srinath won and gave new inspiration but lost amount;

5th November  Monday 2018;

Morning Eenadu paper bill paid; Spent nice time with guests; call recd to attend prtinter for new year Calender  met him had discussion at  Neilofer Bakery; Again managed to give send off to guests Shatabi express; Unable to work in field due to tiredness took rest at Tankbund  faced traffic trouble  at R P Road;;
Bouncer from owner lady;
Severe ankles pain; Another day lost; Ash sent one video forwarded it to whatsapp list; Byke parking is too costly;  Auto trouble;
Night edited growth page collected some points from google as how to become successful in life ;
JD keyword R & D work dint progress;

6th November Tuesday 2018

Geetha birth day wishes convayed; and eventsnow; Airtel laptop net recharge did;
Tweeted for hyderabiprinters,Metalhouse,Bigcmobiles,Soni int;
Had shopping in Abids for  3 pant and 5 Shirts cloth on return had Biryani at Mehfil then retired;
Ranigunj keywords R & did and almost saved 85 of them thats avery promising work for the day;
Gta birth day dynamics in whatsapp voice messages and video recorded;

7th November 2018; Wedday;

Diwali day; whatsapp stickers have emerged; Celibrated Diwali much better than yester years; Played with neibourhood boys; Owner lady  asked to volunteer;
Arranged Sweets; crackers in night; My whatsapp Voice recordings whishes sent to Broadcast group had replys;
TV shifted to main room;  Crackers and Sweets are very costly affair;

8th December Thursday 2018;

Hick up by owner lady?
By night boarded to  Garibrath train to Vizag without much trouble  managed journey well;
Alpha hotel Biryani tasted for night;

9th December Friday 2018;

Reached Vizag boarded lodge then to Apartment met  few gtas relatives there. Evening  seen Oxygen Towers and beach area and retired; Had nice Dinner at hotel Amaravathi;
No incoming calls?

10Th Saturday; Novermber 2018;
Engagement day

Pelli koduku family rituals Tambulam

Importance of group photos

met 90 plus old man but he was very young is his Chat with me.
Forgot to take ramesh pic;

Group photo

Welcome Song to their family was really over whelming;

Functions bring families together no doubt; Tambulam
Engagement  Function day  met many people and interacted;  Welcome Song effect was pretty good; My poor preparedness is evident;
Old friend Ramesh met; had nice chat with most of new people; Night boarded Garib Radh and returned to Hyderabad Sunday morning; No incoming calls?

11th November Sunday 2018;

Reached Hyd took auto and reached home by a new way;   Quickly arranged few things to home;  Morning purchased Rx books and november Telugu velugu ; Hadavidi seen at upstairs;4 days blog posts updated;  Had few hickups; Poor  Chicken; No rasam for lunch;  flop at Rx; fancied mounts flopped miserably; Despite change of jockey mounts have won; Attended HRC; after long gap; Another 2 old favite failed;
Call received from Uma for Dog wish pic;

12th November Monday 2018;
Seen Zomato twitter handle; Morning met  Vijaya Engineering  and known that owner is dead thatsa big jolt to me theres no guarantee for life; Later  met Vijaya cottage and he said Ok thats promising collected some field data on the way; Later took Category prints from  Reddy and Raghu cyber cafe filled with lot of students  but its now a costly affair; Felt weak and hungry during field work so quickly returned home had poor lunch;

Took  break from Rx for the day; Evening field work fetched EVR payout; Met one Sweets shop known about Zomato reviews seen good packing of Boxes and ambience; My fitness condition is a big question mark now; So the byke fitness; Counted JDVF categories at home during  before lunch; Met Boorugu jewellers pasha bhai gave nice information; Arranged few things to home at night; Collected some data from field;

Very hot day in home and out side;
Importance of using emtion in Blog posts known and known about emojis;

Again looked at my latest  Kishore  designed visiting card; There are 5 logos  of Big  google; Fb; Youtube; twitter; Instagram; it looked really nice thank god;
13 printing key words are there it must be re done ofcourse;

Seen Etv news at night election fever has gained real momentum;
Collected review making tips and Social media content;
Cololected jdvf list of 23 of Saree retailers read JD description.
Surprise master near Cyber cafe wished me;

13th Tuesday November 2018;

Got up early; loaded Kaavya Graphics pictures; Read Social Media and review tips; Seen Jd had 100 plus Cyber cafes listed but none of them are verified; ASH met on whatsapp;

Arranged few things to home from Spencers; Called Krishna; Durga; Satish; Prasad; Mama; Call to Kishore helped to get billbooks done;Met Kishores sisters son Akhil at Chai time uninterested chaiwalla;

Things changed very swiftly; Met Kishore; got done Bill Books; Nomaan helped Video editing; Image saving chrome; Met one MD Doctor there;Kept logos for ltmetro; sudhakarpipes; bigcmobiles;

Met Kaavya graphics spent lot of time there got yes nod for directory;
Missed lunch; suprisingly kalyan met spent some time with him;
Met Vijaya Cottage; Took important prints from cyber cafe Raghu helped;
Gta left to her sisters home i worked in night;

14th November Wedday 2018;

Days keywords; fruits; Glass; chemists; Seeds; Auccupressure;
Read back November Blog  posts;
23 Days left for Elections;
Many nominations for the day KCR;  ;Siddipet; Husnabad; chada Venkat reddy;

Days calls Vijaya Cottage closed photos took and posted on Insta with new new keywords; Kaavya Graphics; Nandu Arts new knowledge and Video and Tie up new hope for elections whats google pay photos took videos took; Contributed to home; Collected 28 JDVF entries from home;

Some Instagram posts managed;

Called Kishore; Seenaiah ,Kamalakar;
Met Somi Reddy hotel Sudarshan took his sons number and Swiggy  known abt charges 22% Zomato charges 18%;

K P Vivekanand TRS candidate for Qutubullapur;

15th November 2018;

1.Met Balaji Bajranj Sweets spent  nice time with him taste his fruit sweet;  Ratanlal deatils known;
2. met Seats covers guy no use; his USA trip known;
3.Met Sujok;
4.Took Prints from Net cafe;
Evening had Dosa did vegitables shopping;
Seen one nice video but  missed it;
Added 10 more JDVF entries;

Enjoyed Santha Mavuri Santha song;
Morning Goldencron hotel guys ph numer took;
Kairam ramana Telangana Janpadalu seen;
Video documentation of political leaders news;
Femore sites added to pingler;
Organised prints data on hand at morning;
Gorla kapari song prerana;
Political offices ere busy;
By night more clarity had on political senario;
KTRs confidence and press   meet;
WoW hyd magazyne purchased;
Argument continued on income;
Lunch and Dinner not upto mark;
Trouble with laptop at night;

16th November 2018;Friday;

From  morning mostly at home; called Sudarshan and near by hotel had positive replys;
Again heard Santha mavuri santha song had more grip;contributed Electricity bill;
Morning  sent whatsapp msges about sweets had good responce; Power of reviews known;
Pahilwan vs MIM at Chandrayan gutta;

17th November 2018 Saturday;

Morning luckily seen one nice video on Positive  mental attitude had motivation had auto suggestions to mind many times for the day; I had over all niceday;  Mostly concentrated to improve earnings to be self reliant; To take  quick action in this reagrd was very tough;
Waited in chikkadpally park but unable to concentrate and heat  was more;

Added few more numbers to Broadcast list;

First action was to set laptop ready and by night its got  done; 
Had  Morning tiffen outside due to rx pragramme missed lunch;
Bitter resentment had on attending marriage called kalyan;

Days calls  
Swetha saree known about developments; 
New Bandar mithai Bhandar Vivek;
Lotus Steel palace closed it  took video and pics;

At rx losing parampara continued but new point is 50 kg threat weight; helped Punter;
Night called NRN had chat with Ramanasdhan nellore for very long time;

Rallys Subbarao; Nizamabad; Chilakaguda; Sridhar reddy;
Called pan Dabba senu Bhai;

Evening sitting at home had to spent lot of time to retrieve all google accounts;
Kalyan sent distress msg at night; Some of googl e Maps points seen;
During the wait for Laptop seen one vedo about  google special features;
Seen news Telangana has 18% of yadav population;
Ghazal guys name got;

18th November Sunday 2018

Seen one video on lion heart attitude;
Lion Heart; EEnadu candidates list ; Mumbai day one odds were ready at indiarace;
Originalvel operates in 12 places in India;  Loaded lotus steel palace video; Lotus had 137 keywords; First run favrite won;ghazal vinod;
I must be ready with related content with each situationb;

19th November; Monday 2017;

Mornning met Hotel Sudarshan guys new requirement of model; Met Balji Bajraj Anmol;;
Met Kishore Master took gave it to printer; Met Acc guy and they gave another reference;
Enquired for ATM card but no use;
Wished anjali on her birthday; Night closed restaurant;
Tablets note book purchased; Night met Kishore;

20th November Tuesday 2018;

Morning Blue shirt; Met Kaavya grapics;
Waited near Balaji bajrang and known about prices; Closed Acupressure had new  potential arial exposure; Got back lost note book;
Bill books received but spell mistake noted; Met Gandhi Bhavan  and BJP office for list of candidates;  Acupressure keywords posted took Gta help; Kings plaza restaurant google verification work completed. Msg recd from Balaji Bajrang;

New hope emerged to after giving training as how to retrieve JDVF  data to gta;

Night water can arranged to home; Few  JDVF entries retrieved ;  Enjoyed Santha song with Gta at night;

21st November 2018; WED

facebook pages crated for Lotus; Soni intnl; Vijaya cottage; work did;
sugnatmt t id took; only work for the day is kings restaurant;
Gta said ok to take up data work; gave training; Evening humanmixtard insulins purchased; New hope emrged as goodgle hit monthly report;


Met Kavya; Took net prints; met Gta continued her work gave 30 plus entries;  saree shop payout got and also Visting cards order got it designed  by Kishore followed by party; gta vadina came home; Morning water disturbance again;
By Nomans help leart to load pics to Fb and G;
latest catogories prints took and filed them at home; 
Kishore Ayyapa swamy dress shopping work escorted;

23rd November Friday 2018;

Unable to work due to Dosage; But broture work done by evening;

24th November saturday; 2018

Met Kishore  Saree shop Visiting card editing did; Continued Broture editing work;  Met kavya; Work disturbed;

25th November 2018 sunday;

Great day at Rx JP won; Many confirmations tested and proved good; Dosage crossed; Arranged things to home;

26th November 2018 Monday;

Fb pages kept on blog; No man helped again Broture work progressed further with real design; Afternoon rx attempted but quickly left from there;
Analysed Sundays Rx; No man was sick; manged to edit blog post from mobile for the first time;

27th November Tuesday 2018;

Payouts from Kings and Saree Shop Visting cards recd purely on my followup; Morning gave Broture for printing with Kishores help this is again my initiation; Exposure of Zomato reviews and discounts had;  Tried for Nandu arts code and rx record books in vain; Scanned back old blog posts of last 10 years;

Slowly we can gain in rx feeler on a long run; grbdairyfood t id took into fold; Gta again gave 10 plus jdvf data;

28th November 2018; Wed Day;
Morning to Aril survey exposure of new political party Praja swaraj party Kattula Subhash 9989961674 Congress Anil yadav web site and FB likes exposure  kakateeya TV videos also seen; Analysed November income; Mumbai 3rd day Rx book purchased; Dropped Gta and Paid Kishore the Dues and recd leaflets;  Bykes Front light work got done;

On the way back Sri sai medicals guy met;
Night quickly purchased Insulin needles; Arranged curryies to home at afternoon; New pn purchased; Kishore initiated logos for hyderabadiprinters;
Gta retrieved punching machine and arguments started; Seen Tv coverage of Historic mting of Naidu; rahul gandhi;

29th November Thursday 2018;

Morning Chinna called asked address; whatsapp chat with Kishore; 
Again to king koti area for byke lights repair on return did few calls;
1.Cheque got from Balaji bajrang; Thanks to whatsapp; Deposited it at Bank;
2.Surya terminal;Battery Payout got;
3.Medmall met; 
4.New content from new Zeal; 
6. Pan shop Pan shop;
7. Veh Boring  Guy; byke bore guy met;

At rx got confused on favrites and yet another losing day;
Why laptop keys are tough?
Evening prints took later organised them with file and daram;

30th november 2018

 Followup with lotus guy had exposure: Hot fav failed at Rx:Mor Sugar is 180:
Had unnessissary sweet un evening: Morning water arranged at home: Morning Tiffen had Dosa but felt hungry in afternion: night Nomudaram recd by courier:

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