Tuesday, November 30, 2021

December 2021

 Dec targets;

Shifting luggage;

Eye sight; Rx investments;


1st Dec 2021 wedday;

Good begining of month with 2 orders and 3 despatches; Yesterday known about Garlic mundys in India; Rx book for Bangalire purchased from Narayanaguda;

Hair cutting done:

Yesterday Prabhavathi akka called;

2nd Dec. Thursday December 2021;

One more order got;

Visited Renuka Yellamma temple;

97 k on hand;

Called NrN in night had good exchange of ideas;

3rd Dec friday 2021 ;

Bujji called; Gone to Spark Rye Hospital for followip; No orders calls continued;

3td Dec friday 2021;

Rx next day  ; Eye Doctor;