Sunday, December 01, 2013

1st dec;

Boring sunday  at rx one more clearance zerwan shroff cominations clicked; to  watch as what  may happen in long distance; to have a run benefit; some how managed to come out by small minus;cheng called;

2nd december

monday worked again despite rx both sessions; had advance from one party;

worked again laptop new software loaded;sUCCESS AT  pt T;ISSUE OF RATING KNOWN;took more prints again;new cafe is ready now;no call from cheng;owner and hostel guys ghadbad;

4 th ;
After a agonising wait joined  NRN and worked with him and activated  almost 6 calls;

30th november

Field work continued;had 3 positives;by evening cheque cleared;
paid Narsing; lost temper at home broken few things;
Rage continued on PRK;


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