Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ananda Nilayam idol makers from Tirupati

Ananda Nilayam  idol makers   from  Tirupati
Dear netizens!

Warm Greetings and wishes from Lord Venteshwara Idol 

Ananda Nilayam  idol makers   from  Tirupati

Makers From Tirupati. We have been suppling Diamond Studded Idols and Chanting boxes of lord Venkateswara for the last 15 years to thousands of ardent devotees across the globe. Now we have great pleasure to announce sacred "Ananda Nilayam "(Golden Gopuram) of Tirumala temple is readily available with us for sale.

Puranas state that Ananda Nilayam was master sculptured by deva silpi maya Bramha. Ananda Nilayam the "Treasure of joy" has 2000 years glorious history and had the patronage of kings who ruled in their times and worshippped the lord Venkateswara the God of Kaliyuga at Holy Hills Tirumala. It is strongly belived that those who keep Ananda Nilayam at their homes or offices will be blessed by lord venkateswara with aishwarya and peace.

Kindly call or mail or write to us in case of any requirement of
Ananda Nilayam
K.V.Ramana C.E.O
501.C Up Stairs, Reddy & Reddy Colony
Tirupati-517 501, Ph: 9347107468.