Thursday, October 31, 2019

oct 2020

1st oct Thursday 2020
Tight stomach; prahlad called exchanged info;
Throught the day at home; Top 100 Indian brands known;

2nd Oct Friday 2020;

Paid Chetta bill; Known about ecwid; Again total day at home; known about how to merge adsense proces known ;
Met Sunrise fruits guy he said yes;
Known about hungrykart from there;

3rd Oct Saturday 2020

Chat with Ajay had: Met hungrykart guys not positive; Good response had from 2 of acupressure guys;  good response had from Suresh Babu;
Incoming calls continued for Roti machine;
Advance got from fruits vendor (karthik) ;

4th oct Sunday 2020
Got up early; Video took from park and kept emoji and link this is new development; Few people have replied to wahatsapp;   Got checked  Blood sugar levels reads at 199 ; Unexpected way Liquidated  stocks and reduced stress but double indulgence; Took Data from accu Begumbazaar guy ladies beauty care products and prices; Had chat with Ajay;  called Balaji and known few things on  Cricket shouts; prahlad called; called Krishiah gollapally;
Activated Sunrise shop; Enjoyed surya namaskar song;

5th Oct Monday 2020;
Felt troubled to wake up in morning due to overnite double dose ;
Managed  tweets and messages anyway; Samo said bye while leaving heart warming one; Morning one lady called for Pellibuttalu later enquired with makers in evening; Kept ph number for fruits and created oct file;
Gta created visiting cards quickly; Met R. Krishnaiah for sandesham;  
Eye sight new testing did new frames got;
Attended saaksyam  meetup had nice exposure  with guys had lunch;Incoming calls continued;  
Called Rami Reddy confidence protocalls known; No call from hungrykart ? One video seen; Byke Battery  trouble enquired;  Known more abt ecwid; Nayeem called while iam in lunch;

6th Tuesday oct 2020;
Ajay met in park had good discussion and took video again which was seen by kishore later; Called Vittal known about Gandhi; Helped  Nayeem to release broken one from Vrl;
Got yes for Machine guy but very small input 
From where to get ads for saakshyam couldnt be identified;  Called saaksyam guy for logo; Got  Visiting cards as staff reporter  printed; Called Koti finally;  called Madhu and Suresh vja; Called Bava and Bujji had their feedback;  Good responce from prasad Eswaraiah mama son he interacted very nice; 
Poor response from Dharmaiah; House lady asked some help to gta; Got  sandesham letter designed by Kishore  after a long wait and party continued and got Bonus Rs 400/_ also with  new product.
tieup for products failed with Handicrafts  but  had commitment had from Marriage buttalu;  Called Dharmaiah and dw Prahlad;  Xerox copies taken of introduction letters;
Met wedding studio guy had his positive  feedback by father; 

7th October Wedday 2020;

Met Prahlad travel strain had no use he committed for a message; Got Suraksha bottles created content with the help of gta later sent to whatsapp groups many have seen but no use not a single order;  Ajay took video of sunrise seen Ghee and Honey 2 extra products in sunrise; lalith called known comments  moderation issues;

8th  Thursday  October 2020;

pellipilla gampa
attended D d park SBI welfare park with Ajay;  As call received from Vykuntam attended and took details and known rates later posted to blog; Further edited blog; Suffered from severe leg pains; night horror of staying in lakdikapool dinner missed; called Nrn and had positive feedback; called Chengaiah; Acuproducts also posted to blog;

9th October  Friday 2020; came back to home; Total day flopped due to overnite trouble;
10th October Saturday 2020
Few more videos seen on gampa   few more  keywords gained on  Pelli gampa and related Sampradayam  events etc ph numbers also got; Begumbazaar shop info known; Listed out top 100 selling products online by night; shown my family photos samu known her name spell; ameen and Cheg called cheng gave one reference; incoming calls continued for Roti making machine; edited  Narayanaguda video kept content and keywords for  pelligampa; received more than 1 lakh views for youtube as fresh; Saksyam guy called asked postal address and my blood group; eye trouble related issues have continued; gtas pressure about expences on Sea foods rejected;  flop of CSK ipl match seen and known about strategy; Bigboss gangavva gone; leg  mobility problem continued;

11th Oct Sunday 2020
Attended park alone which was unplanned ;  rejected gtas complaint on cheppal wash;  few calls recd for roti maker; talked to samus mom and known about weight hike; Essencials of e com store known like discounts and contact details; Scanned  and read back note book recent pst; Rami Reddy called his tip was to get support from management; Called Acu Begumbazaar guy; Read about vegetable cleaner negive of us FDA; I must collect my fathers photo;

12th October Monday 2020
Got 2 machines to hand; some more info got from begumbazaar guy; rainy day traffic  zam time wastage; failed to activate ecwid related depression; prahlad called; withdrawn more cash;
Known about accu pen; Failed to decide few products to buy; 
Purchased leg nagnets;

13th Tuesday october 2020
Kachigudaguy said to have tieup with dtdc;  Calls continued; vrl transport charges known; Throught the day rains continued unable to go out;  called few marriage guys; Known about Begumbazaar swastic mirchi near shop; Krisha district pelli  Bondalu guys sent pictures; Called chennai guy for e commerce tie up Sundar;

14rh October Wedday 2020; Powerless day; Communication totally collapsed; By night restored; Met Reddy at Bar;

15th oct Thursday 2020
Eye vision trouble; Gujarati galli and school mobile and Electronic markets exposed top sellung one is head gear;  Met Kachiguda acuguy known about magnetic pen wuality one; Exposed to VRL ; Known abt Ankit furnishing;  Called suresh; Co tributed to vegitables;  Took auto service and his number;
Known about Gangavva billage show; known about pet shop dealer;

16th friday Oct  2020;
Overall very promising day;
After whatsapp message about acup products on hand  Prahladh gave order one Roller purchased this is boosting success ;   Sponcered lunch; visited Murali ; Gta sponcered new Helmet gift purchased ; Return journey to home was really tough;  Eve met Srija Beauty products and top moving products listedout; With gta visited Koti met sri krishna agencies; one call recd for pelli Gampa; Call from Mama and Dhana: Power trouble in evening; incoming calls continued;

17th  Oct Saturday 2020
Spine Roller and Leg pads purchased by evening checked its price on Amazon but confusing prices. Met Gampa lady wholesale rates known. Met 2 optical whole sellers. Purchased power of lifting huge stocks and Cinema fashion effects known. Met  lady  leather Bags guy near Abids  but no use had Nice Tea in India gate Hotel. Known Navata transport near by. By night had a solid research of profit margins for few products; Ajay gave info on paypal and small margins of many products;

18th Oct Sunday 2020
Skipped attending marriage;
Morning sent msgs to all about product selection guidance  plus tweet very very poor response received;
Visited Begum bazaar again missed tunk lace again but made a note of other shops there; Seen moosi River floods ; Met Rahul for products a new person;  Sun Glasses guy replied and thats positive ;  gave left over one  but to see what happens after a fall; Enquired Bondam guy near house; Sakshyam guy have called for id card; Watched Cricket in night;

19th Oct Monday 2020
Morning enquiry did with Sbi and activated card work and initiated hold work; Arranged few required things to home; Evening attended one Roti machine call but failed to convince big cintact;
Pictures from sun glass guy and Bags guy Begum bazaar received;
Need of complete Roti making knowledge known;

20th Oct Tuesday 2020
Morning posted  lenses photos on whatsapp recd 3 respinses;
Gta  low sugar trouble at eve; soldout; yono and lekhari enq did bank;  Known about usa 110 converter machine price 10 plus 10 shipment costs;
Followup of Pets guy did; Called Tunk lace guy; 1k pricing issue faced; To some extent fb issue solved; Found one new Auto guy;

21st Oct Wed 2020;
Confidence gained after
Gta preparation of Jowar Roti; Importance of product description content read;
Had severe acidity;
Got back machine ok tention releived;
Met Bharat bottle guy new ideas of  perfume packing got:
Yoga mat agency guy met  but no use Ashoka Marketing known;
Known wholesale market of Mobiles building suggestion had from a lady;
Saved 20 contacts from Nihiras collections; Enquired Dtdc courier rates this is real time development; Read Tips on how to sell online;
Mobile internal memory;  Can save upto 10 k phone numbers; Fb look alike groups ; Importance of Broadcast known; 
Known lot of insights of whatsapp cataligue and its 500 products.

22nd Oct Thursday 2020
Lot of Mobile Data added; Catalogue  pictures further loaded; 
Met Decent Electronics guy and got exposed to home appliances now; Met mobile huy and exposed to mobile accessories now; yesterday night rest problems took on hidy unabke to work further;

23rd oct friday 2020;
Met perfumes had pisitive feedback; ap leathers to meet at November 1 st week;
Called Teddybear Behumbazaar guy; Added  new phone numbers and new pictures photos; poor respinse from wedding suits guy; product description kept for Kalamkari; Called Sachadev: calls reduced for roti machine; one enq generated for Teddybear; ajays call recd in morning;

24th oct sat 2020
Met wedding studio guy; sakshyam group began greeted them; Added pictures of few more catogories; added some more data; interacted with whatsapp messages; Hope remained with Roti machine; power of a dinger known; Bathukamma festival day;


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