Tuesday, June 01, 2010

31 may 2010

Suggestion came from munawwer need to change work style never let down yourself..Analysis of mama gave some comfort.successful day again with 500.visiting cards ready so more poised for field work.chengaiah met but no importance at all.cell phone support still pending.missed lunch and energy problem were there for the day.tweeted 4 k and HM.whole day discomfort with dress.insecurity propped up with idlebrain watching.big bouncer with snehaullal. sunday followers were poor for all.mor aoto fare problem.tailors info 500 shops.Tarumu file.movie golimar was good.tmchyderabad into fold.followers were reduced.twitter penetration in india read.

calls 4 the day were
buyn save,ahuja,manju hotel,tailor,biryani hotel,tata guy,bindu agencies,shilpam.boutiq,rim zym,Munawwer,mama,net


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