Monday, March 25, 2019

New Life Old age Home Tirupati

New Life Old age Home Tirupati

 New Life Old age Home Tirupati
New Life Old age Home Tirupati

New Life Old age Home Tirupati

New Life Old age Home Tirupati

New Life Old age Home Tirupati

New Life Old age Home Tirupati

New Life Old age Home Tirupati

New Life Old age Home Tirupati

New Life Old age Home Tirupati
Exclusive Accomodation With All Facilities

C Ramapuram Tirupati
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Friday, March 01, 2019

Jan Feb 2019 synopsys and march 2019 plans

Whatsapp content developed in Telugu; English; Hindi; urdu;
voice is  also ready;
whatsapp msgs are running;
daily data collection continued;
Read Tips on relationships;
#google maps beta products vertion;
#Adwords running;
#insta 10 pics;
insta campaign ran
tried to get cash to bank without Muralis help;
field calls 50 only;
lot of pictures loaded; ponts gained in google;
reviews added;  many reviews read;
new leg pads;
New Dresses; 
yoga pad;
Had Pizza
new chappal;
Gta photo shop;
star suprior; Sr scientifics;
Bet on much performed horses;
persuation skills; 
Video editing;
twitter paid campaign  details known;
New printer met;
ppl are watching whatsapp msgs;
soni tention over;
my list of imp ppl; around 20;
nutty insta;
vzg trip; pics; and disturances;
valentines lunch;
importance of trust;
gta akka; chinna anna; family group;
Met eswraiah mama; called Durga;
Camera centre ap friends group;
out of Ramesh vzg room;
water bottle;
fiber table;
Laptop Table
G plus cell ph data on my phone;
Whatsapp biz ac;
Whatsapp status;
Temple history reviews read and also posted
bharat physio;
srikari curries time waste;
leg pains; 5 days no work??
chinna anna death;
Ramesh group;
kalyan; Ash out;
sekhar bhai ideas; data collection ncontd;

March friday 2019

 1st march fri 2019;

Met Narsing rao; known abt Dayanand arrival;
Edited  my family group settings;
Msg sent to 5 groups; and also many others;
called jana; Pawan;

#maple replied
#Recd  lekhari pwd ftp;
#paytm activated;
# payout from ramoji got;
#Jan fb synopsys posted;
# cell pH NO Kvp got;
edited accu map ?
# 9 new numbers addded to ph list;
# Balaji called and info abt sekhar son martiage;
# few more g plus numbers added;
# more interaction with family group;
# Babu Rao and Uma and Kattela Sunil called;
# Hindi translation work got done

2nd March 2019 Saturday
Attendded Hyderabad Sprinters Cup day with Mobile badge and took 110 pics and posted  this is  pefect execution of  days plan improved 650 points;  Sacred Roman win picked ; 
Decide wethet fav can win or not;
Trackeagle days best Ruffina won;

Travel strain had and i could walk a lot in cource; Sanjeev reddy old friend met there; Theres lot of potenciality in rx try  Twitter projects; Surprisingly Ramoji sent one payout thankfully;

Missed lunch and Dinner;

3rd march sunday 2019

Attended HRC came back thats all;
2 new numbers were added; News of Muralis fathers death news and related disturbance; Jana said he will help lets see what happens; Night read about leadership skills; Kalyan came back to chat; brushed father;

4th March Monday 2019

Day suddenly turned eve with BharatTv coverage of temples and ads with help of Gta collected more than 30 numbers and set whatzapp msgs;
# Nagraj BSNl  called to attend Sekhars sons martiage;
 Tpt photographer gave one reference of vkice over and called him;Unable to work due to hiper acidity in stomach; Called kvp he said ok; Some kind of uneasy;

My list of contacts prepared again;
Morning brought insulin and needles; 
Night groundnut; vegetables;
Participated in tv isha jagaran meditation programme;
Called Satish; NRN; Uma: murali; Kasturi;

5th March Tuesday 2019
Mor prasadvja called;
I called Kvp and vaccine house reddy;
Byke engine Oil work and Water wash works managed with a long walk;
Good white shirt effect managed shaving;
Met Balu voice over guy;
#Retrueved some of g plus  numbers again;  morning lost temper at a alchoholic in park;

6th Mar wed day 2019
On jaibc call attended meeting had field exposure and inititation;
While coming back visited Suraram SR;
I need to upgrade my spoken skills;

7th march 2019;
Somach trouble and day is gone;
Murali continued his sucess story;
Evening purchased rx books and Telugu velugu;
Morning called Dhyana sai;
Morning msgs sent to 4 eenadu;summer heat is raising up;
Response came for adwords;
Urgent and imp
Prakash arts;
Spend some time with t projects

8th march friday 2019
Worked twice to collect g plus data from home;
#Morning activated SBI card;
Womansday family saga of msgs;
Balajis pressure to attend marriage;
Morning prakadh owner came and discussed abt Diabetic;
Missed one losing bet at rx

9th march Satday 2019
Mornung had buy Eenadu; Times and saved cell numbers and sent msgs;
#Thankfully collected 3 cheques  from proffesional couriers  Musheerabad problem notified of wrong cell number;
#Called sankar Pooja Tiles;
Disturbing article in news paper; #Luckey  closing of Happy cars and visit to Indirapark pics took and posted;
#called Gudi seena he said ok;
#Mor chat with  Kalyan had;
Unable to decide on shivansh;
Purchased wow hyd and mumbai rx card
Night scanned #WowHyd #Telugu Velugu

10th March Sunday 2019
Morning paid Eenadu bill;
G plus accounts data retreival work continued; Sent few more references to Murali;
Kishore Called so joined him then retired;

11th March monday 2019;
Election schedule released;
Dropped checks in morning; Balu called thats a new hope; By night Gtas design arangetram and related hungama so new hope again; Evening session fetched 2 payouts near Bowenpally and new arial exposure had of Begumpet Prakash Nagar;
Eye sight is clearly evidant;

12th march Tuesday  2019
Morning attended park and purchased #Akukuralu #nimbu; Uma called and had Chat with neibourhood Boy  and their birthday known;
#Morning google ads  reports checked from home by evening seen my web site with Social Media Tag thank god historic one; Also seen one mumbai web site;
lost interest to meet one person who called;
#Night Prahlada called;
Murali at was sucessful again sent 2 payouts;
#Good exposure had through scanning wowhyd magazine;
#Morning g plus mobile numbers  collection work completed;

13th March wedday 2019
Std to work in evening met begumpet sr Mujeeb way back met restaurant;
Met Diamond Glass;
Rx books purchased;

14th March Thursday 2019
#Crossed 1000 active whatsapp numbers; Retrieved few more old client numbers;
Balu dint call ???:
Night seen etv news; Election heat;
Neibourhood boys sounds;

#Kept ph for adwords ad;
# Seen  nice video to maximise adwords further
confidence gained with this;
Lot of images posted and organised on mobile;
No field work for the day; murali called and sent one payout;

Contributed to home;

15th March Friday 2019
Again took pics from Indira park and posted;
No field work again;
Tom sat Kolkata;
Added 20 plus numbers to mobile;
Y S Viveka murder;

16th Mar Satday 2019
Morning quickly saved DW data to mobile this is nice work for the day;
Syam Mamas death news related disturbance throught the day;
Some more data   ias coaching centres collected from field;
Visited Sanjeevaiah park and had ride in electric car and took video and pics then posted seen huge Indian Flag

17th March Sunday 2019;
Lumbini park covered and posted pics thats it; Daavat near galli; A new thing ; Crossed indulgence;

18th March 2018 Monday;
No field work; Old friend Balu came home  had discussions new hope emerged;
Seen some online news papers this is another hope finder;
Known about 3 k minimum balance for KVB;
Dr Nandinis celibration at evening; Muralis new venture old age home;
Seen videos on photo traffic;
Called Anjana Kesari;
Gudi Srinu;
Gave references to Murali; New idea of coastal area relatives;

19th March Tuesday 2019

Despite heavy depression  due no work one payout git from Murali detailed to another client at tpt;
I continued my efforts vigourously for Political profiles;
Called Balu his commitment had; Satish; Prasad details known; VjaSuresh; Ramesh vzg; Met Kiran and Kishire; Called IndiaVoter Ashok Kaku; Yanamala Nageswar Rao; Kasturi JaiBc Ratham news; Sainath;
Heat is further catching up;
Google loaded pics data was missing is an nother confusion?
Had good care for Gta at home;

20th march 2019 Wed Day
Unexpected trouble at home; Heavy expenses incurred for the day;
New names; Ankit Furnitures met;
Bag got ready;
Gopal; Omprakash hair cutting guy;

Later met Balu add content designed;
Edited it futher with Kishore help later;
Kiran dint respond?

21st march 2019; Thursday;
Met Narsing Rao; Attended Park Holi;
Holi festival dint send any wishes;
Met Kishore some works progressed from Kishore office;
Edited Sri Balaji Tpt agencies;
Posted yesterdays blog;
Cell ph charging trouble; met kishore got it done;

22nd March Frday 2019
Came back home;
Depression due to no ads and continued expenses and heat;
Called Kiran asked his support;
Murali sent one payout;
One call recd from Diamond Glass and it inspired;
Did 3 field calls and  slept in evening at home;
Night met Kishore and lakku known about few printing details;
Called Sparsh;
Lost temper at Dhyana Sai Tpt;

23rd March 2019 Saturday
Worked in 2 sessions and did 15 calls git good response;  But DTp work dint progress ; Dharmaih met ;

24th March sunday 2019;
Had a headache near park;
Kishore gave golden shake hand;


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