Thursday, June 13, 2019


Dear  sir
please renue your google listing.
Pay Rs 500
Phone pay  or googlepay  9347107468
Or transfer to
K.V Ramana  SBI
Narayanaguda Hyderabad  a/c number 30350351014
Ifs code  SBIN0003086
Google maps guide

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Range Of steel Nampally Hyderabad

Range Of steel Nampally Hyderabad
We deal in 

Stainless steel tea stall Dealers in Hyderabad
Fast food stall Dealers in Hyderabad
Bakery display counter Dealers in Hyderabad
Kitchen equipment Dealers in Hyderabad
Chat counter Dealers in Hyderabad
Stainless steel sink Dealers in Hyderabad
Stainless steel work table Dealers in Hyderabad
Deep freezer Dealers in Hyderabad
Grill chicken machine Dealers in Hyderabad
Sandwich griller Dealers in Hyderabad
Pizza oven
Chocolate fountain machine
 Wet grinder

Commercial kitchen equipment.
Stainless Steel Equipment
Bakery Displays Equipment, Chinese fast Food counters ,Juice counters, Curry Counters, Aluminium Patitions, Steel Furniture
5-5-285 Opp Blue Star Lodge Near ek Minar Masjid.
Darusalam Road,Nampally Hydererabad 500001
Contact Mr Iliyas Ahmed Khan 9985873838,
Suleman Ahmed Khan 9966182143

Sunday, June 02, 2019

June 2019

1st June Saturday 2019;

Decided to quit  field work for the day due to Rx;
From the morning headache of Ramesh calls had to switchoff   my mobile phone for few hours ;
poor cash levels on hand and had setback  to withdraw cash  on the way ATM to hrc;
It took very long time to reach Hrc therefore confusion and missed to bet favrite ;

Another headache was Airtel laptop  net got evaporated and had it activated from MS mobiles;
Activated DW Mudiraj tried Rampally;
At rx not see mounts in paddok from now so another mistake removed; Another bet in last  race won but missed to bet it;

Daring decicions needed to bet;
Poor decicions and poor cash levels on hand  so another losing day at rx continued;
Evening Ajay and Kalyan sent whatsapp msgs;
On reaching rx SBI card shown some hikups;
On return from HRC horror of byke starting and related insecurity;

2nd June Sunday 2019
Arranged Onion and few things to home;
Failure at rx;
Night sitout with Kishore; Ajay;
3rd June 2019 Monday;
Some kind of uneasy stayed back at home till evening:

3rd June 2019 Monday

Due to over night dosage felt heavily disturbed till evening took total rest at home;
Stayed back at home till evening analysing past during last 20 years i would have met 20 000 calls thats huge;

Evening tried to work but rain spoiled work managed 6 calls;
Pressure is mounting as money is draining  out;

4th june Tuesday 2019
Inspirational video seen on Comfitzone;
Trouble at home; Worked in 2 sessions and did 20 plus calls;
Night Ajay met and his support understood;
Another fraud activity if Muralu known and exchange of pierce words;

5th june Ramzan day Wedday 2019;

Worldcup match for Cricket between South Africa and India watched for some time @ home in evening;

Even on Ramzan day worked and did 6 calls in morning session;
Ramzan wishes sent by creating a group  on whatsapp but many of them left  thank god some of them have responded ;
Gta further improved her design skills;
Sitout with Ajay at night;
Releived from Ramesh vzg group;

6th june Thursday 2019;
Morning managed park visit met Narsing Rao;
Unexpected hi Electricity bill recd  cleared it anyway;
Managed to do some calls in morning session heat continued;

Rajampet jewellers said yes to transfer;
Called Rubber stamp guy tpt;

7th June Friday 2019
Morning with messags clised Buttalu and Nadeem said Ok;

Long journey and covered 2 areas work fetched gave some relef but came home energylass a d tiresome; Fridays effect is clearly understood; Covers for Documentation hope is new thing for the day; Each SR must need a Advocate is new idea; Shankar is incharge of Rajnagar
Headache with Murali continued; Heavy traffic on return journey with heat;

Google pay downloaded but had some problems to check;
Night byke starting problem is new headache;
Another imprivement for me is Gta has learnt to desugn visiting card and save it to send to printer;

8th june Saturday 2019;
Morning skipped work;
Surpise on messages folloup recd 2 payouts for the furst time bank transfer;
Horror of Byke trouble managed;
Ajays morning call;
Rx shocker again Trevor is ruling most;
20 important daily needs analysed Cuddle;

9th June Sunday 2019;
Attended park  but no excersises Uma called ;  later met Ajay for his adsense work;
Sitout and Auto driver; 2 side by side troubles: skipped Rx but top fav last race flopped; 0ne doubt on UPI transfer;
Lost temper on Kalyan at night;

10th June Monday 2019;
Attended park had Ragimalt brought home vegitables;
Linked more than 30 g plus numbers to my cell and response also had:
Covered 4 stations some  response had did 10 calls DW Jeevan Reddy gave new ideas;
Muralis sabotage continued;
Water scarcity at home by night qwickly arranged few things to home;
Had exposure of new areas on outer ring road:
One nice video on "Chanikya neethi" seen;
Still longway to travel  to cover expenses for the month:

11th June 2019 Tuesday;
During morning park visit had nice chat with Narayana old man : wished Vittal Narsing Rao;

From home called few clients, sent sms and linked few oh number and changed caller tuned and activated SMS pack;

Good calls recd to mobile;
Had chat with Sekhar bhai: Seen Suman TV video on human relations  seen;
Slowly  ph calls traffic is raising after linking mobile numbers;
Night pets called did known Dynamics;
My puppy is linked to

12th June 2019 wedday
Unable to attend park;
Pending electrical bill trouble cleared at home;
SMS reminder saved for the day some more messages sent;
Good jump took had 2 closings  1 new and one old: Few messages sent to DW;
2 new activations managed;
GTA could create a nuce Logo for  Range of steel;
YouTube added  vedeo editor ;
Fish tank enq generated and Aquarium guy masher gave some details;
Few more linkings did traffic of incoming calls continued;
Missed lunch;
New thing for the day is closed flower decorator;
Kalyan met on whatsapp:
Suffered from mobile charging problem:

13th June Thursday 2019
Handsome day; 2 areas covered; sime relief anyway ; 2 potencial steel guys seen;
2 new clients clised;
Sudden rain and loss of Eye Glass got a new one;
Lot of traffic continued again to mobile;
GTA created my visiting card:
Evening Rama murthy called;
Surender ledguy reference for web site;
Complaint of Shanmugam fishes need to edit:
Spent some time in writing good review and also known about sharing it and of others;
Aquarium tank still hopeful;
Goldenpearlinn lady called;

14th june Friday 2019;
Edited Prahlad; and 2 others:
Worked with Ajay @Ranigunj and managed 10 calls had 2 positives;
Met Ajays retive SOTC guy;
Calls continued to mobile;

15th June 2019 Saturday:
Good morning Puri but missed lunch and dinner;

Due weakness stayed back at home and edited entries and did R& D for Range of Steel known few more potencial customers;
Purchased Scissors and Byke seat cover got changed:
Another pointer of same jockey proved;
Calls to Mibile continued with new offers;

Lost temper at Dish guy @ night called Police station; Had very long chat with Kalyan; expectation?;

16th June Sunday 2019
Ajay met at morning:
Night GTA Vadina came home;
Calls to Mobile continued;

Monday, May 27, 2019

cards design

Asif  Khan  M; 9398081446
Abdullah Qusro M; 9294455652



Errakurta  Barkas Hyderabad


SK.MUZZAMMIL M; 9502763249

Best Service done here for all Bykes.

# 3-5-780/6.old MLA Quarters. King Kothi.

Friday, May 03, 2019

Sri Sai Enterprises Home made foods Vidya anagar Hyderabad

Sri Sai Enterprises
(Andhra Special Home mades)

Vidya Nagar Adikmet Road
Hyderabad   500044 
Besides Reliance fresh

cell; 9701056429,

Business Timings; 9;30 AM to 9;30 PM;
Lunch Break 2 pm to 4.30 PM

K.V.Rama Murthy
online orders pease Transfer money 
State bank Of India  Vidya nagar Branch a/c no; 52202516611
ifsc SBIN0020095

Sri Sai Enterprises




Andhra Specials


Our Spcialities; Home made Sweets,Hot(Savories),,Pure Ghee,honey,
Vegitable Pickles, Masala Powders,,Papads,Vadiyams,Telaga Pindi, Vulava charu, Junnu,;

Abroad packing avaialable  products, Courier facility  fo  Local and International also undertaken for minimum 5 kgs onwards.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

May 2019

1st May Wedday 2019;
As usual attended morning walk in park;
Had Idli  as tiffen at home with Coconut chutney; Read paper outside home as maid dint complete work;
Read some years May Months   of  some years; Balaji and Vanamali have replied;
It was really too hot yet worked and Surprise had  two closings; Andhra specials checque recd his details known; Captain cook; covers analysed  50 microns addresses of manufacturers also seen;
Need of Billbook known;
After rest changed Shah pan and Rukmini keywords and activated Kanaka Durga pearls;

2nd May Thursday 2019
Read  lot of things about plastics and Bags printing; late to field and got DW reddy payout; One plywood guy met;
Flute boards order Al Karim Trade centre met few more people; Known about Lemon power in curing Cancer;

3rd May Friday 2019;
My Hamla analysed;
Had Ragi malt parcelled to home;
Mangoes, Water melons are good for Diabetics;
Sri Sai Agencies google and blog posts activated had phone call from Murthy in morning; Activated laptop net Data;

Initiated for A/C fitting with owner:
Spa has 100 google Map listings; Managed 10 calls for the day; Had one chetta Bazaar printer number:
Morning Dosa was insufficiant had samosa and Tea near Tarakarama theatre had some kind of giddiness even after due to over heat;

Hope had  from Ballons for flex; Met Mohan proces; Tried led shops un evening;
Night retrieved 11 google standings;
This month calls so far analysed;
Murali sent one payout; childhood friend Laxman met near park at morning;

4th May Saturday 2019
Entire day  stayed back at home due to heat; Arranged vegitables & Water; Later 5 kg Onions and Oats purchased;

Evening managed  to post Murali  hospital entry;
Morning initiated a/c installation work with Bhaskar; Fevi stick, pen , Market calls note book purchased and updated;
Night neibour hood kids menace due to Ball sound:

5th May Sunday 2019
Finally a/c installation guys came and installed a/c; Fish arranged this time good taste enjoyed;  lot of wait at home till ac
work completed; Cheng called at night that is a welcome move;

6th May Monday 2019
Morning attended park but dint walk;
Electricians came home arranged by Prakash owner but dint complete task but i purchased wires later there was disagreement on commition;  In a hurry forgotten ATM card to withdraw cash; Took rest entire day evening late to field  did 7 calls; 3 positives had visiting cards: Dw; Ladies Tailor;
Call from Oyo recd ? Poor late lunch ; Had Tiffen at Durga hotel Upma Dosa Gas problem at home; Surender called; Night played up with Brown  Cat;

Days calls:
1.Met Balaji rice;
2.Tea time;
3.Boutique; hope;
4.Dry fruits;
6.Electrician; cards hope;
7.Dentist card given;

7th May 2019 Tuesday;
Managed park visit even in the park itself uneasy due to heat: Known about Diabetics and heat and hyper sugar levels;
Waiting at home read lot of content on caste system etc;
Had to wait at home for two things Electrician and Gas delivery lot of time waited and time wasted but there was no other go as outside it was scorching sun heat;
Finally tried for card design with Surender flopped even after long wait;
By electrician completed electrical work but a/ c dint function well;
Night work D W paid so arranged Rice;
Afternoon in a hurry sent message to Sadguru by night it triggered and calls recd related disturbance had;

8th May Wedday 2019
Park visit managed;
Just one field call did; Another jolt from kaavya lady; Had one tie up with one experienced  designer;
Visiting card work progressed sent whatsapp copy;
Lot of R and D phone calls  did  for ac gas top up; Night bad curries;

9th May Thursday 2019;
Stomach trouble throught the day;   Took rest in morning;
After dropping Gta met Sai Tejaswi;
Just for A/C fitting another day gone; Finally A/C is fixed with leaking problem rectified Gta sponcered payout thanks to justdial; Murali sent one payout;

10th May Friday 2019;
Ajay met on whatsapp so had chat with him later seen blog posts: Total day skipped work and took rest at home; Seconday of AC good comfort had; Good Video of Bhawar lal seen;

11th May Saturday 2019:
No park visit; No mornining work;
Some kind of pressure; Enjoyed ac fully;
Evening worked did 6 calls  and gained confidence after meeting our store;
Read April Telugu Velygu; Zaminryot, purchased May Telugu Velugu;
Advance got from Electricals guy;
Purchased small note book; Arranged hair color; wall clock cell;

Ajay and Kalyan communication continued;
Read Zaminryot;

12th May 2019; Sunday;

Good Sunday long  ph chat and support from Prahlad; Ad seen in Eenadu and attended night with Ajay internet insights;
Kishore called; Lot of english and Telugu proverbs from Instagram and insta power known; Mothers day wishes conveyed toung slip and related headache known;

13th May Monday 2019;

Morning attended park but very late managed some excersizes;
Had Ragi malt energy lasted for some time;
Had Lemon rice at home;
Lot of things organised at Insragram almost 130 contacts;

Some what cool day;
Electrical guys visiting card got redesigned and had Ok nod;
Morning Kothas rao  called and told abt payment clearance;
Evening worked met fabricator hope of broture; Matham restaurant met; Pan shop: Collected some data from field; closed one more boutique but comment unbearable;
Youtube videos; kashayam and some vegitable leaves Copper effects; Kothmir power known;

To avoid milk and Rice slowly; Atta damage known;
On the road speeding  guys  comment problem to be taken care of;
Kalyan met on chat my spell checks continued to taken care his filthy words;
Ajay called in night met him and  Calligraphy chances known;
Target audience clubs; matrimony;institutes;
Complaint sent on whatsapp abt neibour to owner;

14th May Tuesday 2019;
Ashok gave good guidance in printing line as how much to earn each day; Known about Digital printing and cutting   charges and sticker  printing charges for plain and synthetic; known about covers wholesellers; manufacturers address; After meeting M M Graphics known about  trump card printing charges;
Response recd from Murali connected me with
Loka and new hope for God idols i lost temper and followed by filth;
Development continued on Instagram end added many new faces; Lot of interaction on whatsapp had;

15th May wed day 2019;
No morning work; lot of R&D did in posting Instagram postings;
Lot of disagreements continued at home;
Evening met Kishore got payout so purchased Copper vessel and Sabja seeds: Night called Murali;
Night enjoyed Dasa;
Evening met 2 calls Radiums; Sinage;

16th May Thursday 2019;

Morning to park songs by neibour ack it;
Wantedly she argued i lost temper again;
Even a slitest provocation looks to be dangerous:
Seen Yesterdays instaposts;
"Thati munjalu" good for health;
Worked in morning;
Medical shop card given
Ashok nagar jeweller met:
Met Jyothi lights;
Electricals; known ant ranking of Sai krishna electricals;
Nagarjuna  ias Naveen;
Chennai steel; 2 pm;
Begumpet Sro;
Accupressure card complaint recd;

17th May Friday 2019;
From the morning uneasy so stayed back at home till evening enjoyed A/C comfort:
Quickly managed to replace tube starter;

Tirupati DW data saved and sent messages:
Muralis entry posted and it was showing in google database by evening;
Accuguys wrong pics were also removed;
Ajay told of gpay renewal payouts;

Instagram end further polished;
Gone clients listed;

Ever work fetched 1 payout did 10 calls confidence gained further;
Mounam effect of video;

18th May 2019
Spent the day for rx;
Night Ajay met:

19th may sunday 2019;
Morning fish and Prawn arranged;  Had to go back for fish cleani g and cutting; Read some articles on fishes; insta life story work continued; At Rx yet another losing day but already with 2 wins trevor was a cinch is strong point:

20th May 2019 Monday;
Morning Rarali mistake known by incoming call;
Royya stink unbearable; Entire morning rest at home; My idea of Keyword manipulation for Paan worked;
Activated Andhra specials; Surprise call recd from Kothas;
Seen wordpress and nice blog headlines content:
Free Digital Marketing videos seen;
Evening tried to work but failed;

21st may Tuesday 2019
On followup fetched boutique visiting cards order and managed to deliver it by evening;
Murali sent another payout of Dw tpt;
Mostly at home; By night it rained; Some more videos seen on youtube: Insta further consolidated; 2 calls did 3 data saved;

There are some institutes for Calligraphy:
Read some articles on personality development traits; At
INSTA  some good profiles added circles can be developed:
Ramesh Vizag called; Night rained and suffered frim power problem;

Whatsapp sent to Amara fashions ; Esse tials on English languges read crrtified professionals; I spiri g quotes read in whatsapp;

22nd May Wed day 2019;
To park and long chat with Uma Darjipalli temple; Evening met Accu Ramkote; Anand Pan guy; Tried to dig at SEO tips;

23rd May  Thursday 2019
Election Results day mostly stayed at home watching  results: Ramesh Vzg added me again in his list ; Brushed Murali for his wrongs; Checked expenses from Jan 2019; Ajay called and Surender Led;

24th May Friday 2018;
Entire morning spent in updating my net skills;
Key words grabbing work did at Hyderabad; Seen known more about activity & action on google dash board; Key words added for few listings and contact numbers changed for few;
Kvp had 172 ph calls;
Ganesha electricals;85;
Golden pearl 103;
To have tke ups with pets and catering guys:

Pets listings are doing better on google to tap this segment; Accu  Keywrods   and ph number changed; My blog listings are also important to post for each listing closing;
Description in google us very important with photos;
Just 1  good video is enough to get 2 million views; Sent msg to jana and Amara; After reading SEO Tips Blog loading time trimmed  and removed few links;
Call for Cauvery recd;
Get linked from others;
Shrender and Rao clients have called;
At insta added pet livers and they followed back  this is a big surprise for the day;
Lot of depression msgs from Ramesh group;
Utterly flopped to take google activation of maggam guy;

Evening did almost 10 calls;

25th May Saturday 2019
Great success unimaginable at Instagram pets in sungle day had almost 200 followers :
Thanks one call recd for  visiting cards:
Another losing day at Rx but eliminated few more mistakes; Caterers phone number grabbed at google:
Trouble near Musheerabad tote managed;

26th May Sunday 2019;

Knife manufacturing  Discovery episode seen;
Gta ? Had Egg fried rice for lunch:
AJAY?? Health benefits of Munga chettu known; To reduce Salt intake to avoid leg pains;
Wellconnected padmananhan poonawallas won but i missed it; Byke self starter problem emerged as fresh headache;
Had field followers in Instagram;
Youtube movie ideas read;
Some videos posted to youtube;
Mostly at home heat reduced;

27th May Minday 2019;
Heavily pressurised for Byke self starter failure so  after dropping gta got repaired byke starter anyway but had slog it out in heat:
Later did few calls of used Bikes at Kingkoti atea ;
Took A1 bykes cards order and reached home with total energy failure had  quick Butter Milk at home;
Very hot day; Evening with help of Ashok cards got designed;
Throught the day Instaposts unfollowed many of them;
Night sitout with Ajay  long chatsome money gone overspend: Syam called but rejected his call:

28th May Tuesday 2019

Yet another hottest day forcing to stay at home till evening; Had  to wait for water in morning; Suffered from overnight hangover had help by gta;

Evening tried to meet Dtp Ashok but he was not there so unable to deliver cards but pressure had from Byke guy;
Entire day spent time in unfollowing and following At Insta managed followers at 700 matk;
Evening had new  arial  exposure near Ajays home; Night Gta completed logo work thats s real success story for the day;

29th May Wed day 2019
Morning wishes old ppl at park;
Ashok failed to help to machine failure so i met byke guy and did some more calls near by area; Hunger levels luckey Butter milk distribution enjoyed;
Syam sent idols proposal but rejected it;
Evening more exposure had for printing needs;

30th May Thursday 2019;

Night Modis Swearing in cerimony on Tv seen;
Morning work dint fetch evening work paid; Importance of google maps known and chemchas objection had showingup of google maps ;
Again analysed past it hint had as i  still can  hope on Rx winnings;

Seenaiah called had Chat with Kamalakar;
Night calculated daily avarege income and expenses known stunning insite had;
Rat mat purchased;

31 May Friday 2019;
Managed to deliver Aluminium cards but coastly editing  by  goud designer but TIPs had to charge good amounts;

New hope emerged From Uma stores gave quotation with the help of Ashok but evaporated soon:  Saturday and Sunday Rx books ourchased;


Wednesday, April 24, 2019

socal media

make living with just online itself;

In fact, 76 percent of people who look for a nearby business on their smartphones, visit them within a day’s time and 28 percent of these searches end in a purchase.

Friday, April 19, 2019

laxmi chandra suppling company nallakunta Hyderabad

laxmi chandra suppling company

laxmi chandra suppling company

2-1-42/A, Behind Lane Of Fever Hospital, Nallakunta, Hyderabad, Telangana 500044CELL 92465 98818

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

March and April 2019

1st march fri 2019;
Met Narsing Rao; known abt Dayanand arrival;#Maple replied

2nd March 2019  Sprinters day
Attendded Hyderabad Sprinters Cup day with Mobile badge and took 110 pics and posted  this is  pefect execution of  days plan improved 650 points;  Sacred Roman win picked ; Decide wethet fav can win or not;Trackeagle days best Ruffina won;

 SaturdayTravel strain had and i could walk a lot in cource; Sanjeev Reddy old friend met there; Theres lot of potenciality in Rx try  Twitter projects; Surprisingly Ramoji sent one payout thankfully;Missed lunch and Dinner;

3rd march sunday 2019 Attended HRC came back thats all;

4th March Monday 2019 
Day suddenly turned eve with BharatTv coverage of temples and ads with help of Gta collected more than 30 numbers and set whatzapp msgs but no use none replied;

5th March Tuesday 2019; No known record?
6th Mar wed day 2019No known record?
7th march 2019;Urgent and imp

8th march friday 2019

Worked twice to collect g plus data from home;#Morning activated SBI card;Womansday family saga of msgs;Balajis pressure to attend marriage;Morning prakadh owner came and discussed abt Diabetic;Missed one losing bet at rx
Mornung had buy Eenadu; Times and saved cell numbers and sent msgs;#Thankfully collected 3 cheques  from proffesional couriers  Musheerabad problem notified of wrong cell number;#Called sankar Pooja Tiles;Disturbing article in news paper; 

Election schedule released;Dropped checks in morning; Balu called thats a new hope; By night Gtas design arangetram and related hungama so new hope again; Evening session fetched 2 payouts near Bowenpally and new arial exposure had of Begumpet Prakash Nagar;Eye sight is clearly evidant; 

9th march Satday 2019
10th March Sunday 2019
11th March Monday 2019;
Edited  my family group settings;Msg sent to 5 groups; and also many others;called jana; Pawan;
#Recd  lekhari pwd ftp;#paytm activated;# payout from Ramoji got;#Jan fb synopsys posted;# cell pH NO Kvp got;# edited accu map # 9 new numbers addded to ph list;# Balaji called and info abt sekhar son mariage;# few more g plus numbers added;# more interaction with family group;# Babu Rao and Uma and Kattela Sunil called;# Hindi translation work got done

2 new numbers were added; News of Muralis fathers death news and related disturbance; Jana said he will help lets see what happens; Night read about leadership skills; Kalyan came back to chat; brushed father;

# Nagraj BSNl  called to attend Sekhars sons martiage; Tpt photographer gave one reference of vkice over and called him;Unable to work due to hiper acidity in stomach; Called kvp he said ok; Some kind of uneasy;
My list of contacts prepared again;Morning brought insulin and needles; Night groundnut; vegetables;Participated in tv isha jagaran meditation programme;Called Satish; NRN; Uma: murali; Kasturi;
Mor prasadvja called;I called Kvp and vaccine house reddy;Byke engine Oil work and Water wash works managed with a long walk;Good white shirt effect managed shaving;Met Balu voice over guy;#Retrueved some of g plus  numbers again;  morning lost temper at a alchoholic in park;

On jaibc call attended meeting had field exposure and inititation;While coming back visited Suraram SR;I need to upgrade my spoken skills;
Somach trouble and day is gone;Murali continued his sucess story;Evening purchased rx books and Telugu velugu;Morning called Dhyana sai;Morning msgs sent to 4 eenadu;summer heat is raising up;Response came for adwords; Prakash arts;Zaminryot;Spend some time with t projects

12th march Tuesday  2019

Morning attended park and purchased #Akukuralu #nimbu; Uma called and had Chat with neibourhood Boy  and their birthday known;#Morning google ads  reports checked from home by evening seen my web site with Social Media Tag thank god historic one; Also seen one mumbai web site;lost interest to meet one person who called;#Night Prahlada called;Murali at was sucessful again sent 2 payouts;#Good exposure had through scanning wowhyd magazine;#Morning g plus mobile numbers  collection work completed;

13th March wedday 2019

Std to work in evening met Begumpet sr Mujeeb way back met restaurant; Met Diamond Glass;Rx books purchased;

14th March Thursday 2019

#Crossed 1000 active whatsapp numbers; Retrieved few more old client numbers;Balu dint call ???:Night seen etv news; Election heat; Neibourhood boys sounds;
#Kept ph for adwords ad;# Seen  nice video to maximise adwords further confidence gained with this;Lot of images posted and organised on mobile;No field work for the day; murali called and sent one payout;
Contributed to home;

15th March Friday 2019 Again took pics from Indira park and posted;No field work again;Tom sat Kolkata;Added 20 plus numbers to mobile;Y S Viveka murder;
#Luckey  closing of Happy cars and visit to Indirapark pics took and posted;#called Gudi seena he said ok;#Mor chat with  Kalyan had;Unable to decide on shivansh;Purchased wow hyd and mumbai rx cardNight scanned #WowHyd #Telugu Velugu
Morning paid Eenadu bill;G plus accounts data retreival work continued; 

Sent few more references to Murali;Kishore Called so joined him then retired;

16th Mar Satday 2019

Morning quickly saved DW data to mobile this is nice work for the day;Syam Mamas death news related disturbance throught the day;Some more data   ias coaching centres collected from field;Visited Sanjeevaiah park and had ride in electric car and took video and pics then posted seen huge Indian Flag

17th March Sunday 2019;

Lumbini park covered and posted pics thats it; Daavat near galli; A new thing ; Crossed indulgence;

18th March 2018 Monday;No field work; Old friend Balu came home  had discussions new hope emerged;Seen some online news papers this is another hope finder;Known about 3 k minimum balance for KVB;Dr Nandinis celibration at evening; Muralis new venture old age home;Seen videos on photo traffic;Called Anjana Kesari;Gudi Srinu;Gave references to Murali; New idea of coastal area relatives;

19th March Tuesday 2019

Despite heavy depression  due no work one payout git from Murali detailed to another client at tpt;I continued my efforts vigourously for Political profiles;Called Balu his commitment had; Satish; Prasad details known; VjaSuresh; Ramesh vzg; Met Kiran and Kishire; Called IndiaVoter Ashok Kaku; Yanamala Nageswar Rao; Kasturi JaiBc Ratham news; Sainath;Heat is further catching up;Google loaded pics data was missing is an nother confusion?Had good care for Gta at home;

20th march 2019 Wed Day 

Unexpected trouble at home; Heavy expenses incurred for the day;New names; Ankit Furnitures met;Bag got ready;Gopal; Omprakash hair cutting guy;
Later met Balu add content designed;Edited it futher with Kishore help later;Kiran dint respond?

21st march 2019; Thursday;

Met Narsing Rao; Attended Park Holi;Holi festival dint send any wishes;Met Kishore some works progressed from Kishore office;Edited Sri Balaji Tpt agencies;Posted yesterdays blog;Cell ph charging trouble; met kishore got it done;

22nd March Frday 2019

Came back home;Depression due to no ads and continued expenses and heat;Called Kiran asked his support;Murali sent one payout;One call recd from Diamond Glass and it inspired;Did 3 field calls and  slept in evening at home;Night met Kishore and lakku known about few printing details;Called Sparsh;Lost temper at Dhyana Sai Tpt;

23rd March 2019 Saturday

Worked in 2 sessions and did 15 calls git good response;  But DTp work dint progress ; Dharmaih met ;

24th March Sunday 2019;Had a headache near park;Kishore gave golden shake hand and so lakku;

25th march monday 2019;

Met Suresh Lalasa and Surender and known about printing details Surinder releived one secret;Asked Gta to learn skills faster; Felt very in afternoon and unable to work;After coming home posted old age home entry of Murali and activated Rukmini entry;Evening session worked and easily managed to do 15 calls but energy levels failed:Balu digiplus guy edited ad content;

26th march tuesday  2019;

Despite leg problem attended park in morning;Worked in morning and evening  did 12 field calls;Some more data loaded to cell ph data again;Reddeppa and Babai called;Unexpected headache at family group solved it anyway;More knowledge about new segments to target known:

27th thursday march 2019 Packets and Rukmini payouts failed;Horrible unrest at whatsapp group;Energy levels failed at evening;Balu ads continued at Eluru no response;
New arial exposure and posters seen Owner prajkash Ganesha clip;Added numbers to whatsapp and checked;

28th march thyrsday 2019;

Morning SGM guy called so new turn of things; Another  turn is  Kumar bawa Birthday and related developments all returned;My add Telugu design did and curculated to whatsapp;Someone created new group but many left;Murali success with Prince tailors:Rukmini and SGM payouts got cleared ;Andhra bank  Ramnagar address known;Morning unbearable heat still managed 10 calls;Evening failed work:

29th March friday 2019;
After great birthday no response to my whatsapp saga; Morning sucessfully cleared cheque and paid Surender; Arranged Onion and Milk to home;  Had poor lunch;Morning work was very tough due scorching heat;

Evening met handsome calls and had assurances from lady and others;Night had jolt from DTP guy; He gave some ideas to as whete to paste stickers;Failed at second session evening work due to energy troubles;

30th March Satday 2019;

Uma called at park;Throught the day no contact had with family whatsapp group; Gta ok; Managed park visit at morning;Finally got back designed sticker and support  Surender had many visits had from whatsapp groups end;Another Digital Printer exposed;Managed 15 local field calls;2 stickers pasted with my influence; Cutter purchased;)Managed 15 field calls for the day:

31st March 2019 Sunday:

Suffered from Saturday brand change;Quickly arranged Chicken: later Water; Onion; Responded to Sagars video;Managed to save some of Eenadu ph number and send them few whatsapp mags; some ppl have seen them one responded;Night power gone;One sticker seen near food corp:

1st April Monday;2019;
By evening Rukmini  balance payout cleared;

Most of the day spent in reparing google unpaid listings despite Heavy heat throught the day;Balu came home in morning i detailed him 1 year planning;Morning after dropping Gta Yoga mat bag repair did;
Met Surender DTP guy in evening:Thrownout rx books in dustbin;
Rice; Onion arranged;

2nd April Tuesday 2019;

Cool day;
Morning attended ground and sent whatsapp got back replies thanks to Soni Rajesh; Vegitables purchased;

20 field calls managed for the day; good dress compliment by Gta; Manam show entertainment;One hope at Coffee shop emerged met surender;

3rd April  Wedday 2019;

Attended park in morning:Had very poor lunch; Night missed Etv news due to traffic jam MAY BE DUE TO ELECTIONS MEETING; Afternoon spent lot of time in re organising g plus of all time ;Recd small  leaflets finally;

4th April Thursday 2019;

Recd youtube video with voice and pics running in it ad agency person gave it  totally free;  So total day spent on this  in forwarding it good response from family members poor outside hits; Managed few calls near by  and Hyd Shavarma guy had complimentary "Breakfast" met  new emergency and consultancy known;

Night waited at Surender met one lady who excelled in Dance seen her Albums  Telugu content later Had chat with Jagdeesh new friend;
Problem had from SGM printing issue;
Ugaadi festivals preparation expectations at home;

5th April  2019 friday
Night Nataraj party;

 Morning managed to work only few calls; Akka called;

6th April Satday  ugadi 2019;

Ugadi day attended park but something uneasy even at morning heat;
Prahlada called; Despite Surender said no i managed to attend
call from Cothas manager and got order done by Kishore;
Under very hot conditions travelled in Car to Malkajgiri; Noman designed it smoothly; Kishore made it; seen their web site and facenook page; Got the Flex orders;

7th April 2019 Sunday;
Dull sunday; One Rx choice won by inform Sandesh but ignored to back it; Good sleep throught the day;

8th April Monday 2019

Morning met Hemaa porints and did few calls nearby;

Totally in 2 sessions 18 calls did 3 positives had; visiting card; 2 Demo Tents;
Met Kiran and Kishore known that cothas board is fixed and demo tents rates known;
Night Murali called;

3 stickers pasted nut they short lived but got 5 new Stickers  

Bigones got printed;
Alacrity is  the days word;
Harsh lady and beggars menace during the calls;
Discussion with Raghu printer;
Time spent for g plus listings in afternoon;
Got back  lost note book;

9th April Tuesday 2019
Despite heat gave a tremendous boost to the day by working and distributing Hemaa leaflets and messaging deleted clients  old clients; Had response from metro rooms for whats msg

Arranged Water; Arranged renewals to Murali he was sucessful in getting just one nut petrol issue emerged  2 responses  for the days work had by evening;
Spent long time with DTP Surender and  for design lamination on visiting cards known followed by sitout;

Uneven weather very hot till afternoon;
Collected some data from field;
Sent msg to cothas Rao recd reply thats nice;
On Kishore call arranged DR at night this is biggest unexpected success for my contacts;

10th April wed day 2019;

Managed morning park visit despite over night dosage Tiffen arranged to gta and had lunch gift in return;

Lost temper due to the loss of 2 big stickers  later known details to be very careful from now;
Collected payout from fast foods and chicken guy gave to Surender;
Managed another 10 calls from field work;

11th April Thursday 2019

LokSabha Elections day
Voted and circulated thats all missed lunch;

12th April Friday 2019;

Poor energy level problems unable to work;
Night met Kiran and no man; Balu called;
2nd day missed park; Unknown depression;
Family whatsapp silence contd but they are watching; Rx book purchased something interesting; Met Surender no use;

13th April Saturday 2019

Managed park visit; No response still from family end; Seen nice video on Mobile;
Posted 2 days pending blog;
Un even weather; By night group got into smithereen; Waited ar Surender in vain;
Later he called but i dint lift; Frequent sleep disturbance had in night; Ramojis payout got;  Quite expensive day but with twisters;

14th April Sunday 2019

Srirama Navami day:
Attended park anyway had free Ambali this time; later came home  quickly arranged water, Milk, groundnuts from Spencers through phonepay;
Read and seen video abt yoga asanas read abt ancient civilizations a good knowledge booster thx to wikepedia;
Had a boring time at home;
Madhu sent me nice msg abt Srirama Navami;

15th April Monday 2019;

Morning sent Murali few references got back one payout;
Suffered due to caugh throught the day;
Had a sluggish start: Dropped Gta and managed to supply pending Bill books quality complaints noted; Called Kishore;
Skipped morning work but Byke lihts work got done; suprise suprlus of 3k murali sent money to 51014;
After noon further edited g business entries; Evening tried to work but failed due t energy problems managed collect 4 data later retrieved them from Google;
Evening new note book purchased;

16th April 2019; Tuesday;

Very promising day despite head ache at home; Had Tiffen from out side poor curry for lunch;Morning worked near D D Colony suprised see somany  buildings wealth; Data collected and sent messaes and many have seen them;

Got byke trouble cleared and distributed few more cards and finally closed poorna  Chandra supplier later hot their google business verified;
Noon session trimmed further google map listings of unpaid;
Evening session gave a real confidence
After meeting Raja Furniture father Died; and Saree shop; Attended Thyagaraya Gana sabha enjoyed songs and AC;

17th April Wedday 2019;
Morning had one tie up with a Video Editor  Phtobooks and Photographer his insta profile seen; Met 4 Saree shops some hope got;
Met one T Shirts Design  guy;
Halftone prints;

Murali success with 2 payouts;
Evening met Surender during wait edited Insta pics;
New two sides Visiting card work initiated from Kishore and Kirans Radio mirchi hope;
Read few things on Starflex and Standies;

18th April Friday 2019;

With a best dress to meetup;
Health trouble had but as per promise met  Naa ad-agency guy gave him suggestion seen his website; Auditions confusion and had  near by arial exposure; Hunger pangs came back and retired;
Night met Kishore got newly designed cards;
Payout got from Laxmi chandra;
Met Surender had his assurance; Seen T20 Ipl match and retired;

19th April friday 2019

Dint move out of house wholeday:
Worked with google for some time at home set hirers entry;
Night watched Ipl  Bangalore Vs Kolkata;

20th April Saturday 2019

Another no work day after rainy day felt very hot;
Edited Ponnala entry and my video kept some tags;
Some videos seen on about facebook business pages;
Gta Vadina came home;

21st April 2019 Sunday;

Gta went to attend function at Kukatpally;
After a small Tiffen slept for some time;
Had a bash at Ashok Nagar on return Kishore called so joined him; No note wirthy work in Sunday;

22nd April Monday 2019;

Again no work in morning reason is unknown;
Entire day at home spent ling time in organising entire 2019;
Heavy rain in night and no power for long time;

23rd April 2019; Tuesday

After 5 non working days worked in both sessions;
Morning lot of Blog editing did;
Totally in 2 sessions 16 calls did; One big tention releaved of suppling bags; Bags are available at Begum Bazaar;
16 people have watched whatsapp messages; 20 ppl watched whatsapp status;
Complete 2019 work days analysed with 40 days work and 300 plus calls;
Murali gave another payout; One Pan shop closed; one hope from Andhra pickles had; One home appliances lady gave hope;
Pan shops ar listed under Tobacco shops;

after noon R & D known that few google account are claimed by others; like;physio; pets;Bhimas; Kshirasagar; etc;

24th April wed day 2019

Some water related trouble near home; Skipped morning work due to heat;
spent long time in reorganising entire blog further trimmed it by 300 posts and read back again;
Activated pan google entry and called Andhra pickles; evening did 3 calls all were positive one computer Writing Pen,  By night after long wait got done visiting cards gif done by kishore sent to few contacts;  Hotel Bags supply problem remained;  One expected reply flopped but thats another new knowledge;
Flute boards info known;

25th April thursday 2019
I must develop lot of helping and supporting hands; Morning sent lof whatsapp msgs for printing needs;
Bags story flopped again despite his commitment;
New story energed from Kaavya Graphics;
Impressive reaction by Nafees pan guy at evening; Met Sports shop; V design guys agrreed for google activation;
Another interesting interaction at Nagavalli Sarees; Hope emerged from laxmi Narayana;
Evening met pan guy got his commitment;
Some knowledge gained again from Surender;

26th Friday April 2019
Prssure continued to supply Hotel bags so called  Surender many times ; later he called asked to wait near his shop but dint respond so i waited a long wait under scorching heat;
Then met Ardent prints and had good exposure
Of id cards industry; Hope got for Adwords account; later met Sro then call recd from surender i went picked  qwality less bags parcel and delivered;  poor printing qwality;
I met oil girl and gifts guy;

Night session collected parcel Bags from Bawarchi; new Astoria; Mehfil;
Stink outside home; inspiration had from one person asking help; purchased rs 65/_ Rice; As usual fight had again at for serving food;

27th April Saturday 2019;

Over expectation at home had Samia Upma but its evaporated soon;  Called Kishore and found plastics shop and met them had good exposure on bags and plastics:  Read Zaminryot:
Had veg puf  big Thumps up near big oven; Later on Surenders call met him and settled amounts; Met Accupressure guy and some new area exposure;
Big sleep in afternoon that distubed night sleep; Met Pan shop guy for payment in vain bitter failure of the day;

28th April Sunday 2019;

Seen KKR VS MI ipl MATCH @night; Had one Chapati at morning; Gta Vadina came and one invitation recd for function;
Some kind of stress felt due to continued expenses; kishore dint call up;
Tried to meet Lakshmi Narayana Saree shop; 
Tomato @ rs 50/_ ?;
Good Chicken curry  gravy at after noon;

29th April Monday 2019:
Morning read about Saree history;
Casual call to Kaavya graphics fetched for the day; With that success story gave 500 to gta, Arranged Rice, Jio top up did; Met oil lady;
Afternoon kept keywords to entries; Also arranged Dal ; Minapa gundlu;

30th April Tuesday 2019;
2 posters sticked in morning;
Till evening at home due to heat;
Night worked for some time did 8 calls had 2 positives; Asked support ;
Further trimmed google entries;
Known about Pistahouse;
New Data added to mobile;
Trimmed instaposts;
New idea of Pa  shop key word;
Posted Ruchikaraa entry;
Boredom at home; Analysed past;
Single indulgence;
Lot of water consumed for the day and arranged water;To capture lot of google keywords and see;


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