Saturday, May 31, 2014

30th and 31 st may posts

In morning sudden uneasy and weaknewss while dropping Gta ;later came home took rest and then worked;closed sravya finally; had 2 commitments 1 for tommorrow and monday; Some pictures and canes movie captured; loading movie is taking long time;

Took long rest at home in the after noon by evening recovered;1 and half hour tubing work from cyber cafe;night shehwags batting enjoyed in ipl;

31st may saturday;

Got up very early did few pending things again slept;  Later had RTC X ROADS Temple visit but without any preparedness and hurriedway;  Dropped GTA  later dropped chechque; Then went to manappuram to pay gold loan  interest dues after that Raju met he hasnt changed at all;  after coming  home called womans world that has fetched by evening sole  bread winner for the day;

Took some pictures data from narayanaguda anyway. ;Met shutters guy  he was friendly this time and Electricals shop owner wasnt there  this time byke ride  with Helmet.

There was hope at RX so attended most of fav won but at cramped odds; Heat and no fans at HRC: Unable to know was it time waste ?

Evening brought new leaflets to home then purchased bucket and tumbler from China bazar but not impressive ones; power cut at night time troubled for some time; some kind of uneasy and insecurity as how the things went ahead for the day;

purchased pickles;


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