Friday, May 31, 2013


Morning  after getting up under stress managed to post 3 entries   with photos 1 entry is pending ; improved  blog traffic ranks;Nrn and Ajay have failed their commitments so i had to rush to field work alone; Satya mailed back for an obligation; few things known about Bearing industry;Durgabearings blockd; information on bearings association and shops info known; Morning had nice interaction with Gandhi and owner aunty; Files at bag organised  google Maps [rints kept in order;

Tense moments when team mates failed to respond later they responded in few minutes gaps;***2 cheques dropped for collection gta helped in filling them  brought filling forms from bank alerted by GTA; at field shown prints to that   Bearings guy;  another reference of DCTO reference failed many new faces seen on  field work;generally people are  friendly in field; At Sadgun wished Raju searched net for Bearing shops etc; While going to field took appointment from Bhanu;

field calls;
1 success story;2.Judie;3.vijay guy some sheets;4.Met asian bearings;5.sardarjis  bearing call;;6.tirupati bearings; 7.young OLD man;8.Havels;(ac guy;another ac guy;bearings;

As cash levels failed attempt made to  abids failure at town planning but his offer for works open;pics of retiring function took lot many people participated;

10.Madhu called;11.Telugu velugu,rx books purchased on the way back;
12.Edited mailer again this time kept my pic in it removed cell fine tuned it had problem in settlements took 8 new color prints again after editing; gta found fault;(pricing and content)

back at home

13.*** paper ads cutting work  began with the help of gta ;
14.Leg problem and hunger pangs at work;??? got further worsened by night;

15.daram story  progressed further;
16.had a word with  hostel guy at morning;
17.need 50k to release the  book in multi color; rates known;
18.yesterday new areas at sec bad exposed again;
19.15 ads in Swathi Telugu mag seen;
20.mailed positive h;
jains bearings team and boy;

that big shop;

that youngster electrical  was doubtful;

Consolidation on targetting big ads;planning needed;
Handle incoming calls quite carefully;

1st ;june;

1.asian; 12 am;**
2.Nelson; call and go;
3.drop the cheque;## post their entry;
4.sovenir content;** prints; go to Kishore;
5.give letter to  few of big targets; 2 pending entries;
7.ggl  prints binding work;?? calls at field;??
9.rx book; 4 sunday;
transfer 2 k amount;
seperate folder for ads;
prints of the content on hand;
cartoons pls;
narsing money;
Get water;
Take the help of gta for old papers ad cutting,bank work;

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