Wednesday, April 30, 2014

29th April;

Seenaiah gone to VJA; Morning met Bujji Reddy; Took few more pics in morning; transfered 1 k to GTA; Hunger pnags due to over nite effect;

29th April post

Bheema Rami Reddy; RK Digi met;Met Brahma KVNs friend; Called Metamorph; Called vakati;Few more pics,ids,followers into fold;Bad comment by seenaiah decided to skip voting;Few more pics of nellore into hand;Heat was unbearable at afternoon; Evening call managed days income;New Card reader purchased; Few more printers pics took;

Had commitment from Shiva auto consultant; With Seenaiah lot of time wastage but had eseva feedback; later met few calls hotels etc; Seen new shopping complex; Night Dinner missed;

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

28th april post

No call at all from Gta;managed to post latest pics by night;Some what cool day;3 closings for the day;Brother of Ramesh dabur met;Closed few more Blogs;Night Suresh and ravi Adv met; Nellore Cloth shops addresses Xerox got;Eye Glass forgot from seema cafe  but go it back;KSV called; IPL Cricket match watched at night;

Monday, April 28, 2014

25th,26th,27 th april april posts

26 th april :
Kamal birthday;Coffee at Sai; Stage looks guy at Seema;Chemists diary seen;Aqua treding guys address knownCalled Syam;called Anthima Prasad; Raja furniture covered; Mohini sarees;Met lovely Plasticsw; Navya  pic took;

26th April post;
 Hirer gumastha Penchal Reddy; AAP Incharge V.Rama krishna Raju 9246563738, met medical Prisident;Mixie guy;Raja reddy PIC;BJP PICS;Live in style payment recd;Met R 1000;Met SVR Marketing;Ruby cycle pics took;Trouble kamal;

27th april; Sunday;
 few more pics from street took; night summer trouble had; Closed one hotel in morning;

28th  Monday;
Good day with 3 closings; Took prints of cloth;

Friday, April 25, 2014

23rd and 24 th April posts;nelloretrip

SRN met; EDNs friend met; Tiger shiva met;Anumala rvi and saveer met;Called Jana; Met mekapati with Seenaiah;Sriven paid;Met Shivam Golapalace;Cheque dropped;Called KSV;

24 th April

Long planning during Tea time at morning; pledge guy avula venkateshwar yadav cell; 9347361629; VJA Prasad;Komala Kishore;Closed Mixie entry;Found tough situation with luggage land cell;Seenaiah gave camera;Kamala brought one payment by night;Realtor Prabhakar met;met Arcade;ganesh temple pictures;

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

22nd april

Night late return from Nadupet with Seenaiah seen parasa ratnam sitting MLA; Day booked 3 order after heavy work out to take most of the prints from cafe; took lot of pictures for the day;
Met satya;Balu cafe; Madhu komala fast foods;

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Saree Shops In nellore Master Sarees


We are centrally located in Nellore 
We deal in Banaras,Kolkataa,jaipur,Uppada,Coimbatore,Bangalore,Surat,Ahmedabad saress. wholesale and retail.
We also deal in Dress material.Tops,legins,Designer Sarees,.
Contact K.S.Jagan  MBA cell 94400405585

 nellore Master Sarees

 nellore Master Sarees

Srinilayam complex,Opp SSR lodge. MV Agraharam.Gandhi Statue Centre.Nellore.

Monday, April 21, 2014

20st,21 st

20th lodged at kavali;then came to nlr met prsad; met kamal; had to go back to kavali;

21st april post;

 luck got a?c Bus to Nellore; Started work took good prints; Kamala closed one entry; attended nallari  Kiran kumar reddy road show

Sunday, April 20, 2014

19th dec

Sudden decicion to leave to Kavali by Bus; TDP list recd;Coordinated with Satish and Staff;

Saturday, April 19, 2014

19th April;2014;

1. >>>>congress take help from Tele calling girls team followups;;
2.Must cover TDP;and majlis offices;followup Lokasatta;
3. Consolidation work to continue
4.followups;call govind rao; gaja;jay; cover Mutaa;
Just 8 and 13 days left have more exposure;
Little more futu  planning please;

18th april 2014

had positive nod to buy handicam;Covered padayatra of muta gopal ; called Metamorph then found their office joined team; Spent whole day there mixed with their team;Tried to visit chevella but dropped the idea; Gaja expectation known; satish suggestion had; called KSV; There is huge market for SMS said one collegue; Known detailing story of SMS; Had lunch there; had some positives from there; Team power now engaged thanks to satish; AC comfort; Exposure to chevella area; 10 new faces into fold for the day; Called loksatta guy had his commitment; 4plus 4 packages known;

Diddi rambabus campaign in my area; Called venkateshwar rao  TDP;

Thursday, April 17, 2014

18th april 2014;

*meet metamorph;
SMS to try pls;

try 2 meet  yuva guy; see latest ads and preserve them;
call ksv;
call prsad;

try dorcotor;

rx book;of Mumbai;
IPL match;
TDP list pls;

Call govind rao;

17th April 2014; one new idea;

SMS package purchased;Greatest acievement of the day is seen list of leaders on hand; Thanks to that 6 tv met Dhanush guys; Whois this ravi kanth at Doctor vinays camp;

Called gaja,satish;Finding difficulty to remember IPL players names team wise; OK KSV gave a hint nampally TDP; New astoria biryani brought home ;YSRCP nominations seen on TV;
  Had commitment from DW for monday; seen lot of pics after GTA\gave feedback suprised to see that i took many  pics into my fold;

IPL: justdial and quikr are participating as logos ; MD shami;what are the stadiums at sharjah??

500 plus cell numbers are in hand; had positive feedback from Moses gajanand;

 sagar homeo;sushilkumarshinde into fold; a new id;

Few more powerful ids into fold plus kept stats and code in few more ids;

>>>>>New idea merged as to communicate my own voice called metamorph had his appointment;

Met Dhanush guy; narsing met; Billis stink continued;Unable to bear hunger pangs at evening had idli;

new heros; Met someone at Dr vinays office; aftermath of sonias visit to karimnagar;

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

16th april dr vinay party ffice near rtc x roads;

People at dr vinay party office

Morninh Zaminryot scanned;Scanned 7 dailies as usual;Cats meanace again;Lost temper again with GTA;T Congress list got finally;loaded yesterdays entry;posted blog;few more ids added; called prasad,and satish;KSV called this time;Surprise call from gajanand;

Doctor vinay party office seen and people met his son parmesh prema met there; Web sites of TDP and ysrcp ,Congress seen;Again seen one year blog; Lot of pending things completed from cafe; prints took from cafe; Flower pots kept  to avoid Cats menace;

15th April

hectic money crunch unable to bear with it added to it is problem at home; No currency to use cell phone; No call from satish and KSV; despite all this came out from setbacks just by initiation; Heat and rush on roads with safron flags crowds;Coffee had on credit;Another confusion is google blocked few ids; Tried to get list from T congress but they were very busy;

New client got from Redhills seen his rings and wishes few other there; Suprise shops at RR were opened;

Monday, April 14, 2014

15th april 2014 post

list of t congress to get; seemanadhra  ysrcp and TDPlist will come out;
 some prints to get from cafe of renewals; start following again of K;
Team up;

14th april 2014

Morning call received from kamal called him back;Why net is pretty speed today is it due to holiday?Morning when checked adsense income has reached $190 dollars good hope;Morning shock given to  coffe guy;

Raju met near Sudha hotel in the morning had his feedback un expected one :purchased insulin plus needles for me;had heavy Tiffen of Dosas at home but poor chutney;Help from GTA and Kishore had for the day one from petrol and another for diesel;Gajanand said why theres no call to him later called moses and met son of Muta gopal still uncertainity to get project;

Most of the day blocked Congress mla contestants from  andhra region also kept code in all of them;
 lists from TRS,YSRCP,TDP got thanks to Govind rao; crossed blocking 50+ blog ids will they help really?
Abedkar jayanthi celebrations seen at tankbund; narsings room seems to be filled; Satish non co operation continued for yet another day;

Papers sold; thanks to fellow ppls help to find out YSRCP office;Called satish;govind rao;One book took from TRS office; at TDP office met one old man who is he?


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