Thursday, March 02, 2017

3rd March friday 2017

3rd March Friday 2017;
Already minus by 18 calls;
Leg Pains unberable;
NRN asked favor and oblized;
Took rubber stamp;
Manage some field  calls;
seenaiah called;Ram Kumar called;
nellore jdvf list;

Retrieve some addresses;
To see wrappers; 1 hour;
Ram Kumar ?
Jyoth y ad pls;
Fund availability;

kanchibotla jitendra

2nd march thursday 2017;

1st  and 2nd March call ave already gone; ??;
Gtas help got again;

But initiated March issue and got Municipality cheque in hand and deposited cheque had some hickup here; To keep NAZ in postal list;  Morning body pains; Rubber stamp work initiated;

>>>>DTP work got completed anyway;

google some listings;
Meet seenaiah; SR:

1st march post 2017 wed day;

In a hurry reached Nellore  boring journey Tv menace  forgotten laptop charger Mouse later with gta initiation got them back; recd Municipality cheque; With NRN met SRO; Komala vilas closed and manager died; Calld rambabu; bata chappal purchased; very hot day;

Night saved march content again;


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