Monday, September 17, 2018

syndication horse race ownership

Posted 10 to Insta 3 from Zaminryot; 7 field calls did; in horse racing watch syndication; Tie up had from that mahesh; Kept few more  #hashtags to Insta; By night at home mobile data trouble;

Friday, September 14, 2018


Surprisingly Kalyan called; No news paper after Ganesh chaviti day?
Rx card seems to be nice; Night stomach trouble had; Attended Hyd rx and kept insta keywords but lost some eistig followers reason un known;

Had nice SHP and Forecast payout at RX; Night Kishore party; 7thstep;pothus; Eastern Star wins had but still not satisfied ; To cover P S Chouha in JP:'

Gave Lord Ganesha to near by pandal;  At Pune r 1 mistake costed  JP not to miss inform  6lenngh winner with same jokey ride; Manged the day Small mistakes costed the day;  Chengaiah and kamalakar have called; Byke stand spring  trouble had; Still por response for instagram followeres;

2018 Ganesha Chaturdi day

ganesh chaturthi 2018

Thanks to the  Ganesha sent personal  whatsapp messages this time and got back good response; back at home shopping did with Gta and brought ganesha to home; Again set few #hashtgas to Insta posts and known some more knowledge and edited profile had very few followeres for the day;

Night spent very long time with Kiran and kishore; Purchased Hyderabad Friday Rx book and Insulin and Syringes;


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