Tuesday, December 07, 2010

sai prasanna

messges care

sign inn sredhar

idols paper adverticement; marrige deal

giridhar simhapuri reddy

collections work
new people etc
nyayam cheyi


Kamshika;her aunty; etc

Long chat and phones
idols purchase 2 times;
suddenly dropped;
5 k and 5 k
50 k for business

7th december

Alarming pain in back from the morning some how got releif after rest why this condition?;medical attention needed;head pain continued;prakash called that 15 k seems to be reality; surendra bought me curd rice this is blessing in disguise; gTA called up she was upset for not calling or messaging;syam called and told abt venkatesh brain tumor;morning blogs posted; after long wait had 500/-;Evening its rained and cool atmosphere; Sai sent messages thats surprising; alchohol reduced; Gta pressure;

6th december post

Reduced alchohol content 4 trhe day felt very much tired at morning;Evening to movie Orange with GTA theme always loving is not possible;SRN dint support 4 the movie and thats big confusion 4 the day;Important peole file at blogger consolidated;important people not in touch listed out;Sai msgs gave new inspiration; Satish called up;Hunger levels were uinbearable througout the day; Kiran met at evening; Bottls mannarsm on cateen during movie is new point; Morning disturbance of sound and dust at room;Gave dress 4 pressing;ajays call in the morning; Had commitment from SRN for byke; CRystal restaurant got exposed; Drop of GTA back to hostel;


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