Thursday, March 10, 2016

11th march friday 2016

Lot of numbers saved in Whatsapp good response had for the day;  Seen Silpa  Marketing ad in Eenadu;Morning took gta for blood test lost temper at lab assistant there later had NICE TIFFEN AT ANNAPOORNA HOTEL. Second round of Byke ride to city  spent some time for press notes gave to five press offices power problems in Cyber cafe.Stint with cafe lady about children; Distributed almost 15 vetuku papers near R R Colony; Enroute engine oil work did; Upset at home due to Gtas ill health; Activated bulk SMS package and Gta sent some messges; Kuja purchased; scanned 5 dailies;

Night session brought 7hills water; Yenthra guy called; Bhawar recd paper; There are around 50 top categories; Brought home rice; seen effect of fingers in Discovery channel; Jai Sankar caterer gave payout;

use cell ph;
Take TPT press note print and distribute nearby ;
Nainar Gopi;
Jai sankar and distribution;
Byke engine Oil pls;
jaybaul; msg him;

1st april 2016 friday

Dtp and jana; pavans add to type;
1 .Dr surya sen; 2.Eemos;
Eve: Dw ramu:sabjan:Metals guy;
Google maps listings printouts;
Nellore D W to type and load;
important things at nellore to skech out:
Prints of other places
Dr J P reddy also said Ok;
Took agshealth;laddujobs;
Sr surya sen;
Balaji metals;
2 ads at office;
10gb chance;
jana completed issue;
postal wrappers are ready;

Arranged Atta;coffee powder;Milk to home;Posted yesterdays blog;Took agshealth;laddujobs t ids into fold; tweeted abt cricket; Postal address selection work did;
google key word prints couldnt progress;

Tooth brush purchased in night and  telma H; Gta took address pasting work finished it; called NRN; At office organised few things; 2 ads got matrimony SV computers; D surya sen confirmed ad;  Vijay bhaskar arrived; gave one idea; balaji Metals guy said Ok for tommorow; quickrguy called; chandragiri visit with vijay bhaskar seen temple;
Why a/c is not cool?

On the whole ok for the day;

ASWHIN  gave chennai address;

Thursday 31st march 2016

#ghadbad for byke parking; Vij bhaskar said he is coming but dint come;
Days field calls;
1.a/c near annamaiah;
3.sai pipes;
4.Sneha Decors
5.Siva laminations;
7.Chat with computer guy;

2.Vijaya Dairy;

Vasu photo frames guy payout saved the day;
#tag helps to spider;

Vja Bhaskar may arraive; Called jana; Printer; Pavan; Quickrhomes episode; Huge insulin intake; jaybaul replied on whatsapp;
Calls TPT Ceramics;Eemos;
Cricket match; Video of Bahubali;
>>>Idea of map listing prints and making it as directory!
 >>>follow up DTP work;
>>>F P Pls;
(Siva laminations;Balaji metals)
Gtas Eye testing:
(pavan ad dtp; Vja address)
>>>Follow up jaybaul for chennai address;
Cont net prints in evening; call Infra pavan:
(tissue paper; soampf; tooth brush)
Followup punganoor:
Nlr D w work;
Dr sen;

wedday 30th march 2016

Master mind is days word;Tweeted abt singer P Susheela achievements enjoyed listening songs at home; Piles clicnic content retrieved and posted;  Called Jana followup;Sugar tests insulin dosage in morning Buiscuits purchased;  March  2016 analysed again; With GTAS financial help lot of things arranged at office; Identified Sai pipes finally; Took number of Dhyana Sai; Pavan said met Dr surya sen; Stunning upset in cricket england won;

Water arranged at office cover on top; Notice board fixed 2 leaflets; Pins purchased; Office rack arranged;Chairs  also arranged; met Raghu photo; Took net prints;Some flys problem at home; some what cool day: Buiscuits purchased; Commitment had from Balaji Metals; purchased tooth  paste; tomatoes; Onion; Siva lamination(sekhar)
Idea of maps prints and making it as directory has emerged today!

29th march Tuesday 2016

Sugar levels checked surprised with high sugar levels; prabhavaschool id into fold; Girls came to office; pavans missed call; Timber guys lone payout; wait at dr suryasen; seenaiah called; few more things to office; D W data of nellore loaded;Rim top up managed;
Unable to five Jyothy ad??; At office images canned; More discussion with Koteswar Rao and another person;Things are not moving as expected due to no team; day heat was within the limits;

Met jana at night few things completed;

(EVE)Photo frames guy; siva:
Jana DTP:
 ( Try timber guy at morning;dhyanasai; Locate sri sai ram pipes in morning; eemos;
dr Sen;) Give ref to PAVAN for nlr ; TpT ceramics;
Girl may come;??
Punganoor guy;
prints pls;
Rim top UP:
Nlr D W list work pls;
Scan Images;

28th march monday 2016

Inspiration got from Cricket; Morning loaded opticals guys prints to g plus; dr khan and silpa contenet typed;Anyway Stpathy gave payout and  saved the day committed for next monday 4th april  gave his pic; Gtas trouble again;  Morning had vermicelli hunger pangs continued butter milk saved to some extent; Janas commitment and support got;
Another entry closed for the day thanks to earliar video; Chinna (death news  of Gollapalli sanjeevulus brother suraiahs brother Subbaramaiah)and gta came to office arranged Water Pot; I managed to get Thermocol; chandra met told abt vetuku; Eenadu papers filing did;

Tweeted; scanned ET; The Hindu; alibaba guy came to office and chat and his offer; called Vijay Bhaskar; pavan called;Called Ameen;  called punganoor guy no use; Took few more things to office at morning;  night nellore D W data work did;

27th march sunday 2016

Arranged water at morning and long chat with the guy there; Pavan met at after noon later we met Ameen;Guy met Ramaiah; Surprise how thw day gone? Punganoor guy recd press card; seen lot of ads in eenadu; lemon purchased in morning; Cricket watched; tweeted; Some pics  of hospitals took in morning; failed to give jyothi ad; SITUATION became normal by night; managed watch repair;

>>Arrnage lemon Ok ; fish;  meet up jana failed; Pavan;
Monday jyothi ad; >>...failed;
prints pls; key words;
nellore list of DW:
watch repair;
silpa;pavan content;
call old books;
dr kahn;
try panasonic;

26th march saturday 2016

 Morning gta trouble again; Sent id card to palamaner reporter;Fan arranged at Office;

days calls;
1.Tried dr sen with pavan.
2.ayurvedic doctor;

morning calls;
1.Stpathy had his commitment;
3.opticals;shop code recd; decorator; a/c
6.printer sold;
7.janas visit to office and had his commitment;
days events; arguments at home; broushing of  pavan; one more code recd;
commitment from stapathy; timber guy; Cell to insulin meter; strips ; more interaction with manohar reddy; odonil; razor;Rice; javari; Small font of eenadu;
Go to temple;
Fan work; pay Eenadu;
arrange water at office;
jana; Pavan: ubhaskar:

25th march 2016 friday

Seen ads in eenadu(eemos) purchased Sakshi,Jyothi but missed ET and the hindu; Morning water brought home; eenadu ad continued; money fast going out; Got involved Pavan press id given to him with self expenses; took Recent paper Ad cuttings to office;
>>>3 Times ads  get response is new knowledge; Net usage is in infancy still in india; Took Carpet and Fan to office but fan failed but gave advance for repair;

>>>activated 3g,plus airtel currency;plus RIM:

>>>; New DTP guy at Sridevi complex introduced and Jana too came there;

>>Boy from punganoor,Girl from local came to office;
 At Home owner Manohar Reddy helped to remove fan maid came and helped Gta; Activated S V Marriage links to g plus ;
>>>Opticals guy received google letter is good news;
(Take carpet and door mat  fix fan to office water at Office;  ananda nilayam)
Ad response???; (Do important field calls Dr sen,Tirupati ceramics; repeat Ad again and jyothi ad);

>>>Feed Ram Mohan Reddy cell no  to smart phone ;
>>>Activate smart phone currency ; laptop 3 g;
>>>(Silpa ad DTP: infra DTP:Dr khan:)

Buy electrol;
>>>Activate Rama Mohan Reddy Matrimonial entry:
Benefits of repeated ads;
>>phone etiquette;
Buy hindu; ET:???

24th March 2016 thursday

Days Record;
Morning Checked stats for ok; shailoo visit to her brothers home;  Took 2 chairs to office by byke later leaflets and few more things to office afternoon;Manohar Reddy helped to keep table flexVetuku sheet;

Connected with chinna; jana; NRN: long walk for the thermocol;(Prakasam road)

Morning received few calls for the ad; one guy came to office;
Worked with pavan in morning due to heat dropped work;

Pavans infra t id blocked;
eve calls;
1.opticals;LIC gUY;(his tip) calender seen:
2.Tailor; medicalls;
5.Tea shop lady
6.cell ph guy paper given;
dr khan Ok;
a/c guy details known;
hardware shop;)

(Field calls; Dr khan; near by Hospitals;)amara fashions;)

Manage ad response give another ad; (Manage furniture and table; fan to office; fix flex;)
vzg D W to call;
(Pavan realtor ad try for dtp guys;)
At home nellore DW typing work;
Take printout of Top city  DW list;
(Pavan Id card; Vja address; chennai address ask paul)
Ahmedabad; Pune DW  list;
Google key words work;

23rd March wednesday 2016

As per plan paid for office puja performed later ad given in eenadu; Over night slept late; Heat is unbearable;  Flex printing also managed; Night luckily gopi paid and saver of the day. Met  Frames guy got his nod too; no calls in morning; morning heated arguments at home; Told about office to near by ppl Eenadu guy known office now;

(Pay for office take posession; puja furniture; printer work;
Plan for ads; eenadu;)
Activate pavan realtor for g plus;

22nd march 2016 Tuesday

Gta got up very late coffee had out side;
Unable to meet Jaybaul as he arrived late slept off due to heat;
Water can brought in morning; Tiffen managed out side; insulin needles b complex purchased in evening;A/c enjoyed at home twice;
Office decided; Jana finally made page gave training in night sesson ( follow up mkes it).

Edited  home page  further kept home page about us info kept  learnt few more  editing things;
13 offices are now for lekhari on paper Nationwide +
Met manohar reddy   slight set back on whats app? met computer guy next;
Pavan met one closing did for Rs 1500 realtors analysis had and his ad printout took;
Enquired with DTP guy in morning not promising;
>>>Early to market Gave bill book,Visiting cards, Papers to Pavan; refil; carbon paper;
Positive response from Raghu photo Art (activated his address agaian:
G plus code of jai shankar catering activated positive response had stpathy failed again;

21st march monday 2016

Days major plans;

Office decicion; ad for decicion;  Both have failed;
(stpathy;dr Sen;Call Silpa;Do more calls;call amara fashions;
start ggl key words work; call dr sirisha; check nainar gopi;)
 let gta continue sms;

Days record;

Morning got up early and straight away to work;Mumbai,Kolkata,Delhi list prepapred and loaded; Edited site again introduction kept on home page.saved page on laptop. Mailed jana; Morning unbearable heat had to be faced unable to work in full fledge; Manohar Reddy at office was not available met dollars guy rejected him totally vanamali met another real estate guy; Nellore Dw list received;
 At home cots have shifted; evening work continued met physiotheraphy guy; and few more calls;
Days closings were silpa; DW; Furniture guy Ok anyway; Pavan met at field;Stpathy failed again; Met gopi had his commitment; Finally jana called; jaybaul said hes coming tommorow; web designer met at morning;venkatesh cell;9700953250; he gave good responce;

20th march sunday


Most of the time spent in reading past printouts;Seen eenadu;loaded some more numbers to lekhari; seen rx; arrnged Chicken, Milk;  physicalshares t id into fold; Seen zaminryot; saved ads; called NRN; Pavan; some more content saved;

19th saturday 2016

Very hot after noon managed it with A/C at home; had to wait for long time for cricket on TV due to rain:Brought home vegitables but had nagging from Gta; Infibeam ads;

T Malli karjun naidu has fetched for the day,met few other D W and young man HD format pic  took had phone number of president of AP D W hari krishna 94408 22633 ; avilala lady look annyoing;
harini group??
Lokesh cell dw 95020 32017,
Mohan cell; 9885251929,
t ids of the day are :
1.aabsweets(1 12,436)paper cutting took;
4.mahadevropes;(thanks to et)
5.activated sankar catering;to g plus;
6.met raghu photo art;asked g plus;
(hate story; jana dint prepare design;
pavans game story contd; stapathy...?)

prints Took from cafe near by to analyse them ;
practo forays into Brazil:
vrksilks is me;

18th march friday 2016

75 D W data loaded thanks to gta and patnam durgesh;
 Met pavan and manohar reddy; Morning loaded content;
market calls; dharsan dresses; new shankar opticals; tailor; medical agency; ayurvedik shop with pavan; Unable to work after 12 am due to heat; friday effect; Called DTP guy in morning; 3 g 1 gb activated to cell phone;
Dig deep; further;
Vinod kumar:DTP:
Key word google data;(category work)

17th March thursday 2016

1.Entire SKF directory scanned added few of whats app numbers; scanned eenadu;
2.Posted blog; 3.some cell numbers added sent whats app messages;(Trouble at home in the  morning for tiffen)
4.Asked GCP to help and he acted result came in afternoon
5.Unable to bear heat in afternoon;
6.adsense problem sorted out by jana plus commitment had for page design;
7.long wait at realtor;
8.Meet up wih Pavan and manaohar reddy had shown them google key words seen alibaba;
9.Morning work fetched in closing one plus activated it at night;( J P dental;lady kolkata arya works;tailor;Naresh pticals)
10.One T id payout recd; mail sent for supermax;
12.loaded kerala  D W data;
13.seen stats lot of visits to lekhari.
14.Again failure of stpathy; Long ride;
15.Night worked till 2 pm and seen all past 2010;
16.Back home Gta sent 70 plus sms;

16th march wednesday

16th March Wednesday

Meet network guys;
Hyd biryani;
Meet Tulluru naidu;
Dr Sen;
Call D W
Evening Stapathy;

Bangalore,Chennai D W Data Added to lekhari; Hair and Mustache color; Time line another 3 months 15 clients; mailed to t id no response had; added D W: sexdoc gplus activated; DW followup fetched;
Some near by calls did; Janas call to go chittoor; Gta continued SMS; Guy from punganoor met; New Flex identified;

Pavan met; Met fistula doctor; dr sen (ashok) adsense code missing; Southern spice payout received;
Evening clients so far address lsit prints took; good cafe for prints identified; called stapathy; Positive response from gtas bro on paper;

15th march 2016 tuesday

15th march 2016 Tuesday:

 suryapet Nalgonda dta of D W collected; SMS work dont progress at home? Paper cutting work progressed;Met Jana late evening learnt how to load new data to using text editor in control panel looks a good improvement; Morning met M K Opticals no use; Much time spent at Monohar Reddy;

Meet Pavan:
Balance to SBI:

Calls to receive and call them;
That boy:
At home continue to retrieve old clients;
Start web design work:

14th Monday march 2016

hectic day!

Hectic day; Retrieved some past clients;From the morning calls bagen and received all of them; Office is imminent so met pavan and his boss chance of office are rosy;  calls continued till after noon; Met Sapthagiri raju known his earliar business details;( Texmo) SKF busniess directory purchased; Good positive from Dhyana sai; met 2 calls near by; Sakshi covered about Punganoor DOcument writers;

Back home gta continued sms work; night called stpathy; night song of radhika and kamal Hasan dance enjoyed later also enjoyed Paaduthaa teeyagaa; called ashwin; Positive from T id payout;

transfer 1k to SBI;
Call stapathy;
CS and list work; renewals;(southern Spice)
Try main targets;

sunday march 13 th 2016

13th; march;
Struggled to carry water to home at evening; Chicken arranged;  2 ads given for marketing executives and reporters; seen southern spice hotel(Ad response) ernakulam stats were surprising; edited stpathy and mailed to chennai;  Gave copy to Veerendra surgicals;
April content work progressed further;

march 12 th saturday

March 12 th saturday:

Night Pratyusha guy gve payout;Eenadu ad rejected; Hunger pangs and heat trouble in evening; Met Stpathy in morning; Gta health issue in after noon; Morning i have managed to send msgs recd 2 replys;Brought atta and lemon; afternoon met Pavan his tips had; Met gopi in night;

Call Mani Achari 98496 643101

M K opticals;

>>>SKF yp directory;
ads must run;>>> decide:
and  Gopi Cauvery;
sro office;
check ragu photo art;
Meet the guys whom ever i have put ads;
List work to continue at home;
Follow up jana;
Cut old papers at home;
content work;
1.No press note coverage OK;
2.Decided for eenadu ads;
3.poor Coffee;
4.categories work edited again took gtas help;
6.Activated jai sankar; g plus;
7.whats app msg sent to Raghu photo art
8.thehinduads blocked;
9.janas followup did;
10.water follow up did;

Document writers in kankipadu krishna district

Aruna Documents and Town Planners

YALAMANCHILI KISHOR BABU, Kankipadu Village and Mandal,
                            Door No.17-17/2, Main Road, Near SBI and Sub-Registrar Office,
                            Kankipadu-521 151.
                            SRO : Kankipadu, DR Office : Vijayawada (East)
                            District : Krishna
                            General Secretary, Krishna District Unit, APDWA, (Andhra Pradesh Document Writers Association)

98497 91800, Land Line No.0866 2821800 (Ofc)


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