Tuesday, December 01, 2009

30 th november

Last day of the November dint give any breakthrus instead made life little more tough to live with fashion jewellery entry was not spidered by google so missed it and Tailor dint open shop.Morning ramoji met thulasi missed again due to accident unable to work in the field.
days twitter sag includes Parthadental,pchretail,web_india and also exposure of some of web design companies.at afternoon at home press ads cutting work did.
Funds managed so far sheet prepared.

here is gandhis sms:
(dear ramana forget those nonsense fellows who cannot spend for our visit and we need not visit the people who cant fund us. forget and be peaceful. iam not willing to spend for the things which are in the air. those days have gone ramana. i need something solid for the funds what iam making. and the business whatever we do should be in our control. who evr calls us for a business meet have to pay for our visit. similarly if we call anybody let us spend for them and do the business with honesty and integrity. just like that i dont want to spend money and lose it ramana like earlier. you also thank them for calling but make them clear that you can come only if they reimburse otherwise dont let them call you ramana. do they think ramana is a fool or idiot to spend from his pocket and his hard
10:42 PM 11/30 sr)


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