Saturday, January 24, 2015

21st jan 2015 Onwards

21 st jan
1.Sri Bhavani closed;
2.sri Books
Kumar shirts
9.Letter to sports wear
Vip bags
22nd jan-
Letter from Chevi
Ramoji skipped;
Loaded Sri bhavani aletr got cheque;
3  g top up
Kamalakar joind buy his expecttation noted
long wait at pasupuleti
letter to v store;
Only sucess at sri books
jewellery shop opening
navata followup; failure at R k meet foods
24 th ramoji again skipped;
Syam joined;
seen i dols shops at govinda raja temple;
head ache at home;

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sri Bhavani Agencies Tirupati Ceramic tile Dealers

Narasimhulu Naidu
Sri Bhavani Agencies
CERA Style Gallery
#5-1-14, Royal Cheruvu Road,
Near Kalisam Building
Tirupati – 517501
Cell: 9440270460
Ph.No. 0877-2226370

We Deal in Sanitary Ware
Wash Basins
Taps (Faucets)
Kitchen Sinks
Bath Showers
Wellness Products

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

21 wed day; Tommorows plan;

Sri balaji Jewellers;?
New calls pls; Confirm Chevi reddy;
insulin needles;

gandu koyila;
old records of sugar levels seen;
Unexpected  Run at TTD ad buildings walk continued;
20th jan  Back lg;
 photon bill is hauinting;
Chevi reddy;
irritation due to waiting; lost totally;
 During the wait called regalia;
keshavayana gunta area got exposed;

18th jan 2015; monday;

Days calls ;
1.p janin; etter;
2.Sree mahaveer;
3.Sucess \ At padmavathi med Store;
4.Sree balaji jewellers;
6.lady opticals;
7.Sri raaga;
8.universal A/C;

20th jan; tuesday;

Tried ; checireddy; gas;
organised dailies with Gtas help;

Sugar levels dis appointed;
sucess ani;

14th an

14 th jan  call;
56 thday after hyd;3 k cheque clearance news; gtas exitement on Dr srujana ; 13 th Death news related depression;

15th jan call;

satish call; called Prasad; Sankranthi day Lunch at ramojis home;

16th Kanuma day;
 gollapalli balaji party; byke puncture;kamalakars request;differences at home;

17th jan; success at hotel gopi krishna;
reddemma mess;young world;
darshan dtresses;
new hotel  visiting card took;
Later meet up with chengaiah party and lost keys later;Hunger pangs;

18th  jan;Sunday;
met syam;  Did 4 field calls;
matrutva; tata show room;
sakshi calender ads seen; 8 addresses;

Bul accucheck  strips rates known; new income sourse from syam;
ramojis pressure for box; Isuka in Chicken arguments;


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