Sunday, December 03, 2017

july 2020

1st july wedday 2020;
Insulin syringes; Handwash soaps purchased; had petrol;
Enquired sofa repair; Arranged Milk ideas known to increase height of sofa;
Worked in field got 2 payouts;  Had review from prahlad; Activated Erragadda google letter entry;  Morning SEO work did for 3 SRos;; again insecurity sourmounted Due to poor response;

2nd july 2020;thursday

Called Prahlad had his support; Called Suresh vja poor response  he called back in night; Called pickles guy had good response  he agreed for exchange; Called Mama good response got; Goadakurchi response from gtas bro;

Interacted with few other status;  Seen rolex watches video;

Poor response from Erikilaiah for support;
Finally as per plan called Srinu Modinsahebpalli got good response Nagraja BSNL KDP connected this with him new thing rayalaseema express boarding info known; My marriage appearance at Nellore and gandla caste Khader basha people known ; Anjali complained about me to Gta;

3rd july Friday 2020;

Quickly arranged things to home Kothmir; Milk; Curd; Frreedom Oil; Slept for long time  during the day;
Morning water drama; night arguments on high tone;
Night seen good videos of Gucci; ganesh english; chetchat; interview skills;movies to watch tips; Read june blog posts again got hints;

4th july satday 2020;
Night Prahlad called few more things about near by families known;
Trtraju called later talked to his wife;
Noon few more videos seen;
Sadguru video of not to get angry seen;
Neibourhood children over action;

5th july sunday 2020;
Non veg and Dr;