Tuesday, September 04, 2012

4th sept;tuesday;

few things have been forgotten;i will come back to update stay tuned; finally water rates known from that guy;covered sultan bazaar; rx attempts analysed;head itching solved after head bath whats this?
tremendous support had from GTa today; say 2k give them discount;

rains information at tv news seen;
days stats analysis gave good insight;
days choice; i chisty won;

5th (wed )sept 2012

renual prints;yesterdays prints;
battery to cell;
NRN gandhi;
calls at tilak road;
future plan pls;
Bio data to srijanam;
buy hindu;
rx books;
few more new pics;
consolidate;tweets pls;after dailies;
what abt stas;statcounter?

my rx attempts

Laurel canyon
bunga bunga
hyderabad one on a httrick

Laughting eyes(f)1(confusion here but winning bet missed here)
borsalino(f)2( odds have drifted here foolish bet but new knowledge Ok anyway)
august sunshine(f)4( i dint bet here)
Attribute(f)5(another chance missed here advanced planning needed;)
martinique(f)6(good place missed here)
Tara;bluenightv(f7) again nice place bet missed here
Autumn rush(s)1(p#)p3( bad strategy missed nice odds;)
cheminde fer;(f;8)
ocean and beyond(f;9)
astapi;s;(s% 5)p13
blue ace;f;10)
vijays champ(s^ 6)

opmimus prime;chalapathi;(s&7)p14;
vijajays jet  culhane(s*8)p16
>>>>>after proving pls>>>

Standard Trading Company Hyderabad scientific equipment suppliers in hyderabad,

Standard  Trading Company

Standard  Trading Company

 Off: 040 – 24751931
        040 – 65501377

Standard  Trading Company
Authorised Stockist: SD FINE CHEM LTD.,
Dealers in : “Galaxo” LOBA, Fishcer,  Merck, Chemicals, Glassware,
Borosil & Vensil Plasticware, Educational Hospital, Industrial, Scientific
& Lab Equipment

Spl in:All Industrial Heavy Chemicals & Imported Rare Chemicals & Detergent etc.

 Shop No. 4-3-560/B, Andhra Saraswatha Parishad Building, Tilak Road, Hyd – 1.
Email: standardtradingco2002@yahoo.com


4th september

 Ips tracking work continued ;Gta helped in typing 3 entries;field work successful; 1 sticker at medical shop; Morning after reading new paper pics of rain impressed me so i wanted report in the same fashion in future;google continued to spider my blog;some more phone numbers posted to mynellore what could not chiieve in last 12 years manged with others data;

pragathilive tv channel ad seen and reserved it; read  new daily srijanam; cand called them;with drawn cash from atm and poured petrol;teluguvelugu monthly purchased; morning 4 more new pics took;2 prints took  from sadgun;refil purchased;
sultanbazar where small houehold things can be purchased

New thulasi plant at my home door

we strolled from Abids to koti seen this Cocconut Sweet must be very tasty but sorry we are diabetics cant eat hows this pic?

shopping for new shoe did at metro foot wear also purchased new hats and umbrella;long walk from abids to sultan bazaar then back to home;Read business world; loaded pics of days entries;

MADUPU TRADING CO., hyderabad poultry and veterinary dealers

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Dealers in :
Veternary Drugs, Hospitals, Poultry, and Dairy Equipments
& Pharmaceutical Distributors ric.

4-3-560/A/1, Andhra Saraswata Parishat Buiildings,
Tilak Road, (Boggulakunta), Hyderabad – 5000 001

cell; 98483 91774,9010526398.ph 040 24055065
email; aunakovoor4@gmail.com

Contact Person mr Kovoor .Santosh Kumar 
Business Hours 10.am to 7 PM.


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