Tuesday, November 26, 2013

27th november ; 2013;wed day; adv planning;

1;drop merhaba cheque;block their t id; get returned cheque;submit merhaba 2 ggl;
depute PRK for cheque;?
***2;twi id settlement;
3;kamals arrival;to see;???
4;mumbai rx book;plus swathi mag to buy;grt andhra;
5;future planning;field calls; a must;

6.Must pay net Bill;at any cost;

field calls;
chek s e o status of impex guy;take their prints;
BUY chocos pls;pln  more prints pls;

morning news papers;allocate;
cloth pressing pls;
what abt cheque pending to clear 4 the day??

keep in touch with friends family;

26th november tuesday; 2013

1;To park full of water this time; ;2;2 idli vada Sambar;3;good number of locations to operate;infomedia;
4;small lunch at home;

5;***merhaba cheque collected; thanks to laptop on hand;shown them pics and vedeo;sound effects;
6;did good number of calls 10 plus at field;; had 2 +; some cards collected;

7;>>>One cheque got  returned; met Bank lady and known details;called them;

8;another cheque position still kn known;
9;days  solace is one call came from t id stttlement;need to see how it will develop;
10t;important  rx events fixations seen;good dta at site;about winners;

PRK not met;
choko to rina; called  seenaiah: met kishore and collegues;and enquired;biz;

sudden change of ;unplanned thing;purchased chicken;unable to decide;confusion to have Insulin;

Pulapally Balaiah Yadav function hall A/c Gardens Nagaram R R district

Pulapally Balaiah Yadav Gardens

We provide 6000 s yards  20,000 sq feet facility with all amenities;

1000 chair capacity 5000 people can gather;

A/C Banquet Hall

We provide catering,Flower Decoration,BAND DJ

Ample Car parking

Contact Pulapally Krishnaiah Yadav cell 98853 28211,8125194739


Survey no 144 Rampally (Village)

Keesara(mandal)Near mody Builders

Ranga reddy Dist 500083

Pulapally Balaiah Yadav function hall A/c  Gardens  Nagaram R R district


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