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Best Digital Marketing Agency In  Hyderabad Call 9347107468
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Tuesday, April 05, 2016



Collect eenadu ads; daily income and expenditure statements;
operate in many areas;

august 2016

Begin Nellore leni R&D;500 copies of  Vetuku 150 posted;  add addresses; New Leaflets and colour leaflets Idea;
Team on hand;( me; Pavan; Siva; srnbabu; Kavali; seenaiah; nlr team;) leaflets; ads for customers and team; Cover Ongole ;madhucure;Sept issue content;
(Dileef and temple payouts; caterer siva payout; grocer to activate again)

August 2016

june 2016

30th  june thursday 2016;

Milk gone; Checked stats ok; Some what response for 8,9 th ads; Gta called; seen internet stats and gained good insight;

Paid rent, Ameen met he gave some ideas later edited leaflet agin; collected good data and checked it and edited lenivi file; 2 car decors met on Renigunta road; some prints took from cafe at night;
Leg pains and Stomach trouble;

29th  june wedday 2016;

Very late to out side;
1.took simran g plus; Shesha padmavathi g plus took; 
3.met yadav; DW; 4. Tried flex; 5. Milk guy met;
6.paints guy; 7.laxmi narayana D W; 8.another D w card took; cafe prints work; plus; addred lenivi vunnavi to list
10 Met ply wood guy 11.another hardware shop; 12.took madhucure t id into fold;

5th ad in Sakshi,6th in Jyothi is running;To watch the response; Call kishore kumare rice mart;

Meet New shirdI sai; Get Flex; Tell Near by;
improve project report;
Net print of investor; july list;
Enq Shri sai pipes;
July issue plans; send to few more district Libraries;

28th  June Tuesday 2016;

E ad ran for 3 rd day pus Jyothy ad but luke warm response had; Called S S catering known abt g plus code received; malli seety payout recd plus Athidi;activated g plus edited it again;

Night rain; gadyam; padyam;
Edited site in morning; Filing did at office;sakshi ad rs 860/- given;

27th  June monday 2016;

Second day of eenadu ad ran good response had; Paid for ad gave another 4 plus one ad for jyothy; Pavan brought 2 payouts; 2 k cheque got cleared; had discussion with Manohar reddy and Koteswar rao;

Good pay day; Investors leaflet created; Me: Ad Response? repeat again  and pay go for jyothy ad;
Face ad response; call mallisetty;Carry blog print books to office;hindu and et scan, use cell phone;Ganga morning; lic guysall that eenadu advice guy;postal mailers work to begin;
Find  that caterer ganga told;Buy refils;Consolidate; lenivi; F P;suvey9 to check;
july addresses print from cafe; g letter prints from cafe;use cell( S S Catering)

Pavan calls; stph; Baba car; Ram Thulasi; Fishes; meghana, manis cafe;
26th blog print;
what and where to eat?( Morning ok; Lunch; dinner)

26th  june Sunday 2016;

Ad published and had 3 responces so pepeated it for second day lady it will go further :namasthe one eenadu ad for advices also seen ; Pavan came late but gave party lollipop;

Some of the old posts re organised;
July 2016 renewals listed out;
Small Detail talk created for investor; 

25th  june Satday 2016;

Activated Raghu lights g plus; Google time line read again at office; Some kind of uneasy;
Met Ganga catering; in evening; One reference got; Night work met one physio therapist;

Tried stph;Been to office gave eenadu ad; Some prints took from cafe again stats etc; Lenivi  Unnavi entries improved further;
At after noon worked on  Amazing technologies that have totally changed our world for the better and also on twitter 
see pavans Nandi hotel; night met pavan again had discussion;

24th  june Friday 2016;

Bronze idols exposure; Mallisetty description work did; Hotel Mani activated;june record posted; july list created; Google history print took from cafe; dropped GTa at station got 2 k funding; Met Indian scientifics; Sent whats app to cloud9;

20 plus addresses noted; met Rallapalli opticals;


23rd june thursday 2016;

During ghe morning work net got exausted so thi time upgraded it with 2.5 Gb pack thanks for the available cash on hand;  Disturbance by House owner lady for cloth dry need to search for new rent home;

Reached office and Field calls managed for the day are:

1.Lights.2.Sapthagiri. 3.Shri sai ram 4.Rayalaseema agencies; 5.Meghana enterprises;  thanks for the Girl;
Whats app Msgs; Varsha 
Pavan collected Manis Cafe g plus letter;
evenng work continued from net cafe; Reactivated 2 g plus; Shri sai;
days T id; acssatedu;

22nd june wedday 2016;

To aim for 1 lakh clients 100 crore:How to develop from this stage ??? Press ads and investors and personal presentations;Computer magazynes must write; Become no 1 in one field;Get funding recruit team  then get rounds of funding;

Horrible sound pollution due to boring;Morning received sms as cheque cleared; throughout the day felt very much busy; took help of Chnn for bringinging few reuired things; Some kind of slow laptop?

Seen google time line and known about how google technology has changed world; June plus points analysed; Sprout and twitter knowledge known;

Pavan brought Sai Sudha and Sri Krishna payouts; I worked and met cloud9, Indian scientifics, tried varsha closed Mallisetty temple needs exposure and also web site project hope; some numbers saved to whatsapp from office;
call calls; ganga caterer(Saturday) Trouble at bar again;

Night worked from cafe  Loaded pics and edited for Sai sudha and took some prints Refac,satya mess, added vilekhari1 g plus clients; reactivated 6 of g plus; Activated mallisetty; Scanned images of mallisetty;

Pavan brought the news of 6 issues positive effects from field; 
This month calls and closings; COH; 
use ph;

Stph;2.Shri sairam;

1.Gangaa name pls ;3,Philips lights; 4,sapthagiri; J P dental;

insert google time line

Yoga day!

21st june tuesday 2016;

Target 100 crore; Press ads; Expand google; 
Days flash; plan for 1000^1000 clients;

Seen video of yesterdays song; unable to read back clients due to bulk postings; Day planned; Tweeted; tweeted hamstech; called chinna; seen eenadu ads on google; Pavan met at office; good number of ads seen in eenadu;

Google guys dint have anything on its launch and so flipkart i can also out grow yes; used cell phone from office;

smart ph power problem? from office; pavan says tuesday effect; madina watch t id blocked; evening arranged insulin and coffee powder;

cell ph calls for the day;

1.Noble school;

2.lab; gunasekhar;
3.mahati dance;
4.wahtsapp mesg fetched reply from;oasis;cloud9;
6.dinesh granites gave leaflet and card;
7.lenivi; Naga lakshmi;8.Menaka wedding cards;
9.nlr Venkateshwara paints;(lenivi)
10.tried for jyothy ad; rainy evening;
11.Cloud9 (lenivi)

20th june monday 2016

20th June Monday 2016:

 Night Paaduthaa teeyagaa enjoyed " meevallu mavallu rakane" nethi meeda akshintalu padakane;
dhanyavadalu;(vedika; anugrham;)

Target 100 crore; Press ads; Expand google; 
Payouts stph; philips lights;
ads pls; Pavan: COH; Paste and brush; 
Confidence and body language effects; muthaya chemma chakka;

Had nice over night sleep at sisters place; Nice return journey from Rajampet with nice Movie on bus;Flash is to concentrate on google from now; google is best chance now on hand now; Akka gave Dosa pindi;After coming home morning spent time to retrieve old clients of 2011surprised with number of  clients; later in a hurry dropped gta at hospital ;

At office organised the Hindu,Et month wise;Pavan called and met; Pavan tried stph; bad chicken at night;

Finally one field call of  Refac took payout picture session new key words  also known about 5 of their other branches;

Arranged Oil; milk,tooth paste to house; night rain and 'paaduthaa teeyagaa;


19th june sunday 2016

19th june sunday 2016:
Target 100 crore; Press ads; Expand google; ads pls; Pavan:

Tiffen trouble at RTC bus stand and hand wash trouble; Argument on not listening;Gollapalli Jatara day had nice time aging effect is clearly visible; Jatara dance improved; Met Kallu kistaiah plus  25 Gollapalli  people; carried laptop but of no use; had nice time with Mom,Mama,akka; bujji also arrived; New breed of younger people; smart phone video took; Sekhars wish;

This time managed trip successfully except return journey to Ontimitta

10th june Friday 2016;

Longtime spent at office organsing files etc; Field work met sonovision;Closed Sairam Pipes later activated it; 3g Topup managed; tried gattimelam; Called stph; At cafe covering letter for google and S M prepared; Counted entire g plus listings on hand GTa had one verification;

days g plus  activations are Shri sai ram pipes; S S catering;
Night spent very long time in R & D; called satya mess;

12th june sunday 2016

Got up bit early tweeted,took gomytruck into fold; Rs 330/- on hand; Its rushing time to hospital for gtas left eye catarct operation; Attended gta operation and later  retrieved some past  prints this timetook  2 sets and known printing option;
Saved chinna number and few more at night; Akka and chinna came home at night;
Remove docomo number from nelloretimes; keep google search in Blog;
Pavan brought 1 payout (Fishes)and also had discussion with him;
Night news about terrorist attack in usa;


17th june friday 2016

17th june friday 2016;

Lot of things about past clients work did at morning it took long time to organise this work;  gta and her chinnanna went for srikalahasti temple visit; i worked in tiruchanoor surprised to get sahiti payout; later read telugu velugu and singh nandamuri magazyne at office later pawan joined; mall trouble at sitout;

Night session pavan met again had discussions;

15th june wedday 2016;

Dhobi lady took cloths on followup;  Big guys tweets read at home;Gtas chinnanna is of some help in bringing things etc; Pavan brought 3 closings and me shilpam wedding cards met another dry cleaner and Lights; alibaba guys wish surprising and new point; night few things arranged for office at night  dust cleaner and dust bin;

Et,the Hindu scanned; Tube light, Cradle arranged at house; onion brought; Brought bill books to office un satisfied; met philips lights show room;

A/c and Indulgence continued; some points for content collected;
Music institute giy responded well over cell phone; Pavans disappeance at evening?

14th june tuesday 2016
Morning  Life cycle analysed again;Linked in news and related thinking throught the day; Its seems like my blog will become my life; thanks to cybe cafe and prints got at night pavan met and had healthy discussion;
My work fetched 2 payouts for the day;

Days flashes include they must come to our site so to advertise; women to recruit; another google point to resend letter resolved; Purchased insulin and Nycil;

13th june monday 2016:

Plan team to work from now; post cards effect of koteswar rao;

Took Gta to hospital; Later Rubber stamps, bill Books works managed; lakshmi kalyana mandapam payout; later met Furniture guy; massacre at usa;
Dry Cleaner met at night;
xerox of covering letter;
Twitter content ok at home;

Failed to stph;


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