Thursday, July 01, 2010

june 2010

30th June 2010
last day of month gave some results; tv at syams shop and got back mobility power(scooter);felt tired whole day due to scooter stress;Unable to concentate on big twitter ids consolidation work;kamlakars miised after leaving;most of the deciding persons not avaibale at points except live in guys promise;net alow hampered further chances;seen twitter counters top 1000 people of the world;Silver chain enquiry with ramoji and rs 50/- from mama;enjoyed masla puri;

manmohan singh(26 sept 1932) profile read;iam on top of 25000 people through twitter;read tweets of some people;paris hilton seen;new idea of generating references at field work;tea shop guys enquiry;news article of mirating from print line to net;

29th june

No income day;mistly spent with kamalakar;pening entries posted;some web sites seen;brought new visting cards;who are earning surplus moneiey?;schools listings chance syam;

28th june post

Activated Rim a/c after some break to speedup the things;known about chengaiahs damage;after reaching syams shop spening some time there to fild and surprisingly had good responce with almost 700;Visiting cards printings ordered again and also got cell phone repaired 2 big developments for the day;news of facebook 800 employees at hyd?;
shocking followers count 4 the day;managed to post blog with pic;again felt like space ships help;met ramoji at evening with bad shirts sweating and followed by sitting;printout and data power at cell phone repairs shop;lot of time spent in organising ids work got bored due to stress; some info about bigger global brands;fresh idea of they have already created a offline presence before going online;seen mallyas a/c got verified;

27th june post

boring sunday payments settled st syam and met him;1 hour net 2 days blog posted;brucelee 1940;jackie chan 1954; 3700 theatres in andhra pradesh;rgv coverage st sakshi;rats menace at wineshop;janas call;kalaproduction and gmsexp blocked;

25th june

managed to tweet with all 5 accounts with reasonably good content;to maintain good relationship with audience a new point;30 companies dob seen;23 new ids again;nazeer travels save 4 the day;cellphone jp order;4 hours net;pending data posted;new note book 4 companies;logo can be kept at veduku like skf;read reviews of raavan;

26 th june post;
to gudur 2 deliver chalapti orders;lof of interation with hin; reached back late no net;power of beleif;read santhosham;338 centres of 'simha movie'.chalapathi tips read.

24 th june post

nagiri exposure and one dw entry plus one shop;ok day with 3 payments and some data and one order and some consolidation and yetanother day;one guy was quick close at puttur;read swati got good tweeting content;arthagardenia got into fold;

history at wiki seen;ashoka 2oo bs,1000 chengis khan;pallavas 1100;babar 1085;akbar 1542; krishna devaraya 1509;nizams; 1724;

tablets purchase;news of kamalakars return;during work at puttur new point i need to carry more prints as example and more content should be there at site too;discussion with neibour and unusual behavior of cheng?

23 rd june

total income sources analysed from jan first.173 days.tweets managed but insecurity is looming large of black berry;kajal profile changed to chennai;one more t id sumangold;twitter ids companies and their begining and web sites presence seen. dob of celebs continued;rs 400/- from market;posted pending entries;slow net dampened work;
lot of discussions with jana on line and pwd of nt took;trisha was tweeting so well;and allusirish work also impressed;tarak tweets read;who is behing any successful background;lord venkanna is there from 9 th century; calls bakery guy opp srinivasa theatre;sindhuri park sons information;shouls i keep twitter ids in darkness;car crafts entry posted;rims9 site seen;

22 nd june post

Success at market again one at morning and another at evening;Night spent time with chengaiah;afternoon chengaiahs book for date of births;356 or 700 clients needed for me;tweets of jenelia read;new idea of celebs page to be created;followers to promote to existing twitter corporates;chengaiah and somu tea shop guy;skfyellowpages book was heavy at hand;used autos;songs effect at cyber cafe;checked my key words strenghth at google;to change bio at important ids;long tour plan of entire andhra; must be known to most;more exposure to other of me;

21st june post

Morning surprise is meeting chengaiah and news of kamalakar but missed to take ph number;posted pending entries;easy day with 3 payments but all of them were commited ones; found new cyber cafe;almost 4 hours net spent 4 the day;posted blog and managed tweets;slept very early;my tweet about ravan controvercial?;luck water arranged and wash;followers continued to add up;read about dns system;first 100 domians known;digged my twitter email ids and also segregated;japneese companies on in net;3 more ids;most of the agencies have computers;

20th june post

morning new idea emerged as to work even on sundays like any other day and that plan implimented and got immediate success with 3 payments and 2 ok s. enjoyed the day with 2 movies.spent some time with fans in tweeting. new info from sitara film mag.lunch at home.
lot of work did at koneru morning in organising twiiter ids.janas message.vilans movie review at sakshi read and ram gopal varma coverage also read.geneliad vatika messages read.

19 june 2010

Spent rs 40/ 4 net. No income day. more Body  pains. famous ppl  Date Of births written. missed lunch. slept very early night. tweets managed.flood of wishes for k.curious one at wine shop. chittor remote places info read.still there are 100 listings can be closed at Tirupati.


18 th june post

My temper at cinema? need to be taken care now.Net was fine at sridevi cafe.Peram hari babu story.greenhomegroup.chittoor movie market.jafrullahs call and pressure movie with kamal.morning tiffen at bhimas.comment on master of mynaa.unusual response at syams shop.met chinni.rain was expected.tweets maintained.3 hours straight net drive many pending works got finished.illeana tweets.twitter japans story.localtiger story.nm mudliar exposure.success at market.yet another day.sit ups managed at koneru.140 countries and hyderabad not there.bonus wash managed.argument with kamal?.localtiger story.
commitment from washerman.

17 th june

evening success again.days social media includes mama niranjan,chengaiah new offer,prabhkaran warangal back end office, pressure with reddy melody sudden hickup?,Bawa at home? Mom? global park morning laminations eening scanning head ache,
days developments: followers continued,prinouts,lady tailors commitment, other color cards,prinout power at vasavi ceramics,new notebook for twitter,lot of R& d with date of births,free blog posted typing.45 years of swati,sribalaji anniversary day.

head aches: scanning failure,pressure by boys and girls,insecurity,cyber cafe failure,pending work piling up?

16 th june post

days marketing calls: another fighting day survived; mostly dob of companies noted;evening got major success;unable e to walk: success at rk photo due to image print; google listings idea;villages will now will use net thru cell; dress power 4 the day;info of fortune 500 companies; 2 note books 2 pens paste buiscuits;;managed tweets with south scope info;byke is must;scan failure; cell phones menace continued; night discussion with hotel guy interesting; federal bank no manju foods followup. rk photo ok; future mobiles naTIONAL MOBILES dry cleaners eve; top drycleaners got commitment plastics ok homoeo ok mahaveer jewellers 15 days; trade mark details;calender; 10 years established; bearings home appliances ok artist fishes;No bindu; dry cleaners;

15th june post

Morning news of jayamma sisters death unable to attend related trauma plus irritation by sister.then to puttur via renigunta after few attempts some success stories whole day suffered with inability to attend funeral.
managed to post net and some entries.earliar printouts data helped at renigunta.evening rain spoiled work.night dr babu met then abuse of alchohol.yet another day.

TUESDAY, JUNE 15, 2010

14 th june post

Blog posted tweets puttur of idlebrains coverage of star cricket by someone.brand jacking knowledge of twitter.need of a professional web site.discussion with some boys while return from puttur and info about genelia.corporates cant afford to luse presense at twitter.evelution of internet known thru wikipedia.stamlobeta purchased.all 3 payments failed at opticals payment got.650 income 4 the idea of google listings chance to convince customers.

13 th june

very boring sunday.afternoon to cafe seen dob of some portals.night to movie iron man.depression.monday flash on twitter they are growing faster.

11 th june

Rainy day very late to field work this time to puttur first time in life by bus.did field work and collected some data.2 entries booked one payment missed one at tirupati.organised emails further in yahoo folders.evening Prabha met.Nt renewal date seen.manishtravels,sooryamarbles got.due to rain cell again started misbehaving.jana followup.mailed thulasi.lunch missed.belige site seen.

10th june

luckily cell phone got income from market.9655 plus new 95?.calculations of tpt clients to be around 300.met mama.night met chengaiah and kamalakar.

9th june

must leave tirupati now.veduku renewed.nitrafurniture.9565 from prints took.attended majeed meeting at feeler got when read last 1 month blog can convince corporate by personal meeting.chengaiah met at night.miracle at ratnam school.body pains.missed syams shop.rain in the morning.chengaiah and kamalakars knowledge exposed.

8th june post

Felt upset over kalayan residency episode;morning work failed.veduku renewal issue was so sudden mangaged it somehow.niranjans call menace.veduku banner from fullhyd removed.2 payments(opticals,dry cleaners).2 ids gohindi,radhaashok.managed yet another day.syams failure.met venus of tirupati futher ngendra info.belige guy info.Tea shop lady.kamalakar met at night.huntingline for emails couldnt be developed.need to leave tirupati quickly.

8 th post

banner at fullhyd gone.cinesouth,indiprofile into fold.

7th june post

morning for some time found difficult to wakeup.very big bouncer at silpa marketing.surprise ok at buynsave.kalyanresidency room arrangement and price details from manager sindhuri park 25% info;.walked more.days dress worked.dry cleaner and federal media mailer created.hope from venus hotel.met manju foods too.sent emails to some corporates.chengaiah met at morning.tweeted 4 k and setha basu.managed to post blog.theserai email missing.
days ids;cinesouth:indiaprofile;
dry cleaner posted.

only 110 new followers.2 news ids hygrevar.536flower.again data grabbed for about telugu directors.5 dailies coverage about jayaprada,kota srinivas rao.21 sunadays have gone.One more email response had.nagurs call.kajal counter 2778.poor sundays dress.raajneethi directors interview read.

5 th june post

In the long run one thing is known that one decades work can be achived in just one day those yellowpages entries someones hard work.Morning kamalakar met with his friend and i was busy in searching mo lost keys miraculously got back them.3 more ids 200 from market.most of the entries of data posted at blog.lathas knowledge skills got exposed.tweeted but followers were reduced marginally.met commitments from muppuri,ogeneral,optical guys.met balaji florist.rejection from tkr opticals.met tyres prints took.tried for ftp but failed.hunting list for emails started and got back replys day but dint make much use of it.

june 4th

500/- from market.3 more ids;mbacalibre.tmcelectronics;tpgindia.2 phone numbers added.muppuris failure.byke support is must.12 huntline ids listedout.prabhakarans language skills.akshaykumar.raajneethi.2 tweets.opticals entry added.ghantasala effect at syams shop.120 new followers.wash.

3 rd june 2010

Finally sachin crossed priyanka and marching on.Each day counts at twitter and they all need to join one day or the other and 125 new people to fold.shrutihasans tweets seen.hunting line of news dailies entries upto 17 identified this is major task.pending entries posted at net and got relieved.evening managed to meet poojith hotel and some hope for next day.every country celbs have ranks and i need to have a place as my adda.met syam at night.tarumu file fuether looked upon.2 entries closed 4 the day.managed dress for the day.brief work of my tirupati client list work.

cell phone menace missed lic sudha.bouncer at modaliar because of no print on hand.missed lunch.heat continued.fitula,poojith,tkr,tailor,hotel balaji hopeful.whats 10-1- 10??. got exposed to hotel sindhuri guy.

june 2 nd post

Morning meditation suffered due to flies. 169 new people added again.tweeted and kept back ground pic again.priority listing wok started.failure at frigdex and patel and more with tirupati listing almost getting evaporated.morning work dint fetch any thing.managed with 2 evening listings and managed yet another day.people must use veduku.
vilekhari: 24 32 601
nt; 26 l
new hunch by going personally i can close deal;10 hunting lines to develop;hivellore a new blog;managed to post listings and took blog prints.bigtirupati dilip cell; 94403-40549.

1 st june post

Day gave good satisfaction as with one session work gave 500 plus a web site with data of tirupati and 2 ids (bigtpt,moodumullu).147 new people into fold.unable to work in the morning??.unable to help syams problem in the evening also got disturbed with evening work due to energy leves too.
new idea of assuring of top slot in veduku and try them.clearcut advantage of visiting card on hand noted.again huch got to replace kajals pic in profile.vasu frames guy met.