Monday, January 11, 2016

Karl Tailors nellore

Karl Tailors
-861-6450333  9885903111, 9985719857  
Co operative Building, GNT Road, Trunk Road, 
Nellore - 524001, Near Gandhi Statue

The Pen Corner nellore

The Pen Corner
861-2340960,  9866721872  
Door No 14-388, Trunk Road, Nellore - 524001, 
Opposite Modern Stores

Hotel Riyaz Biryani Restaurant Nellore

Hotel Riyaz Biryani Restaurant Nellore

Hotel Riyaz
7799483322  Achari street, 
 Nellore - 524001,
 Beside Shantilal & Sons Jewellers
 Restaurants , Caterers

Rope Dealers Tarpaulin Dealers-Silpaulin Sri Kanaka Durga Metal Enterprises nellore

Sri Kanaka Durga Metal Enterprises
861-2326307, 2316321  +(91)-9441523449  
Door No 21-337/338, Nellore Ho, Nellore - 524001, 
Near Big Bazar  Tarpaulin Dealers
, Rope Dealers
 Bazar  Tarpaulin Dealers
Rope Dealers
Tarpaulin Dealers-Silpaulin

Sri Balaji Catering Service Nellore

Sri Balaji Catering Service
9441232876, 9440309336  
Door No 12-711/3, Narayanappapeta, 
Nellore - 524310, Near Gupta Park

Deepthi Jewellers Nellore

Deepthi Jewellers
861-2331807, 2323751  9848161144  
Chinna Bazar, Nellore, 
Giddangi Street, Nellore Ho, Nellore - 524001  
Jewellery Showrooms
, Gold Jewellery Showrooms

Generators On hire in Nellore Salma Engineering

Salma Engineering
 +(91)-861-2325330  +(91)-9246435330  Shop, G.n.t. Road, Ramnagar,
 Dargamitta, Nellore - 524003, Opp. T.v.s. Showroom Generators On Hire , Spare Part Dealers

hirers Tents On Hire in Nellore

PSK Shamiyana Industries
861-2323827 ,9849795544, 9849795533  
18/1017, Beside Venkataramana Hotel, Poga Thota, Nellore - 524001, Pogathota
 Tents On Hire , Tent House Hire

Photographers For Function In Nellore; Weddmark Photography

Weddmark Photography
9908777977 , +(91)-7207772777  Door No Bv 10 C3, Bv Nagar,
 Nellore Ho, Nellore - 524001, Near SAI Baba Temple

Temple  Photo Studios
Wedding Photographers
Photographers For Function
Digital Photo Studios
Photographers For Event
Photographers For Portfolio
Photo Studios-Kodak
Instant Photo Developing Studios
Candid Wedding Photographers
Model Photographers
Wildlife Photographers
Candid Photographers
Outdoor Photographers
Fashion Photographers
Photographers For Product
3D Photographers
Photographers For Corporate
Photographers For Portrait
Still Photographers
Film Photographers
Photographer Potrait
Commercial Photographers
Industrial Photographers
Photographers For Parties
Press Photographers
Aerial Photographers
One Hour Photo Studios
Architectural Photographers
Photographers For Jewellery
Hd Photographers
Photographers For Documentaries
Film Fashion Photographers
Digital Photographers
Photographers For Pet
Travel Photographers
Lifestyle Photographers
Panning Photographers
Digital Photo Studios-HP
Macro Photographers
Panoramic Photographers
Medical Photographers
Indoor Photographers
Birdlife Photographers
Photographers-Commercial & Industrial
Photographers For Aviation
Photographers For Catalogue
Photographers For Garment
Desktop Photographers
Designer Photographers
Photographers For Tourism
Photographers For Seminar
Photographers For Children
Underwater Photographers

Fashion Photographers in nellore R S Videos & Photos

R S Videos & Photos
861-2307558  +(91)-9848097558 , +(91)-9949943326 , +(91)-7416117898
 Door No G -12, Kac Plaza, R R Street, Nellore Ho, Nellore - 524001, Near Narthaki Theatre
Theatre (Map)  Photographers
Wedding Photographers
Video Shooting Services
Photographers For Function
Video Shooting Services For Functions
Photographers For Event
Candid Wedding Photographers
Candid Photographers
Fashion Photographers
Photographers For Corporate
Video Cassette Transfer To DVD
Video Mixing Service
Still Photographers
Videographer Birthday
Hd Photographers
LCD Projectors Dealers
DVD Transfer To Video CD

purohits in Nellore vedagiri phani sharma nellore

vedagiri phani sharma nellore
 cell 9912025755

RamaKrishna Diabetes Research Centre Nellore

RamaKrishna Diabetes Research Centre
861-2320714  +(91)-9849045460  Door No 16-2-114, Raghava Cine Complex Road, 
Poga Thota, Nellore - 524001, Near Mayuri Hotel 
  Diabetologist Doctors , General Physician 

Apollo Speciality Hospitals Nellore

Apollo Speciality Hospitals
-861-3337333, +(91)-40-23607777  +(91)-7658927766  
House No 16/111/1133, Muthukuru Road, Balajinagar, Nellore - 524002, Pinakini Nagar

Anil Diabetes Centre  nellore

Anil Diabetes Centre  
Address: Phoga Thota, Pogathota, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh 524001
Phone:0861 232 6161

Diabetes Clinic Dr.S.Satyanarayana Murthy  

Diabetes Clinic Dr.S.Satyanarayana Murthy  
Address: 16/2/219 Pogathota, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh 524001
Phone:0861 232 6892

Sri Sai Krupa Diabetes Hospital  nellore

Sri Sai Krupa Diabetes Hospital  
Address: D.No: 16-II-76, Behind Mayuri Restaurant,
Pogathota, NELLORE – 524 001 A.P, India
Phone:0861 230 6162

Physiotherapists For Paralysis In Nellore

Faith Physiotherapy & Speach Therapy Clinic
861-6452433  9246465433 , 
9246495433  Door No T4RRH2/B3, 
Opposite Lane of Madhura Sweets, Brundavanam, Nellore Ho, 
Nellore - 524001 Physiotherapists
Ayurvedic Body Massage Centres
Rehabilitation Centres
Speech Therapists
Speech Therapy Centres
Physiotheraphy Hospitals
Physiotherapy Centres
Pain Relief Centres
Physiotherapists For Paralysis
Hearing Care Clinics
Physiotherapists For Foot

Document writers in Tirupati

18-4-111/24.RLY CLONY EXTN.2 ND CROSS.
CELL; 97019 30967
94402 70749.

Ladies boutiques Priyanka Fashions nellore

Priyanka Fashions
-861-2323367  +(91)-9959584945  Kings Court Avenue,
 Vedayapalem, Nellore - 524004, Magenta layout

Wrist Watch Dealers Madina Watch Agencies Nellore

Madina Watch Agencies
861-2329401  +(91)-9052034343  
Door No 24/2/222, 
Trunk Road, Nellore - 524001, Opposite Sunday Market
  Wrist Watch Dealers-Fastrack , Wrist Watch 
Market  Wrist Watch Dealers-Fastrack
Wrist Watch Dealers-Titan
Wrist Watch Dealers
Wrist Watch Dealers-Sonata
Wrist Watch Repair & Services-Titan
Wrist Watch Repair & Services-Fastrack
Watch Dealers-Casio
Wrist Watch Repair & Services
Wrist Watch Dealers-Rado
Wrist Watch Repair & Services-Casio
Wall Clock Dealers
Wrist Watch Repair & Services-Timex
Wrist Watch Dealers-Timex
Wrist Watch Dealers-Fossil
Wrist Watch Repair & Services-Sonata
Wrist Watch Dealers-Casio
Wall Clock Dealers-Ajanta
Wrist Watch Dealers-Rolex
Wrist Watch Dealers-Maxima
Wrist Watch Dealers-Tissot
Wrist Watch Repair & Services-Rado
Wrist Watch Dealers-Tommy Hilfiger
Wrist Watch Repair & Services-Citizen
Wrist Watch Wholesalers
Wrist Watch Repair & Services-Maxima
Wrist Watch Dealers-Emporio Armani
Wrist Watch Repair & Services-Rolex
Wrist Watch Manufacturers
Wrist Watch Dealers-Seiko
Wrist Watch Dealers-Swatch
Wrist Watch Dealers-Citizen
Wrist Watch Dealers-Ajanta
Wrist Watch Dealers-Omega
Wrist Watch Repair & Services-Seiko
Wrist Watch Dealers-Reebok
Wall Clock Repair & Services-Ajanta
Wall Clock Dealers-Orpat
Wrist Watch Dealers-Diesel
Wall Clock Repair & Services
Wrist Watch Dealers-Lamex
Wrist Watch Dealers-Police
Wrist Watch Dealers-Longines
Wrist Watch Dealers-Esprit
Wrist Watch Repair & Services-Swiss Watch
Wrist Watch Repair & Services-Tag Heuer
Imported Wrist Watch Dealers
Wall Clock Repair & Services-Citizen
Wrist Watch Dealers-Hublot
Wrist Watch Dealers-Quartz
Digital Wall Clock Dealers
Wrist Watch Dealers-Titan Insignia
Wrist Watch Part Dealers
Wrist Watch Dealers-Ice Watch
Wall Clock Dealers-Kaiser
Wall Clock Dealers-Samay
Wall Clock Dealers-Citizen
Swiss Wrist Watch Dealers-Rolex
Wall Clock Dealers-Opal
Wrist Watch Dealers-Kenneth Cole
Wrist Watch Repair & Services-Diesel
Wrist Watch Dealers-Montblanc
Digital Wrist Watch Dealers
Wall Clock Dealers-Timex
Swiss Wrist Watch Dealers-Tag
Wall Clock Dealers-Allwyn
Wall Clock Dealers-Samrat
Wall Clock Dealers-Civa
Wall Clock Dealers-HMT
Wrist Watch Dealers-Toy Watch
Antique Watch Dealers
Wrist Watch Distributors-Seiko
Wall Clock Dealers-Solar
Wall Clock Dealers-Blazon
Wall Clock Dealers-Henix
Wall Clock Dealers-Atop
Wall Clock Dealers-Onyx
Wall Clock Dealers-Sinar
Wall Clock Dealers-Caliber
Wrist Watch Dealers-Jean Fendi
Wrist Watch Dealers-Baby G
Wall Clock Dealers-Rewa
Wall Clock Distributors-Rhythm
Wall Clock Repair & Services-HMT
Wrist Watch Dealers-Corum
Wrist Watch Dealers-Cartier
Wrist Watch Dealers-Dior
Wrist Watch Dealers-Dkny
Wrist Watch Dealers-Raymond Renee
Wrist Watch Dealers-Edifice
Wall Clock Dealers-Wood Craft
Wall Clock Dealers-Sonam
Wrist Watch Repair & Services-Longines
Wall Clock Dealers-Rhythm
Wall Clock Dealers-Rikon
Wrist Watch Repair & Services-Christian Dior
Wall Clock Dealers-Seiko
Wall Clock Dealers-Siwa
Wall Clock Dealers-Sonal
Wrist Watch Dealers-Titan Nebula
Wrist Watch Dealers-Movado

Rainbow Super Speciality Hospital Nellore

Rainbow Super Speciality Hospital
(91)-861-2351351  +(91)-9032622333  +(91)-861-2351351  
House No 16-2-686, Gandhi Nagar, Poga Thota, Nellore - 524001, 
Near Sunday Market, Near Sai Baba Temple

Pressure Cooker Dealers-Prestige in Nellore kanti stores

Kanti Stores
861-2323188 ,9032227300  
Door No 18-1-381, Nellore Ho, Nellore - 524001, Near Chinna Bazaar   Water Purifier Repair & Services-Aquaguard , Water Purifier Dealer ..

Water Purifier Repair & Services
Pressure Cooker Dealers-Prestige
Electric Iron Repair & Services-Philips
Pressure Cooker Dealers
Juicer Mixer Grinder Dealers
Pressure Cooker Repair & Services
Juicer Dealers
Water Purifier Repair & Services-Kenstar
Water Purifier Dealers-Hindustan Lever
Pressure Cooker Dealers-Pigeon
Pressure Cooker Dealers-Butterfly
Pressure Cooker Dealers-Panasonic
Toaster Repair & Services-Philips
Hob Repair & Services-Kaff
Hob Repair & Services
Non Stick Cookware Dealers
Toaster Dealers
Water Purifier Dealers-Philips
Toaster Repair & Services-Bajaj
Crockery Glassware Dealers
Stainless Steel Cup Dealers
Hand Blender Dealers-Prestige
Gasket Pressure Cooker
Non Stick Cookware Dealers-Hawkins

Mohan Reddy Jewellers Nellore

Mohan Reddy Jewellers
861-2320261, 2327549, 2327650, 2308880  +(91)-9393770992  
# 13/420, Kakarlavari Street, Nellore Ho, Nellore - 524001, Chinna Bazar

Caterers IN nellore s s Caterers

S S Caterers
861-2310887, 2337410  +(91)-9346370511, 9885448779
 S S Caterers, Mulapet, Mulapeta, Nellore - 524003,  

super markets in nellore NAGA LAKSHMI AGENCIES

PH: 0861 – 2324202 / 2303456
CELL: 9989386456

Furniture show rooms In nellore Parammeshvari Furniture & Interior Gaallary

Parammeshvari Furniture & Interior Gaallary
9848553311  Jyothi Nagar Main Road, 
Vedayapalem, Nellore - 524004, Beside HDFC Bank
 Furniture Showrooms

12th january Tuesday 2016

Subhamasthu shopping rush and  seen with team; Few more formalities needed to submit papers for payout at krishna patnam port;bank account number etc;  another payout had from rim Zim; again NRNs initiative; met seenaiah in evening;

Seen bahubali movie  again in night at room ;
Morning Doctor maram sudhakar gave payout with NRNs initiative; suresh vja mom seen;

SRN met with his team had Tea with him at morning;
; gta started back to home;
Syam mama called this time;??

***Submit copies to Municipality; and Port;
Xerox of bills ;
TPT travel palans;??
Enquire Postal consession:
hair cut; leg Pads;
SS catering:
Big calls;Samrat s payout;

11th jan 2015

Palmists astrologers in nellore

Ajay Astro Services
9440475723, 9440139026  
Door No 24-2-740, Rohit Paradise Apartment,
 A Block, G2, Dargamitta, Nellore - 524003,
 Opposite Bollineni Multispeciality Hospital  Astrologers
Hospital  Astrologers
Astrologers For Nadi

Vedic Astrologer

Gymnasium For Ladies In Nellore

Spartans Fitness Centre
7075536666  Mc arcade, mini bypass road, Kondayapalem,
Nellore - 524236, reliance trends upstairs  Body Massage Centres , Gymnasiums
upstairs  Body Massage Centres
Gymnasium For Ladies
Fitness Centres
Gymnasium For Men
Fitness Centres For Ladies
Fitness Centres For Gents
Gym Personal Trainers

Beauty Parlours For Pimple Treatment In nellore

Lalithyas Hair & Beauty
861-2332888  +(91)-9290424242 , +(91)-9298800888 , +(91)-9440944143  
1st Floor, 
2nd Lane, Ramalingapuram, Nellore - 524003, Opposite ICICI Atm & SBI Atm

 Ladies Beauty Parlours , Beauty Spas ..
Also Listed In
Ladies Beauty Parlours
Beauty Spas
Beauty Parlours
Massage Centres For Women
Bridal Makeup Artists
Beauty Parlours At Home
Beauty Salons
Beauty Parlour Pedicure
Beauty Parlour Head Massage
Tattoo Parlours
Beauty Parlour Bridal Makeup
Beauty Parlours For Nail Art
Beauty Parlours For Bridal
Beauty Parlour Women
Beauty Spas For Women
Beauty Parlours For Hair Style
Beauty Parlours & Beauticians
Beauty Parlours For Hair Straightening
Body Massage Centre Herbal Lady
Beauty Parlours For Bridal At Home
Beauty Parlours For Grooming
Beauty Parlour Mehandi Designing
Beauty Parlours For Waxing
Beauty Parlours For Hair Smoothening
Beauty Parlour Hair Curling
Beauty Parlours For Hair Treatment
Beauty Parlours For Skin Treatment
Beauty Parlours For Hair Bonding
Beauty Parlours For Hair Weaving
Beauty Parlours For Mehendi Arabic
Beauty Parlour Fairness Treatment
Beauty Parlours For Manicure
Beauty Parlours For Facial Herbal
Beauty Parlours For Pimple Treatment
Beauty Parlour French Manicure
Beauty Clinics For Pigmentation Treatment
Beauty Parlours For Hair Coloring
Beauty Parlours For Body Toning
Beauty Parlours For Permanent Make UP
Beauty Parlour Waxing
Medical Spas
Beauty Parlours For Bridal Doorstep
Beauty Parlours For Dandruff Treatment
Beauty Parlours For Herbal Treatment
Beauty Parlours For Facial Bleach
Beauty Parlours For European Facial
Beauty Parlours For Face Lifting
Beauty Parlour Special Facial
Beauty Parlours For Hair Perming
Beauty Parlours For Pedicure
Beauty Parlours For Hair Streaking
Beauty Parlours For Hair Dyeing
Beauty Parlour French Facial
Beauty Parlours For Hair Breeding
Beauty Parlours For Hair Conditioning
Beauty Parlours For Hair Lighting
Beauty Parlours For Pigmentation Treatment

Maguva The Designer Boutique   Saree Stores in Nellore

Maguva The Designer Boutique  
Saree Store
Address: 16-7-21;CTR Arcade,3rd Floor;Rammurthi Nagar;,
 Minibyepass Road, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh 524004
Phone:097047 00317

Lodges in srikalahasti Sri Sai Teja Residency  

Sri Sai Teja Residency  

Address: Sannidhi Street, 
Next to Sri kalahasteeswara swamy Temple, 
Srikalahasti, Andhra Pradesh 517644
Phone:085782 23677

ladies boutiques In Nellore Needles n Threads

Needles n Threads
 +(91)-861-2340888  +(91)-9966608888  Nishitha towers, 
Magunta layout, Nellore HO, Nellore - 524001, Behind Celebrations restaurant 
Ladies Boutique


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