Monday, October 01, 2012

hyderabad derby day 2 nd october;2012;

Dearby day;
race starts at 12.40;
race day has;8 races; 5 lkah carried over JP;

out station jockeys; s john;sandesh;Trevor;suraj sreekanth;b sreekanth;David allan;


157;1.ashwashakthi;p schouhan; winner;
Ring of fire
ex arikana; PS chouhan; vishal rao aditya p thackersey;

Major Srinivas Nargolkar

Major Srinivas Nargolkar  Great writer for indian horse racing;i read many of his synopsys in; Has through knowledge in indian breeding and horse racing;

chaitanya chakramgreat indian race horsehorse

chaitanya chakram 1986 won deccan derby;lloyd marshal;

TV sunday-voorvasi horse a great indian race horse; trained by jaggy dhariwal won many races in india;
owned by vasant kumar reddy etc;

1st October came in

Left over Days Targets;

Load Cane and Bandar; and other pics now;
ever since we met do analysis;
Start Linking work

***Lunch; Rest Pls;
***Prepare  Tom RX;10 minits;
Read Telugu Velugu;Great andhra;
Finalyse ATP trip know trains available;
Godiris Door mats  pls; where?

cash from bank;
Deposit  cheque;
Satyas call and NRNs to enquire?
Bandar Mithai;

Rajus calls;Owners cash;

Look At the way things went ahead;
1.Owner came in assured him;Leter paid but still more in wanting;
2.Dust guy salary paid dust gone so clean state ;
3.Called GEEtha twice for the day;
4.Morning head ache had to be faced on the way to Sunanda; managed to read eenadu
5.Lungie wash and 6.had tiffen this time Upma  7.Had Insulin(pressure had here)
8.kajals coverage;on TV seen;Morning switched on the TV;
9.stats work continued;for some time;FEw more IPS into hand;
10.adsense checked;Encouraging;
11.pain in stomach?
12.Shave completed;with difficulty; NEEDs trimming of  Mouchtaches;
13.Suguna came in; Did lot of work;
14.No power cut so work continued;for some more time;Unexpected thing for the day;May be timings must have been changed;
15. severe Body pains;
16.lagging behind file checked;(life)
17.years expenses anlysed;
18.With drawn cash and deposited cheque;rush seen there;
19.called NRN;Call from satya failed later; own field work fetched;Bhandar  cells neded to be changed; turned as syam and NRN and Singh came had very long discussion thanks water was there at home edited their letter and also had long discussion later new exposure about politics had assurance from Syam;
22.Neibour asked cell phone at night;
23.night had biryani and retired;
days calls;
1.Bandar Mithai
2.Sapthagiri later had call from them
4.Medical shop consultant consultant

30th Sunday sept post

Wonder filly In the Spot light won again;MY choise Atrribute lost by short head;No calls from GTA; Night stopped intake;Had Melfil Biryani;Neibour lady wished;Had sleep problem throught the night and insecurity;Lof of powerf problems at night;
Watched Crikcet match; Felt heavy tention due to un known reasons;Old man Neibourhood  came to home; Rajni Gandha intake needs to be checked;Fired Rina and her sister;


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