Monday, June 18, 2018

18th June Monday 2018

Morning hick up from home for keys  attended the class new google searches known and google adwords further known; One graphic designer met there; Gta and her chinnanna have arrived safe; 

removed some more dulicate content from Blog posts; Worked in field  at Bowenpally rangaiah gowd paid; At Moosapaet Muthala rao paid tried to meet district Registrar but he was not on seat; commitment had from  Kumar;

Saturday, June 16, 2018

17th June sunday 2018; How much Niel patel videos can help

Decided to quit Rx today so i managed to removed lot of dulicate content from my blog and received My child hood friend Prasad; Had Biryani from Green Bawarchi Madinaguda; seen Niel patel videos and decided to write a much better blog with his tips;

Mostly spent at home throught the day;
Seen zermany vs Mexico soccer match  and swiss vs brazil matches suprised to see  funny Hiar cutting styles;

16Th June Saturday 2018; beprapared for any event and loss;

22nd day at Hyderabad;
Attended class learnt about Adwords and asked about Tirupati hotels adwords quote;; Shailoo came home; At afternoon  went to Balanagar By share auto and while travelling listened to Some Videos and known about  metro rail travel by fellow travellors; Another bet lost at Rx ; Removed some spam pages again;
Gta and her chinnanna went to narsapuram by bus; Tweeted and chengaiah kept in contact; Seen some analytics;


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