Sunday, March 01, 2009

28th feb post

Many required things got for room today kattula Profile loaded recd payment from Sridhar followup of Satyam,Bramha,lss read 7 news papers and analysed things.Thulasi met all prarapa blog xerox at hand now enaadu ad given.Nijam covered nice past news.naresh followup did Chandu prarapa guy asked to remove family pic so removed.
reorganised handwriting s file at blog few links developed thru Jana at web sites.decided to cover all parties info thru veduku veduku logo and prarapa song again saved on cd with sridhar help at signin.

New bag banian, at long waitting at sridhar many things organised that srinus profile also got.rim recharge all chittor constituencies written.Srinifoodpark blocked questionaire for ppl written Missile Sketch further improved.eve met that Bar guy Venkatesh cell:92905-91816 noted.


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