Wednesday, April 23, 2014

22nd april

Night late return from Nadupet with Seenaiah seen parasa ratnam sitting MLA; Day booked 3 order after heavy work out to take most of the prints from cafe; took lot of pictures for the day;
Met satya;Balu cafe; Madhu komala fast foods;

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Master Sarees nellore saree dealers in nellore

We are centrally located in Nellore 
We deal in Banaras,kolkataa,jaipur,Uppada,Coimbatore,Bangalore,Surat,Ahmedabad saress. wholesale and retail.
We also dealin dress material.Tops,legins,Designer sarees,.
Contact K.S.Jagan  MBA cell 94400405585
address; shop no 2 2 nd floor.Srinilayam complex,Opp SSR lodge. MV Agraharam.Gandhi Statue Centre.Nellore.

Monday, April 21, 2014

20st,21 st

20th lodged at kavali;then came to nlr met prsad; met kamal; had to go back to kavali;

21st april post;

 luck got a?c Bus to Nellore; Started work took good prints; Kamala closed one entry; attended nallari  Kiran kumar reddy road show

Sunday, April 20, 2014

19th dec

Sudden decicion to leave to Kavali by Bus; TDP list recd;Coordinated with Satish and Staff;

Saturday, April 19, 2014

19th April;2014;

1. >>>>congress take help from Tele calling girls team followups;;
2.Must cover TDP;and majlis offices;followup Lokasatta;
3. Consolidation work to continue
4.followups;call govind rao; gaja;jay; cover Mutaa;
Just 8 and 13 days left have more exposure;
Little more futu  planning please;

18th april 2014

had positive nod to buy handicam;Covered padayatra of muta gopal ; called Metamorph then found their office joined team; Spent whole day there mixed with their team;Tried to visit chevella but dropped the idea; Gaja expectation known; satish suggestion had; called KSV; There is huge market for SMS said one collegue; Known detailing story of SMS; Had lunch there; had some positives from there; Team power now engaged thanks to satish; AC comfort; Exposure to chevella area; 10 new faces into fold for the day; Called loksatta guy had his commitment; 4plus 4 packages known;

Diddi rambabus campaign in my area; Called venkateshwar rao  TDP;


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