Friday, February 06, 2009

my other friends,,,murali sankyo new 93467-73364,

pmk gandhi

C/O.dr crm rao
Flat no 211,Subba raju towers,
vijayapuri colony,

that writer at tea shop who gave ideas for divine news paper 99636-50545

5th post

Today after a disturbed sleep at night at krishna complex room met thulasi at net had promising chat and also updated few things at net then to railyway station area and purchased that keywords book with bargain and went to bus stand area purchased door mat then called edn then started to nellore by bus after reaching gave diaries to sai agencies nice effect seen met inr and bramha reddy had discussion gave diary to laxmi srinivasa had some hick up there during travel read that book very intesting things noted collected pictures of inr and bramha bramha says to make use of phone blocked,called kaliyuganarada also feed back noted washing did at room. days flashes include to have people for gifts feed back for new gifts of reps,doctors,marketing managers,giftsa sellers at nellore etc hi lost temper at boy at Komala unexpected event.

Malli met 93941-67202 and pavan also met 9703657799 after this i slept at edn after seeing that book of ttd and slept


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