Wednesday, July 29, 2015

27th july 2015

27th july 2015
Met paihotels seen their restaurant;morning alone managed 9 field calls;had 4 closings; camera2,furn; plus weights;Night net session 9 new codes generated;morning from tried hard to get codes through cell phone vain attempt; good prising failed too;posted pending blog posts;

28th july 2015;
APJ  death news; 5 plus 5 activations and generatations;Read back few blog posts; with the help of gta organised cards again ; night kamal met; one fishes =ve for monday; closing news of g plus in Tv;to take remidial measures for blog archive; janas call in the morning;again gplus help through metals;

29th july 2015
Worked with kamalakar collected many cards and closed 2;Night vethaku g plus reached 98;2 days blogs posted; recd missed call from syam;

30th  july 2015;

Morning Syam called for ac payment; good success story at renigunta; owners mother came home;night sleep disturbance continued;Bitter arguments with kamalakar; pen ink was prolem during work; 4 g plus activations for the day;morning spent time organising cards again;Dream and pavani and another codes recd and activated them;


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