Monday, May 04, 2015

1st may 2015

1 st may 2015;
1 hour net mos of pending blogs posted; back pain and heat; Calls to cell phone continued;Shifted to hman mixtard;los temper two times at GTA; depress abt future reassured by  thre many potencial places to to be tapped; Met driver reddy at mangalam;

2nd may 2015 ;
Morning Gta joined to syams place; quickly given ads for eenandu; jyothi; with ramoji quickly closed one call;severe back pain night acidity and sleep disturbance;
waited but failure at jana; took net prints;
night gGollapally krishaniah daughter came home;

3rd may Sunday;
3 ads ran; in  jyothi and eenadu Sakshi ; all  failed poor responace  and depression; night change of drinks and sleep poblem;heat;

4 th april;2015;
 Due to overnight sleep problem total day at home; called syam;

5th may;
 Called seenaiah;
Read back entire tpt stay blog; Lose word to check again;Used whatsapp; Obj by Eenadu for ads;With Syam seen RTO office;evening  2 closings plus pen media payment; auditor,latha madam; took delivery of a/c to home;

6th may;2015;
Ac got installed at home; in the bargain work lost;Good rest took at home in the after noon; data from field is 9; ot up at 3 am; power usage article read by gta; Call from nagiri doctor; fewmore prints took; Chris galys batting; No Income day;
7th may ???

8th may;
Recent ads identifie;12 field calls did no closing;
plus 9 data; read ac manual;pains and hunger pangs; few more prints again; lekhari got fueher more developed;laghuchitram article in eenadu; sleepwell ditributors list seen; no noon indulgence;Gangamma temple rush seen; Syam was sen busy in mobilising funds;

9t may;

  Morning met syam at bank; Night  sex doctor met; One miss fire at electrical shop; Most of the time spent at syam shop;5 calls plus 3 data;silence at home? power outrage at night;



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