Sunday, April 01, 2012

March 2012

31st march 2012
Blood Sugar levels known doubt cleared;Cheque sent for collection;manged income expenses for march better than earliar months;Called Prasad vja,kiran;Chalapathi;tried for i dcard for collegue in vain; Discussion continued with Ashok;
Afternoon some nice programmes seen;Back pain continued;bittrips cartoon worked;

29th march

Followup of chalapthi continued;Thursday mumbai rx attended Ok one best astapi won;One hour surfing at sadgun also;guys id for followers got rejected why?;2 wgal entries posted;Further more reduced tweets;Collegue from Wgl called;Courier recd;Rx return by same autowalla;Health was ok at hrc;some emails sent;
28th march
Horrible night sleep disturbance night dose of insulin missed;out side was cool at morning anyway;worst exposure on vacating lodge on tipping;some problem in catching bus some one helped;no banian no shower;new road to reach station by bus travel was not good;ticket to sec bad;someone standing in between the que lane;hunger pangs again thanks to have good Upma at stn;Long wait for Train;

Train came with heavy rush luckey to get seat took rest slow travel this time back pain continued;came home by bus tired;Enquired with banker about cheque collection;slept in after noon good rest had;Collegue reported from WGL;
Evening managed few things to get organised call from Chalapathi to read for rx Mumbai;at janatha bar fighting seen;back home another complaint disturbance for the day;
decided to go to wgl took train and reached Khazipet with the help of collegue there took lodge;Morning Total bundh day;Evenig around 10 calls did; 2 closed;Afetr noon 2 hours power cut suffred;night missed dinner;sleep disturbance had;
Coverage came in praja shakthi but no name in it;
1.getting up bath;(tention) keep the things ready(after long time)Bag;weakness noted;
3.going sec bad by bus;running catch;
4.weight carring;weakness; exposure of road;
6.buying Ticket a new exposure;
7.Tiffen poor intake;
8.waiting for train; galeez at stn;
9.boarding rush;
10.insulin shy;Call from collegue and confusion of bundh;Someones waiting for his daughter and confusion of train name;
11.magazine reading;cry of lady;sitting inconvinience discomfort;
12.heat of sun;and travel;(there was A/C chair car;)
13.on khazipet getting down meeting collegue;(Someones standing disturbance on bus;) from praja shakthi asking gta to buy it later found it as waste coverage with out web site name;
15.Bundh no autos;
16.lodging;detailing to collegue;;problem in locating hotel;heat continued;
19.getting ready for field work;hunger pangs continued;
20 field work at last with collegue;exposure of city thousand pillar temple;
fing rest place;problem of www.on cheq leaf;
21.missing food;at night calling gta;sleep disturbance;

MONDAY, MARCH 26, 2012

26th march post

10 good summer foods identified;
1.Corn;2.Elachi;3.ButterMilk;4.Apricot;5.Amla;;7.Oyster;8.Peaches;9.Soyabeans;Wtwer melon;Roshan medical shop guy;enquired details janatha bar; paid 2k as rent;
Attended thyaga raya gana sabha;and ashok nagar park; Hunger pangs throught the day;
Roshan medical shop boy inter;Disturbnce of some bundh;My best catches of the season;prepare for tour; Purchased camera cells;volini gel;seen repair of drianage near narayan guda;Total rest day; Gta was absent;

25 th sunday march post

GTa left to received her sister unable to eat tiffen looks like sun stroke;Heavy body pains throught the day and un easy;Chalapthi came in ac cab and kept luggage at home seen my house;Sudden call from gandhi to attend some real estate function;Some back pain;Yet another flop day for chalapthi but prakash doubl had;Lot of discussions with him at Madhusala;Dropped him at sec stn;srinivas reddy food guy got introduced ;Chalpathi promise had for future funding;purchased biscuits at bakery;

24 th march

Chalapthi met rx;again a flop day;Not much of any impovement;Some thing is wrong with body chalapathi identified;

23rd march

Mostly at home;Festival dress effect noted;evening call from Chalapthi;Call from mama from the home ground;Morning wishes conveyed to Chalapthi,Ramoji,gandhi,Satish.

Double indulgence continued;lot of service and discussion at home;Ice cream to rina at night;trimmed k tweets;3rd no work and no income;It may go for 6 days still ok;

22nd March post

Mangaed to post 21 mailers and purchased stamps;Second day no field work;Water,gas at home;Lof of discussions at home;Layout problem is it currupted?;
Si senor at mumbai failed again;chalapathis call;totally 73 postal mailers sent so far; rx soda shop guys interaction;Sneha interacted after long time;Some gadbad at rinas home;


21st march post

Unable to decide as where to go so no field work day but mailers work improved;Shopping did with Gta at abids purchased dress for Ugaadi festival;Scorching heat continued suffered heat wave;prepared new mailer to sros again by Gta hand writing by evening;took prints;found new link by accident at google so the problem is almost solved;45 new added totalling to be 432;Had to again withdraw cash from bank money shortage continued tention again;Double indulgence couldnt be stopped and thus the expensive day due to half hazard planning;bar guys name known;Some pending pics posted to blog;Rx book purchased and read it;Pic of nalgonda guy managed to get scanned and posted;call from tirupathi shivanis;

Rinas mom asked for help so helped her;Night sleep disturbance continued;Sweating?;

21st march post

Morning lables kept at blog of year 2011 clients gained confidence afetr this activity;reduced intake at night;Met bownpally new sro he said recd my mailer; 10 more stickers at strategic locations;Begumpet sro said some office where near nampally main office Evening edited blog again adsense code shifted to different location;Pain in that region;Night more close interactions at home;had more fun with small book of telugu saamethalu;After morning work mostly at home till late night;2 new socks added;gave phone bill to Gta at morning;

Major important development of the day is helped NRN again(met his friend reddy there) for rent and visited office and conducted one interview: gandhi giri ashok;address;#6-6-138 uzili base;back side TPT temple;hanaumakonda wga; cell; 9866962488;7396421296 Rly details noted;
6.00 am Krishna
7.30 intercity
7.45 Telangana golkonda
also had lodge details
Vijaya lodge
shankar lodge
Veda lodge;

Paste and Razors purchased at night;
Most of the SRO offices coved by me and ajay analysed at afternoon; so far 82 offices covered; 305 left;april target 25 k ;Gandhis call; night Ramoji and Chengaiahs calls;


20th march

4 days and 12 days banaglore and mumbai left for current season; 10 days left for march now for me;
Decided to go to field work and that has fetched in good results;Stickering work continued;ot of new people exposure;Bus journeys need to be re checked and comfortable journey is must;Suffered under scorching sun;One of the clients said he had good response;2 more sros seen;
Surprised to see that gta reached home;On the way seen someone beating auto walla;My problem with auto wala missed;Tire some return journey;Water saved;Stickers work continued how many are really working yet to be known;Expences were heavy for the day;

18th march sunday post

Chalapathi alerted from the morning;To mumbai major set back to punters as 9 of 10 races fav lost;Chalapathi is out of the game;cricket enjoyed;Sold papers at night;
auto coming back was circus;

17th march saturday post

Sent 21 mailers to almost ap districts sro offices;later gave pics for scan;heavy rush at schools;One sucess couldnt be utilised to my advantage of Kolkata;

FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 2012


Forgot cell phones at home;calls from chinna;very long journey tiring return journey;covered 2 stations Ok;missed lunch;summer is fast caching up;state secret won;seen videos;Morning very tire some awake;


15th march post

Chalapathis repeated calls for the day; managed expenses for the day;lot of death news pronto pronto,nanubala pitchaiah,penugonda baba;
One shock at yadagiri gutta by sro;Ok anyway new exposure;One more success story at rx ranthambore couldnt make it to advantage;; some ones good hindi while travel;
coulnt stop scooter for raju at night;Gta came back again;managed some more stickers to buses at cbs;
neibour gaVE (RK gave wedding card);Swati purchased;Srilanka out from tournament;Next days bangalore card on hand;

14 th march post

Due to many pending works and rx preparation unable to go to field work;Mnay tasks managed on sadgun;Evening heavy sickness;nrn called and said paid the rent;chalapathis repeated calls;Caostly lunch at mess;stayed away from kolkata rx;At rx missed chances listed out;renewals prints took;
info of 387 sro is promising;
4.suraj at 3
6.inthe spot light
7.dancing glances network 3 times
10.alford 3 to one 3 old first timer
13.cream of the crop
14.snow scape
15.vijays pride
16.southern bay
17.risky biz first run
18.b supreme
19.mitraya 2 times
20 .hennesy

13th march post

Work at uppal feched and met sro and goud;Next stint at kawadiguda ok;stickering did again;new Hat purchased; after noon unable to sleep at home some kind of humidity;Tomovie bisinessman enjoyed it confidence and fights;
Lunch at mess not good;Loaded some pending pics at home;Chalapthi called at night;Stelemate continued;Reduced intake;

12th march monday

Morning fitness was a surprise;Ok call from GTa recd problem solved but accusations continued;another call from chalapathi thanks;One more irritating call from someone while on scooter ride to be more careful on bad temper ;seen Golkonda on the way;2 success stories at narsingi plus red hills told SRO lady abt ;
Suguna asked abt Gta;wait at hair cutting guy;

Purchased insulin,b complex;and BP tablets this time brand changed again;Called scooter guy and took scooter and started for field work one success at Uppal but for next day;Ok;Banana guy asked for help unexpected move;Field work fetched;
At Rx stunning upsets to catch from now;

paid electricity bill at e-seva but small wait;Rinas mom paid rs 50/- back gave dress;
days ids drcraces;
Guy at snaks and boy cafe shown interests;

11th march post sunday;

There was mumbai rx;On chalapathis call rushed to HRC rx while rushing wishes of narsin and banana guy;Surprising Ramachandra reddy met at course but disappered and new of ravi again at bangalore;
Suraj wardhwan hot fav mount failed but doubt is on 5 old;portrush 9 old won;One rank outsider of khaitan ruzzan;My luck again (at 100 to one MAM evatina shot won) gained chalapthis confidence again this time had scotch whisky;dropped him at station nedurumalli borther seen;auto guy new road ;nothing was at home to eat missed insulin;insulin money won yeah;

10th march

yet another unexpected shock to Chapathi this time;sparing ones new point;Evening one hour net surfing did edited few things at blog;seen rx things from jan;Body pains and uneasy;

9th march post

Morning big shock on reading paper immediately took steps later discusses the same with chalapthi got confidence;Spent with Chalapathi mostly;To rx;

8th march holiday

Tough day ;gta left;couldnt lift calls to cell ph;sweets distribiuted to children;mostly at home;

new tip from rx is on third run prakash won;called chalapathi night;again friday card looks tough;return by auto;


8th march post

Happy holi
Called that narsingi guy got confirmation for monday same confirmation got from Uppal guy;2 hour stint of net at sadgun folllowers base crossed than hyd zone thats a great feeling;gave scooter for repair;Managed to get tubelight fixed at home neibours help noted;Raju met on the road near banana bandi;Seen many important blogs at sadgun;

Why that smile;why that late of gta;satish and Chalapthis sirs calls recd; that site photo graphers call and vanasthali puram call recd;managed liquor;No field work;

scooter repair was unexpected expenses for the month;
More security protocals had from google and yahoo and hint questions;
graphic designers and caricaturists help needed much;
Bit early to field work; Walk to Jubilee bus depot;long wait there;Boring journey;Success ok;sros help;tiring return journey;Missed lunch; Night designed letter to news papers telugu and english;result to be watched;night shopping with gta;managed few more members;stickers continued; Tube light trouble at home;

5th march post

Money shortage at morning at home;Work at panja gutta,erragadda,hitech city srs areas fetched some thing;Chalapathi sirs call recd;night arguments have erupted at home;some voltage problem triggered it;Scooter suddely gave trouble;thumb pain;night 1 and half hours net work at cafe added few more members to blog;night stickers kept at 2 hardware,shops;cyber cafe etc; 3 entries posted;good hits came from movie postings;Nrn promised to pay rent;

Told sros about information;NRN met on the way;bidar idea has emerged;Some kind of confidence gained for the day;

4th march post

Morning gta shouted at owner; few more ids added to blog;After arranging few things to home went to hra;first chance missed at 10 to one srinath mount then depression began;another missing at chouhan and prakash so lost interest and slept;chalapthi called at night;missed lunch;
Night slept early;

3rd march post

Morning called Satish;call from Bujji;Called NRN;Morning again tiffen at sunanda;headed to field work on the way received call from chalapathi;Auto guy helped to road to narsingi work did there 9 new offices met 15 stickers pasted new idea with a chemist then seen gandipet;Later shankarpally pasting work continued there too now 25 offices stickers work successfully completed;Enroute lot of new areas exposure;

Took a different way to come back a long journey on outer ring road;seen financial capital etc;heavy scooter travel and strain;managed to attend rx but again failure;MAM makes plan on a classic day;second is always danger;Objection at office for giving someone;
Idea of asking for pres coverage has emerged;

Night 1 hour work cafe id added many new members to blog;again stickers pasted to few more busses and plcaes;around 30 more new stickers for the day;

2nd march post

Morning got up at around 4 am sleep disturbance due to neibours sounds later further more trigged with sound Gta cound bare it and inturn triggered the issue so again disturbance and insecurity; net became very slow yet managed to keep few pics at blog;disturbance parampara further worsened with some marketing guy saying to meet me at office but never turned up;After reaching office spent some time there seen bangalore rx book lost interest to keep the office this time further later decided to leave from there met sekhar scooter mechanic got scooter repaired; Idea of creating team is fast becoming evaporated;felt very much tired to see aus srilankan match heavy B.p.;days ids;astralpvc;allaboutrajni; While reaching office noticed that some of the stickers have been removed;Morning called painter guy and known rates of wall;

Spent some time at sadgun and edited blog further kept nice pics at some posts net was very speed at cafe;asked maddy to signup he id it;While going to office stickering did at vijaya cottage;a/c mechanic;lady etc;shreya clinic sticker at very prominent place;;stationary shop;atm general store etc; for some time switched off my cell phone;Quite uneasy throught the day;

rina moms request? seen naringi d w report;Suguna payment request came;checked last month expenses on diary;Seen google maps and stats; seen some hits were coming for movie reviews;
3 sro offices touched;gained good results;35 new stickers added for the day;missed one chance at rx due to poor preparation;paid photon;brought insulin needles;pending pics loaded at night;Edited blog further;Sofar 23 offices have been covered;