Thursday, September 01, 2011

August 2011;

31st August 2011;

Morning quickly started to pics work but not much was done due to huge Ramzan crowds; took few pics anayway;after coming back home gave rent and beagan reading all news papers this time took 2 Urdu papers and scanned them; ads seen of Silk centre,sangeetha mobiles 140 shops;paras jewllers lad bazaar; google maps listings also checked;saberi opticals checked;Tanzatea id blocked;

During the survey one Ghee shop in Begum bazaar,and one Bakery shop at near mahaveer Hospital seen;
Anaysed entire cards colledcted and also checked income for august; Continued net at home; Disturbanse from neibour noted; Frequent power cuts disturbance seen; called SRN and he told of youtube ads;released mobile from vibrative mode;

Evening work progressed with help of gta sent masgs to most of the collected visiting cards and also sent ganesh chaturthi wishes to all of friends;

Shpping with GTa done for ganesha;


30th aug post

Morning pics work continued alomst 18 new pics took and posted them;;something wrong with sri sai aquarist?;few more prints added to data bade;new tollywood mag purchased; new ids 4 the day; thevihari;gadgetsstore;privatespy007(66l)thelloydstore;

listened to martjack videos again;seen gvkone.web site; gandhinagar area exposure again ; blocked;

By evening computer at home also oK;that electrical guys help;morning work continued abd closed one ladies tailor thanks to google printout;survey continued at ramanagr new areas wxposure had again in to bag;

shenoy tradig centre exposure had childrens shouts?galore; scanned 4 news papers again for the day;
segragated prints on hand; owners menace again probbing up;

entries; panshops; 803;helmets; 66; florists;402;computer shops; 2116; grain merfhants;63; bad response from rice merchant at ram nagar;one more rice merchant;

days calls;
1.ladies tailor
2.bharat trading pics;Ok for monday;
3.ram nagar home needs;
4.ram nagar sweets shop;
5.ram nagar furniture no
6.tirupati rce;??
7.Tea leaf vndor
8.kwdi guda tiles guy;

by mistake hans news paer came in but for good only; many vides for seen sved content;

Sunday night dinner and insulin dose missed;Very late to filed and first call clicked;pics took but listing problemm noted later; central watch on the way seen another potencial lane;d w software guy call;sarvi area;gvk one totally exposed;met florists;some movie shooting also seen;met robotouch guy;

afternoon net huge prints took and posted most of pics;164 pics got aproved;

28th aug post

Morning pics work continued around 15 pics took;Morning started dr; to chikkappalli park read all news papers; on second sttting read most of indiaywllowpages directory;
electric problem and computer gone at home??

dint talk to gta wholeday no milk no chicken; to rx 4/ 0ne initail odds missed; winner danger strategy again proved; Night missed dinner and insulin pics for second day;

27th sat day post

morning got up bit late; pics work continued; areas covered was sec bad; poor day light and rain effect;next to arrow stationary;
One big potencial market seen at sec bad thats interesting;
posted pics;florists at punjagutta seen few more pics took;stappling work did;

calls at market;
1.mohit glamour(new info plus bouncer)
5.sajawat handicrafts
6.rice ok
7.prabhakar ghee
8.prem steel
10.suman plywood
13.jk furnotures

morning pics work continued; evening again 2 hours net seen martjack movies and other presentation skills videos;evening seen roshaiah abn interwiew;

late evening work fetched for the day'Mehfil haleem pics took at night; janata bar is no more a good one decided; night had biryani; missed insulin night;
morning excersise of total things needed;

26 th aug post

2.sajawathandicarfts glamour
4.bentex tailors
5.prem steel palace
6.k m enterprises
8.nova grain merchat
10.j k furnitures
some more pics in morning

25th aug post

                                               Lord Ganesha picture in my living room

Whats she doing i have no idea;

days market calls;
1.saimedha computers pic took;pic of balaji computers shown to them;
2.srinivasa sanitary trading co pic
5.aqua guys
8.rice guy
9.sweets shop nagavardhan

24 th aug post

days ids; canfinhomes;mphandicrafts;

alex/martjack/ 2732
luxpresso 147
Mornin closed 3; took few pics;arial exposure of jamisthan pur;university area;tarnaka; Aqua dealers seen;

Night problem with sahara guy;videos of shopping cart seen;web developmnet;google earth;google plus also seen;some more prints added;

pickle;eye glass;buiscuits; email from martjack rakesh recd;edited yahoo maps content also a new thing;


23 rd august post

morning quickly took few more pics from kachiguda area; by night loaded them to google;attended traing at martjack saas and set up charges;search and site; expenses; morning pics work continued; by night decided to concentrate clients who have sites; Night tablets purchased; managed many messages to friends and clients;

Mr work gas stove shp identified at sultan bazaar;arguments have continued at home;srn called;
days calls;
some prints took at morning;
days field work got compromised; Night felt tired on loading pics to google;


22nd aug post

Days market calls;
1.Sai travels
2.gjr chawal pic
3.balaji pavan mithai
4.askhya medical
5.sandeep opticals
6.balaji computers
7.Sri ratnlal sweets
8.Pvr pan mahal
9.metro cars
10.ib bakers
11.raghu chandra
12.curry point
quickly lot of prints took from cafe;
devi adveticing cell 9052200011

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sundays pics

sunday 21 st post

At rx governers cup attended;pics work continued; tobe careful about accident zones;
galatta for water and related tention;mohitfabs new id;optimushr,vanigroup; pending blog posted; camera picasa details noted;new cells to camera;again visiting cards filing work organised; 

20th august post

Morning email collection work given to gta; by evening sent them emails;one automated response had from hotel sai;One enquiry from jayadurga furnishing came for social media seen their web site;Morning one closing did and took some pics of the shops;Morning felt uneasy;
again it rained and evening work got distubed;Xerox prints help was good;thirdeye videos seen;byasfoto email problem also noted;

Morning good coverage of dailies did;fb ids noted;

morning calls;
1.veerabhadra pics
3.koti pan
6.koti pan
7.mayur pan
8.ramakrishna pan shop
9.pearls shop
afternoon emailing work at home;pics posting etc;fan repair work

evening; tried for payments;
ambara sarees 9866676536
mohit 9989907788

nslinfratech 9581412782
rvnirmaan 9246500414
vlcc 9966521555 ; 9346118907
computek 9290660053
barbi 92461 50708
balajicompuetrs 9866777444
hometown 9390516364
fortunedevpers 9440010441
lotushomes 9246186547
fb/brandfactoryofficial 605
fb/centralandme 2732
fb/centralparkgurgoan 13

19th august post

Morning photo collection work continued pics took at basheerbagh etc poor sun light;Tie up(channel partner) successful with martjack guys new knowledge is to concentrate on high paying clients,many leading brands are with them multiple grwth seen with abhay deshpande. met another writer there(mohin daulatana 9985517786,;peddamma tempel area,nilgiris shop,near by jubilee hills roads seen; by night most of the pics loaded to google got aproved for maps; Onway back near panjagutta florists seen;kvb bankers call received; morning owners request for money;near banjara hillas seen times hospital and few other shops;

Event managers ; 616;
On return seen vanigroup;arguments continued at home; night suffered with uneasy and iching; tie up is ok but day is gone without any income; night seen video of martjack

satuday 20th aug pics;hyderabad;roadside;phalli;bhatani;mch;ghmc;

                                       Phalli Btani hot on the roads of hyderabad

                                        Phalli Btani hot on the roads of hyderabad this guy sells

                                    Greater hyderabad buiilding pic from my Camera


18th aug post

1.quickly took some pics out side by afternoon all of them got aproved by google;
2.met lamination lady; idea has merged as to show same prints
4.had hair cut;color;
5.took help of gta for covers stamps
6.days pics submitted to google
7.12 way2msgs sent and saved them to list
8.sms sent to waheed
9.andhraspider 20258 days id plus gautamtmt,naidumotors;
10.bulksms 158 listings
11.haircutting 67 listings identified vising cards collected 187
13.called kiran
14 night neibours trouble both sides plus trouble at home;
15.seen youtube videos;
16.managed to send 21 mailers with help of gta;
17.again stamps purchased; aproved pics xerox copies took;
rain disturbance at evening work disturbed;

days cell numbers
1.kanishks 9949005500
2.tara homeo 9390945992, 9390645992
3.satilite 93905
4.thehope 9000228338
5.a?c solutions 9885125935
6.vimalpowerlines 9885217444
7.robotouch 8008006666
8.jrssofaworld 9246587012
9.jayadurgafur 9391049852
10.unnathityres 9849018789
11.lounge 9550401010
12.aousource advtg 9985999888 

17th aug

1.failure to continue morning work;
2.sahara florist failures
3.from musheera bad new road to ramnagar
4.sms sent to margadarsi
5.eleite driving school
6.met sai travels at morning
7.king cardianl
8.agrawala site seen
9.balaji computers identified;
10.met stya
11.kawadigudasro ok posted to net at morning(around 20)
13.morning new arial survey at kachiguda
14.rice guy met at ashok nagar
15.sandeep optiocals chikkadpalli
16.medical shop
17.patrikars web site seen sms sent
18.some cell numbers collected;
19.sahara,vasu,mithraa,laxmi medicals pics posted to google;
20.shantigears,sparktherise kingcardinal new ids
21.prajashakti press new area identified;
22.morning mahaaveer photo met(srikanth photo guy(9985488736)msg sent
23.met sony shop
24.night alexa top sites and indian sites seen
25.just dial analysis did and video seen at home

aug 16 th post

Facebook,Twitter have lakhs of local users develop ur Business on social media dont miss this opputunity start today! mail

1.corporator pics took;
2.closed vasu med;(1986)need of landline noted;(comp generated RX,organised lookup)
importance of msg noted;
4.sharatchandra(ghantasala college 9542244456
5.novagrainmerchant chikkadpalli 9866362289 8500126710
7.swathi,bizworld purchased;,
9.closed sahara(
10.met florist
12.met sapthagiri printers
14.posted 17 mailers;
15.purchased 20 stamps;
16.seenaiah call;
17.bhawarlals call;
18.shailaja minerals sharma 9908496399
19,recd martjack call;

morning google listings at home;
20.pest control; 191
21.packers &movers;750;338
24.carpet cleaner;50
26.scientific instruments;206 arms;3
29.tata net bill paid
30.petrol had
31. met mahavirphoto
32.called boys hostel but failed ashoknagar
33.tried hyd house kachiguda
34.electric bill paid
35.insulin purchased,met mithraa medicals;
36.met reg office guy; road at kachi guda;
38.ayurvedic shop picture
39.called Kiran posted;


15 th aug post;

survey of identifyng places contunued;aryans restaurant;joshi masala;opp blood bank road;pharma market st;kutbi guda;jambah;identified; koti pan shop;balaji ram narayan; golden fruit;paradise fruit; ntr estate pan shop;king florist;

attended galli leaders and took pics;quickly read dailies;

1.audishwar stores in hyd has; 12 branches;other places 42;
2.adarshamobiles; 28 in hyd;

Seen martjack traffic ranks 2676,seen videos,tweets read;Mostly at home;
top ten products sold on net identified; big video of martjack seen;customers reviews also seen;aug 15 wishes sent to friends;Night biryani had;helmets 55;fancy shops 605;7 more new ids into fold;gtas pressure;

14th aug post

Despite sunday ariel survey work continued;areas covered are ,Mahdapur,Kukatpalli,hitech city and jubileehills; On way back fish picked up;smooth scooter ride;

After long gap again attended rx met Prabhakar nellore guy; 9440416181;new exposure of malakpet market had;


13 th aug

days areas are jubilee bus depo boin pally,Karkhana area,contd;florists seen;M.G rd;

cheque sent for collection, neibours dynamics seen at compound when with satya; Total day is gone to be very careful on this kind of situations; no field work for the day;sent messages to all for raksha bandhan;


12 august post;hyderabad roadside seller;silver articles on roads;

Copper Items on sale on roads;

After morning survey seen one young boy selling following items on road;

                                                            unique prefession to make living

He said his name as viswanath;
much earliar to field around 5.45 am; amberpet road; good restaurant Swagath grand;poddar;ramanthapur;nagole;dilsukhnagar A long drive;on the way back ramkote area; vratham effect at home pressure felt to buy flowers etc;;tweeted for ka; hick noted on nagole road; tention for dustbin;sriya dress;banana cost;good count for kajal;satyas call;owners wish;To concentrate on side gallis;
Morning survey identified 2 pan shops;forgot to carry panwalls address sheet;
They have some investment though which all the show is running;
mj boys hostel 9440422687 opp paras;
good data for yesterday counted at 30.calls;

TIP:must close 2 entris daily;

pen is dropped again lost refil;
The Art Department Advertising, 10, Umanagar behind Country Club, Street No #2, Begumpet, Hyderabad 500016. Phone: +91 40 66460690. Email:

pens drop had to buy refil to be even more careful; identified another computer shop at malakpet;hamarasehar clientale seen;theartdepartment address;gopal gift watch was put on; seen new info;activated siddhani blog activated;

oversl devpmnts;
new watch,ring,new areas exposure,met sms guy details noted;water arrangement,new photos on hand;mailers ready with covers and 30 new xerox copies;2 new pan shops identified;1.rajdhani hotel another near ramkotes,satya,and ajays calls,new info from CTC of reliancedigital;himayat nagar oxford grammer school address; fixed daily target of minimum 2 closings;

11 th August post

    Osmania gen hospital;hyderabad

                                        some one was happily sleeping on pavment many homeless people resot in hyderabad is pavement

                                      There were lot of people out side temple for tips;

survey continued areas covered were mehdipatnam,karwan,jumerath bazaar missed to take pic;
called jana;
stop payment request activated successful quickly;recd msg also to cell;
morning calls;
1.adarsh mobiles;(anjaneyulu md;ramu)
met old neibour narsimha rao; 9948037762 vr 503,gayathri plaza;
3.125.jai sai travels;(monday hope)
4.126.padmavathi jewellers ganesh medicals;
7.129.sri veera bhadra collections;
8.jowar roti(yaya khan)
9.prestige(ref also got) added one more id;panwalls print;

morning cell numbers collected;
10.130.saimathrusri old age home 9581071329

check book collected by Gta is a one more devpmt;;

Morning calls closed prestige;( 2 hours net at sadgun;BP tablets purchased;confuion over money drainage; evening work lot of cell phone data collected;
7.hema hostel; 9848385741 sai lakshmi laminations; 9652939979
11.anand electric
13.cloth store
17.sri raksha driving school 9010581437
18.sri aditya mens hostel 9885067147
19.sri sai annapurna ladies hostel 9502914915
20.sai sumathi womens hostel 9866149850
23.srisubham horoscopes 9160047771
24.sri datta boys hostel 9347083642
25.lasya reddy boys hostel 9160652099
26.divya sai boys hostel 9989997888
27.visala deluxe ladies hostel 9396281089
28.sri mithra services 9393935108
29.rankers acdemy 9052717745
evening calls gave one assurance by 1.laminations lady,and 2.electricals guy;3.met paras guy;4.called one hostel guy;5.
docwriters data another 10;
days ids were teleparadigm;fb like code solved;fbml code seen videos;notifications of did;some pain in stomach;seen google maps; much response had for fish pond at home;loaded pics;

google listings; ashoknagar; 672;narayanaguda;545;chikkadpalli;315;himayatnagar;1565;= 3097;

tried to meet one press guy but he was seen busy;night left lazy to eat dinner; publicities night; 9848114925,9393614925


pics satish-dhanraj- 10th august-2011

Jawari roti selling plaCe near ashok Nagar Cross roads in hyderabad

                                Om sai marketing   hyderabad

                                Dhan raj rtc x roads

Morning arial survey work continued; Charminar and near by areas;took pic of charminar;High court area;bundh day call;

Morning calls made were Oil guy(lingeshwar rao) and his machines work;a quick wish to cellworld guys;ashok traders;Jowarroti pic took;arrow stationary pic took;checked clearance of cheque;purchased insulin for gta;collected some data of cell phones on the roads;
many of the pics have been aproved by google;
Lot of R&D work on google did at home at after noon;panwallas address collection work completed; facebook likes;
why growth is slow analysis did at home;
Poor planning for bath water got cold;Call from mumbai guyz;pistahouse site seen;martjack effect;
One success for hostel listing enquiry;

morning calls; Jyothi opticals;ashoktraders;key maker;zenith sales;sri mallikarjuna med stores.narender; om sai pic;jowar roti;

a long walk with GTa to kubera towers for courier and then to ramkote for Fishaquarium; Evening unable to do any more market calls;
night Satish called so went to him met dhanraj and took their pics;Satish financial problems was a surprise;

9th august posting

Mornig work got disturbed due to bank pass book and adhaar card work; both completed successfuly;gta got upset and went to chandanagar;mor survey continued for sec bad;ramgopal pet;gandhi hospital area;sr nagar;jubilee hills; Lot of rush cars near kasu park seen;

after noon took pic of keshav memorial school and sumitted few more pics to google;
met hyderabad opticals;followed by cine admaker;and lot of time spent there; work count proceed at kubera towers;

Missed lunch;shanti medical store was closed at after noon; day without income continued; Night nampally stn for book and koti area;Chikkadpalli data seen at google;
mesenger downloaded to computer;Night again over dosage;

9th aug post

Morning survery at gandhi hospital area some mess address;Ramgopalpet police stn;ameerpet;SR nagar;jubileehills;SBI account work address work completed successfully; addhar card initiated receipt also got in the bargain gta got upset;

pics loaded to blog;
days market calls were;
2.ram kapil sharma; cine directory availability address known;
3.refilling point;
mail sent to mumbai client;

8th august post

Days improvements include net at home ready;Transfered amount to jana and told him;Total calld did at market analysys did at afternoon;Scooter is ready again;Friendship days msgs sent and response had from Chalapti,satyam;Job aoofer from Mumbai;vasu group seen;13 market calls fro the day;SBI bank work got activated;Kubera towers exposure had;Kiran met and told about Justdial matter;

7th sunday august post

Night neibours interaction,morning arial survey continued sivam rd,univercity area,Trnaka straight drive,sangeet area, past analysed again,news papers 6 of them;highline restaurant, v.g.chimalgi photo goods, friendship day failed to msg;

night thief problem overdosage;
brought home things; insulin purchased; night blogs read; Good sunday;
wished;shriya,sneha,richa,owner,reddy,best friends analysed,srn call;green leafs lady,ramojis call,chandra msg,veg guys interaction,
insulin tablets,purchased,

5th aug post

Ariel survey of sec area did;Morning overnight flum trouble

dis with Suguna ;caste objections;new chappal for survey;Courier from gopal recd neibours non support;asked someone at eve bar for byke;Bad guy for scooter repair;some calls and arial survey;comfort after toilet got cleaned;

1.* 3 fish aquariums address at sec bad;
2.kajal movie release;
3.told mahavir abt their web site hacking;
4.followup of laxmi followup;
5.R.P rd;
6.SP. RD;
7.panjagutta area;
8.rajbhavan area;
9. Nallkunta area after noon;
11.daus branch; store;
14.sai lodge;
16.cloth show rooms;
19.swetha computers;
20.jagdamba pearls
21.sundarm motors;
22.plant aids;

Days market calls were;
mahavir;cam repair;
.biryani house sms offer;caupal fresh;gana sabha dancer;computer at nallakunta;mithraa;riceguy at barkatpura;(his FB id;

evening gandhi nagar area;
sandeep opticals;padmavathi saress;medplus;some printing press;balaji computers;lenovo show room;rice dealer;

shravan sudden exposure; whom i met second time prepared;Night chicken;Unble to work for hybiz;neibours menace;

Days net expoure;
almondhouse no 1 for dry fruits;
google listings checked;
paraspharma blocked;
1.Rice merchats; 599
optical shops;491
14.stone works;64 consultants;495
2.kakatiya listing with flicker youtube; facebook;
3.amging followers for zoozoo
4.cyber cafes 890; chemists listings 3d view;
6.laptop;845,furniture; 2824;mithai 294;pearls 1204;advocates 634;Gen stores 11 114;chemists 2437;doc writers 55;chicken 504;aquariums 105;web hosting 694;florists 304;jewellery 2559 bakery 1762;vegitables 260;
Morning embeded code of code to blog its working;

social media sms;>>>>>> facebook,twitter have lakhs of local users develop ur Business online dont miss this opputunity start today! Ramana Social Media Specialsit


4th aug post

news papers;margadarsi ad;traffic rank; 69 809;

morning very good field exposure;

areas covered are; sai lakshmi lodge narayana guda;chutneys himayat nagar;swasa info;
fathemaidan;sultan bazaar;GPO;siddiamber bazaar;maharaj gunjabids;osmaniagen hospital medical shops near by;afjalgunj;nampally;banjarahills;punjagutta;khairatabad;

days calls were;

new arihant,hybiz;world of titan;orbit,universal bakers;Mor;gehna;dadus;shyam mithai vatika;affairs; pics effect balaji cosmetique lord balaji photo discussion;

land marks were; adarsha medicals; shabbir medicals; model house;medwin hospitals; care hospital;mukesh medical hall;nims;anukar pharmacy;medinova;global hospitals lakdika pool;
sudden reaction at home by gta payment recd but doubt of orbit so somw amount is withdrawn;;met ppl;good exposure on videos;took cards;proposal form;
posted pics;posted pending entries;days id was; mithaishop;checked k computers;
followers count of so far sold; shopping with GTA;

phone calls;
hybiz; gopal;neteleixir,digital camera;laptop; call from srn; again lot of waiting at hybiz took toll;
night indiacom keyworks work did at home;

3 aug post

Blogs posted tweeted; 2 entries posted;One more pic got aproved at google ;iqcity;harimachines;supermaxworld;balajibajrang site seen;florists prints took at cafe;jainads listing seen;idea of watching eenadu ads in google;karachibakery listed no 1 for bakery at google maps;meherflorist blocked;good coverage of areas;

work at auto consultants;king koti;did around 10 calls;
days areas coverage;
abidsd area landmarks; sasports;famous tailors;pizza corner;; 1916/27 646;
Bashherbagh;nallakunta;musheerabad;kachiguda;chikkadpally;gaganmahal;king koti;koti;
days success is vijaya med; gta called and got 3 addresses;


2 nd aug post

Mor met gopal; hunger had puri then calls;
1.narayana guda bakery;anand singh; abids;
2.bake zone; computers;
5.venkateswara medicals;
6.ashok traders;
8.cellworld;fb id;
9.dolphin electronics;

net for 2 hours?

lot of google maps seen;stanzoopages;

then to vasu and hybiz; lot of waiting; hunger;
evening work;
1.anand electricals;
2.laxmi lamination;
3.Ganesh company;Nagamuni
5.romy motors;
6.soma extn
8.suresh textiles;
9.friends florist;
10.divya med sores;
arial survey of;22 shops;night arial survey; of 60 shops;

1st august post

Gopals call at morning and wastage of time at evening;morning found difficulty in managing Tea etc;Yet managed days calls count is 14; luck came from vijaya cottage; Power of Social media is known now;
new web knowledge for the day is; data supply to google; chemist maps data work r&d spent for long time; hope to become a google publisher;yahoo maps also seen;pic supply to google hope has emerged and sent mailto them failed to attend skype interview for the day; By evening Gta came back;
new knowledge at some digital shop for 10 lakh mobile numbers;Enquired with Camera guy for cells; Gtas assurance at home for computer at home;during the work shortage of leaflest disturbed it took to visit new road to keshav memorial school;gandhi met on chat later his call;
2 new ids for the day;sayanisurgicals; Srns call; baba*company ramzan information;75 shops printouts on hand;