Sunday, January 30, 2011

29th jan post

to rx but no b;ajay came and gave him one ref;fb notice board seen of kml;new eye glass purchased;dettol purchased;night msgs with gta;someone targetted me i purchased him ticket at hrc;helped balu rs 100/-;couldnt lift ladddus calls;finally vacated and slept at room;surfed at room msgd gta;

30th jan;sundays post;
satyam connected thanks to seenanna;;discussed with seenaiah;to movie aod;felt bored up;new watch;washing soap;scanned most of the news papers; called f rewarz;missing many calls of ads;new mess at shanti theatre;mother ans sons effect;Ok chng gave info of kml;net at room enjoyed;msg gta;One network gy called;

DATA:PRASAD eswaraiahs mamas son byke no; ap 10 ak 7821;


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