Thursday, February 27, 2020

Benefits of google short url

google has released recently new feature   short URL  business houses can use  this uniique feature on their  business cards, posters, brochures, etc,   This can  help customers easily find the business and leave reviews, access contact information, get directions etc.

The format for the URL is name with a five-character requirement for the name.
We crated your business for your benefit.
please print this url on all your business printing promotions.
than you sincerly 
k.v. ramana 
mob 9347107468

my failure attempts

my failure attempts Biggest time wasters;

I want to update my failures which may be partly failure;

1. Continous struggle to get adsense income;
2. Used whatsapp to get projects;
3. Twitter handles; Partly successful;
4. instagram handles;
5. insta ids;
6. Realtors data world wide;
7. Youtube videos  income;
8. SEO;
9. Blogging;
10. rx attempts;
11. shl;
12.  Google  map renewals payouts to get by phonepay;
13. Tpt Office;
14. Thulasi;
15. whatsapp groups;
16. lakhs of instagram followers;
17. sufficient income;
18. my own team at different locations;
19. to sustain kajal followerbase;
20. Uma and Sr Scientifics trust;
21. ugly turn at chinna; Vja chinna; gtas chinnanna;
Drohis sabotage; kiarns attitude;
Partly success stories;
20 years of nelloretimes;

1. twitter handles;
2. instagram jasminepetmart;
3. twitter;
4. gta; usha; gold;