Saturday, December 31, 2016

December 2016

Morning submitted papers at RDO office; Attended MLA Kotam Reddy office and met Chennai shopping mall; later tried Durga pickles ; DTP work underwent and paid  Ramababu; C A certificate work also managed; 3 g data problem at Hotel Riyaz;  Gold Palace also failed;

29th December

Hyper hunger levels in morning poor chutney at Ramalingapuram; Fresh  Diclaration  work took new trun took back old addresses papers  and spent much time with it and replaced it with new seenaih address this is really good turn for the trip; Team work fetched; Rim zym, engineer, and Idli guy;

Seen old issues at Rambabu last year work fetched; Fights in abdulla cafe;
Purchased Blue shirt and Baanian; Severe leg pains throught the day due to that byke fall; wash managed at night;

28th Dec 2017

Morning 50 more entries of launching dates of Nellore loaded from cafe; Paints payout recd; followed by 3 near by calls; Evening work with NRN and Suresh fetched but had Bykes fall; Met Dinesh  and Navya took pics;

27th December 2016 wedday

Morning ith samba to new industrial area and did few calls; Pickle; Zam; bricks; buiscuits and came back; Took returnede cheque from bak; Met saravana; Navata ; sgm textiles; geetha lights guy; ghadbad in bar afternoon later at Idli point; Lot of whats app interaction had today; Some pics took;

Night known Chemicals guys; Activated plastics and also retrieved g plus data from cafe; Chat with lodge guys;


26th Monday December 2016

6 days left for new year;
Called RDO;
at 2pm;

1.Gta lights;
2.Dress guys;
3.S V Book links;
4.Modern stores;
5.Durga Bhavani swets;
6.National jewellery;
6.Fancy electricals;
7.Durga Bhavani  sweets
8.  SCXB;
9. Nrn;

25th December Sunday 2016

SCB payout; gta trouble and mssged chinna; posted yesterdays blog;
100 nellore startup dates retrieved; Karun Nair content added;

24th December Saturday 2016

 Hectic day!

This time met RDO directly;  Used mobile and called  5 people all flex guys;
Field calls dint fetch at all despite hard work ; Byke is used for Seenaiah and NRN;
Pending blog posts of two day posted; 2 and half hour net surfing; Mr ads g plus code received and activated it; 2 fresh activations managed; suresh tailors; Subba reddy tirupati;
 Pwd changed for vilekhari1;
1.Ramesh flex;(Flop)
2.National Jewellery;  he was busy;
3.Sri Sai lights
4.Simhapuri glass;
5.SV book links; (Monday;)
6.Met one video
7.Cosmetics guy; card took;
8. geetha lights;
Poor drink at new place;
Night meet up at sai cafe;
Met madhu; raja; samba; alambana; Ravi sankar;
lawyer paper purchased; Unable to sit for long time;
Night blanket at Lodge saved but poor sleep;

23rd December 2016; Friday;

Anam Viveka nanad areddy December 23, 1950  flex board throught the city on hid birthday occation but no press ads;Morning analysed December work thats confidence booster;Trip o Gudur successful  had exposure of long straight of bypassroad plus hoardings of Gudur took some pics;  Ramanaiah RDO guy;Jana came to chat;
Night fights in bar; Had apple;

22nd December 2016 Thursady

Morning heavy trouble of acidity;Phone call to Sex Doctor has fetched paved the way new strategy; closed one tailor; Took print from rambabu; Vija Bhaskar met at night; Auditor said no;Dresses guys commitment got for monday;Dropped  the cheque;Room shifted;
Flex guy;


21st December Wedday

21st December Wedday

Tried for C A certificate and RDO both have failed; Closed Venkata rama Paints; Anurag Lodge payout; Met Simhapuri ; Arcade also reneued; Evening Raja furniture renued but Very small payout gave one diary;
SCB gave commitment; Sankyo said will meet;

20th Tuesday December 2016;

20th Tuesday December  2016;

Night over night sleep and got up much earlier;Good day at Nellore;  called  RDO satish; Submitted papers to post office; later took circulation copies from ramabai and tie up for Jan issue also had took pic of madhava; Got RO copy of Krishna Patnam Port; 2 cash payouts Shantilal; Jain gold ( new point of image scan); Met simhapuri lodge and Anurag Lodge; Brush and Gillete razor and top up for Gta; Lot of waiting at bank for cash; rami reddy; antima theerpu guys suggestions; Nellore contacts so far listed out;Madhura sweets 1985

Called lot of friends buy none in contention indulgence and rajni gandha are disturbing work take  decidion fast;

19th December Monday2016

Morning lof of content and pictures  loaded to jan issue;Travelled to Nellore by byke touching renigunta, naidupet; Gudur furniture pics took and also got commitment;tiresome journey; Known about pickles place; Only success at tottembedu; met seenaiah and sabadu known about samba caste strategy; Gudur caterer s hoarding seen;


20th December 2016 Tuesday

20th December 2016 Tuesday

19th December 2017 Monday

1.To office; take RNI; up talk time;   3.Top up 3 g;
4.Call pavan
5. some field Calls;
6.After Lunch Travel to Nellore
7.Take prints of target sheets;

18th December 2016 sunday;

My targets and Pavans segregated this is good work; 111 and 21
Partha dental ; Positive Homeopathy ads on home page;
Days Eanaadu ads; regal fitness leela Mahal;Raju gari ruchulu;Tweeted;

Apple lounge; One luckey closing saved the day;

Ashwins suggestions anyway; To catch ad agencies booking agents;

17th dec saturday 2016

17th Dec Saturday 2016;
OMG Blank day despite joint work;  Another top up; Did almost 6 calls with pavan met alankruta;took Kalamkari work pic; nandini  fast foods raju gari ruchulu; cauvery, fast foods guy;  siout with Pavan at Eden park someone also joined;

Morning lot of work did at home for January issue; Took Gta to Near govinda raja swamy teple purchased calender and sent it by courier; Purchased Jyothi calender;
Night joined with Ashwin had long time chat;

16th december friday 2016

Morning jolt  ads are missing and arguments with gta; Me and pavan in work Iam successful; Bastard play again no reporting; Told  Manaohar Reddy about late pay;
Modaliar success; Eshwar Opticals,  S R Scientifics, Secret Styles are success stories;
Byke fallen and lever broken got it repaired it anyway Naik cell phone saved;

Met Rx guy; 7 gb top up this time plus cell ph top up 2 weapons are ready; Arguments galore due to Tv; Ashwins request to come to nellore to decide; called NRN;
Followup did with Harini  received jpg image but its not saving; Ganesha electricals to Singapore; SR Scientifics son got introduced; PICS of eshwar; Secret; Modaliar ; Subba Reddy took;
Gta continued work at home; ( field calls managed for the day; huge top up 0f 7 gb; night ads work did from home;

15th dec; thurday; 2016;

Edited price list from srdevi complex lady and later got it xeroxed then given to pavan;
Loaded few of marriage vedeos; Night Chintala chenu apartment and gave leaflet to lady;
days calls 1.Djon; 2. achari; 3.harini;4; fishes;
5.Called aravind marraige contractor;
6.Music guy;
7.Chitala chenu;

Anju dr srujana  daughter pics loaded;
Eve traffic on karakambadi roads;
December month re alalysed;
Kept Accupressure ads;Mumbai rx checked;
Lloyd exclusive show room ad;
dojin smart restaurant  met gave letter; world tea day
Dr srivani Devuru
chadala vada sucharita birth day;
ventramana  Ex MLA 2nd death annivarsary;
Dharani properties;

annapurna catering;
rajaram catering;
Sai sudha corp;
sumanth homes;
raghavendra marriage contractor; tiruchanur;
pakkalamma temple; c siva prasad; cell; 98662 82113;

Arvind mar contractor; s naga raj; 9666599389;
sri amarajyothi group of kalyana mandapam; n balaram naidu;
classic events; chintalachenu;
visneswara towers;siva;988520761
kommu rakesh; chenchaih yadav
cloud 9;
Star Dental;
Sri lekha restaurant;
partha dental;
Nri academy;
Vasavi Agencies;
Global ac;
31.Accor school;
32.Balaji enterprises;
Annapoorna; fishes;
Manal residency
J P Dental;
raju gari ruchulu; (not in ggl maps )

Edit price list;
use ph pls; Dr  J P  Reddy;
maintain 5 plus call average;
Tooth Brush;
Take card from Optical guy;
Still more content to add up;
Consolidate further;

14 th December 2016 wednesday;

6 Field  calls 4 k income for the day;  Sudhakar neuro; Pavan met at night had Chat;
Prints took in after noon from Cafe later analysed the data in it so this is another big achivement for the day; Segregated eenadu local ads 100 plus in morning;

Success at Harini; Camera centre;  back at home gta started pasting work; xerox of addresses took; Drpped the cheque at KVB:
brought home; odonil; 

14th dec wed day 2016

Organised  januaray  vetuku 2017 issue; Blankets to clean regularly EEnadu;
Tpt EEnadu local issue 105 target ads listed out;

2017;Jan issue
activate mr ads; nutty delite;

1.Camera Guy renewal +++; Use phone;
Secret Styles;
Call  Dr J P reddy nlr;
4.Subba Reddy
5. J P dental;
6. Get net prints;
7. Call Pavan
Collect  card from Bhavani opticals;

Bus stand;
Keep mughl e azham content;
Watch Rx file and activate  tpt team;
Other ads on eenadu work to list  out quickly;
ttd diary and calender;
listout other eenadu ads segregated;


13th december tuesday 2016

No power in morning suffered so very late to field work one luckley closing followed by hunger and indulgence; Took stamps and  prints of addresses and  4 old issues for nellore postal dept; Retrieved left over Eenadu papers and ads  listed out from them; night Keyword consolidation work did  for Chennai,Bangalore,mumbai,Delhi,pune,ahmedabad,kolkata; Had vegitalble soup and Regipallu;

Flashes for the day; take Pics of all clients; and emails to collect;

12 th december monday 2016 plans;vardha cyclone

vardha cyclone

Seen big ad of freecharge in eenadu;vardha cyclone day winds and rain throught the day;  Seen eenadu November ads and segrgated them; had whatsapp chat with friends;Most of the plannings posted to blog;  Later no power  first time in life chekka bhajana;

11 th December sunday 2016

Posted still more of January issue content; scanned eenadu; arranged chicken and anti diareahals so problem sorted out; checked Cash on Hand; Seen last december blog;
 Met loka wife in evening took cell number 8019445292;
Indiarace web site dint fuction?
Night met vasavi sweets got his commitment; cheque passed; Gta paid last 3 months dish bill; Seen Bahubali movie;
days data hemadri mobiles;
To release jan issue much earliar;
Nlr renewala clients list prepapred; Tpt hit list and November ads listed out with gtas help;

vishadam;10 th december; saturday; 2016;


Unable to use phone; theplabo t id;
Scanned zaminryot; eenadu; loaded eye doctors entry of nellore;Tweeted;Jan  2017 content work began; unable to work as per plan in field; again gold loan took; Managed to meet Buy n save and get small order; visited office; Scanned Telugu velugu;

Night purchased insulin needles;  Milk; overan sr; gas trouble tablets; Gtas help and funding had again; Met Bhavani opticals;
Worked on hyderabad categories for longtime;

1.Subba reddy;
2.Buy N Save;
3.Camera guy;
4.Andhra surgicals;

Jan hit list;
Attach vising card;

2.J P Dental;
3.Camera guy;
4.surgicals; subba reddy; bobby;
5. call scin doc; dr sirisha;
6.achari; sculptor;
8. sapthagiri  call;
9. nlr care dental;
10; subhamasthu;
11.dr sirisha;


9th dec november 2016

9th Dec  Friday;November 2016:
Lets see how the day shaped in;
Sharpened news paper file on hand;Success started with new point at stock point; visited office later got yes nod from  bhavani optical guy; Manohar reddy called met him seen his new outlet; later big yes from caterer and 2 failures at sros; Took gaganam copy from office; 2 entries noted; Byke chain problem fixed; later Dtp work of tpt address work coolly finished;
Hit list for january listed; this month dates written;
Called pavan; bramha reddy; whats app chat with chinna Vja; Afternoon felt tiresome and gtas massage helped;
Contribution to home continued; Milk; eggs; pakoda; Onions;
Night hand loan got from munawwer and met  nainar Gopi Cauvery handicrafts;
Morning calls of fans shop on the way and card collected; tricky road objection needed to be noted;

8th December 2016 Thursday

Got up early ;Again busy day at Nellore;  Few shops yearwise launches of nellore shops written on books; scanned 3 papers eenadu;the hindu;Jaminryot;   again helped seenaiah 20k;Unable to walk any way had Pongal and vada parcel;called Rami reddy; Rx Rama Chandra Reddy came to lodge had nice chat about rx; Ram Mohan Reddy from Tirupati office  called this time; Worked by foot and could close 1 k orders and thats a great surprise for the day; I can do it from now; On the way met KVNs brothe took his card;
long chat with lodge manager; wished oldman;

Met Vennela Florist; Surendra known abt his brother;  globewatch company guy;optical guy order; Met surendra brother son Aghunik opticals afternoon vacated lodge;
Started to Tirupati;  Utter wastage of indulgence enroute by swiping;
Must quickly activate man power;


7th dec wednesday;2016

Reached Nellore  helped seenaiah later took byke of Rami Reddy and quickly submitted papers to krishanapatnam port and Municipality later with rami reddy submitted requisition to Collector; watage of Tiffen from home and  night sada biryani;  called satish RDO  clerck and satisfied; Met S S guy had commitment;
Evening  SR fetched with  NRN  help exchanged note Vijaya Bhaskar;

6th December Tuesday 2016

Reached back Tirupati after 72 days in venkatadri express; Hyderabad trip with small hickup at at rly stn heavy luggage managed auto guy and CC Tv news;  Quikcly had to arrange few things to home  long walk had upma; Called pavan; Now what next? Attended office in evening; Gtas funding had again for nlr trip;
Called seenaiah; NRN; Released byke; tweeted jayas death; participated in whatsapp chat;
Paid tpt house rent; prepared nlr trip; too much of pickle?


1st december Thursday 2016

Consolidation work continued from lodge pettubadi t id;;Raju called;Due to poor strategy rx chances failed  Unable to maintain uniform betting; SHP to check; never touch double failures from now;
Lost cash on JP;

2nd dec friday 2016

Consolidation work continued in the morning from lodge;pandeyspaan t id into fold lot of information also known  about paans seen web site new hope emerged from  here;

Surprise Chinna called leter met them in evening but they were busy; Visited SRO with Gta for certificate took his number and called him later; Enquired for bus ticket booking; Tried for cash at bank but failed luckily got the returned cheque to hand; Got the loan finally so out of problems; Recharge of airtel data talktime did;

Saga at Rx continued hoped for trevors double but first one failed but this time daring act and uniformity saved;
Night had Biryani with Gta at Mehfil  @a/c this time;

3rd December saturday 2016

Recd certificate finally; chinna dint call at all?
yamupanchayat  t id;   anandpancentre  t id;  travel company ceos and details of their family on twitter; some big leader tweets seen; indiarace tweets seen; rx cards seen; dr sujana called so attended birthday function;  More key words and content got on paan wallas;

At Rx c alford  failed again;  suraj the best rider;failed to maintain uniformity due to poor planning; paid 2 days lodge; Rs 500/- cash got from chennai mall and rs 1000/- cheque; Sundays rx cards purchased;

Catching rx shots look to be easier now;
4th December 2016; sunday;

Tatkal train tickets booked after a nice wait hickup to have tiffen managed; Rx failed again; wrong choices at Hyderabad; Classic winners Acclaimed; Srinath Allandaire have  won; sandesh winner at 6/1  failed to bet; 3 bets missed totally; gta joined in evening again gave luggage;

Watch repair managed at night;

5th December 2016; Monday;

Got up late; Had Tiffen nearby again, gramapatham songs by bhimudu; eenadu paper read; Had hot water bath;  Later joind  gta and she helped to drop cheque while i emptied petrol surprise cah; With gta to Kachiguda and booked Byke later to lakdikapool and  purchased bag and kept it ready with luggage; request to lodge owner helped and tipped boys;

Got auto intime and  Gta joined and boarded train without much with heavy luggage; 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

my contacts from nellore;

1.Balaji Nagar Ajay
2.SudhaKar Reddy;
3.Gandhi Family
4.D W;
5.Sridhar Reddy; (cachet;)
10.Sudha barbar;
11.Sankyo Murali; Narsimha;
12. Paul;
13.Yash babu;
15.John weith;
16. Kidney;
21. Nrn;
22.Rami reddy
23.Antima prasad;
24. rambabu
25. Shashi pan shop;
27. Angota; Ram Murthy; Choudgry daggubati;
28.Venkatesh Akkiredu; Francis;
30.Stationery guys;
31.Rx Ram chandra;
32. Psyco samba;
34.Anumala Ravi Shankar;
35.Bala krishna;
36.Mahes Reddy;
37.Rx Gpoi;
38.Rx sudhakar Reddy;
39.Rx Bhaskar reddy;
41.Rudraiah; N. Prabhakar;
43;Komala Kishore;
44.Akula guy;
46. Koma  Ram Mohan;; Myla;
50.INR; sons;
52. Sekhar;
53. Rafi;
55. Raghuram;
56.Vijay Bhaskar;
58.Madhu Rythubhoomi
60.Nandamuri Singh
62.State Leader;


58.Modern stores;
59.Globe watch;
60.Anurag Hotel
61.Samosa guy;
62.Jian gold;
65.Ramesh Flex;
67.Hotel Simhapuri;
68.Ravi Kumar S S catering
69.Riyaz Hotel
70.Madhura Sweets
71.K port;
72.Raja Furniture;
73.cana Hotel;
74. Builder Azeez brother;

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sri Jai Sankar Caterers   Tirupati

Sri Jai Sankar Caterers  
19-4-123/6/1 Bairagi Patteda
OPP Rayalaseema college,
098664 21566
We undertake catering for All functions

Friday, December 16, 2016

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 2016

Morning consolidation work continued from lodge;Took photos from Mahaveer after a wait; Also lucky 2k in lane; later with Kishore  and mobilysed gta family to SRO and got the work done; Dropped Gtas Chinnanna came back to lodge; (small irk some moment); laliths baby pics arrived; called raju had his response;

Call hair cut guy;
need to pay lodge;
Byke chain work;
Mumbai rx book;
cash pls;

29th November 2016; Tuesday;

 karteeka Deepaalu
 karteeka Deepaalu
 Puja mandiram
  Puja mandiram at gtas brothers house
Day progressed very well;  Small trouble had for the hot water; Had Darshan of lord venkanna  at Chikkadpally temple;Kalyan  came  gave photos album  waited at Taj  Mahal hotel later had lunch at Gta brothers house; Chat with gtas vadina,and vineela;  Deputed gta for cash at lane but failed; Few photos took from RK photo studio; Purchased medicine etc;

Paid boys Rs 300/-;Finally got   certificate  info got about  getting sro certificate is bit easier than expected;

Met Kishore had his assurance ,and called Satish had yes nod; surprise from Babu and gaja; night poltical chat with lodge boys;

28th Monday november 2016

After a 2 hour wait succeeded funds for the day chat in lane; paid lodge for 2 days 2, 500  notes in backlog; airfreshsnacks; jagantravels;veeratravels t ids into fold; twitter content for travel agencies saved; In Rx who sits is very much important; consolidated the web sites data work; met kishore and kiran; met jagdamba; Tatto; cash at bank further gone down;


27th November sunday 2016

Met gta in morning had tiffen and coffee;Mumbai rx attended; yet another losing day but new points are 3 olds have edge over 4 olds; For cinches we get 60 paisa odds; ex; suraj hyd; What happens when 2 in bunch wont respond 3 trier wins;?; Over night sleeplessnes; swiped the card again; Atms have still not functioned;

26th saturday november 2016

Rx book took no hoper today;; Importance of byke known; Recd Byke; parking ghadbad;
Try to collect cheque from bank;
Meet gta;
Continue consolidation work;
laptop 3 g;
withdraw cash;
Telma h?
Tommorow sunday;

November 25 friday 2016

November 25 Friday 2016;

Its all done; Official thing is done; satish;raju; Kishore;  kirans collegue and kalyan;  Gtas chinnanna ; gta vadina attended it; solid supprt had all ends; missed kolkataa for good;

Mumbai night races;Nov 24 2016 Thursday

Mumbai night races;Nov 24 2016 Thursday; days new points; reeled off; srinath prooved; double game analysys; sandesh came back to form; cash crunch again kishore saved it;
Pen ultimate day; Called Nrn; satish; gaja; srn; weavers times; called Prasad;
rx not to miss; Tpt reddy called; Checked Adsense income; satish met; submitted papers seen pujari; called photographer; Dillep met; cell ;70322 76771;
Kishore helped 500/-; to rx with cell this time;

nov 23 2016 wed day;

Nov 23 2016 wed day;;;
Consolidation work continued frm lodge; gta arrived and   purchased   dress; bisibella bath at dwaraka tiffens; cash levels are amagingly low ; Consolidated adata; purchased mumbai rx card; Took Notary; Purchased 2 banians;  Met kishore  known abt kirans bangkoks trip gave him back adhhaar card called chengaiah and Nrn;
fire power left on hand?

23rd november 2016 wed day

Called NRN; Chengaiah;

get notary;
Call satish;
Dress shopping;
Consolidate further;

22nd november 2016

Consolidated jd data further;Got the doctor certificate after roaming  few places; submitted photos and detected mistakes on Notary; withdrawn cash at night;


Saveeruddin prajapatham editor and others

Chinna Vijayawada

Rafi khan


21 november 2016 ;

Gta returned safe; singh called; loaded whATS APP FRIENDS PICS to blog; MAIL SENT TO  GM ABODE HYDERABAD;   None to lose from now; Take up damage repair process;
Activate 3 g for whats app;

After noon got off smoothly met gta with her to sec bad and paid; filled form later Notary work also finised took gta photographs; Met kiran and kishore; withdrawn 2 k again its a look; missed rx anyway; read yesterdays mumbai review; trainer and connections double;
Finally got back helmet;

Meet ekheera;


20th November sunday 2016

20th November sunday  2016;
56 th day in Hyd;Gta reached safe; Book makers re opened; Called rx Ramachandra; NRN: anshugrand t id took; Some more standings posted;
Yesterdays failure is haunting; But 75 shots still left on hand;
gta successfully paid tpt office rent;
Mumbai 1 st meeting; seen few videos; go bit late to rx; some solace at rx;
Another rx tote point identified; lakdikapul the food hub now surprised to see many food joints; Read Zaminryot and saved 2 ads;

19th November satday 2016

Anjalis Birth day;

19th November satday 2016

Greeted Anju; Dropped gta; Hatrick of failures at Bangalore RX last run Jockey touch is must; Took dress from gta in morning; gave gta 4 k; called manohar reddy; Read printouts on hand; 

18th November friday 2016

1.Cell phone charging;2.Morning  gta called back; 3.Someone gave Eenadu and discussion; 4.swarupeye t id; 5.Analysed past again;
6.Manohar reddy call recd; 7.Selected 4 shots for the day after study; 8.Called Satish; 9.dhobi; 10.shaving; 11.Tip; 12.stomach disturbace;

Task of nutty d;
Meet kiran and kishore;
Meet abode hotel; Bangalore rx;

17th thursday november 2016

Waited for cash near atm commisionarate in vain later at Narayanagauda SBI: Met Krishna garu at evening; day gone; Dosage crossed for nothing; gta called back and took initiative; abode hotel t id;

16th november 2016 thursday

Dashrath singh jockey 11 700 rwitc; T id manjeerainn took; Read back few years blog; had hair cut and color; Called gta;

16th November 2016

jockey zervan 7050

15th november 2016 Tuesday

  s john
 suraj narredu jockey
 ys srinath jockey
ys srinath jockey

Long ride to rajendranagar failed later on the way to zoo park to printer also failed; long session of r & d continued from lodge in 3 sittings; consolidated further; By night 2 issues papers received from printer; so 11 issues on hand now;

sekhar bhai and other friends

Me and anju

 venkat Rami Reddy
Sankyo murali
Sekhar Bhai ttd


anjali pics

14th november 2016

Importance of data card on hand known; exiting finish at hyd in a thriller who is that new one??
a; Morning had idli vada too costly; Afternoon Dosa;  Night Egg fried rice;Called Tatto guy in vain;
Rx at 3 pm missed;Commitment had from printer; Got cash luckily from ATM; 3 g  data recharge did; pen, kerchief, purchased; call from accu guy;  Call from google; Tried to load adobe dreamweaver failed; facebook ads video seen;


14th Monday 2016;

Days tasks;
 Gta; days rx?
Samaj work ; Take papers; Videos from cafe;
Consolidate jd further; other cities;
cash from bank; withdraw; enq; software;


tom plan; mail ekheera; see web site;

Yes took cash from bank;

Met gta took cash and 4 shirts later had them pressed;  dhobi came and gve him 1 pair;
Success at Rx at musheerabad; Chengaiah met on fb chat; Worked with laptop from Narayanaguda kallu coumpound;;

paid for lodge;

12th nov sat day 2016

12th  November;Saturday; 2016;

Called Gta; Satish known about his tirupati tour;  Raed 2010 blog;Had tiffen and bath and tablets;Posted yesterdays blog; failure at kolkata; threat was Fai fav long return jouney; Bookies not operated; Morning did 3 calls; Hair cuts; Avishkar; Standard chemicals; Purchased leg pads; Night sleep trouble had; other things dint progress. New oint for the day is ladies beauty parlour for JD  verified are above 200;


11th November; Friday; 2016;

11th November; Friday; 2016;

Long ride from lingampally to Abids and took room and tense
Withdrawn 2 k cash from Bank by evening used debit card for petrol and diesel;  Forgot note book so purchased one;

Sent sms reminder and had reply;
met Kiran and kishore took details; kolkata rx book purchased;

10th november; 2016; thursday;

10th November; Thursday;

Again problem by house owner and related tention irksome; Few notes left on hand have been exchanged;  met Gandhi in field work; n delight fb took into fold;
2 payouts had for the day; and dropped them to bank; some more data collected from field;
saved pics; chat with Ashwin at night; Telma H 2 strips purchased;
few more keywords collected at chennai steel; Took some prints from cafe; called printer;
10th November; Thursday;

Again problem by house owner and related tention irksome; Few notes left on hand have been exchanged;  met Gandhi in field work; n delight fb took into fold;
2 payouts had for the day; and dropped them to bank; some more data collected from field;
saved pics; chat with Ashwin at night; Telma H 2 strips purchased;
few more keywords collected at chennai steel; Took some prints from cafe; called printer;


9th november 2016; wedday;

currency exchange problem continued; tweeted; trump; Lot of  TV waching;
2 houses seen for chinnanna;

Election news watched;
Scanned 2 dailies;
key word R&D continued; purchased insulin 2 vails; syrynges;Called printer;


8th tuesday november; 2016

Gta Chinnanna arrived;paints guy failed so other one;
Luckey success story at acupressure; activated g plus of acupressure; shree; failed one other;
key word R&D;
continued from home in morning;
added Event companies;

7th November Monday 2016

Used cell phone to much of advantage after recharge almost 9 calls did; later airtel data also rechrge did;
Big haul of key word standing did in morning from home; No currency head ache then arguments; note book purchased; night heavy rush seen; again arguments at home for owners problems; Edited veduku g plus many entries;
1.Nampally DW
2.gachibowli guy; to that guy after a week;
4. hussain; dewali;
5.devi hotel guy;
6.Rdo nlr;
Important thing known again for the day; g plus map marker; g plus communities; hangouts;
Google has 70 plus twitter hndles;
 Vactaed room and reached Chanda nagar by collecting data; finally had jolt at home; Night had nice time at shailoos home; disturbed sleep;

Scanned 2 dailies;
flop at buttalu;
dropped cheques;
called gachibowli guy;
Key word standing wastely improved; success at Rx finally;


5th November 2016 friday;

Met printer at Evening; pdf covertor needed;
met narsing rao family with gta;
One sucess story; At Rx flop again but 2 more new points;
Moring net R &d did from cafe took prints but poor quality;
Met acupressure guy;
Met Flower decorators;

Followup gachibowli;
Meeting printer; 5;30 PM:
Check balance;
Narsing rao family;
Sat day Rx Book;
Major developments for the day;
Lot of R&D did from home posted all pics;
managed days expenses room rent etc; Met gachibowli guy;
Lodge took   met Narsing rao; Had one bouncer at field work thats a new lesson;
Met printer; Rx book took;
Scanned Telugu Velugu;
Prints took form old cafe;
Lunch missed it took toll;
Good information from DW; To tap service industry;
Met kiran& Kishore;

2nd November wedday 2016

  Great pic; Pm Narendra modi taking tiger Pic;

meratoyshop; vellankifoods, shantimarbles,into fold;

Met kiran,Kishore, (Idli)had good time dropped cheque;
got 2 payouts; Enquired at arya samaj; Digital vidya guy called; rx book purchased;

1st nov tuesday 2016

1st nov Tuesday 2016;

Day has progressed very nicely first being  current key word standing work from home; Later did 7 calls and had wonderful response from field best day after coming to hyd this trip even with 1 hour work; Missed to carry things to field; surprised with jd verified clientale numbers; purchased telugu velugu; New dress effect is clearly evident;

hyd winter season began but missed it;
call recd from manohar reddy and someone else;