Monday, January 22, 2018

18th jan 2018 onwards

18th Jan 2018
Met gopi there buy n save madhu met; Met bhawani opticals; Met K Jj srinivasan;
Jan 2018 synopsys; chinna anna called; g plus numbers saved again; Posted psr classified;

19th jan  2018;
With pavan 7colors payout got;
At cafe vilekhari 2 g plus  numbers saved;
Tried Bhavshya;
riceman at bairagi patteda;
Recharge of artel rs 100/-

20th Jan 2018
 New id card; whatsapp english gif;
Pavan brought Bhavani Opticals payout;
Discussion with koteswar rao on whatsapp promotions;
Analysed calles in 2018;
Night situp with Cheng; Kamalakar;

21 st jan sunday 2018;

Saved few more ph numbers from news dailies of sunday and arranged fish thats it;

22nd jan 2018;
Again improved on whatsapp telugu gif;  saved few more numbers; reply from yoga guy; closed swaant hotel;



Contact ;

We specialyse in
BBQ Chicken
Grilled chicken
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Thursday, January 18, 2018

jan 2018 so far synopsys

improved on family end ph numbers collected; chinna;
whatsapp  sankranti gif and related knowledge;
Some ph numbers retrieved and saved to new mobile;
Supported home;
Mobile lost and lucklily got back;
whatsapp groups;
Readback blogs;
Practcing good will;jan issue came out;
trouble at home whatsapp solved dont use bad language;
many calenders collected;
 Conference calls knowledge by satish;
ads got for net issue;
sugar checking strips;
sarada sarees;
hair color;
R book tieup;
edited Nt ph number;

Prime property for lease or Rent in Tirupati

Prime property for lease or Rent in Tirupati

Building ready for lease or rent 45x180  with 4 floors situated at Old Tiruchanoor road nearest to APSRTC and bus  Railway station  suitable for Hospitals, Lodges, IT companies Colleges, or hostels  or any other commerical purpoose  Contact 93939 29311

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

14th jan 2018 ; wedday;

16th Jan; 2018; Monday;
Bhagyamma Vadina called; saved ph numbers again; kanuma panduga day;
Saved numbers of leftover on hand; whatsapp messages continued; Over reaction by gta night;
Called sunetha and had chat with mama;Seen Spider movie;

15th Jan;  tuesday;
Gtas Chinnanna left; scanned 3 dailies; Known new knowledge on whatsapp broadcast; read Niel patel tips on blog writing;
2 step verifation ads reqd now; PROSPERO group is new thing for the day;

17th jan 2018; wedday

To renigunta trip failed but finally met PSR and got one classified; Evening met Prasad studio guy and known few things; Morning had interaction with Koti at office on whatsapp promotions; stomach trouble in night; emotional outburst on dance programme; Called bhavya coaching;

11th jan 2018 onwards;

11th jan 2018;
Tiruchanoor viist; gopi failed; Vijay called; Paid office rent; met frames lady; work with pavan failed;dry fruits girl;Call from hyd murali sanitary;

12th jan 2018;

negative review effect and cht with sarada sarees; met kamalakar and his bawa interaction; Gta to tirumala; met balajai tailors; vasavi;jitu;ayyappa traders; famous dry guy paid;Chat with kala studio; called  colours; Chat with koteswara rao at office;

13th Jan 2018;

Thanks to studio guy sankranthi gif created and sent to most of them and had roaring success; th to whats app munnapaid; Met MGR with pavan; Buy n save guy met near gopi shop; rx radha met later hickup with mobile got back anyway; Met premam; mk super market waste;
met vet guy with pavan; himalayawellness;

14th jan 2018;
saved ph of left over cards on hand;many whatsapp msgs recd throught the day;Over eaction of gta;Called suneetha; seen spider movie;

15th jan 018;
gtas chinnanna left;  dailies can did; andsaved ph numbers; seen Niel patel videos; blogging tips;
hatsapp marketing tips videos seen; whats app is 10 times larger than twitter;
Blog tip; keep images; voice; videos;
 2 step verification pls;

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

10th jan wedday 2018

Connected  mobile device to laptop retrieved photos then loaded few of them; Unexpected pressure fom Manohar Reddy for office rent; Used pavans presence for two calls and success; Ayyappa also paid but dosage crossed;
Morning called Akka; Chinnanna; saved vetuku verified mobile numbers; Small hickup in booking darshan ticket; Arranged rice and few more things to home;

Continued cell numbers saving work;
Activated venki loaded pics; Tweeted;  Met Gopi and munawwer; Good response from Gudi Sridhar;

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

1st Jan 2018; Monday onwards;

Very hectic day with calls updating mobile etc; Collected  2018 Calenders and Dailies;
Bouncer from NRN Suresh, Jana;
Lot of messages recd;

Ph calls; Kiran; Kishore;  Chinna; Suneetha; Prasad Vja; Rami Reddy,NRN;  Dr J P Reddy; Saveer call lenghthy; gcp;

Field calls;
4.Sri sai;
5.Jay Shankar;
6.Munawwer; Sirish;
7.Raghu photo art;

Bramha Reddy called; 

Things arranged to home;
Mosquitos menace in night at home;

2nd jan  
Read credibility content; Dec 2019 Blog prints took;
Scanned 2017 calenders; Paper given to camera centre;
Brought TTD diary; Met Famous Dry Cleaners;

3rd Jan; 
DW paid; Jay shankar paid; Visited Chinna seen new born baby; Subbareddy committed; Pottem called so met him;
At office read back blog posts from 2010; newyork temparatures known;

4th Jan; Wedday;
Big day with activity;
Visoited Chinna again; ssr gave cheque; Had to attend Venki madam;  Some videos seen from Mobile; Met Premam; called Rythubhoomimadhu and ravalu; At ayyappa driving school met one Swamy; Called Bhaskar reddy sudhakar reddy; 

5th Jan; Friday;
Problem at home solved out by night; Visted Chinna twice; saved few more ph numbers to Mobile; ash number got back;Jobs guy; grouped whatsapp; hyderabad ;tpt; nellore lists;

6th jan; Saturday;
During the visit of chinna met Chinnanna known some  childhood memories;
few more numbers added; success at global ac; Met Munawer at night; C programme video seen; coverage of hafeez videos at eenadu was awesome;

7th Jan; sunday;
Cheque got cleared; Pandya innings; Telugu Velu purchased and skimmed through;
Visited Chinna again; Met pasuparthy and greeted him; took venki pics; Gtas chinnanna arrived;

8th jan monday;
Morning very late to field work; Night met damodaram sons and nice info abt family;
Sr and D Subba rao have paid; Met few more DW; chinna ppl vacated hospital;
Few more contacts updated;

9th jan  Tuesday;visited office; 
No calls from Chinna and others; Chinnanna dint lift  my call; Called Balaji;
Severe leg pains have hampered work; Only success is stock; Continued to saved many numbers of clients to mobile this work progressed well; During evening posted pending blog posts from home;

Morning Kamalakar called; walked in TTD ad buildings garden met  old men C.V.Naidu and Ravindra;Msgd jana and  he said ok for Sankranthi issue this is new turn;
Next targets found; venki madam g plus code recd by night;
furniture shop lady failed to pay; seen new year ads at office;

Coaching centre hope emerged;

2.wality spice;
4.Jitu jewellers;
6.Tirumaa milk;

december 2017

 31st Dec; 2017;
Fish arranged ;  night party with Chengaiah; Met kamalakar;
met Gopi; Call recorder installed; Met seret Styles;
night called akka; Satish;

30 Dec 2017;
Met Sri New Andhra got payout;
shopping with GTa for Savaram; chappal;

29th dec; @ TPT;

28th Dec 2017; Travelled back to tpt from Nlr;
NRNs trouble;

27th dec 2017;
to nlr by bus;Trouble managed;

26th Dec 2017;
 Dtp work contd;

25th dec; 2017;

24th dec Called bujji bawa; 

24th dec;2017; Sunday;
23 td dec; 
Dtp work improved;

22nd dec; 
Sit out with balaji;
 Uma called; live in style; srisrisatya head ache;sanagapindi; gas guy came;Curries lady;
trouble of madha solved;

21st Dec; 2017;
Failed at bujji; and Chandra provisions;Sabjan success; curries workedout;
jana tie up for DTP;Jana windows knowldge;
Read roche glucometer manual;

december 2017


december 2017



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