Sunday, April 03, 2016

30th April Saturday 2016

30th April Saturday 2016!
where is the money for the day?

276 postal wrappers are ready on hand;Took t id into fold; Read blog again; where is the money? Gta will leave today to kakinada;

Dropped gta at Bus depo; met jana paid him had party; gave Jyothi ad from office;

Dtp work Jana; Call NRN:
Big calls a must;
Compete vendor issue;
Enq Flex; More g plus prints;
Pavan hotel nagarjina; ajay enterprises;
Kahazana jewellery;
Dtp of astrologer;
nabee infra;
Target next top 5;

29th April Friday 2016

29th April Friday 2016!

Morning read Blog prints;Dropped Gta at Bus station later purchased postal stamps; Enquired with flex guy; No field calls for the day my me; Arranged prints to Pavan and he closed one renewal and took cheque later we sent it for the collection; Spent long time at office g plus prints identified and kept at office; Failed to call jana alsofailed to close vendor issue also; long sleep at afternoon; rejected kamalakars call; Helped Gta to paste postal stamps for wrapper;

28th April Thursday 2016

28th April Thursday 2016;

As per Manohar Reddys request Interviews conducted at office in morning 1 guy looks to be  promising; 3g activated by pavan ; (fairfeel failed arguments contd later ; lady tailor also  failed;) t p follow up did;  Unexpcted funding from GTA but disagreements continued foulplay by owner later ?: Read blog  book in morning after Tiffen ( puri); Refils 5, Note book,Cutter purchased;(cellocolers t id) Lenivi 3 listed; Pavan covered chandragiri;  Tooth paste purchased;

Postal timings; postal stamps time only till 6 pm;

Night session prints took from cafe;

27th April Wedday 2016

27th April Wedday 2016;

Content loaded in morning; later took gta bank and took net prints(poor quality prints) dropped back gta at chinna bank; tree cutting near office hunger pangs; Pavan brought one payment; Filled vendor form; managed binding work of blog; Finally at night got payment of verendhra; fair fell code received; One person came for Interview; Followup with jana did; long chat with Pavan;
 prints of JD further;

26th April Tuesday 2016

26th April Tuesday 2016;
No response for the ad just one resume received;
MORNING TOOK HARTIA HOTEL TWITTER ID INTO FOLD; GCP called and said he is coming; Morning took good prints from cafe later filed them met 2 calls in vain; Pavan met later;
Night work closed andhra surgicals and activated it at home; arranged oil to home; met munawwer; received google code from veerendhra surgicals;

Nagarjuna hotel; mani cafe;
soaps; postal stamps;
LENIVI must progress;
ad response;
catch up jana;
Plan evening Calls;
few more prints pls; evening:
Pavans content;?

25th April Monday 2016

Seen old data of 2007 of Koti sent; Loaded content to May issue;Seen Bahubali seens; activated lakshmi sahiti and V B Surgicals; As per the plan met Sapthagiri and Dhyana sai( 3 days); sri yoga payout got; met Lodge guys; called fairfeel; some calls received for eenadu ad luke warm response;

Morning under hot sun worked with Pavan met Yashoda ladies tailor; took pic met pharma distributor;  Discussion with Manohar reddy at office; Paid eenadu guy;
Shown pavan few things; addresses list marked with pencil at office;

Better to work in nthe evening;



24th April Sunday 2016

24th April Sunday 2016;
Surprising woodshoppee ad;

Unbearable heat again so a/c from morning at home; Arranged chicken Dhobi gave pressed dress; Took pic of Nagarjuna hotel; at office seen eenadu ads and written them to be massive 90; Later had discussion with Manohar reddy and Koteswar rao settled rent; WHATS APP CHAT WITH AJAY;

Managed to give  eenadu ad for 3 days; Night took address prints also took some ids dharanimotors,zatego,; mat jana had discussion; seen zaminryot from cafe;

23rd April Saturday 2016

23rd April Saturday 2016;
Green chilly got to home @;

Morning addresses typed at home; later unbearable heat at office even curd vada couldnt help;
Back home koti arranged rice 4 bags and other old material;
give prints to Pavan;
had another aproval from Youtube for adsense;

22nd April Friday 2016

Beauty at sleep!

22nd April Friday 2016;

Night after wait lakshmi srinivasa a/c heavy duty success; Purchased scale and tape; net prints took; afternoon sudden change of weather thunder clouds;

Morning loaded content of BUYN SAVE and Bujji kesava and few more entries; back at office waited long time and seen blog prints; Pavan gave another success story even in hot sun;

Dhyana sai; sapthagiri;

new calls;
prints for pavan;
tanguturi rama krishna cell 9543007007

21st April Thursday 2016

21st April Thursday 2016;
Morning recd payout from candy school; met lakshmi srinivasa;
Pavans contribution(prince Tailors; kriti Collections;) stph failed again;
Dry fruits failed;
Bookhettich but no postal number??

(candys;stpathy; lakshmi srinivasa morning; sapthagiri;
dry fruits; hardwares; dhyana sai)


Renewal prints;
For home??

20th April Wedday 2016

20th April Wedday 2016;
twitter is giving google ads;

 good day!

 Night came home early; very hot day and sweating; Activated "fairfeel";
 Gta can send mails from smrt phone;

Days field calls;

1.Dry Fruits lady;(Hope)
2.lakshmi srinivasa;( hope emerged;)
3.Met M K Interiors; t free now;
4.Met Candis took code; Took pics;
5.Met yellowpages guys took book; One guy met;
6.biryani guy;  (no hoper)distributed few more papers;
pavan worked; no wish at office again; Nara Chandra Babu birth day;

Eve calls;
7. Tried stapathy; got his commitment for tommorow;
8.met physiotherapy; guy; new info;
9.Met one hardware shop; hoper;
10.Met one kalyana mandapam (new info they are paying 8k per year)
11.surprise Got yes nod from jai sankar caterer for may issue;
12.Srinivasa kalyanam at Ontimitta;

19th April Tuesday 2016

19th April Tuesday 2016

morning buy n save english article written;
Night prints work fetched almost 1 year data on hand now; pavan met at night;
morning worked with pavan; met hotel guy; closed fair feel;
called realtor; had upma;no wish???
organised paers at office;

19th April Tuesday 2016

19th April Tuesday 2016

18th April Monday 2016

18th April Monday 2016;

Thank god a/c is ok at morning; List highlited with pencil so gta took up the task;Met BUY N Save; Hand pain continued; Manohar reddy came and discussed but of no use; Pavan gone to chandragiri came with positive response; Verendhra surgicals said yes  for the day; met Andhra surgicals; Distributed few more papers at market; met surgicals and few more ayurvedic chemists;

Night session again 2 months blog prints and few more addresses  took into fold;

17th April Sunday 2016

17th April Sunday 2016:
Arranged chicken; Scanned 4 dailies; no calls to cell; chinnas whats app msg; Added kerala 20 D w edited site; Satya called and told him; Pavan met;

16th April Satday 2016

16th April Satday 2016;

Morning suffered with power problem added to it alibaba guys menace; sros failure; with pavan met rp constructions; Tried to meet new gym pvans head ache noted; the hindu covered Gopa animal lover; stamps at office;Managed to transfer cash to bank;

Stapathy skipped again; night work fetched blog prints upto jan2016; silpa paid and also took one new magazyne sri hari vaibhavam;

stphathy; saturday;
Meet SRO: Silpa;
Joint work again?
transfer cash to bank;
Meet sapthagiri; laxmi srinivasa;
content work;

15th April Friday 2016

sri rama navami day:
Worked with pavan; kajaria no hoper; Distributed papers;Pavan met vasavi;Kriti; met bajaj fans dealer;
hope from dhyana sai; pic took; Listed jyothi ads at office;
called bujji kesavulu; 4g; cell phone activations did; soaps to home; Xtreme Fitness place seen;Big rest at afternoon; Pavan says send letters;
Evening April blog prints and addresses list took;

15th April Friday 2016;
1.eenadu ad for sunday ; content to plan;
2.list ugaadi ads;g map prints;
3.Cash deposit in bank; KVB:
4.face heat;
4.add libraries addresses work;
4.print of e filing RNI; Postal addresses prints;

dr Khan can be met;
***Content work can be continued;
police look;
ask surgicals; another;
take prints  for ; C A;
Address list print work;;
suresh raina;
ipl game;

14th April Thurday 2016

14th April Thurday 2016;
Activated school from office late;
the hindu gave content for Ontimitta read it;

mrf dealer t id into fold; tention  call from m k interiors attended and loaded pics from office at evening session;
pasuparthys call with Pavan successful later pic also took; Pavan initiation further worked with arya works lady; puri and curry in morning at home and night; summer blaze continued;
few things to home arranged again onion; Eve bid to meet r p constructions at bliss failed;
purchased telama and insulin; manohar reddy seen promoting vetuku; introduced journalsit; some addreses given cell eswar 9440258674. called u bhaskar;NRN:Sex doc (wonder world);

(silpa;dr khan;
nlr dw;sms;
New big calls; Sapthagiri;Dhyana sai;
(Insulin; telma h;)
(google key words;
florists; helmets;)
Get lekhari flex;
Call people;

13th April Wedday 2016

13th April Wedday 2016;
Raghu ph art paid; D w ramu also paid; closed one school; arguments at home in morning; night google maps prints took from cafe;Heat wave swaeat; called pavan; ameen; During morning to town collected many key words; Power problem at afternoon managed; read tirupathy town paper coverage abt buynsave; calles tapathy saturday commitment got;  met veerendra; sent msg to mahesh; sro 2 met papers distributed; few more calls did; hundi; office tumbler;

5.Ameen; Training;
6.Pavan;?? chandragiri;
7.nlr Dw work; sms;
8.Buy Insulin; Telma H
9.sms pack and activate cell;get;
10.income pls; FP; sro;avilala;
1.content work pls;

12th April Tuesday 2016

12th April Tuesday 2016;

Very hot day!
Major head ache hair cut and color managed Rs 130/- is 1 lakh in worth;Insurance work submitted but gta had to arrive;
Later met Munawwer his tip of consolidate local first then concentate near by cities wish them now and then etc his offer of ad health tips; Manohar reddy came and didcussed further; Finally 15 k is on the anvil; seen Gta promoting me;Water guy came home luckily problem solved;
Spent some time in office seen posted list organised few more;

Night had commitment from Raghu photo art and Ramu D W; After noon power problem faced; Met jana had his tip; Google maps prints work continued; night drink worse acid one?
Mouse problem fixed;

11th April Monaday 2016

11th April Monaday 2016

10th april sunday 2016

10th april sunday 2016;

Days record;
Chinnas whatsapp chat;
1.Insulin needles pls; Ok Purchased;
2.Office key; get mouse; files ,Bag to home; Ok;
3.Fish arranged at home; also arranged water; tomato;
4.Water Brought;
6.loaded pics g plus;
7.counted D w to be 667; g map listings;330;
8.rice; vegitables arranged;
9.jana called back;
10.many pics mailed;
11.loaded kcmr pics; saidan valli; janamithra;
12.worked hard to load 100 plus Dw at night;

9th april saturday 2016

9th april saturday 2016;

Constructions guy paid photos took call phone call worked out; pavan brought realtors payout; Night meet up with ameen; forgot cell at home; evening google maps prints took but forgot at office; also forgot mouse at office;
Koti and gollapalli guy came home;
activated constructions and infra;
seen ugadi ads at office;
New sankar guy was seen busy;
Onion brought again so milk and curd;

things at nellore

Submit c a certificate;
ads for team and g plus clients;
Revamp NT:
MK Gopalaiah;
meet dsr hotel
Meet patnam;
Spectra flex;

SROS; Buja Buja;
doc sirisha;

Zryot Subscription;
(Ad for D W;
Team )


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