Wednesday, January 06, 2021

unbeaten and beaten brigade


To write the best consolidations;

suraj failed fav;

 Ashwa Bravo;


Best chances missed;

pesi shroff; riyahi charenchacchio;

 c Rajndra Hyderabad 2000';

 Good double with chalapthi rao;

in the spot light in form straight wins;

Ranthambore straight win,

Demonstrater 10 to one;

Exhilaration second run  as favrite;

b.prakash ex charenchchio  win; sarvesh at chennai;

Venku flami g star win;

50 to one MAM; Ex Goldie brown;

Black pearl   all 6 Wins

forest flame 5 wins

smashing blue 5 wins;

yours for ever 2 wins;

silver bracelet 4 wins

Spreme legacy


2019 war hammer;

2018 Sir cecil ; star superior; alvarita;

2017 Ruffina;

Oasis star all wins;

Indiscretion wins;

2008 sweping sucess;

 2007 soutern empire

2006 mystical

2003 Zurbaran

2001 strom again;

1996 Indiscretion

1985 Chaitanys chakram;