Friday, July 01, 2011

days muggulu friday colorful day?

1st july post

                                           news paer vendor near Taj Mahal hotel narayana guda

No call from satya;called Srn,nrn,kesava,jana,reddy,;some more pics of muggulu on roads took; news paper vendor pic just missed;

some fly seen green one took pic and posted it on blog;most of the day at home;raju met at morning;heavy hunger pangs at afternoon;lot of pics took for the day; 3 more ids into hand again; chenna reddy people returned after marriage with girl;Camera batteries failed again;

                                               Look seriuosly theres some thing there

at opp home colorful muggu seen for the day;

30th June post

Morning quickly managed to read SEO and tags etc from home net and this is new confidence; googleplus info is new hope immediate required steps; pressure began at home for groceries; left satya but waiting failed for NRN till afternoon in the bargain lost valuable time this one need to be taken care of next time;Motivated SRN but in vain;jana met at chat satilite pics info noted plus other info;called Reddy and known abt rent advance etc;morning surfing good info abt softpal known;Richas birth day;

After Nrn came did one call of network guys and had commitment from him lot of other info noted;tehelkatimes issue seen and surat info noted;surprise owners expectation at afternoon was amusing and quite disturbing;arguments emerged at lunch for poor cooking;

On going to evening surfing had egg puff but in the mirror white moustaches were very much disturbing;During the night cafe surfing titanworld watches id strength known;missing of chennaisilks plus other insecurties exposed;reply given to softpal;sm and videos and other rx vedeos and song enjoyed; importance of Social Media known and new point is who are in my network;clarity of google maps also enjoyed;At cafe after watching social media videos new idea has emerged;orotile is new id for the day;Some annivarsary function missed to take pic at street so forgot scooter there and also forgot night insulin and tablets intake;stink of dried prawns; night also arranged curries and milk;


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