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 Chyavanaprasa Lehya

The inhibitors of Good Health

Everything in Life begins with good health. The signs of vitality entail the body’s ability to repel repeated invasions on its immune system. While the human body is naturally engineered to withstand repercussions on a reasonably successful level, it still needs vital nutrients to keep fighting when environmental excesses that besiege the body.

By and large the most common form of environmental pollution considered to be the most detrimental to human health is air pollution. While the WHO’s global guidelines on ambient air quality spell out the threshold and limits of key pollutants, precious little has been achieved on this front by individual nations including our country notwithstanding anti-pollution laws in vogue.

Air pollution has a deleterious effect on physical health. Imperiling the resilience of the body it has shown its ruining effects on the pulmonary health over substantial period of exposure. Breathing polluted air laden with vehicular emission, smoke from factories and industries, burnt waste and the ubiquitous cigarettes smoke assail the pulmonary system with particulate matter and gases like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia laced with lead, arsenic, nickel and the like toxically impairing effective functions as is evident in cases of lung cancer, asthma, allergies and various bronchial disorders. Besides, the injurious effects also spiral to general health in bouts of nausea, headaches, allergies etc.

Breathtaking Protector of Lungs

When an individual is exposed to air pollution on a long term basis, the soluble nature of particles of chemical origin is liable to raise the toxin levels in the body appreciably and particulate matter present in the ambient air increases the frequency of a cough and phlegm. The susceptibility of ills like bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, TB etc. increases if the particles constitute of bacterial, fungal spores or viral strains.

It is the VAN Ltd’s Chyavanaprasa Lehya that comes to play a vital role in expelling the accumulated phlegm from the lungs and the rest of the body as well, providing essential nutrients required and combating the disorders. Administered meticulously VAN Ltd’s Chyavanaprasa Lehya restores pulmonary health and general immunity resonating.

November 2020


 1st Sunday November  2020;

Dosa as Tiffen good; Arranged things to gome; Again made  a visit to begumbazaar had tie up from Agarbatti guys and  Paris perfumes even on sunday market was crowded; Kasmiri Apple is a different one ?; neibours Childrens noise; kavyas cry;  Skipped Bangalore Rx;

 Monday 2nd  November  2020;

Another one machine  and gone met owner again gave  money for  extra covers; loaded pics to google maps and catalogue; purchased Small  cat teddy bear  near  Barkatpura and played with children;  Kurnool guys interaction had for machine no use; 

3rd november Tuesday 2020

Got up very early and made a trip to Begumbazaar now riddle is solved arial grip had finally; marwari ladies Puja seen; Collected Data later retrieved :  Had chat woth Bhawar;

Biggest highlight of the day is sending 40 reminders to Tpt clients got one yes also from Golden pearl; Evening had tie up with pickles lady from  Chandragiri;

Took rest later at home; played with children; Added few more images to catalogue; few incomi g calls recd: night shopping did with gta;

4th November wedday 2020

Unexpected Bouncer from little girl later turned back again; Gave back gta money;  Met wigs shop; Pending byke engine oil work did; slept in afternoon; Met chandan stores; Amman crockery;  Incoming calls continued; Ajay gave one reference of name change advocate;

Thursday 5th November 2020

Kept my ph numbers for few of my videos;

Night seen Handicrafts display near YMCA; Durga slept on my lap; Data collection work continued ;For readymades info got of Ramgopal pet sec bad; Tea powder bulk prices known;

6th November friday 2020

Data swelled again; stomach trouble; By night success got of 2 ; Met rx Musheerabad helped Ramlu; Night purchased Rx book; pickles Renigunta enquired; played again with children; Gas came; Morning Ajay gave some ideas of 1000 vendors ; Another veg shop seen on the way to Narayanaguda; Begumbazaar shopping video on tv5 by a girl  seen;

7th November Satday 2020:

Stomach  problem  and energy trouble throught the day; Cash withdrawals and managed sendings but with bit heavy  strain finally those 10 extra sheets issue solved  by gtas alert;  Lord Franklet bet missed  missed but seen outside private betting mobs near malakpet course;

Failed to receive calls but saved most of numbers; coco cola sold less in 1 st year is a good motivation quote;

8th November sunday 2020; 

Kept busy throught Sunday;

Morning Dharma called and had chat Edited past Blog posts ;Gta vadina came home spent some time : More close chat with neibours;

Seen Pelligampa video by another youtuber  Anu messaged her; Played with children sentiments again; That pintrest images ranking needs to be worked out;

Contributed to gta home power bill; pelli gampa calls came and edited price and kept link in whatsapp; data continued to swell; edited november blog posts;

9th November Monday 2020;

Whatsapp payouts details read on paper; gta managed home cleaning; 1 new one got to home; walked a bit; Delhi call hope; yadami guy got introduced;  Data gained again;
Byke horn trouble fixed; visited child club keywords known; pen; Tablets; pickles purchased;

 Bypassing strategy of keywords to be workedout for me and clients;

 incoming calls enq needs to be checkedout; byke horn issue; Banians; 

Add descriptions;

10th Oct Tuesday 2020


Visits to Bajaj Big tv and mobiles: Brown bear and Born babies;  Data gained; Few calls recd in evening ; seen few videos on adwords; few calls recd for pelli gampa; Big headache averted with child; one enq generated for Bangles; Night had Samosa; purchased human mixtard  10 insulins; Checked which catogories vendors  are participating in adwords .

Enjoyed  ipl finals cricket; poor dinner and slept;

11th Nov wed day 2020;

Days biggest  addition at home power is aquatium  fishes and Tur tur sound of girl 

Another one gone but amid arguments managed auto guys strength power but forgotten their names; Data continued to swell Ahay and prahlads calls recd; Kumar shirsts shopping did with arguments; honey and Ginger powers known; Evening shopping of vegitables

12th nov  Thursday 2020;

Entire day spent at home; Evenining big surprises have happend; Diwali lights; ladder; Tea bottle; shopping did; thats 50 times growth; Plan to grow 100 times ;Banians; lights;

13th nov friday 2020

Played lot with children; Another one success story; jio top ip did;Data on hand continued to swell;

14th Mov satday 2020

Petrol; Needles purchased; jilebi; 

Lot of whatsapp consolidation exchange of Messages had; Two people remembered me Suresh vja; Mama; Felt bored in night;

15th November sunday 2020;

Unable to stand and Eye sight trouble continued; first run upset in Bangalore rx stunning upset; 
Troubled night sleep;

16th November 2020 Monday 

Plan for 100 times growth ;  Two good quotes recd and circulated: evening ordered for Skyfruits;ok had unexpected  2 fold growth for day hope  gained from 2 big things and mamas guy s respect had: Durga mom confessed;  Met Aquarium guy and purchased nlue color anti fungal:

Night called cheng; Bawa; Nrn; Nrn khel khatam; called  accuguy for cupling therapy; neibourhood boys repeated disturbance;

that cupling therapy;

17th Nov Tuesday 2020;

3 neibour hood children came and played;  evening made a visit to Begumbazaar and had Bangle market exposure thats new hope;

Rupture with Sakshyam guys and expel and within few seconds another argument at home; One lady called from north India

18th Nov 2020 wed day;

Called Aajay;  depression due to instability even after so much of struggle;

Lot of things need to be procured due to away yet managed money played a major role;

Gampa and roti machine calls recd but no use; Pant and rx book and ashok nagar ph got;

 bouncer with lodge guy at evening;

19th nov Thursady 2020

Arabindo pharma  call  is a new hoper; for bigger one mock race of suraj ashwa brava is new hope visited Malakpet ;  To plan activity well in advance missed Trevor at 50 kg market;; one new rx coverage web site info known malakpet khairatabad centres visited; came back home; north Indian lady sent ; Had Mehfil Biryani; Ghmc news seen; calls continued;

20th Friday Nov 2020

Sent Varanasi reply ; Ajay gave another wooden machine reference; no money on tote;

Bangalore rx book purchased no hope again; gta goes to her Chinnanna;  Bigbouncer from a lady another bouncer from useless fellow ; lot of traffic recd  but no use;  Safayi lady bad looks; Durga dint support; called murali later stock position known; Met fishes guy trump card issue;Vari gaddi packing; new box plz;

21st Nov Satday 2020;

Dropped Gta @lak di ka pool;  both had tiffen @ ymca;

Gta gone to her sister; played a lot with children in morning, Spent lot of time with Bangalore rx betting  synnergy missed ;  incoming calls continued;

22nd Nov Sunday 2020;

Fish shopping did; 

Calls continued still that local issue prevailed; One unethical approach by a customer remidy noted; call from usa recd; kept busy throught; Neibours abuse; ghmc details read at wikipedia;

23rd Nov Monday 2020'

1 luckey sales;  incoming calls continued; Played with neibourhood children  again; i must be a nice speaker  pls; 

Freedom oil purchased; 2 sets of needles purchased; Odonil purchased; Rx results seen;

Big machine of Rajkot price known 3 lakh;

Confution about future; Heavy soud of music by owners daughter in morning complaint made anyway; Shankaraiah mama call recd;

24th Tuesday November 2020;

Calls continued some hope gained; stayed at home wholeday; Gra lost temper; uneasy due to skyfruit tablet read side effects; varanasi lady called;

25th Nov 2020

Called yadami suresh;calls continued but no sales; Nice masala mirchi; One commericial machine  info got; and talked;


26th Thusday November 2020

Managed 1 sale but too big expences no worries anyway; 

 called Madhu; NRN; Seenaah; narayanguda compound drink ailed;

27th Nov Fri day 2020; 

 Pandus issue continued;

one who sits and wins that will counts yash narredu; Chnces missed in Rx retrieved and listed; Visited Malakpet HRC and watched situation; 1 bouncer recd for high cost; Eye sight trouble continued;

28th November  satday 2020;

Amazing blaze;


Sunday, October 18, 2020

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Friday, October 16, 2020



This is Ksenia from the Ecwid team. Thank you for messaging us!

As I see, you'd like to upgrade your Ecwid account (ID: 4260210) to a paid plan. I'm sorry that you've faced the difficulties, I'll be glad to help you!

I've looked through our billing system and as I can see, there was one attempt to pay for a subscription. However, the charge was declined with the following message:

Error 2019: The bank declined the transaction, typically because the card in question does not support this type of transaction. You will need to contact your bank for more information.

It seems like your bank is unwilling to accept the transaction because of your card. I'd recommend you contact your bank for more details regarding this decline as we cannot see more details in Ecwid. I’m sorry!

Also, please try to use another debit or credit card to upgrade your Ecwid account to a paid plan. 

Alternatively, we can issue an invoice for your account. You can pay for the Ecwid subscription via invoice if only you upgrade your account to the annual paid plan

There are 2 types of invoices we can issue:

  1. PayPal invoice (so you can pay for the subscription using your PayPal account).

  2. Bank transfer invoice.

As for the bank transfer, you can pay for the Ecwid subscription via bank transfer if only you upgrade your account to the annual paid plan. If you decide to go with the wire transfer, please send us the following information:

  • The name and full address of your company;

  • Your VAT number, if you have one;

  • Plan you want to upgrade to.

Once we get the information, we will issue an invoice and send it to you along with our banking details. And once you complete the transfer, the bank will issue the receipt that you should send us. 

Hope to hear from you soon! 

If you have any questions, please let me know. 

Best regards,
Ecwid Customer Care team.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Top selling products on amazon and flipkart

 Top selling products on amazon and flipkart

1) Elastic Exercise Bands

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3. Grill Mat

4) Vegetable Spiralizer

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6) Yoga Mat

7) Bento Boxes

8) Stain less Steel Straw

9) Stainless Steel Tumblers

10) Muscle Roller

11) Compression Socks

12) Compression Knee Sleeves

13) Silicone Wedding Rings

14) Garlic Press

15) Silicone BBQ Gloves

16) Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

17) Apple Slicer

18) Silicone Baking Mat

19) Silicone Spatula

20) Silicone Baking Cups


Home improvement products ( Iron, Mixer, sweeping mobs )

Led Bulbs



Rubik’s cubes


Building block bricks

RC ( remote controlled) cars

Sports goods 

Home training kits


yoga mats

Sipper bottles



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Clothing, Shoes, and accessories


Consumer Electronics


Dolls and Bears

Home and Garden


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Mobile Phones



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Most uselful accupressure prucucts

 Most useful acupressure products  for Heath care

Thermal Therapy Mat  Rs 8899

ACS Acupressure Mat - I Super with copper  Rs 250

Acupressure mat acs iv 2000  Rs 180

ACS Mat Acupressure Twister Big Disc Pyramid & Magnetic Treatment Therapy (Red) Rs 350

ACS Mat Acupressure Twister  slim and soft RS 450

 Acupressure spring  slipper  Rs 300
Acupressure shoe sole Rs 150/-

Acupressure roller Rs 250/-

Acupressure foot roller  Rs 200

Acupressure body care massager  Rs 350
Acupressure acs roll therapy  Rs 460

Acupressure rope exerciser Rs 500/- 

Acupressure acs hand grip wooden
Rs 30/-
Acupressure acs hair brush vibrator comb  Rs 150/-

Acupressure acs hand excersizer Rs 150/-

acupressure acs back and belly belt 12 magnets Rs 400/_
acupressure acs   cervical  belt neck belt Rs 200/_

acupressure acs magnetic knee belt Rs 240/_

acupressure acs vaccum cupping set of 12 Rs 1000/-
acupressure acs vaccum cupping set of 12 Rs 700/_

acupressure acs multi massager Rs 800/_

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Acupressure was originated in ancient China. It showed superior therapeutic potential against numerous disease conditions. Acupressure is a type of acupuncture. Both acupressure and acupuncture are based on same fundamental principle of acupoints activation across the meridians.

Acupressure therapy stimulates the body's circulatory, lymphatic and hormonal systems,” explains Kumar Pandey. It helps relieve stress and anxiety, improves sleep, relaxes your muscles and joints, regulates digestive issues, minimises headaches and migraines, and is also beneficial for back pains and menstrual cramps.